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         Archimedes Of Syracuse:     more detail
  1. ARCHIMEDES OF SYRACUSE: THE CHEST OF IDEAS by Monte R Anderson, 2009-10-29
  2. The Sand Reckoner of Archimedes by Archimedes of Syracuse, 2010-10-01
  3. Naissance à Syracuse: Archimède, Lucie de Syracuse, Mario Feroce, Alessio Di Mauro, Gaetano Zumbo, Giuseppe Di Grande, Giuseppe Gibilisco (French Edition)
  4. People From Syracuse (City), Sicily: Archimedes, Tonino Accolla, Methodios I of Constantinople, Giuseppe Gibilisco, Elio Vittorini
  5. The legend of Archimedes and the burning mirrors of Syracuse (F.R. note) by D. L Simms, 1964
  6. Archimedes and the burning mirrors of Syracuse by D. L Simms, 1977
  7. The Sand Reckoner: Archimedes, Universe, Syracuse, Sicily, Gelo, son of Hiero II, Academic Paper, Large Numbers, Myriad, Long and Short Scales
  8. Archimedes Russell: Upstate Architect (York State Books) by Evamaria Hardin, 1980-09
  9. Ancient Syracusians: Archimedes, Agathocles, Cephalus, Hiero I of Syracuse, Theocritus, Dionysius I of Syracuse, Philistus, Sophron
  10. The Genius of Archimedes -- 23 Centuries of Influence on Mathematics, Science and Engineering: Proceedings of an International Conference held at Syracuse, ... (History of Mechanism and Machine Science)
  11. Archimedes: Archimedes' Screw, the Sand Reckoner, the Method of Mechanical Theorems, Siege of Syracuse, the Quadrature of the Parabola, Salinon

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