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         Buchner Georg:     more books (100)
  1. Complete Plays, Lenz, and Other Writings (Penguin Classics) by Georg Buchner, 1994-02-01
  2. Georg Buchner: Complete Plays and Prose by Georg Buchner, 1963-01-01
  3. Woyzeck (Dodo Press) (German Edition) by Georg Büchner, 2008-12-05
  4. Büchner: The Complete Plays: Danton's Death, Leonce and Lena, Woyzeck, the Hessian Courier, Lenz, on Cranial Nerves, and Selected Letters by Michael Patterson, Georg Büchner, 2000-06
  5. Danton's Death, Leonce and Lena, Woyzeck by Georg Büchner, 1988-10-27
  6. Complete Works and Letters (German Library) by Georg Buchner, 1987-03
  7. Georg Buchner : Complete Plays and Prose by Georg (translation By Carl Richard Mueller) Buchner, 1963
  8. Georg Büchner: Neue Perspektiven zur internationalen Rezeption by unknown, 2007-03-31
  9. Georg Buchner and the Birth of the Modern Drama by David Gleyre Richards, 1977-01
  10. Georg Buchner an "Hund" und "Kater": Unbekannte Briefe des Exils (German Edition)
  11. Woyzeck (German Edition) by Georg Buchner, 1991
  12. Die Verwendung des Clarus-Gutachtens in Georg Büchners Woyzeck (German Edition) by Mario Fesler, 2007-10-02
  13. The Body in the Library: A Literary History of Modern Medicine
  14. The Plays of Georg Buchner (Oxford Paperbacks, 272) by Georg Buchner, Victor Price, 1971-06

1. Georg Buchner --  Britannica Online Encyclopedia
Britannica online encyclopedia article on Georg Buchner German dramatist, a major forerunner of the Expressionist school of playwriting of the early 20th
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Page 1 of 1 born Oct. 17, 1813, Goddelau, Hesse-Darmstadt [Germany]
Archiv fur Kunst und Geschichte, Berlin German dramatist, a major forerunner of the Expressionist school of playwriting of the early 20th century. (75 of 363 words) To read the full article, activate your FREE Trial Commonly Asked Questions About Georg Buchner Close Enable free complete viewings of Britannica premium articles when linked from your website or blog-post. Now readers of your website, blog-post, or any other web content can enjoy full access to this article on Georg Buchner , or any Britannica premium article for free, even those readers without a premium membership. Just copy the HTML code fragment provided below to create the link and then paste it within your web content. For more details about this feature, visit our

2. Georg Büchner Criticism
Georg Büchner Criticism and Essays. (Full name Georg Karl Büchner) German playwright and novella writer. The following entry presents criticism of
Georg B¼chner Criticism and Essays
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  • Georg B¼chner 1813-1837
    (Full name Georg Karl B¼chner) German playwright and novella writer. The following entry presents criticism of B¼chner from 1964 through 2001. For additional information on B¼chner's life and career, see NCLC, Volume 26.
    B¼chner is known for the few works he composed during his brief life: the novella fragment Lenz (1839) and the plays Dantons Tod Danton's Death Leonce und Lena Leonce and Lena ), and Woyzeck (first published in 1879). In these works B¼chner rejected the idealism of the Romantic movement, which dominated German letters in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries; instead, he sought to realistically depict what he saw as the hopelessness of life in a world where isolation, monotony, and suffering prevail and are perpetuated by deterministic historical and biological forces. This pessimistic view of life, along with the innovative techniques he used to obtain a sense of realism, gives B¼chner a greater affinity with authors of the modern era than with those of the nineteenth century. Additionally, his link to several later developments in drama, among them Naturalism, the Theater of the Absurd, and Expressionism, has frequently been observed by scholars.
    Biographical Information

    3. Buchner Georg Georg Buchner Complete Plays And Prose Gifts In
    buchner georg Georg Buchner Complete Plays and Prose at rediff books. Georg&search=1

    4. Georg Buchner - Britannica Concise
    Buchner, Georg German dramatist, a major forerunner of the Expressionist school of playwriting of the early 20th century.
    Britannica Concise
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    born Oct. 17, 1813, Goddelau, Hesse-Darmstadt
    German dramatist. Danton's Death (1835), a drama of the French Revolution, was followed by Leonce and Lena (1836), a satire on the illusions of Romanticism. His last play, Woyzeck (1836), anticipated the social drama of the 1890s with its compassion for the poor and oppressed; it became the basis of a famous opera by Alban Berg document.writeln(AAMB2); Images and Media: More on "Georg Buchner" from the 32 Volume Buchner, Georg - German dramatist, a major forerunner of the Expressionist school of playwriting of the early 20th century. Buchner, Ludwig - German physician and philosopher who became one of the most popular exponents of 19th-century scientific materialism. Mayer, Hans Heinrich - German literary scholar (b. March 19, 1907, Cologne, Ger.-d. May 18, 2001, Tubingen, Ger.), was a distinguished academic and critic who sought to achieve a greater understanding of German literature and culture through the application of Marxist-socialist analysis. Mayer, a member of the German Jewish bourgeoisie, trained as a lawyer. He left Germany for France shortly after Hitler's rise to ... Mosebach, Martin

    5. BUchner Georg: Free Encyclopedia Articles At Online Library
    Research buchner georg and other related topics by using the free encyclopedia at the online library.
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    Danton's Death (1835, tr. 1928), a pessimistic view of the French Revolution and revolutionary politics; a fragmentary tragedy, Woyzeck (1837, tr. 1928), a psychological study of an alienated character that Alban Berg adapted for his opera Wozzeck ; and a comedy, Leonce and Lena Lenz , whom he made the hero of a novella, Lenz (1838, tr. 1955), which he never completed. His plays, unorthodox in subject and style, were not staged until many decades after his death. See collections of his plays ed. by V. Price (tr. 1971) and M. Hamburger (tr. 1972); studies by A. H. J. Knight (1951) and R. Hauser (1974). Top Search the Library Books
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    6. Georg Buchner, Author Of Woyzeck/Wozzeck
    A biography of Büchner and a description of each of his works. Indepth synopsis of Woyzeck.
    Georg Büchner I find in human nature a terrible uniformity, in human relationships an irrepressible force, shared by everyone and no one. The individual just foam on the wave, greatness mere chance, the rule of genius a puppet-play, a laughable struggle with an iron law.
    In these Kafkaesque words, Büchner effectively described his own creative life. "Acknowledged by as divergent figures as Artaud and Brecht to be the father of modern theatre, Georg Büchner left behind only three works for the stage. Nevertheless he emerges as one of the most extraordinary talents in the history of European theatre, whose influence extended well beyond his own century" (Büchner ix). This man's creative work was, however, totally obscure during his own life.
    Büchner was born on 17 October 1813 in Goddelau. He came from a family of medical men and studied natural science (zoology and comparative anatomy) in Strasbourg (1831-33). He continued his studies at the University of Giessen, where he assumed a leading role in underground political activity. He was obsessed with overthrowing the autocratic governments of German states, including that of his own Duchy of Hesse-Darmstadt.
    In 1834 Büchner published Der Hessische Landbote The Hessian Courier ), a pamphlet that urged peasants to revolt against their oppressors. The pamphlet was an appeal based on the peasants' economic plight and was intended to be incendiary:

    7. Georg Büchner
    georg Büchner (October 17, 1813 Goddelau, DarmstadtFebruary 19, 1837 Zurich) After attending Gymnasium in Darmstadt 1825-31, the doctor s son studied
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    Hessischen Landboten , a revolutionary publication focused above all toward the peasantry. Its radicalism promoted a comprehensive appraisal of contemporary social conditions. With a warrant for his arrest menacing him for his writings, in 1835 he had to flee to Strasbourg, where he resolved to continue his medical studies. There he occupied himself intensively with Cartesius and Spinoza and translated Victor Hugo's dramas, Lucretia Borgia and Mary Tudor Dozent ) in natural history in Zurich. An outbreak of typhoid sickness in 1837 precipitated his early death. Danton's Death and his work Woyzeck , whose socially critical coloring, its anticipation of its naturalism and "Verism," and its almost expressionist power of expression. The satirical comedy Leonce and Lena caricatured the boasting of contemporary provincial potentates, and the story Lenz , also left fragmentary, depicted the dramatic fate of the spiritual mental derangement of the foundered Sturm and Drang poets. Bourgeois radicalism in Germany strengthened after 1830 and encountered its first apogee in the protest movement of 1830-34. It was important for the launching of the German worker movement and strengthened political and social tensions in the pre-March which incited the revolution.

    8. Georg Büchner (1813 - 1837)
    buchner Born October 17, 1813 in the Grand Duchy of HesseDarmstadt, georg Büchner was educated in a private school and at Darmstadt Gymnasium.
    After returning to Hesse to continue his studies at the University of Giessen, Büchner suffered an attack of meningitis. Having been influenced by the radical students with whom he associated in Strassburg, he decided to help found the revolutionary "Society of Human Rights." In 1834, along with political agitator Pastor Weidig, he wrote and distributed an illegal pamphlet entitled "The Hessian Courier" which has since come to be considered one of the most brilliant political brochures in the German language. Büchner was quickly denounced as the author of the pamphlet, but a lack of evidence and his own confident assertion of innocence delayed his arrest and allowed him to return home to Darmstadt. Danton's Death , a tragedy depicting the activist Danton's disillusionment with the French Revolution. In March of that year, he fled to Strassburg to avoid arrest and never returned to Germany or engaged in political activities again. In 1836, he wrote a romantic comedy entitled

    9. Georg Buchner GmbH
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    10. Paper On Georg Buchner's WOYZECK
    Yet georg buchner s fragmentary play Woyzeck shows us a protagonist already stripped of humanity, transformed into and treated as an animal.
    "As Good A Murder As You'd Ever Want To See":
    Human Reduction in Georg Buchner's Woyzeck
    Joseph L. Lockett
    December 20, 1989
    English 367a
    Modern Drama: Ibsen to 1940
    Dr. John Meixner
    Throughout dramatic history, tragedies have depicted a hero's humanity being stripped from him. Usually, as in Shakespeare's classic paradigms, we see the hero, whether King Lear or Othello, reduced from his original noble stature to nothingness and death. Yet Georg Buchner's fragmentary play Woyzeck shows us a protagonist already stripped of humanity, transformed into and treated as an animal. Indeed, Woyzeck , far from being a simple tale of a village murder, shows us the systematic debasement, even intellectual and spiritual "murder," of the protagonist and all his class.
    Like August Strindberg's Ghost Sonata Woyzeck identifies most of its characters only by professions or descriptions, not by names. Franz Woyzeck and Marie are surrounded by a whirl of anonymous figures: the Captain, Doctor, Drum Major, Barker, Grandmother. Perhaps this shows the world as it appears from Woyzeck's point of view. For Woyzeck sees the world as filled with anonymous forces. In scene I, Woyzeck talks of "the Freemasons!" as responsible for the rolling heads and underground passages he hallucinates into being. In scene VIII, Woyzeck speaks of "the toadstools, Doctor. There that's where it is. Have you seen how they grow in patterns? If only someone could read that." Woyzeck's world is filled with and controlled by great forces only occasionally glimpsed, and perhaps he attributes to the Doctor and Captain some of the same mysteriousness and respect he gives his hallucinations.

    11. Buchner, Georg : Woyzeck
    Brief summary of Büchner s unfinished masterpiece.

    12. Georg Buchner - Penguin Classics Authors - Penguin Classics
    Find information on georg buchner, including popular titles and books by georg buchner. Read more with Penguin Classics.,,1000005530,00.html
    • home books
      • new releases collections ... More by Georg Buchner
        Georg Buchner
        Born October 17, 1813 in the Grand Duchy of Hesse-Darmstadt, was educated in a private school and at Darmstadt Gymnasium. His father, a doctor in the service of the Grand Duke, did not approve of Georg's literary endeavors so he encouraged the boy to focus on other, more scientific pursuits. As a young man, Georg studied zoology and comparative anatomy in Strassburg where he first came into contact with a group of politically radical students. Danton's Death , a tragedy depicting the activist Danton's disillusionment with the French Revolution. In March of that year, he fled to Strassburg to avoid arrest and never returned to Germany or engaged in political activities again. In 1836, he wrote a romantic comedy entitled Leonce and Lena for a literary competition, but he submitted it too late and it was returned unread. Constructed within a comic, fairy-tale framework, the play takes on serious issues, investigating the limits placed on human freedom by social and moral conventions. That same year, he probably began work on his unfinished masterpiece Woyzeck Lenz , translations of two of Victor Hugo's plays, the non-extant play Pietro Aretino destroyed by the woman he loved because of its unorthodoxies, one short romantic comedy

    13. :: Munseys: Georg Buchner
    buchner, georg Bibliography p. 278280. Tags Berg, Alban, 1885-1935. Wozzeck. . Copyright © 1998-2008 Disruptive Publishing. Some Rights Reserved.
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    Buchner, Georg

    Bibliography: p. 278-[280]. Tags: Berg, Alban, 1885-1935. Wozzeck.
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    14. Georg Büchner - EVENE
    Translate this page georg Büchner , Büchner georg - Dramaturge allemand. Découvrez la biographie de georg Büchner, ainsi que des anecdotes, des citations de georg Büchner,
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    Georg Büchner
    Dramaturge allemand
    Littérature classique
    Né à Riedstadt en 1813
    Décédé à Zurich en 1837
    Faire découvrir Georg Büchner à un ami
    Georg Büchner Accueil Messages Galerie Vidéos Galerie Photos Bibliographie Citations Aussi sur Evene Idées cadeaux
    Biographie de Georg Büchner
    Si Georg Büchner est mort prématurément du typhus, son oeuvre , elle, a traversé les siècles et reste source d'inspiration pour de nombreux metteurs en scène ou compositeurs contemporains. Philosophe, professeur de médecine , épris de liberté ayant participé à des mouvements révolutionnaires, il a aussi écrit avant l'âge de vingt-trois ans, trois chefs-d' oeuvre La Mort de Danton Léonce et Léna ', et '

    15. DantonsTod Ebook Buchner, Georg Diesel EBooks
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  • 16. Georg Büchner - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    Short biography of the dramatist, with copious links to related topics.üchner
    Georg B¼chner
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Jump to: navigation search "Don't you hear? Don't you hear the dreadful voice that screams from the whole horizon, and that man usually calls silence?" Karl Georg B¼chner October 17 February 19 ) was a German dramatist and writer of prose. He was the brother of physician and philosopher Ludwig B¼chner . Georg B¼chner's talent is generally held in great esteem in Germany . It is widely believed that, but for his early death, he might have attained the significance of such central German literary figures as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Friedrich Schiller Born in Goddelau near Darmstadt Hesse-Darmstadt , the son of a doctor, B¼chner attended a Humanist secondary school that focused on modern languages , including French Italian and English . Nevertheless B¼chner studied medicine in Strasbourg In he became interested in politics and joined a circle of William Shakespeare aficionados which later on probably became the GieŸen and Darmstadt section of the "Gesellschaft f¼r Menschenrechte" (Society for Human Rights). In Strasbourg, he immersed himself in French literature and political thought.

    17. Literary Encyclopedia Georg Büchner
    georg Büchner holds a unique place in the Germanspeaking literary scene of the 19th century and beyond. When he died at age 23, he had been active as a

    18. Georg Büchner - Wikipedia
    Translate this page georg Büchner kam am 17. Oktober 1813 im hessischen Goddelau als Sohn des Distriktsarztes Ernst Büchner und dessen Ehefrau Louise Caroline Büchner,üchner
    Georg B¼chner
    aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklop¤die
    Wechseln zu: Navigation Suche Georg B¼chner um 1830 Karl Georg B¼chner 17. Oktober in Goddelau GroŸherzogtum Hessen 19. Februar in Z¼rich ) war ein deutscher Schriftsteller Naturwissenschaftler und Revolution¤r
    • Leben
      Kindheit und Jugend
      Georg B¼chners Geburtshaus in Goddelau Georg B¼chner kam am 17. Oktober 1813 im hessischen Goddelau als Sohn des Distriktsarztes Ernst B¼chner und dessen Ehefrau Louise Caroline B¼chner, geborene ReuŸ, zur Welt. Er war das erste von sechs Kindern, von denen es alle bis auf Mathilde, die bescheiden im Hintergrund blieb, im Laufe ihres Lebens zu Ansehen gebracht haben: 1816 siedelte die Familie nach Darmstadt ¼ber, wo der Vater die Stelle des Bezirksarztes antrat. 1821 begann f¼r den achtj¤hrigen Georg der Elementarunterricht bei seiner Mutter. Sie unterrichtete ihn im Lesen, Schreiben und Rechnen, brachte ihm die

    19. Georg Büchner | Xlibris
    Translate this page Zitate, Biographie, Interpretationen, Kurzinhalte, Bibliographie über das Leben und Werk von georg Büchner.
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      Georg B¼chner
      »Dieser B¼chner war ein toller Hund. Nach 23 oder 24 Jahren verzichtete er auf weitere Existenz und starb. Es scheint, die Sache war ihm zu dumm.« Alfred D¶blin »Die Wiederentdeckung B¼chners am Vorabend des Weltkrieges geh¶rt zu den wenigen literarpolitischen Vorg¤ngen der Epoche, die mit dem Jahre 1918 nicht entwertet waren [...].« Walter Benjamin: Deutsche Menschen. Eine Folge von Briefen. Auswahl und Einleitungen von Detlef Holz [d.i. W.B.]. Luzern 1936 »Damals also, in einer Nacht, schlug ich den B¼chner auf, und er er¶ffnete sich mir im 'Woyzeck', in der Szene Woyzecks mit dem Doktor. Ich war wie vom Donner ger¼hrt, und es kommt mir j¤mmerlich vor, etwas so Schwaches dar¼ber zu sagen. Ich las alle Szenen des sogenannten Fragments [...], und da ich nicht wahrhaben konnte, daŸ es so etwas gab, da ich es einfach nicht glaubte, las ich sie alle vier- oder f¼nfmal durch. Ich w¼Ÿte nicht, was mich in meinem Leben, das an Eindr¼cken nicht arm war, je so getroffen h¤tte.« Elias Canetti: Rede zur Verleihung des Georg-B¼chner-Preises 1972 »Die Kunst kommt wieder. Sie kommt in einer anderen Dichtung Georg B¼chners wieder, im 'Woyzeck', unter anderen, namenlosen Leuten und [...] bei noch 'fahlerem Gewitterlicht'.«

    20. Projekt Gutenberg-DE - Kultur - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten
    Translate this page Kurzbiographie, Werke, online im Projekt Gutenberg verfügbare Werke.üchner, Georg&autor_vorname= Georg&a

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