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         Scheme Programming:     more books (100)
  1. A data-dependency based intelligent back tracking scheme for Prolog (Technical report. University of Texas at Austin. Dept. of Computer Sciences) by Vipin Kumar, 1987
  2. Concurrent program schemes (BUCS tech report) by A. J Kfoury, 1986
  3. REFLOS;: A code for the refined evaluation of fuel loading schemes, (EUR) by W Böttcher, 1969
  4. A static pessimistic scheme for handling replicated databases (Technical report. Pennsylvania State University. Dept. of Computer Science) by Jian Tang, 1989
  5. Error bounds for strongly convex programs and (super)linearly convergent iterative schemes for the least 2-norm solution of linear programs (Computer sciences ... Wisconsin--Madison. Computer Sciences Dept) by Olvi L Mangasarian, 1986
  6. Schemes for communication (CMU-CS-81-122) by M Joseph, 1981
  7. An experimental study of page allocation scheme for AVL trees by Seonghee A Kim, 1984
  8. On the computational complexity of scheme equivalence (Technical report) by R. L Constable, 1974
  9. An upper bound for the Goldstein-Price global minimization scheme (Serial - Program in Logistics, George Washington University) by Anthony V Fiacco, 1972
  10. Functional logic grammar: A new scheme for language analysis (Report. University of California, Los Angeles. Computer Science Dept) by H. Lewis Chau, 1988
  11. A compact inverse scheme applied to multicommodity network with resource constraints by Steven Frederick Maier, 1971
  12. Evaluation of second order schemes and defect correction for the multigrid computation of airfoil flows with the steady Euler equations (Report. Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica) by Barry Koren, 1986
  13. An all-at-once reduced Hessian SQP scheme for aerodynamic design optimization (RIACS technical report) by Dan Feng, 1995
  14. A balanced tree scheme for meldable heaps with updates (GIT-ICS) by Gary L Peterson, 1987

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