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         Carroll Lewis:     more books (100)
  1. Symbolic Logic by Lewis Carroll, 2010-07-06
  2. A Tangled Tale by Lewis Carroll, 2010-09-10
  3. The life and letters of Lewis Carroll (Rev. C.L. Dodgson) by Stuart Dodgson Collingwood, Henrietta H Dodgson, et all 2010-08-29
  4. Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, 2010-09-19
  5. Alice in Wonderland: Play (Acting Edition) by Lewis Carroll, V.A. Pearn, 1972-04
  6. Alice in Wonderland (New Method Supplementary Readers) by Lewis Carroll, 1976-08-02
  7. The game of logic by Lewis Carroll, Mary Agnes Wilson, 2010-08-24
  8. Complete Illustrated Lewis Carroll (Wordsworth Special Editions) (Wordsworth Classics) by Lewis Carroll, 1998-10-05
  9. Jabberwocky and Other Poems (Dover Thrift Editions) by Lewis Carroll, 2001-06-14
  10. The Complete Stories and Poems of Lewis Carroll by Lewis Carroll, 2002-09-03
  11. The Mystery of Lewis Carroll: Discovering the Whimsical, Thoughtful, and Sometimes Lonely Man Who Created "Alice in Wonderland" by Jenny Woolf, 2010-02-02
  12. Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll by Lewis Carroll, 2010-08-28
  13. A traves del espejo: Y lo que Alicia encontro alli/La caza del Snark (Clasicos de la literatura series) by Lewis Carroll, 2006-05-28
  14. Through the Looking Glass: Complete and Unabridged by Lewis Carroll, 2010-01-18

1. Lewis Carroll - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
A very predictable little romantic poem called Solitude appeared in The Train under the authorship of Lewis Carroll . This pseudonym was a play on his
Lewis Carroll
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search Charles Lutwid Pseudonym Lewis Carroll Born 27 January
Warrington Cheshire ... England Died 14 January
Surrey England ...
The Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson IPA /ˈdɒdsən/ 27 January 14 January ), better known by the pen name Lewis Carroll /ˈk¦rəl/ ), was an English author mathematician logician ... clergyman , and photographer His most famous writings are Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and its sequel Through the Looking-Glass as well as the poems " The Hunting of the Snark " and " Jabberwocky ", all considered to be within the genre of literary nonsense His facility at word play, logic , and fantasy has delighted audiences ranging from children to the literary elite, and beyond this his work has become embedded deeply in modern culture, directly influencing many artists. There are societies dedicated to the enjoyment and promotion of his works and the investigation of his life in many parts of the world including North America Japan , the United Kingdom , and New Zealand

2. Lewis Carroll
Lewis Carroll was born at Daresbury in Chesire into a wealthy family. He attended a Yorkshire grammar school and Rugby. At Christ Church, Oxford,
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by Bamber Gascoigne
Lewis Carroll (1832-1898) - pseudonym of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson English logician, mathematician, and novelist, best-known for his classic fantasy novels ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND (1865) and its sequel THROUGH THE LOOKING-GLASS, AND WHAT ALICE FOUND THERE (1871). Carroll used the surrealistic settings of his fantasy world to question the commonly accepted ways of thinking. Unlike other children's books of the time, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland did not try to teach a moral message. Carroll also wrote poetry which have remained open to all explanations of meaning. "I can't explain myself, I'm afraid, sir," said Alice, "because I'm not myself, you see."
"I don't see," said the Caterpillar.
"I'm afraid I can't put it more clearly," Alice replied very politely, "for I can't understand it myself top begin with; and being so many different sizes in a day is very confusing."
"It isn't," said the Caterpillar.

3. Lewis Carroll --  Britannica Online Encyclopedia
Britannica online encyclopedia article on Lewis Carroll English logician, mathematician, photographer, and novelist, especially remembered for Alice s
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Lewis Carroll
Page 1 of 5 born Jan. 27, 1832, Daresbury, Cheshire, Eng.
died Jan. 14, 1898, Guildford, Surrey Lewis Carroll, 1863. pseudonym of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson English logician, mathematician, photographer, and novelist, especially remembered for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1865) and its sequel, Through the Looking-Glass (1871). His poem The Hunting of the Snark (1876) is nonsense literature of the highest order. Carroll, Lewis...

4. Lewis Carroll - Wikiquote
Wikisource has original works written by or about Lewis Carroll. A Selection from the Letters of Lewis Carroll to his ChildFriends, ed.
Lewis Carroll
From Wikiquote
Jump to: navigation search 'Twas brillig and the slithy toves,
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe. ~ Through the Looking-Glass Charles Lutwidge Dodgson 27 January 14 January ) was a British author, mathematician, Anglican clergyman, logician, and amateur photographer; better known by the pen name Lewis Carroll See also: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass
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    edit Sourced
    • I charm in vain; for never again,
      All keenly as my glance I bend,
      Will Memory, goddess coy,
      Embody for my joy
      Departed days, nor let me gaze
      On thee, my fairy friend!
      • "To my Child-friend" in The Game Of Logic
      edit The Hunting of the Snark
      • IF — and the thing is wildly possible — the charge of writing nonsense were ever brought against the author of this brief but instructive poem, it would be based, I feel convinced, on the line (in Fit the Second)
        "Then the bowsprit got mixed with the rudder sometimes."

5. Lewis Carroll - Books And Biography
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Lewis Carroll
Search within all works by Lewis Carroll
To read literature by Lewis Carroll, select from the list on the left. Lewis Carroll (1832-1898)
was born at Daresbury in Chesire into a wealthy family. He attended a Yorkshire grammar school and Rugby. At Christ Church, Oxford, he studied mathematics and worked from 1855 to 1881 as a lecturer (tutor). Carroll's career in education was troubled by a bad stammer. He lectured and taught with difficulty and he also preached only occasionally after his ordination in 1861. According to stories, Carroll was shy and he even hid his hands continually within a pair of gray-and-black gloves. Carroll also wrote humorous verse, such as The Hunting of the Snark and mathematical works. And he was a rather exceptional student of Aristotelian logic. In spite of his stammer, Carroll spoke easily with children, whom he often photographed. He had seven sisters and his attraction to young girls was perhaps more innocent than has been imagined - he also had long friendships with mature women. This side of his life has remained little examined. However, Karoline Leach has criticized in her book In the Shadow of the Dreamchild (1999) the Freudian mythology and the "strange incestuous kind of immortality" created around the author and the real-life Alice.

6. Lewis Carroll - Wikipedia, La Enciclopedia Libre
Translate this page Lewis Carroll es el seudónimo por el que es conocido en la historia de la literatura Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (Daresbury, Cheshire, 27 de enero de 1832
Lewis Carroll
De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
Saltar a navegaci³n bºsqueda Fotograf­a de Lewis Carroll tomada por ©l mismo Lewis Carroll es el seud³nimo por el que es conocido en la historia de la literatura Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (Daresbury, Cheshire 27 de enero de Guildford Surrey 14 de enero de ), sacerdote anglicano, l³gico matem¡tico fot³grafo y escritor brit¡nico , conocido sobre todo por su obra Alicia en el pa­s de las maravillas
Tabla de contenidos
editar Biograf­a
Los antepasados de Dodgson proced­an principalmente del norte de Inglaterra , con algunas conexiones irlandesas . Conservadores y miembros de la High Church anglicana , la mayor­a de ellos se dedicaron a las dos profesiones caracter­sticas de la clase media-alta inglesa: el ej©rcito y la Iglesia. Su bisabuelo, llamado tambi©n Charles Dodgson, lleg³ a ser obispo; su abuelo, otro Charles, fue capit¡n del ej©rcito y muri³ en batalla en 1803, cuando sus dos hijos eran todav­a muy peque±os. El mayor de ellos –tambi©n llamado Charles- escogi³ la carrera eclesi¡stica. Estudi³ en Westminster School, y luego en Christ Church

7. Carroll Lewis (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) By Marcin Wiesyk
A sixthgrader s report on Carroll s life. Includes timeline and two games he created.
Lewis Carroll
(Charles Lutwidge Dodgson)

by Marcin Wiesyk
Books writen by Lewis Carroll
Books about Lewis Carroll The Timeline of Lewis Carroll's Life
Games of Lewis Carroll
... More about Caroll Lewis
Charles Lutwidge Dodgson was born at Daresbury, Cheshire, on January 27, 1832. His parents were clergyman Charles and Frances Dodgson (nee Lutwidge). He was the oldest son, and third of 11 children. At an early age to entertain himself and his family Charles began magic tricks, marionette shows, drawings, poems, and stories written for homemade newspapers. These magazines included "Useful and Instructive Poetry" (five issues), "The Rectory Magazine" (nine issues), and "The Rectory Umbrella". Charles was eleven when his family moved to Croft in North Yorkshire and, at the age of twelve, was sent to Richmond School as a border. He was taught at Richmond by James Tate who formed a good idea of Charles' potential, especially in mathematics. On the 27th of January 1846 Charles was enrolled at Rugby and stayed for three years. When Charles was young he wrote to entertain his brothers and sisters. He didn't stop writing while he was in school. In 1860 Dodgson published his first two mathematical textbooks and, by February 1861, had completed another and started work on four more. He also contributed to the magazine "The Train". Alice's adventures began on a boating trip on the Thames going to Godstow in the summer of 1862. In August he made two more river trips with the Liddell children and continued the Alice stories.

8. Lewis Carroll | Halton Borough Council
When Carroll was born, his father was perpetual curate of Daresbury, and he continued in this post until his son was 11 years old.
Advanced Search Home Directory Tourism and leisure ... Local History Lewis Carroll Saturday 26 January 2008 Help Contact Us Printer Friendly A to Z Index ... Your Council Halton Borough Council Municipal Building Kingsway Widnes Cheshire
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Directory of Services Lewis Carroll The leafy Village of Daresbury, birthplace of one of children's best loved authors. Lewis Carroll, or to give him his real name, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (1832- 1898), is best remembered for his two Alice books, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1865) and Through the Looking-Glass (1871) was born in the Village of Daresbury When Carroll was born, his father was perpetual curate of Daresbury , and he continued in this post until his son was 11 years old. Daresbury Church Daresbury is located a few miles east of Runcorn. It is located 1 mile North of Junction 11, M56 motorway. There is a bypass in place around the village, thus ensuring its quiet, tranquil atmosphere. Like many villages today, Daresbury's local shops have all closed down but the village pub and smithy remain, (the smithy is now run by an agricultural and horticultural engineer). Stained glass window in Daresbury Church In Daresbury Church, where Lewis Carrolls father was the curate, the fantastic stained glass window depicts Carroll's life. The Daniell Chapel contains one of the best known features of All Saints Church, the Lewis carroll Memorial Window.

9. Lewis Carroll - Wikipedia
Translate this page Dal saggio Lewis Carroll, Photographer di Roger Taylor (2002), che contiene tutte le foto di Dodgson ancora in nostro possesso, risulta che oltre la metà
Lewis Carroll
Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera.
Vai a: Navigazione cerca Lewis Carroll Lewis Carroll pseudonimo di Charles Lutwidge Dodgson Daresbury 27 gennaio Guildford 14 gennaio ) ¨ stato uno scrittore matematico fotografo britannico . ˆ celebre soprattutto per i due libri Alice nel Paese delle Meraviglie e Attraverso lo specchio e quel che Alice vi trov² , opere che sono state apprezzate da una straordinaria variet  di lettori, dai bambini a grandi scienziati e pensatori. Fra gli autori che hanno apertamente dichiarato di considerare Alice una fonte di ispirazione per le loro opere si possono ricordare James Joyce e Jorge Luis Borges . In molti paesi del mondo esistono club e societ  di estimatori di Carroll.
A Lewis Carroll ¨ dedicato un importante premio per la letteratura per ragazzi , il Lewis Carroll Shelf Award

10. Lewis Carroll
Lewis Carroll s birthdate, birth name, Tarot card, Rune, and Numerology!
Lewis Carroll
Birth Name: Charles Lutwidge Dodgson Birthdate:
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Tarot Card
(Equivalent of "1/27/1832") The Hierophant
: Faith in tradition and the old school. A justified and ancient source of power. Being supportive, sympathetic and loyal. Receiving instructions, learning, guidance or inspiration. The ability to hear a higher or inner voice. May also indicate a religious ritual, such as a marriage or an initiation.
(Equivalent of "Charles Lutwidge Dodgson") Fehu
represents cattle the Norse symbol of wealth. This rune has some interesting implications based on the fact that cattle, unlike land, move about of their own accord. Cattle also reproduce, so this rune often speaks of wealth that renews or perpetuates itself. Wealth takes many forms, but this rune generally represents the value that is purely material or monetary in nature. Alternatively, this rune is deeply associated with Frey, and hence can be the harbinger of fertility and children. Birth Mates
(Equivalents of "1/27/1832")
Arthur E. Waite

11. Family Records - Exhibitions - Lewis Carroll
Lewis Carroll, the author of the Alice books, is probably Britain s best known writer of children s fiction. Less well known is the other Lewis Carroll,
Home Visit Research News ... Exhibitions Lewis Carroll Childhood Oxford Guildford Links ... Ellen Terry
Lewis Carroll at the Family Records Centre (FRC)
Lewis Carroll, the author of the Alice books, is probably Britain's best known writer of children's fiction. Less well known is the 'other' Lewis Carroll, the mathematician, churchman, photographer and Student of Christ Church College, Oxford, who was more familiar to his friends and colleagues as the Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. This exhibition tells the story of his life, from his birth at Daresbury, Cheshire, through his long years at Christ Church to his quite sudden death at his sisters' house in Guildford. The story is illustrated using documents from the Family Records Centre, The National Archives and elsewhere. To view the documents in this exhibition you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader which you can download FREE from Adobe's website (link opens in a new window).

12. Logic - Working With Lewis Carroll
Lewis Carroll, the author of Alice s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, was actually a mathematics teacher. As a hobby, Carroll wrote
Math A Logic with
Lewis Carroll Lewis Carroll, the author of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass , was actually a mathematics teacher. As a hobby, Carroll wrote stories that contain amusing examples of logic. His works reflect his passion for mathematics and can be wonderful interdisciplinary teaching tools. Consider this quote from a conversation which occurred during the Mad Hatter's Tea Party: "Then you should say what you mean." the March Hare went on. "I do," Alice hastily replied; "at least at least I mean what I say that's the same thing, you know." "Not the same thing a bit!" said the Hatter, "Why, you might just as well say that 'I see what I eat' is the same thing as 'I eat what I see'!" "You might just as well say," added the March Hare, "that 'I like what I get' is the same thing as 'I get what I like'!" "You might just as well say," added the Dormouse, who seemed to be talking in his sleep, "that 'I breathe when I sleep' is the same thing as 'I sleep when I breathe'!"

13. We Need Your Help With The Following
Welcome to the lewis carroll home page, which is hosted by the lewis carroll Society of North America. We hope to provide useful information for the carroll

14. Lewis Carroll: An Overview
Scholarlyoriented pages on carroll and his work, as seen from many angles (religious, historical, and political) at the Victorian Web.

15. Lewis Carroll Biography
lewis carroll is the pseudonym of the English writer and mathematician Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, b. Jan. 27, 1832, d. Jan. 14, 1898, known especially for
Lewis Carroll Biography homepage people directory Lewis Carroll
Illustration by Sir John Tenniel in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland that inspirated the Mad Hatter Day Lewis Carroll is the pseudonym of the English writer and mathematician Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, b. Jan. 27, 1832, d. Jan. 14, 1898, known especially for ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND (1865) and THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS (1872), children's books that are also distinguished as satire and as examples of verbal wit. Carroll invented his pen name by translating his first two names into the Latin "Carolus Lodovicus" and then anglicizing it into "Lewis Carroll." The son of a clergyman and the firstborn of 11 children, Carroll began at an early age to entertain himself and his family with magic tricks, marionette shows, and poems written for homemade newspapers. From 1846 to 1850 he attended Rugby School; he graduated from Christ Church College, Oxford, in 1854. Carroll remained there, lecturing on mathematics and writing treatises and guides for students. Although he took deacon's orders in 1861, Carroll was never ordained a priest, partly because he was afflicted with a stammer that made preaching difficult and partly, perhaps, because he had discovered other interests. Among Carroll's avocations was photography, at which he became proficient. He excelled especially at

16. - The Online Literature Library
Archive of carroll s more wellknown writings, including Alice in Wonderland and The Hunting of the Snark.
Lewis Carroll
The Online Literature Library is sponsored by Knowledge Matters Ltd.
Last updated Monday, 23-May-2005 15:56:05 GMT

17. Lewis Carroll : Teacher Resource File
Welcome to the Internet School Library Media Center lewis carroll page. lewis carroll is the pen name for Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. You ll find biography,
Lewis Carroll
Welcome to the Internet School Library Media Center Lewis Carroll page. Lewis Carroll is the pen name for Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. You'll find biography, lesson plans and other material. For other children's book authors visit Authors and Illustrators of Children's and Young Adults' Literature . The ISLMC is a preview site for librarians, teachers, parents and students. You can search this site, use an index or sitemap
E-Texts Criticism ... Bibliography
Lewis Carroll Home Page
Great site! Biography and much more.
The Academy of American Poets. Lewis Carroll Page

Biography, selected bibliography
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Selected Poetry of Lewis Carroll
Includes "A Boat beneath a Sunny Sky," "How Doth the
Little Crocodile," "The Hunting of the Snark,"
"Jabberwocky," "Poeta Fit, Non Nascitur," "Speak Roughly to
Your Little Boy," "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Bat!,"
"You are Old, Father William;"
from University of Toronto
"You are Old, Father William"
Carroll's poem, "You are Old, Father William," is a parody
of Robert Southey's "The Old Man's Comforts and How he
Gained The;" from

18. Looking For Lewis Carroll
the carroll Myth and its impact on our reading of his biography and work.
has moved to a new server:

19. The Lewis Carroll Society Website - Homepage
The lewis carroll Society was formed in 1969 to promote interest in the life and works of Charles Dodgson (lewis carroll)
The Lewis Carroll Society founded 1969 ~ registered charity no. 266239 Navigation Site Index Site Search Recent Additions Interesting Links Communication Contact The Society Join Our Email List About The Society Membership Publications Society Journals Detailed Information About Lewis Carroll Lewis Carroll's Life Lewis Carroll's Works Lewis Carroll's Diaries Inspired by Carroll Fine Art Performing Art Postage Stamps Pop-up Alice Editions Events, People, Places Carrollian Events Lewis Carroll Societies Places to Visit Collecting and Shopping Welcome to the Lewis Carroll Society Website The Lewis Carroll Society was formed in 1969 with the aim of encouraging research into the life and works of Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson). The Society has members around the world, including many leading libraries and institutions, authors, researchers and many who simply enjoy Carroll's books and want to find out more about the man and his work. Why not join the LCS - for your own interest and entertainment or to make a contribution to Carroll scholarship? Our subscription are remarkably low for a society of this nature. Click Here for membership details Special Announcement!

20. Lewis Carroll - Free Online Library
Free Online Library books by lewis carroll best known authors and titles are available on the Free Online Library.
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Lewis Carroll
Lewis Carroll was born Charles Lutwidge Dodgson on January 27, 1832, in Daresbury, Cheshire. Carroll was the third child born to a family of eleven children. From an early age he entertained himself and his family by performing magic tricks and by writing poetry for his homemade newspapers. Charles Lutwidge was a great writer, a famous photographer, mathematician, and illustrator. Carroll entered Rugby School, in 1846; twelve years later he graduated with honors in mathematics from Christ Church College, Oxford. He excelled in the study of mathematics and writing. After he graduated, he remained at the college to teach. His mathematical writings include An Elementary Treatise on Determinants, Euclid and His Modern Rivals, and Curiosa Mathematica. Additionally, Carroll began to pursue photography; he often selected children as the subject of his portraits. One of his favorite models was a young girl named Alice Liddell, who later became the basis for Carroll's fictional character, Alice. He abandoned photography in early 1880s and focused on his writing. In 1865, Carroll published Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Seven years later, he published Through the Looking Glass. Lewis Carroll died in Guildford, Surrey, on January 14, 1898.

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