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  1. Field Notes.(soybean and corn's crop rotation)(Column): An article from: Farm Journal by Mike Shuter, 2006-09-29
  2. Selected cover crops established in early soybean growth stage.: An article from: Journal of Soil and Water Conservation by R.S. Moomaw, 1995-01-01
  3. Oat and rye overseeded into soybean as fall cover crops in the upper Midwest.: An article from: Journal of Soil and Water Conservation by T.J. Johnson, T.C. Kaspar, et all 1998-05-01
  4. Potential individual versus simultaneous climate change effects on soybean (C"3) and maize (C"4) crops: An agrotechnology model based study [An article from: Global and Planetary Change] by R.J. Mera, D. Niyogi, et all 2006-11-01
  5. There goes the neighborhood: a processor exodus could erode local soybean prices: even before the stunted 2003 U.S. soybean crop, crushers were folding ... An article from: Top Producer by Marcia Zarley Taylor, 2003-11-01
  6. Low rice prices make soybeans most valuable crop. (List Overview).: An article from: Arkansas Business by Carl D. Holcombe, 2003-03-10
  7. Corn, soybean crop conditions downtick ... very slightly.: An article from: Pro Farmer by Unavailable, 2009-07-11
  8. Multivariate effects of plant canopy, soil physico-chemistry and microbiology on Sclerotinia stem rot of soybean in relation to crop rotation and urban ... article from: Soil Biology and Biochemistry] by G.X. Rousseau, S. Rioux, et all 2006-12-01
  9. Crop Tech.(CruiserMaxx Pak)(soybeans): An article from: Farm Journal by Andrew Burchett, 2005-02-17
  10. Soybeans settle in the green.(food crops demand): An article from: Farm Journal by Bob Utterback, 2006-03-14
  11. Non-Traditional Agriculture and Economic Development: The Brazilian Soybean Expansion, 1964-1982 by Anthony B. Soskin, 1988-08-16
  12. Bibliography of the Soybean Plant: Nomenclature, Physiology, Morphology, Botany, Taxonomy, and Wild Soybeans, With 1,266 References from 1100 B.C. T (Shurtleff, ... and Sourcebooks on Soya Series) by William Shurtleff, Akiko Aoyagi, 1992-01
  13. Beans, corn the crops of choice for 2009: financial feasibility and strong market prices make beans that best choice for farmers.(Focus: Agribusiness & ... article from: Mississippi Business Journal by Clay Chandler, 2009-04-27
  14. No Roundup-resistant soybeans for us.(Decision Time, cultivation of genetically modified soybean): An article from: Top Producer by Jim Kinsella, 2003-01-01

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