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         Amado Jorge:     more books (100)
  1. Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon by Jorge Amado, 2006-09-12
  2. Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands by Jorge Amado, 2006-09-12
  3. The War of the Saints by Jorge Amado, 1995-02-01
  4. Shepherds of the Night by Jorge Amado, 1988-07
  5. The Violent Land by Jorge Amado, 1994-12
  6. Tent of Miracles (THE AMERICAS) by Jorge Amado, 2003-03-24
  7. Sudor / Sweat (Biblioteca Amado) (Spanish Edition) by Jorge Amado, 2009-06-30
  8. Showdown, a Novel by Jorge (Rabassa, Gregory Trans) Amado, 1988-01-01
  9. Pen, Sword, Camisole: a fable to kindle a hope by Jorge Amado, 1980
  10. Tieta (The Americas) by Jorge Amado, 2003-03-24
  11. Captains of the Sands by Jorge Amado, 1988-03
  12. Gabriela Cravo e Canela (Portuguese Edition) by Jorge Amado, 1998-12-31
  13. Tereza Batista by Jorge Amado, 1988-10
  14. Jorge Amado (Twayne's World Authors Series) by Bobby J. Chamberlain, 1990-09

1. Jorge Amado - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Jorge Amado de Faria (August 10, 1912 – August 6, 2001) was a Brazilian writer of the Modernist school. He was the bestknown of modern Brazilian writers,
Jorge Amado
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Jorge Amado Born August 10, 1912
Itabuna, Bahia Died August 6, 2001
Occupation Novelist Nationality Brazilian Writing period Debut works O Pa­s do Carnaval Jorge Amado de Faria August 10 August 6 ) was a Brazilian writer of the Modernist school. He was the best-known of modern Brazilian writers, his work having been translated into some 30 languages and popularized in film, notably Dona Flor and her Two Husbands Dona Flor e Seus Dois Maridos ) in 1978. His work dealt largely with the poor urban black and mulatto communities of Bahia
edit Biography
Amado was born in a fazenda ("farm") in the inland of the city of Itabuna , in the southern part of the Brazilian state of Bahia, son of Jo£o Amado de Faria and D. Eul¡lia Leal. The farm Amado was born in was precisely located on the village of Ferradas, which though today is a district of Itabuna, at the time was administered by the town of Ilh©us. That is why he considered himself a citizen of Ilh©us. In the large cocoa plantation, Amado knew the misery and the struggles of the people working the earth, living in almost slave conditions, which were to be a theme always present in his later works (for example, the notable Terras do Sem Fim of When he was only one year old the family moved to Ilh©us , a coastal city, where he spent his childhood. He attended high school in

2. Jorge Amado --  Britannica Online Encyclopedia
Britannica online encyclopedia article on Jorge Amado novelist whose stories of life in the eastern Brazilian state of Bahia won international acclaim.
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Jorge Amado
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died August 6, 2001, Salvador novelist whose stories of life in the eastern Brazilian state of Bahia won international acclaim. Amado, Jorge... (75 of 311 words) To read the full article, activate your FREE Trial Commonly Asked Questions About Jorge Amado Close Enable free complete viewings of Britannica premium articles when linked from your website or blog-post. Now readers of your website, blog-post, or any other web content can enjoy full access to this article on Jorge Amado , or any Britannica premium article for free, even those readers without a premium membership. Just copy the HTML code fragment provided below to create the link and then paste it within your web content. For more details about this feature, visit our Webmaster and Blogger Tools page Copy and paste this code into your page var dc_UnitID = 14; var dc_PublisherID = 15588; var dc_AdLinkColor = '009900'; var dc_adprod='ADL'; var dc_open_new_win = 'yes'; var dc_isBoldActive= 'no';

3. IBistro Montgomery County Dept. Of Public Libraries
Search Results. amado jorge search found 7 titles. FICTION, 1987. Show down Amado, Jorge, 1912. 1 copy available at Little Falls Library in ADULT jo

4. Jorge Amado - Wikipedia, La Enciclopedia Libre
Translate this page Jorge Amado (nacido en Bahía-Brasil el 10 de agosto de 1912, fallecido el 6 de agosto de 2001) es probablemente el escritor brasileño más conocido,
Jorge Amado
De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
Saltar a navegaci³n bºsqueda Jorge Amado (nacido en Bah­a Brasil el 10 de agosto de , fallecido el 6 de agosto de ) es probablemente el escritor brasile±o m¡s conocido, y el que ha tenido m¡s libros traducidos a otros idiomas.
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  • Biograf­a Premios y t­tulos Obra
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    Naci³ en la Fazenda (hacienda) Auric­dia, en la ciudad de Itabuna, ubicada al sur del estado de Bah­a . Hijo del due±o de la hacienda, cuando ten­a 1 a±o de edad, su familia se estableci³ en la ciudad de Ilh©us , litoral de Bah­a, donde Jorge pas³ su infancia. Hizo los estudios secundarios en la ciudad de Salvador , capital del Estado. En este periodo, comenz³ a trabajar en peri³dicos y a participar de la vida literaria, siendo uno de los fundadores de la llamada Academia de los Rebeldes Jorge public³ su primera novela, llamada El Pa­s del Carnaval en , cuando ten­a 18 a±os. Se cas³ con Matilde Garcia Rosa dos a±os despu©s, y con ella tuvo una hija, Lila, que naci³ en 1933. En este a±o, public³ su segunda novela, Cacao Se gradu³ en la Facultad Nacional de Derecho (en portugu©s

5. Amado Jorge - IBS - I Libri Di Jorge Amado
Translate this page Libri di Jorge Amado,amado jorge. Capitani della spiaggia 1-3 giorni Contenuto amado jorge, Garzanti Libri € 16,60 Metti nel carrello Jorge/libri.html
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Amado Jorge, Garzanti Libri
La cucina di Bahia, ovvero Il libro di cucina di Pedro Archanjo e le merende di Dona Flor
Amado Jorge; Amado Paloma J., Einaudi (Prezzo di copertina Sconto 30% Sudore Amado Jorge

6. Feedback To The Library, October 2006 - UA Library
I did a search for the book Showdown by Jorge Amado. (PQ9697. If you do a search on amado jorge there are two separate files for him one with all his
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7. Jorge Amado - Wikipedia
Translate this page Jorge Amado (* 10. August 1912 in Pirangi bei Itabuna, Brasilien; † 6. August 2001 in Salvador da Bahia) gilt als einer der bedeutendsten
Jorge Amado
aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklop¤die
Wechseln zu: Navigation Suche Jorge Amado 10. August in Pirangi bei Itabuna Brasilien 6. August in Salvador da Bahia ) gilt als einer der bedeutendsten lateinamerikanischen Autoren des 20. Jahrhunderts Er wurde 1912 als Sohn eines Kakaoplantagenbesitzers im brasilianischen Bundesstaat Bahia geboren und wuchs in der Hafenstadt Ilh©us auf. Er besuchte eine Jesuitenschule und arbeitete mit 13 Jahren als Hilfsarbeiter auf Plantagen. Bereits mit 12 ver¶ffentlichte er eine Kurzgeschichte und mit 15 schrieb er schon f¼r eine Zeitung. Als Journalist und Schriftsteller setzte er sich f¼r die Armen und Unterdr¼ckten ein. Amado war auch Abgeordneter f¼r die kommunistische Partei, wurde wegen seiner politischen œberzeugungen inhaftiert und lebte jahrelang in Argentinien und Frankreich im Exil. Das bekannteste Werk Amados ist der Roman Gabriela wie Zimt und Nelken . Fast alle Werke Amados spielen im Nordosten Brasiliens , ¼berwiegend in und um Bahia . Seine B¼cher schildern das Leben und œberleben der einfachen Leute, h¤ufig im Milieu der Halbwelt angesiedelt. Trotz der materiellen Probleme seiner

8. Amado Jorge: Free Encyclopedia Articles At Online Library
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The Violent Land (1942, tr. 1945), are marked by grim and violent realism. His later works, such as Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon (1958, tr. 1962), (1966, tr. 1969), Tent of Miracles (1969, tr. 1971), and Tieta, the Goat Girl (1977, tr. 1979), frequently have a comic element and stress folkloric and popular themes related to Afro-Brazilian culture. Alive with vibrant characters, his novels often reflect his left-wing political views and his deep sympathy for women. Although sometimes criticized for stereotyped female characterizations and for romanticizing poverty, Amado is acclaimed for his portrayal of ordinary Brazilians and is the most widely read Brazilian novelist of the 20th cent. and among the most translated novelists in the world. His later fiction (he wrote 32 books in all) includes Pen, Sword, Camisole

9. Amado Jorge Dona Flor And Her Two Husbands Gifts In India At
amado jorge Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands at rediff books. jorge&search=1&cri

10. 97.01.08: Survey Of Latin-American Culture Through Literature
In Jorge Amado’s literary works Tereza Bautista—Home From the Wars and Tieta, . amado jorge. Tereza Batista Home From The Wars. New York. Avon Books.
Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute Home
Survey of Latin-American Culture Through Literature
Yoselin Roman
Contents of Curriculum Unit 97.01.08:
To Guide Entry
The purpose of this unit is to help students gain a clear understanding of the Latin American heritage and cultural milieu. The selected materials deal with past and current attitudes and perceptions prevalent in some parts of Latin America. In order for students to really understand, appreciate, and possibly identify with the dilemmas posed in the literature, it is necessary for them to acquire an understanding of the dynamics of how and why, Latin American society and culture actually functions in different situations. In order to reach this goal, students will read literary works and view films dealing with, but not limited to the following cultural issues: The role of women, cultural gender expectations, political structure, and the role of religion. Existing customs, as well as myths, will also be explored in terms of their effects on socialization and acculturation.
It is not easy to comprehend the complex role religion plays within Latin American culture. It is not an issue of God or Christianity, but an intricate synchronization of the beliefs of different cultures and races that have been present at one point or another in the history of Latin America. Although there have been many different influences the most prevalent has been the European Tradition, consisting of the Catholic and Protestant Faith. The native Indian influences, of the Aztecs, Incas, and Mayans from Central and South America as well as the Arawak and Tainos of the Antilles with their polytheistic views and last but not least, the African influences of the Yoruba and Congo Tribes, brought to Latin America from Africa centuries ago.

11. Kakao - AMADO JORGE
Kakao; amado jorge. Offered by in t Profijtelijk Boeksken.
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Wien, 1951, 389 pp., hard cover, 13 x 20 cm, Übersetzung von Schönfeld Goed / Good / Bien / Gut.
EUR 8.00 = appr. US$ 11.72 Offered by: in't Profijtelijk Boeksken - Book number: 117715%2680F
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12. Bahia Terre Magique. . - AMADO JORGE,
Bahia terre magique. .; amado jorge,. Offered by Les routes du globe.
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AMADO JORGE, Bahia terre magique. .
EDITIONS D'ART YVON, [1986]. in-4, toile d'éditeur, jaquette de protection illustrée,191p + [4]ff. très bel ex. ¶ photographies d'Alain Draeger.
EUR 40.00 = appr. US$ 58.60 Offered by: Les routes du globe - Book number: 1431
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13. Jorge Amado - Biografia -
Translate this page Vita di Jorge Amado. Il cantore di Bahia. Scrittore. Bibliografia. Amado

14. Amado Jorge | Low Cost Bookstore
Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon ; Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands A Moral and Amorous Tale ; Gabriela, Clavo y Canela ; DOA Flor y Sus DOS Maridos.
Jorge Amado
Jorge Amado
Jorge AmadoNovelist, Journalist, LawyerWas Born In 1912, The Son Of A Cacao Planter, In Ilheus, South Of Salvador, The Provincial Capital Of Gabriela, Clove And Cinnamon. His First Novel, Cacao, Was Published When He Was Nineteen. It Was An Impassioned Plea For Social Justice For The Workers On Bahian Cacao Plantations; And His Novels Of The Thirties And Forties Would Continue To Dramatize Class Struggle. Not Until The 1950S Did He Write His Great Literary Comic NovelsGabriela, Clove And Cinnamon, And Dona Flor And Her Two HusbandsWhich Take Aim At The Full Spectrum Of Society Even As
Amado Jorge:
Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands: A Moral and Amorous Tale
Vintage International (Paperback)
Translator: Harriet De Onis
Vintage Books Usa , 2006
Quality paperback, 553 pages
You save: 30% Click here for more information In stock: Usually ships within 24 hours. Will be shipped from: United States Add to Shopping Basket
Amado Jorge:
Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon
Vintage International (Paperback)
Translator: James L. Taylor, Translator: William L. Grossman

15. Jorge Amado : Dona Flor And Her Two Husbands : Book Review
Read a review of some recommended books by jorge amado.
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Jorge Amado
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The Queen of the South
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"La Noche de los Pobres" by Diego Rivera at
"Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands"
(Reviewed by Judi Clark FEB 10, 1998) Here's a twist for me, I saw the video of Dona Flor before I ever heard of this author or read this book. I got a big kick out of it, even though it seemed on the low tech side of filmmaking. Naturally when I later discovered this writer (through Shepherds of the Night ) I was more impressed with the book than the movie. (Like who's surprised by that?)

16. Jorge Amado —
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17. Jorge Amado - Biografia
Translate this page Filho de João amado de Faria e de D. Eulália Leal, jorge amado de Faria nasceu no dia 10 de agosto de 1912, na fazenda Auricídia, em Ferradas,
Principal Releituras Biografias Novos Escritores © Projeto Releituras
Arnaldo Nogueira Jr
Jorge Amado Nascimento:
Itabuna - BA Morte:
Menu do Autor

Jorge Amado
Avô, mesmo que a gente morra, é melhor morrer de repetição na mão, brigando com o coronel, que morrer em cima da terra, debaixo de relho, sem reagir. Mesmo que seja pra morrer nós deve dividir essas terras, tomar elas para gente. Mesmo que seja um dia só que a gente tenha elas, paga a pena de morrer". (Os Subterrâneos da Liberdade - Agonia da Noite)
Filho de João Amado de Faria e de D. Eulália Leal, Jorge Amado de Faria nasceu no dia 10 de agosto de 1912, na fazenda Auricídia, em Ferradas, distrito de Itabuna - Bahia. O casal teve mais três filhos: Jofre (1915), Joelson (1920) e James (1922).
Com apenas dez meses, vê seu pai ser ferido numa tocaia dentro de sua própria fazenda. No ano seguinte uma epidemia de varíola obriga a família a deixar a fazenda e se estabelecer em Ilhéus. Em 1917 a família muda-se para a Fazenda Taranga, em Itajuípe, onde seu pai volta à lida na lavoura de cacau. Em 1918, já alfabetizado por sua mãe

18. Howstuffworks "Amado, Jorge - Encyclopedia Entry"
Learn about amado, jorge. Read our encyclopedia entry on amado, jorge. RSS Make HowStuffWorks your homepage Get Newsletter Search HowStuffWorks and the web:
Humanities Literature Latin-American Learn about Latin-American Literature and get information on topics related to Latin-American Literature. Related Categories:
REFERENCE LINKS PRINT EMAIL Amado, Jorge Amado, Jorge, ah MAH doh, ZHAWR zhay (1912-2001), was a Brazilian novelist. Amado was born on Aug. 10, 1912, in Ilheus in the state of Bahia, along the northeastern coast of Brazil. He wrote mainly about the people of Brazil's lower classes living in his native region, especially the area around the port of Salvador. In a style that is both poetic and realistic, he used the language of these people to portray their infectious zest for life.
Related Topics: Rodo, Jose Enrique , roh DOH, hoh ZAY ayn REE kay (1872?-1917), was a Uruguayan thinker and essayist. He believed in the human spirit's infinite... Asturias, Miguel Angel , ahs TOO ryahs, mee GEHL AHNG hehl (1899-1974), a Guatemalan author and diplomat, won the Nobel Prize in literature in 1967.... Jimenez, hee MAY nayth, Juan Ramon (1881-1958), a Spanish poet, won the 1956 Nobel Prize for literature. His poems were identified with the...

19. Powell's Books - Gabriela, Clove And Cinnamon (Vintage International) By Jorge A
jorge amado—novelist, journalist, lawyer—was born in 1912, the son of a cacao planter, in Ilheus, south of Salvador, the provincial capital of Gabriela,

20. Amado, Jorge (Harper's Magazine)
The miracle of the birds. A story. by Barbara Merello (Trans.) and jorge amado Fiction, April 1982, 4 pp. Harper s Magazine is an American journal of
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Amado, Jorge
WRITER OF 1 Story from 1982
The miracle of the birds:
A story by Barbara Merello (Trans.) and Jorge Amado
Fiction, April 1982 , 4 pp. Harper's Magazine is an American journal of literature, politics, culture, and the arts published from 1850. Subscriptions start at $16.97 a year.
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