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         Geminus:     more books (19)
  1. The Anatomy of Thomas Geminus. A Notable Acquisition for the Library. by Geoffrey Keynes, 1959
  2. Papyrii Gemini Eleatis Hermathena, Sev De Eloquentiae Victoria: Reproduced in Exact Facsimile from the Copy in St. John's College Library. with an Appendix ... in Different States (Latin Edition) by Papyrius Geminus, 2010-02-13
  3. RAD and the Quest for Geminus by Julius Kohanyi, 2006-01
  4. Lq05 Quadrangle: Posidonius, Cassini, Endymion, Messala, Aristillus, de La Rue, Maury, Atlas, Aristoteles, Geminus, Hercules, Archytas
  5. The Copper Plates in Raynalde and Geminus. Offprint from the Proccedings of the Royal Society of Medicine, 1926. by LeRoy Crummer, 1926
  6. Roman-Era Rhodians: Geminus, Castor of Rhodes, Agesimbrotus, Agepolis, Agesilochus, Apollonius Molon, Alexander of Rhodes, Agathagetus
  7. Ancient Rhodian Scientists: Hipparchus, Posidonius, Geminus, Dinocrates, Attalus of Rhodes
  8. Geminu Eisagog? eis ta phainomena: Graece et Latine (German Edition)
  9. Characters in Mystery Novel Series of the 21st Century: Bernie Rhodenbarr, Marcus and Gaius Geminus, Dermot Michael Coyne, Nuala Anne Mcgrail
  10. Geminus: An entry from Gale's <i>Science and Its Times</i> by Judson Knight, 2001
  11. Gestorben 216 V. Chr.: Marcus Minucius Rufus, Gnaeus Servilius Geminus, Lucius Aemilius Paullus (German Edition)
  12. Papyrii Gemini Eleatis Hermathena, Sev De Eloquentiae Victoria. Ad Lectorem Non mihi Musa pares, genitor no dulcis Apollo, Ruraq, Cecropidum, nec moenia celsa Quirini, Barbarus ast rauco resonabo classica cornu, Quodq, tulere nesas diuumq, hoimq, parentes by Papyrius Geminus, 1886
  13. Gemini Elementa Astronomiae by Geminus, 2010-03-01
  14. PAPYRII GEMINI ELEATIS HERMATHENA, SEV De Eloquenti¾ Victoria. by Papyrius. Geminus, 1522-01-01

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