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  1. Spiral Dynamics Integral Learn to Master the Memetic Codes of Human Behavior - 6 CDs by Ph.D Don Beck, 2006
  2. Memetics: Cultural selection theory, Dual inheritance theory, Evolutionary epistemology, General semantics, Human-based genetic algorithm, Knowledge ecosystem, ... Lamarckism, Meme pool, Multiple discovery
  3. Cellular memetic algorithms.: An article from: Journal of Computer Science & Technology by Enrique Alba, Bernabe Dorronsoro, et all 2005-12-01
  4. A memetic algorithm for channel assignment in wireless FDMA systems [An article from: Computers and Operations Research] by S.-S. Kim, A.E. Smith, et all 2007-06-01
  5. Memetic Algorithm timetabling for non-commercial sport leagues [An article from: European Journal of Operational Research] by J. Schonberger, D. Mattfeld, et all 2004-02-16
  6. Borges and memetics: the immortality of ideas.(Jorge Luis Borges )(Critical Essay): An article from: Variaciones Borges by Ricardo Waizbort, Lucia de La Rocque, 2005-07-01
  7. Genetic Relational Search for Inductive Concept Learning: A Memetic Algorithm for ILP by Federico Divina, 2010-09-16
  8. Evolution: Technological Singularity, Historicism, Camouflage, Uniformitarianism, Memetics, Systems Theory, Quantum Evolution, Darwinism
  9. Memetics: Meme, Daniel Dennett, the Selfish Gene, Viruses of the Mind, Susan Blackmore, Hugo de Garis, Sociocultural Evolution, Indeterminacy
  10. Resource Leveling using Petrinet and Memetic approach.(Report): An article from: American Journal of Applied Sciences by K. Raja, S. Kumanan, 2007-05-01
  11. Cultural Anthropology: Mythology, Proverb, Taboo, Meme, Civilization, Cultural Bias, Nomad, Geophagy, Memetics, Anarcho-Primitivism, Mana
  12. MA|PM: memetic algorithms with population management [An article from: Computers and Operations Research] by K. Sorensen, M. Sevaux, 2006-05-01
  13. Mindset: Mindset, Systems theory, Cognitive bias, Groupthink, Worldview, Entrepreneurial mindset, Paradigm, Confirmation bias,Meme, Memetics, Einstellung effect
  14. Memetic MagickManipulation of the Root Social Matrix and the Fabric of Reality by R. Kirk Packwood, 2005

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