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         Butler Octavia:     more books (100)
  1. Survivor by Octavia E. Butler, 1979-05-01
  2. Conversations with Octavia Butler (Literary Conversations Series)
  3. Octavia E. Butler: 'Xenogenesis' / 'Lilith's Brood' (Genre Fiction Sightlines) by John Lennard, 2010-07-09
  4. Kindred [KINDRED ANNIV/E 25/E] by Octavia E.(Author) Butler, 2004-02-28
  5. Xenogenesis Dawn Adulthood Rites Imago by Octavia E Butler,
  6. Patternmaster by Octavia E. Butler, 1995-05-01
  7. Bloodchild and other Stories by Octavia E. Butler, 2003-07-01
  8. Parable of the Sower, Parable of the Talents, Kindred by Octavia E. Butler, 1999
  9. Adulthood Rites: Xenogenesis (Butler, Octavia//Xenogenesis) by Octavia E. Butler, 1988-06
  10. Suzy McKee Charnas Octavia Butler Joan D. Vinge (Starmont Reader's Guide) by Marleen S. Barr, Ruth Salvaggio, et all 1986-12
  11. The evening and the morning and the night by Octavia E Butler, 1991
  12. Three Victorian Women Who Changed Their World: Josephine Butler, Octavia Hill, Florence Nightingale by Nancy Boyd, 1982-03-18
  13. Josephine Butler, Octavia Hill, Florence Nightingale: Three Victorian Women Who Changed Their World by Nancy Boyd, 1984-07
  14. Kindred,1988 publication by Octavia E Butler, 1988

21. Dar Kush: Octavia Butler Died Saturday
Yesterday octavia butler fell outside her house during what neighbors thought was a stroke. A neighbor kid found her outside her house.
skip to main skip to sidebar The Home of Steven Barnes Author, Teacher, Screenwriter
Sunday, February 26, 2006
Octavia Butler died Saturday
I just got this note
Yesterday Octavia Butler fell outside her house during what neighbors thought was a stroke. A neighbor kid found her outside her house. They rushed her to the hospital, and found blood had pooled in her brain, they operated but she passed away today.
For a time, Octavia and I lived within walking distance, and she would come to the house for dinner. A lady of incredible intelligence and rather dark humor, she was also what I called "a REAL writer." She put so much more of herself into her work than I ever have, or would be capable of.
She was sweet, and kind, and generous, and brilliant. And now she is gone. Travel well, my friend. Rest deeply. I'll see you soon.
Posted by Steven Barnes at 9:16 AM
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  • 22. The Seattle Times: Local News: Octavia Butler, Brilliant Master Of Sci-fi, Dies
    For more than 30 years, Seattle sciencefiction novelist octavia butler dreamed up fantastic worlds and religions, made-up creatures and futuristic plots.
    Home delivery Contact us Traffic Weather ... Alerts / E-mails Marketplace Jobs Autos Homes Rentals ... e-Edition Monday, February 27, 2006 - Page updated at 12:00 AM E-mail article Print view
    Octavia Butler, brilliant master of sci-fi, dies at 58
    By Emily Heffter Seattle Times staff reporter PREV of NEXT Octavia Butler won "genius grant," Nebula. For more than 30 years, Seattle science-fiction novelist Octavia Butler dreamed up fantastic worlds and religions, made-up creatures and futuristic plots. Then, in her stylistic prose, she used them to tackle the social issues she was most passionate about. "Parable of the Talents," a futuristic story about a utopian community ravaged by civil war, explored modern-day issues of intolerance, the growing gap between rich and poor, and environmentalism. In her first novel, "Kindred," she plunged into racial issues when a modern-day character was transported into the body of a pre-Civil War slave. "What [Ms. Butler] was writing for the first time was a kind of woman's-eye view, a very smart woman's-eye view, of say, 'Brave New World' or '1984,' " said writer Harlan Ellison, Ms. Butler's friend and mentor. Ms. Butler died Friday at Northwest Hospital after a fall at her home in Lake Forest Park. She was 58.

    23. Mark/Space: Anachron City: Library: Authors: Octavia E.Butler - Similar pages Locus Online octavia E. butler interview (excerpts)Excerpts from octavia E. butler interview, June 2000.
    Octavia E.Butler
    • Patternmaster
      (1976, novel, science fiction... book 1 'Patternist' series)
    • Mind of My Mind
      (1977, novel, science fiction... book 2 'Patternist' series)
    • Survivor
      (1978, novel, science fiction... book 3 'Patternist' series)
    • Kindred
      (1979, novel, science fiction... time travel, civil war)
    • Wild Seed
      (1980, novel, science fiction... book 4 'Patternist' series)
    • Speech Sounds
      (1983, short stories)
    • Clay's Ark
      (1984, novel, science fiction... book 5 'Patternist' series)
    • Bloodchild
      (1984, short stories)
    • Dawn
      (1987, novel, science fiction... transgenic species, posthuman... book 1 'Xenogenesis' trilogy)
    • Adulthood Rites
      (1988, novel, science fiction... transgenic species, posthuman... book 2 'Xenogenesis' trilogy)
    • Imago (1989, novel, science fiction... transgenic species, posthuman... book 3 'Xenogenesis' trilogy)
    • "The Evening and the Morning and the Night" (1991, chapbook...Pulphouse, US... catalog number SS 38)
    • Parable of the Sower (1993, novel)
    • Bloodchild and Other Stories (August 1995, novellas, short stories)
    *note: Uncertain if this is a complete listing. Any feedback on this would be appreciated.

    24. Democracy Now! | Science Fiction Writer Octavia Butler On Race, Global Warming A
    We speak with octavia butler, one of the few wellknown African-American women science fiction writers. For the past thirty years, her work has tackled

    25. RIP, Octavia Butler, "genius" Science Fiction Writer - Boing Boing
    octavia butler, the brilliant science fiction writer, reportedly died on Saturday following a fall that was followed by fatal bleeding in her skull gave her
    RIP, Octavia Butler, "genius" science fiction writer
    Posted by Cory Doctorow, February 26, 2006 12:39 PM permalink Octavia Butler , the brilliant science fiction writer, reportedly died on Saturday following a fall that was followed by fatal bleeding in her skull gave her a fatal concussion . Butler was the incredible writer who was the first genre author to win the MacArthur Foundation's "Genius" grant. She was the first prominent African-American woman in the field, and her novels and short stories were an inspiration to a generation of writers of all backgrounds and both sexes (I was ready to give up writing after a five-year bout of writers' block in my mid-twenties when I read the introduction to her short story collection in which she recounted her own block and decided to keep trying). I recently reviewed her wonderful novel Fledgling here, a vampire book that, like all of Butler's work, was a disturbing, light-touch allegory about race and sex politics skinned with a fast-moving, heart-wrenching storyline. Butler was only 58 when she died on Saturday. Her oeuvre is too modest, but will never be forgotten. She had many amazing books left in her. I only met her once, very briefly, and I was tongue-tied in her presence, but she was gracious and friendly. The field and the world has lost someone wonderful this weekend.

    26. The Octavia E. Butler Memorial Scholarship
    The octavia E. butler Memorial Scholarship will enable writers of color to attend one of the Clarion writing workshops, where octavia got her start.
    home about us blog awards ...
    The Octavia E. Butler Memorial Scholarship
    The Octavia E. Butler
    Memorial Scholarship Fund
    The Octavia E. Butler Memorial Scholarship will enable writers of color to attend one of the Clarion writing workshops, where Octavia got her start. It is meant to cement Octavia's legacy by providing the same experience/opportunity that Octavia had to future generations of new writers of color. In addition to her stint as a student at the original Clarion Writers Workshop in Pennsylvania in 1970, Octavia taught several times for Clarion West in Seattle, Washington, and Clarion in East Lansing, Michigan, giving generously of her time to a cause she believed in. The first Octavia E. Butler Memorial Scholarship will be awarded in 2007. We'll announce details of the application process later this year. Our goal for a fully endowed scholarship fund is $100,000. At this time, we welcome your tax deductible gift of any amount to this fund. Please use the button to the left of the page to donate via PayPal or a major credit card. If you'd prefer to make your donation in the form of a check or money order, please make it payable to "The Carl Brandon Society" and note that it is for "The Octavia E. Butler Memorial Scholarship Fund."

    27. Octavia Butler @Web English Teacher
    Lesson plans and teaching strategies for Kindred by octavia butler.
    from Word: Definition: English Math Teacher Labor Law ...
    Labor Law Center
    Employment law requires that employers post mandatory labor law posters . Our complete labor law poster combines the mandated state, federal and OSHA posters on one poster.
    Octavia Butler, Kindred
    Lesson plans and teaching resources
    Discussion Points for Readers of Kindred
    An extensive list of questions, divided by categories. Essay on Racism
    Audio file of an NPR interview with Butler. Follow the link to the text of her essay. Inverting history in Octavia Butler's postmodern slave narrative
    Critical commentary on Kindred Kindred
    This reading group guide includes a summary and discussion questions. Kindred by Octavia Butler
    Students write a short story similar to Kindred . This page includes prewriting ideas and a rubric. Using the NKU Book Connection in a Writing Course
    Scroll down to find a wealth of ideas for writing based on Kindred
    Search WWW Search Web English Teacher About Web English Teacher Site Map Accolades Contact Us Web English Teacher presents the best of K-12 English / Language Arts teaching resources: lesson plans, WebQuests, videos, biography, e-texts, criticism, jokes, puzzles, and classroom activities. Permission to link is granted to any educational site.

    28. | A Fan Blog For Octavia E. Butler, Writer.
    An octavia butler fansite, includes rare content about this amazing sciencefiction writer.
    @import "/modules/node/node.css"; @import "/modules/system/defaults.css"; @import "/modules/system/system.css"; @import "/modules/user/user.css"; @import "/sites/all/modules/img_assist/img_assist.css"; @import "/sites/all/themes/garlandmod/style.css"; @import "/sites/all/files/color/garlandmod-dacdf0ce/style.css"; @import "/sites/all/themes/garlandmod/print.css"; A fan blog for Octavia E. Butler, writer.
    Welcome! My name is Ayana and I am a science-fiction fan. Octavia Butler is my favorite author. I created this site as a space where we can collect and develop content by, and about, this amazing writer...
    An exciting documentary project!
    Mon, 11/19/2007 - 1:46pm — Ayana I am thrilled to be posting about Invisible Universe , a project by M. Asli Dukan. Dukan is creating a documentary about Blackness in speculative fiction. She has posted an inspiring 4-minute video tribute to Octavia. To see the tribute, go to  Invisible Universe , click the Octavia E.

    29. Octavia Butler, A Lonely, Bright Star Of The Sci-Fi Universe -
    What must it have been like to be octavia butler? There she was, this woman of great intellect, of immense talent, of tremendous passion, and, it seems,
    var SA_Message="SACategory=" + 'artsandliving'; Hello Change Preferences Sign Out Sign In Register Now ... Pets SEARCH: Web Search Archives
    Print This Article E-Mail This Article
    E-mail Newsletters
    View a Sample and Sign Up Manage Your Newsletters Correction to This Article The Feb. 28 Style appreciation of Octavia Butler misspelled the name of author Samuel R. Delany. Appreciation
    Octavia Butler, A Lonely, Bright Star Of the Sci-Fi Universe
    By Marcia Davis Washington Post Staff Writer Tuesday, February 28, 2006; Page C01 What must it have been like to be Octavia Butler? There she was, this woman of great intellect, of immense talent, of tremendous passion, and, it seems, so very much alone. Her death on Friday after falling and hitting her head outside her home in Seattle has rattled those who loved her work. She was 58. Octavia Butler was a pioneer as a black female writer in the white-male-dominated sci-fi field. (By Joshua Trujillo Seattle Post-intelligencer Via Associated Press)
    Science Fiction Writer Octavia Butler, 58

    30. Octavia Butler
    Science fiction writer octavia Estelle butler died at her Seattle, Devil Girl From Mars Why I Write Science Fiction by octavia butler (posted Oct. 4,
    octavia butler
    Science fiction writer Octavia Estelle Butler died at her Seattle, Washington home on Friday February 24, 2006. Butler received the PEN Center West Lifetime Achievement Award, two Nebula awards and two Hugo Awards. In 1995 she was the recipient of a $295,000 MacArthur Foundation fellowship. She has been considered the most successful African American woman writing science fiction. Eight years ago, Butler participated in a series of discussions at MIT about science fiction, media and imagination. "Devil Girl From Mars": Why I Write Science Fiction by Octavia Butler (posted Oct. 4, 1998) Octavia Butler profile by Henry Jenkins (posted July 29, 1998) Octavia Butler and Samuel Delany discussion (posted Aug. 29, 1998)
    calendar forums conferences ... search

    31. Octavia Butler: A Who2 Profile
    octavia butler grew up in California and started writing science fiction stories when she was a young girl. She began getting published in the 1970s,
    @import url("");
    Find Famous People Fast!
    Browse by Name:
    Octavia Butler
    Octavia Butler grew up in California and started writing science fiction stories when she was a young girl. She began getting published in the 1970s, then won a Hugo award for her short story, "Speech Sounds" in 1983. A year later Butler won both the Hugo and Nebula awards for her novella "Bloodchild." Her novels include Parable of the Sower Parable of the Talents and Fledgling Other science fiction authors include Philip K. Dick J. G. Ballard Isaac Asimov and Frank Herbert
    Four Good Links
    Octavia Butler
    Biography and a discussion of her work
    Octavia Butler Bibliography
    Includes links to related sites
    Octavia Butler Interviews
    She discusses various topics in 1998
    Butler Dies at 58
    News account of her death in Seattle
    Vital Stats
    22 June
    Pasadena California
    24 February
    age 58
    Best Known As
    African-American feminist Science Fiction author
    Something in Common with Butler

    32. Interview With Octavia Butler - Kindred Reader's Guide - If All Of Rochester Rea
    All of octavia butler’s inprint books are available in the Writers Books bookstore. (See Bibliography) Members get a 10% discount, academic bulk
    @import url(/css/wab.css2);
    Quick Links
    Become a Member
    My Account Cart Contents Checkout Contents Dear Reader Biography of
    Octavia Butler

    See Bibliography
    Members get a 10% discount, academic bulk purchases get a 20% discount.
    Also available, Dark Matter: A Century of Speculative Fiction from the African Diaspora by Sheree R. Thomas Kindred
    A Conversation with Octavia Butler
    : In writing Kindred , what were you trying to say about slavery? Butler Is this something that you felt other authors had not covered? Butler : Actually, I had never seen it done. : Is there something that you would like to have readers know about this edition of Kindred Butler : Why did you pick that particular period of the 1800s to write about? Was there anything that drew you to that time? Butler : Why did you set the book in a border state like Maryland instead of setting it down in the deep south? Butler : Because I wanted my character to have a legitimate hope of escape. A stranger plopped down in the middle of Mississippi was pretty much going to stay there. People who were born there [in Maryland] did escape. There were a number of escapes in a book that was one of my sources. In Maryland [Dana] was less than 100 miles from freedom. : How much do you think the slaves of that era really knew about escape routes?

    33. Fledgling - A Novel, Seven Stories Press
    A Novel, Bestselling and critically-acclaimed author octavia E. butler puts a new spin on Fledgling, octavia butler’s first new novel in seven years,

    34. Amardeep Singh: Octavia Butler, RIP
    octavia butler died last weekend, possibly of a stroke though the immediate cause of death was a head wound caused by a bad fall.
    @import url(""); @import url("");
    Tuesday, February 28, 2006
    Octavia Butler, RIP
    Octavia Butler died last weekend , possibly of a stroke though the immediate cause of death was a head wound caused by a bad fall.
    I'm not the best qualified to write a full appreciation of this amazing and prolific writer I've only read Bloodchild and Kindred . Still, I did find a quote from her that I'd like to share, from an article in MELUS . In an interview, someone asked her, "What good is science fiction to black people?" Her response was as follows:
    What good is any form of literature to Black people? What good is science fiction's thinking about the present, the future, and the past? What good is its tendency to warn or to consider alternative ways of thinking and doing? What good is its examination of the possible effects of science and technology, or social organization and political direction? At its best, science fiction stimulates imagination and creativity. It gets reader and writer off the beaten track, off the narrow, narrow footpath of what "everyone" is saying, doing, thinkingwhoever "everyone" happens to be this year. And what good is all this to Black people? ("Positive Obsession" 134-35)
    In these rhetorical questions is a statement of her broad-minded mission. Octavia Butler was as ecumenical and progressive as they come, as far as the politics one finds embedded in her works. But she never used her writing to make narrow kinds of political arguments at least, not in the sense of the obvious rhetoric of race, gender, and sexuality that dominates our cultural debates. She either approached it eccentrically (time travel, blood lineage, and slavery in

    35. Octavia Butler’s Xenogenesis Trilogy: An Introduction
    octavia E. butler’s novels share with readers her extraordinary vision of what it means to be other, based on intelligent biological speculation.
    Home Octavia Butler’s Xenogenesis Trilogy: A Biologist’s Response by Joan Slonczewski, presented at SFRA, Cleveland, June 30, 2000 Octavia E. Butler’s novels share with readers her extraordinary vision of what it means to be "other," based on intelligent biological speculation. Her Xenogenesis trilogy, now retitled Lilith’s Brood for reissue by Warner creates a stunningly vision of abduction and seduction by an alien species. This vision is presented in terms remarkably consistent with modern molecular biology, even predicting developments that have occurred since the novels were written. As the trilogy’s first book, Dawn, opens, the human race has nearly destroyed itself by nuclear war"humanicide," as Butler calls ita fate that seemed all too plausible in the eighties, when the book was written, and that remains a distinct possibility if the effects of humanity on our environment are not reversed. The few humans who survive the war are rescued and captured by the Oankali, a nomadic alien species that travels through the universe seeking partner species with whom to "trade" their own genes. The story is told from the viewpoint of Lilith Iyapo, a human woman whom the Oankali adopt into their family and try to enlist in recruiting other humans. Lilith is torn between accepting the medical enhancements and the sexual advances of her captors while trying to help other humans escape. Unlike the vast majority of alien abduction tales

    36. A Sci-fi Radical You Should Read. - By Tyler Cowen - Slate Magazine
    octavia butler (19472006) wrote about the psychology of how unusual creatures find their way in hostile worlds. Patternmaster concerns telepaths and mutant
    var PStax = 58331;var msn_cobrand = 0; placeAd(1,'') Home obit Campaign 2008 Sports Slate on NPR ... Video placeAd2('news/slate','120x90',false); adsonar_placementId=1307708;adsonar_pid=833768;adsonar_ps=-1;adsonar_zw=134;adsonar_zh=620;adsonar_jv=''; placeAd(3,'') placeAd(6,''); More
    columns featured advertiser links placeAd2('news/slate','88x31',false)

    37. Octavia E. Butler, Science Fiction Writer, Dies At 58 - New York Times
    Ms. butler was an internationally acclaimed writer whose evocative, often troubling, novels explore farreaching issues of race, sex and power.

    38. Interview With Octavia Butler By Joshunda Sanders - Art Changes / In Motion Maga
    octavia butler is one of the few African American women writing in the maledominated science fiction genre. Currently, she is on tour, celebrating the 25th
    Choose any section ... Home page What is New? Search ... Affirmative Action Art Changes Autonomy: Chiapas - California Education Rights Email/Opinions/Discussion Global Eyes Healthcare Photo of the Week Photo of the Week Archive Rural America QA: Interviews Articles by Region Community Images Contact us Essays from Ireland Links Around the World OneWorld US (off-site) Patchwork Family Farms Piri Thomas: It seems to me ... In Motion Magazine's Store Donate Notify me by email Reader Survey Staff NPC Productions Advertising Photo Use/Licensing Web site design In Motion Magazine's Store In Unity/Book of Photos
    Interview with Octavia Butler "... one of the few African American women writing
    in the male-dominated science fiction genre" by Joshunda Sanders
    Oakland, California Octavia Butler is one of the few African American women writing in the male-dominated science fiction genre. Currently, she is on tour, celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the publication of Kindred
    Octavia Butler.
    Octavia Butler is one of the few African American women writing in the male-dominated science fiction genre. The worlds she creates with her pen are groundbreaking, powerful multicultural revisions of history; sometimes frightening and complex visions of the future. The author of twelve books and an award-winning collection of short stories, Butler was also the recipient of an esteemed MacArthur Fellowship grant in 1995 the only science fiction writer on a list of more than 600 names in the last 20 years. She's also won the most esteemed awards in the genre: the Hugo and Nebula wards for her books and short stories.

    39. - Science Fiction Writer Octavia Butler Dies
    octavia E. butler, considered the first black woman to gain national prominence as a science fiction writer, has died, a close friend said Sunday.
    OAS_listpos = "PageCount,AdOps1,NavBottom120x90,Top728x90,Zaplet1,FloatBottom,Bottom468x60,VerticalBanner,Poster3,Links1,Links2"; Classifieds: Home News Travel Money ... Weather Movies Movies home Box office report DVD releases Music Music home Top albums Top singles Listen Up ... Music reviews TV TV home TV listings Nielsen ratings Reality Check ... 'Idol' Chatter Books Books home Top 150 books Columnists Columnists home Robert Bianco Peter Johnson Whitney Matheson ... Craig Wilson Gaming Gaming home Arcade Crosswords Sudoku More Life People Media Mix Pop Candy Photo archive ... Talk Today Marketplace Real estate Arcade Music Tickets ...
    Posted 2/27/2006 1:42 AM What's this? Click here to shop! What are you shopping for? OAS_AD("VerticalBanner"); Science fiction writer Octavia Butler dies During her writing career, Butler received many awards, including the MacArthur "genius" grant. Miriam Berkley Butler fell and struck her head on the cobbled walkway outside her home, said Leslie Howle, a longtime friend and employee at the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame in Seattle.

    40. Metroactive Books | Octavia E. Butler
    I saw octavia butler at a bookreading and question-and-answer session in San Francisco a few years ago. This was after the success of the Xenogenesis

    Metroactive Central Archives Science Fiction And More

      Photo by Miriam Berkley Rites Writer: Octavia E. Butler Novelist and short-story writer Octavia Butler defies categories By J. Douglas Allen Taylor I saw Octavia Butler at a book-reading and question-and-answer session in San Francisco a few years ago. This was after the success of the Xenogenesis trilogy ( Dawn Imago and Adulthood Rites ) and her winning of some of science-fiction's top writing awards but before her receipt of the MacArthur "genius" grant helped introduce the author's work to a larger audience. In those middle years, Butler was feeling more than a little pigeonholed. She did not really think of herself as a science-fiction writer, she explained, but more as a chronicler of the human heart using science fiction as a tool of revelation. The publishers and the reading public had no trouble looking at Margaret Atwood in that way. Why not Octavia Butler? She was being a little disingenuous, I think. Judging from the type of questions Butler got that night, many of her readers are less science-fiction fans and more feminists, with a strong African American contingent (not surprising, considering the fact many of Butler's heroines are strong, African American women). So she was already bridging many less-traveled gaps. And, after all, Butler did start out her career submitting to all those Weird Science and Isaac Asimov magazines.

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