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miriam Makeba The Guinea years (South Africa) tribute to the early days ofrock and roll with 1982 s Budgie and the Jets by David kramer.
21st January 2002
Established 27th January 1999
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Falling Mirror returned to the stage recently... Blues Broers return to Kirstenbosch... New Afrikaner Rock compilation released... Mann Friday heads off into the studio... Kurt hears the Fat Lady Sing... John says its Time To Suck... shines a spotlight on Wouter van der Venter... Sugar saw Blk Sonshine at the first of the Wonder Gigs...
and the summertime gigs are still going strong...
3.LET'S ROCK - New releases: Draadloos, Mann Friday, Rust 4.CLASSIC ROCK - Badfinger - part 2, Springbok Nude Girls, Suck, Charts 5.RUK EN ROL - Afrikaans Rock: Wouter van de Venter 7.ROCK ON - Live reviews and gig info: Blk Sonshine 8.LISTEN HERE - SA Rock Radio 9.CLICK HERE - SA Rock on the net 10.BUMPF - Archives, contributions, editors and contributors FALLING MIRROR RETURN A long-time Falling Mirror fan, and close friend of both Nielen Mirror

62. MAY Episode Guide (Season #5)
Sid Caesar miriam Sass . . . . . . . . . . . Florence Stanley Hugh Moss . Tease Jamie revealing the end to expedite a video return (kramer vs. kramer).
Episode Guide for Season #5 of "M ad A bout Y ou " for the Usenet newsgroup
Archive-name: tv/mad-about-you/season5
Posting-frequency: quarterly
Last-modified: 97-12-05
Version: 6.0
This Episode Guide for the TV Comedy show "Mad About You" is, as a collection of information,
The MAY Episode Guides:
Episode Guide for Season #1

Episode Guide for Season #2

Episode Guide for Season #3

Episode Guide for Season #4

Episode Guide for Season #5
Episode Guide for Season #6
The Fifth Season
Table of Contents
(*) Delayed US Telecasts:
    On February 4, 1997, the original telecast of episode [5.13] "Astrology" was pre-empted in the US by NBC's coverage of the O.J. Simpson civil trial verdict, but continued as scheduled in Canada. NBC telecast this episode in the US on March 11, 1997. The first date has been used for assigning the episode number. In a similar vein, the Tag to episode [5.18]

63. Perry Mason TV Series: Season 9 Episodes 242-271
George Perina as 2nd Associate Magistrate Shony Alex Braun as violinist Keely Jeanne Cooper as miriam Fielding George Wallace as Stacey Fielding
Main Page
The Show

Principal Cast

Famous People
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Filmography links courtesy of the Internet Movie Database
D. M. Brockman
18 April 2005
Season 9
The Case of the Laughing Lady
Constance Towers as Leona Devore Jean Hale as Carly Chaney John Abbott as Dr. Durwood Tobey Bernard Fox as Peter Stange John Dall as Roan Daniel Allison Hayes as Cho Sin Mickey Manners as Lenny Linden John Gallaudet as Judge Shirley O'Hara as Superintendent Michael Rye as Commentator Irene Anders as Matron
The Case of the Fatal Fortune
Julie Adams as Patricia L. Kean Lee Philips as Gordon Evans Jesse White as Max Armstead Ford Rainey as Dr. Fisher Nan Martin as Beth Fuller Dean Harens as Daniel Buckley James Lanphier as Marius Stone Grandon Rhodes as Judge Nora Marlowe as Landlady Alex Bookston as Desk Clerk Belle Mitchell as Gypsy
The Case of the Candy Queen
Nancy Gates as Claire Armstrong Patricia Smith as Wanda Buren Nina Shipman as Carol Olin Robert Rockwell as Ed Purvis H. M. Wynant

64. Zablotow, Ukraine
His only daughter, miriam who was beautiful and smart, married R Yechiel ChaimKramer who His son Moshe followed in his footsteps as a good violinist.
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III Tradesman
People in those days did not buy bread at the bakery since housewives had an oven in their homes and they baked bread, rolls and cakes for the whole week. R' Meir Dunset had a large house in Demycze which he inherited from his father. His son Zev was a Hebrew teacher. Mechel was a baker like his father. Both left Zablotow to the United States. R' Meir drowned in the Pruth River one summer day. R' Shalom Dunset owned a large house and a bakery oven on the street of the Main Synagogue. Was a well respected scholar, educated his children in Torah and general knowledge R' David Zeiler baked dinner rolls etc. Educated his children to be honest.
All the houses in the city were built from lumber, the roofs from wooden shingles and the construction workers were mostly Jews who specialized in their profession. Only a few houses were built from stones or bricks. R' Natan Fuchs and his sons R' Isaac the eldest, Moshe, Yakov, Avraham and Shabtay the youngest were all-powerful and excellent builders of wooden houses. R' Natan was a community politician and for a while a Gabay at the Main Synagogue as well as his sons R' Isaac and Avraham. They educated their children to follow in their profession. R' Baruch Singer was a superb builder of wooden houses. An honest man who educated his children in Cheders and his profession.

65. Presented By Greg Duncan
1619 miriam Bella, head of Jewish community of Cracow, dies 1666 Johann A Schallvon Bell, 1907 Joseph Joachim, German violinist, dies
Presented by Greg Duncan...
Welcome to Special Events in History for August 15
Births for August 15
By the way...since June 6 1997 YOU are GREGSITE visitor number
1432 Luigi Pulci, Italy, poet (Morgante)
1688 Frederick-William I, king of Prussia (1713-1740)
1769 Napoleon Bonaparte, resident of Elba (emperor 1804-13, 1814-15)
1771 Walter Scott, Scotland, novelist/poet (Lady of Lake)
1782 Henri MG earl the Merode, Belgian revolutionary (Souvenirs)
1785 Thomas De Quincey, Eng, writer (Confessions of English Opium Eater)
1794 Elias M Fries, Swedish botanist (System mycologicum)
1803 James Douglas, father of British Columbia
1823 Orris Sanford Ferry, Bvt Major General (Union volunteers)
1856 J Keir Hardie, 1st Labour representative in British Parliament 1860 Florence Kling DeWolfe Harding, 1st lady (1921-23) 1874 Joseph Klausner, Polish/Israeli new testament expert 1875 Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, London, composer (Hiawatha's Wedding Feast) 1876 Aleksandar Belic, Swedish linguist 1878 Pjotr N Wrangel, Russian baron/general/commanding white legers 1879 Ethel Barrymore, Phila, actress (Constant Wife, Corn is Green)

66. Special Events For The Year 1932
Born , 03/21/1932, Joseph Silverstein, Detroit Mich, violinist (Denver Born , 09/29/1932, Robert Benton, Texas, writer/director (kramer vs kramer)
Presented by Greg Duncan...
Special Events for the Year 1932
Born : "Little" Richard, [Penniman], rocker (Tutty Fruity, Lucille) Born : A R Dawson, rugby player Born : Abbe Lane, Bkln, aka Mrs Xavier Cugat/singer (Xavier Cugat Show) Born : Abby Dalton, Las Vegas, actress (Ellie-Joey Bishop Show, Falcon Crest) Born : Abebe Bikila, Ethiopia, marathoner (Olympic-gold-1960, 64) Born : Adrian Henri, poet/president (Liverpool Academy of Arts) Born : Alan Lavern Bean, Wheeler Texas, Capt USN/astronaut (Ap 12, Skylab 3) Born : Ald r Kov csi, Hungary, pentathelete (Olympic-gold-1952) Born : Alexei A Gubarev, cosmonaut (Soyuz 17, 28) Born : Alfred M Worden, Jackson Michigan, Colonel USAF/astronaut (Apollo 15) Born : Ali Doelman-Pel, Dutch 2nd Chamber member (PvdA) Born : Alistair Graham, headmaster (Mill Hill School) Born : Anatoliy Roschin, USSR, super heavyweight wrestler (Olympic-gold-1972) Born : Andrea Mead Lawrence, Rutland Vt, slalom skier (Olympic-gold-1948, 52) Born : Andrew Gardner, British broadcaster Born : Andrew Jacobs Jr, (Rep-D-IN, 1965-73, 75- )

67. Nichelle Newsletter: April 2005
sultry violinist Sylvia Mincewicz Kate Brehm as Raise Plow miriam Parker sentme two books that I want to read. Heaven Sent by Montre Bible
Nichelle Newsletter
Nonchalantly entertaining you with saucy wit...
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More, More, More
Can't Knock The Hustle
Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?
Can anyone me with this one? I cannot access google or more importantly gmail here at home. I can get to any other websites, but I also cannot connect to my account via Thunderbird. I could access gmail yesterday at work, but no luck here. What is the deal? Has my server failed me? Any advice would be appreciated! Also what is the deal with cold, crappy weather? I am in a MOOD. April 30, 2005 in Web/Tech Permalink Comments (0)
Do The Funky Chicken
Banned Burlesque at Collective Unconscious
Nasty Canasta and Jonny Porkpie
HooperGirl Anna McHugh
Maiiah and her Burmese python
Red Hot Miss Veronika Sweet
Tigger the boylesque dancer
glamour gal Little Brooklyn
dirty-ditty songstress Jessica Delfino Jocelyn Ruggiero La Divina Cucina delicious diva Miss Clams Casino sultry violinist Sylvia Mincewicz Kate Brehm as Raise Plow cirkus family patriarch Keith Bindlestiff Missy Galore and design siren Emma Malika also Caterina Bartha’s infamous Feely Booth and handmade pasties by Crystal Swarovski Friday, April 29, 2005

68. Beach Cities Symphony December 1999 Newsletter
Former violinist and Board Chairman Tom Wilson and his wife, Louise, now of LagunaWoods, Four theater technicians (Bryan Bates, Kenneth Lefort, miriam
BEACH CITIES SYMPHONY NEWSLETTER VOLUME VII, NUMBER 2 DECEMBER 1999 Armen Ksadjikian will perform the Shostakovich Cello Concerto at January’s Concert. Our fun-loving soloist for the January concert of the Beach Cities Symphony recently made his limousine driving debut in the action/thriller True Lies . He began his professional cello career at the age of 12 with the Abkhazian State Philharmonic in the former Soviet Union. Since arriving in the United States in 1976, Armen has been very active in L.A.’s musical scene, serving as principal cellist with the Pasadena, Pacific, Long Beach, Glendale, Hollywood Bowl, New West, Opus, and Los Angeles Chamber Orchestras, as well as the American Ballet Theatre, Joffrey Ballet and Opera Pacific. He has toured with the Los Angeles Philharmonic to New York and throughout Europe, and has toured with the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra to Japan and Brazil. Since 1982 Armen has been a member of the distinguished Armadillo String Quartet, a group particularly known for unusual and outrageous musical ventures such as a 34 1/2 hour marathon of the complete quartets of Joseph Haydn, and performances in natural ampitheatres during white-water rafting trips down the Colorado, Rouge, Dolores, and Green Rivers. In 1985 Mr. Ksadjikian was honored to perform with Jascha Heifetz in his Master Classes. Since 1990 Mr. Ksadjikian has been working closely with Peter Schickele producing and performing annual concerts of his music, giving numerous world and West Coast premieres, including the recently "discovered" P.D.Q. Bach’s String Quartet at Carnegie Hall. Armen has also worked with John Williams, Henry Mancini, John Cage, Mel Powell, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Randy Newman, Barbra Streisand, Eddie Daniels, and Chick Corea.

69. Gourmetmembers
Christine kramer, Toronto, Canada, Mercedes Spindola Las Vegas, NV Darryl Webster,Chatham, NJ, miriam Hedges, Oak Park, IL
Email us here HOME PAGE Best Paella Pan Made In Spain Importers of Authentic Spanish Paella Pans SUMMER SPECIAL PAELLA PAN BURNER SET CLICK HERE PRODUCTS: PAELLA SPECIALS: ABOUT DIANA: RECIPES: ELITE CLUB GOURMET: RESTAURANTS AND CATERERS: EVENTS: PAGES OF INTEREST: Diana's EliteGourmet Club Members Diana Anderson Fernandez, CEO A.C. Nelson, Brownsville, TX Hannah Hite, Atlanta, GA Aaron K Jensen, Towson, MD Aaron L Bowers, Stockton, CA Juan Bravo, Lakeland, FL Aaron Sherman, Warwick, R.I. Juan C. Perdomo, Pomona, CA

70. Scope Magazine | Winter 2004 | Class Notes
miriam Ogden Cudmore 13041 W. Ohio Avenue Lakewood, CO 802283105 After graduatingfrom Skidmore, Corrine kramer Gelbard landed a job as an advertising
About Scope Back Issues Skidmore Home
Winter 2004 Contents Features Letters Books ... Class notes
Genevieve Oliver Littlefield
PO Box 105
Bristol, ME 04539-0105
Dorothy Fisher Terner reports that Boulder, CO, is a great retirement place. Seniors can audit courses at the University of Colorado, there are beautiful mountain hiking trails, and, best of all, her two daughters live in town. She still has a mountain cabin near Rocky Mountain National Park, where her two great-grandchildren love to visit her in the summer. She winters in Florida and travels whenever she can.
Margaret Schwem Sager continues to live comfortably at Glen Eddy, a retirement community in Niskayuna, NY, where she enjoys amenities including transportation, meals, and housekeeping.
Nancy Bogle Dunn still lives in her own home in Catskill, NY, where she enjoys having both sons less than a mile away.
Retired in Boston

71. Academic Festival - 2004 Schedule
violinist and Filene Scholar Artemis Roehrig and I will perform this piece. miriam Pugh 05 Women s Studies versus Gender Studies A Study on the
Start your e-portfolio today! Seniors - Don't forget to fill out capstone project forms Academic Festival Participants - Please fill out the necessary paperwork
September September 8
Honors Forum Induction for Class of 2009 September 9
Student Executive
Committee Meeting September 16
Student Executive Committee Meeting September 19
All-Forum Meeting September 23
Inaugural Friday @ 4 September 30
Student Executive Committee Meeting
Academic Festival Schedule of Events
May 4, 2005 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Ladd 207
"Weather and the Quebecois Novel" Faculty Sponsor: Cindy Evans, Foreign Language Presenter: Jessica Cunningham '05 This thesis discusses the role that weather plays in two quebecois novels: Maria Chapdelaine by Louis Hemon and Bonheur d'occasion by Gabrielle Roy. It focuses on the fact that although the novels were written and set in two distinctively different historical periods, the effect that weather has on the characters is persistently similar. 9:00 AM - 10:15 AM Intercultural Center "Independent Research in Morocco and India" Faculty Sponsor: Michael Ennis-McMillan, Anthropology

72. Ruins, Mandala 2000
kramer The Greenberg Variations kramer The Greenberg Variations miriam AMACHER - Sound Characters miriam AMACHER Sound Characters

73. Johns Hopkins Magazine November 1998
Bonney and violinist Nadja SalersnoSonnenberg for the past two years. I bumped into ALEX GLASS at kramer Books, and I hang out sometimes with DAN
Editor: Julie Snyder
Send your news via email to

JOHN HAMILTON ALLAN, MD (Med) '29, of Stevenson, Md., is married and has two grown children. ROBERT L. KELLY, of South Merritt Island, Fla., worked at Atwater Kent for six years after graduation. When the company closed, he went to RCA and retired from there in 1972, after 37 years of service. HUBER F. KLEMME, MDiv Union Theological Seminary '32, of Sandusky, Ohio, writes: "Since Miriam's death, I'm living at a retirement center. I am without a car and dependent upon the center for necessary transportation to medical appointments, shopping, and family visits. I am otherwise in reasonable health, enjoying activities provided heresome reading, music, and television. Greetings to all fellow '29ers!" A retired captain in the U.S. Navy, LLOYD E. ROOT, of Bellevue, Wash., and his wife are active in their condominium management and have a "fine rose garden on condo grounds." They spend the month of February in Hawaii every year and sometimes visit San Francisco. WILLIAM N. ROSSER, of Willow Street, Pa., is still enjoying golf, gardening, photography, and travel. He is heading up some senior activities for his local Presbyterian Church and has visited Mexico, Switzerland, Israel, and Bermuda in the past year. He writes: "Living at Valley Lakes Manor near Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is like being on a permanent cruise."

mezzo soprano Dagamar Peckova and violinist Catherine Leonard. Editormiriam Stewart Tel +35391-569158 Email Fax

75. Talking Book Topics--Jan.-Feb. 1997, Adults Fiction
Then, when Priscilla is finally happy, miriam realizes Nate is brooding But now Phil and Sam have a neighbor, violinist Charlotte Charlie MacEnnaly.
Talking Book TopicsJan.-Feb. 1997
Books for AdultsFiction
Books listed in this issue of Talking Book Topics were recently sent to cooperating libraries. The complete collection contains books by many authors on fiction and nonfiction subjects, including biographies, classics, gothics, mysteries, romances, and others. Contact your cooperating library to learn more about the wide range of books available in the collection.In this listing, books on flexible disc are labeled with the code FD and cassette books with the code RC. All disc books have been recorded to play at the speed of 8 rpm; the cassette books play at 15/16 ips. Cassette titles marked with a dagger were produced earlier on flexible discs. To order disc or cassette books, contact your cooperating library. Note: For the information of the reader, a notice may appear immediately following the book description to indicate occurrences of strong language, explicit descriptions of sex, or violence. The word "some" before any of these terms indicates an occasional or infrequent occurrence, as in "some strong language." A Woman Possessed RC 38033
by Malcolm Macdonald
read by Jennifer Mendenhall
4 cassettes
Laura had loved Maurice Petifer and wanted to marry him, but her parents refused because he did not have a promising future. Now in 1902 Cornwall, Laura is the wife of Giles Curnow and the mother of five children, and she is quite content with her life. Then Maurice returns from South Africa, rich and still single. There will be some interesting pairings before life settles down again. Sequel to

76. Not In Our Name - Signers With Surname Beginning With K
Koehler, miriam Grazia Maria, Germany. Koehler, Stefanie Megan. Koehn, Mary.Koehn, Valerie kramer, Karsten. kramer, Katherine Lindsey, graduate student
Last Name First and Middle Names Comment Kaacksteen Uwe retired Kaan Linda Kaanta Susan M. Kabel Sarah Anne Kabel Wiebke Kabir Ahamed Sky Between Branches Kabir yasmin Kachel Joerg C. Journalist/Writer Kachur Lewis Art Historian Kacinski Daniel Kaciuban Stacey Lynne kacker chrystal Kacoyanis Stephanie Tia kacprzak valerie vintage clothing website Kaczmarek Corrine Change the World Greeting Cards/Musician Kaddas Joan M. Kaddour Noura archiviste Kade Josh Kadhim Abdul Munam Umeå University Kadir Djelal Kadushin Adrianne Carol Individual Kadushin Ilyana Kadyk Ann F. Kadyk Kaehr Shelley Annette radio show host kaelin bobby Kaemmerling Horst Erich Psychologist Kaerst gerhard Kaeser Anne Clarke Kaeser Cindy Marie kaestner stephen alexander Kaevats Mihkel Kafer Alison Kafipour Hani Kafka Thomas Martin public school Kafoed Rev. Kenneth M. New Orleans, LA. Kaftan Elyse S. Kaften Charlie writer Kagan Aram Kagan Jeremy Filim and Television director, producer, writer Kagan Marc Director; Transport Workers Union; Local 100 Kagan Marc kagan robert Kagawa Gloria Vietnam War resistor, printmaker kaggen marilyn Kaglic Lisa Marie Kagy Julie Kahan Vivian Kahlefeld Judith Kahler Angie L Kahler Bette Janne Syracuse University; Syr.; New York

77. BroadwayStars
CST One man s Groucho a show to enjoy BY miriam DI NUNZIO Sondheim andWeidman hail the chiefkillers; Larry kramer uses rant to fight the plague by

Star Bios
Blind Item Reading Schedule ... Legal
Columns: Ellis Nassour Steven M. Alper James Marino Matthew Murray
The New York International Fringe Festival
The American Living Room Festival

Summer Play Festival

The New York Musical Theatre Festival
Adirondack Theatre Festival
American Theater Web
American Theatre Magazine

Back Stage
... Variety
ATW - London Musical Stages [UK] Albemarle of London ... Google News
Talkin' Finishing The Chat @ The Stephen Sondheim Society ... Variety Discussions
Steven M. Alper Army Archerd Peter Bart Michael Buckley ... Paul Wontorek
The New York Times Daily News New York Post Newsday ... The Wall Street Journal
150 Music 2die4 Music Bayview Records Columbia Broadway ... Talkin'Broadway's List of Upcoming CD Releases
Radio Playbill Say It With Music Old is New Broadway's Biggest Hits
Theater Talk Classic Arts Showcase American Theatre Wing Seminars Women in Theatre
Oscar Central Tony Awards Drama Desk Awards The Drama League Awards ... GoldDerby
Internet Broadway Database Internet Off-Broadway Database Internet Movie Database Internet Theatre Database ...

78. Jewish Film Archive Online
Rosner quickly became a child prodigy as a classical violinist. TEXTStars Tamar Yerushalmi, Askala Markos, Zvi Salton, miriam Nevo, Neli Tagar,
Jewish Film Archive Online
Main Page is
Cours Toujours (Dad on the Run)
TITLE: Cours Toujours (Dad on the Run)
YEAR: 2000
DIR/PROD: Dante Desarthes
LANGUAGE: French w/ English ST
TIME: 92 minutes 35mm
SOURCE: mk2 productions 55 rue traversiere paris 75012 France ymarchet@ www. Tel: 331 44 67 30 11
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Golem
TITLE: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Golem
YEAR: 1997
DIR/PROD:Reena Katz
COUNTRY: Canada LANGUAGE: English TIME: 3 min video SOURCE: Emaculate@ TEXT: The Golem legend inspires a lesbian romance in a Toronto fish market.
Diogenes: Ansar 3
TITLE: Diogenes: Ansar 3 YEAR: 1998 DIR/PROD: Hans Fels, Eitan Wetzler COUNTRY: Netherlands/Israel LANGUAGE: Arabic and Hebrew with English ST TIME: 50 min video SOURCE: vpro television, postbus po box 11, jc hilversum, 1200 netherlands tel: 3135 671 23 81
Return to Oujda
TITLE: Return to Oujda YEAR: 1987 DIR/PROD: Charlotte Szlovak COUNTRY: france LANGUAGE: French and Arabic with English ST TIME: 60 min 16mm SOURCE: Charlotteszlovak @ 25 blvd du temple, apris 75003 france

Collaboration with Philip Blackburn, Leif Brush, Carolyn Erler, miriam Gerberg,Mark Nowak. Written for Polish violinist Ania Zielinksa. (8 mins)
"Dirge on the Ascension of Richard Nixon to the Presidency" (1968) solo oboe. Recorded 1971 by Rene Prins. (3 mins) "Wintermusic" (1969) clarinet and electronic tape. perf. Linda King, State University of NY, Albany 1969 (12 mins) "Lopsided Symmetries" (1969) electronic tape. - Suny Albany Electronic Music Studio (3 mins) "Drakula" (1969) large orchestra. perf. Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, Albany, Lukas Foss, cond. Sept. 1969 (3 mins) "Three Damnthings" (1970) vln., vla., cello. perf. American String Trio, Albany, 1970, April 1971 (10 mins) "Four Abominations that Slithered in from the Crypt" (1970) various instrumental and theatrical media. perf. composer and friends, State U. of NY, Albany, 1971 "Jewels" (1970-71) 2 piano interiors. perf. Patricia Ivanuska and Mary Leonard, Albany NY 1971; score exhibited in "Scribing Sound" exhibition, New Music America Festival, Hartford, Conn. 1984 (indeterminate length) "Three Graphic Scores" (1970) chamber orchestra. perf. 1971, student ensemble, Brussels Conservatorium, Michael Caesar, cond; "Face" (#1) performed La Jolla Chamber Orchestra, Thomas Nee, cond. 1973 (various durations)

80. LA Weekly: Calendar
DUET FOR ONE A concert violinist stricken with multiple sclerosis seeks therapyin Tom Reviews by Lovell Estell III, Martín Hernández, miriam Jacobson,
JOHN POWERS ON THE OTHER AMERICA: The Week of the Living Dead. DEADLINE HOLLYWOOD:They Shoot News Anchors, Don’t They? Media moguls, not looters, killed Katrina’s truth tellers. By NIKKI FINKE
Our eye of the storm, BEN EHRENREICH , covers the water and refugee-flooded streets from New Orleans to Houston. BAGHDAD ON THE BAYOU: THERE’S ALLIGATORS IN THE WATER: E-mails from the apocalypse by JERVEY TERVALON THE SINKING OF THE PRESIDENT: MARC COOPER on how disasters can bring down dynasties. INHERIT THE WIND: LOU DUBOSE on how Bush the Younger ruined a FEMA that Bill Clinton rescued from Bush the Elder. GOVERNMENTS AND FLOODS: HAROLD MEYERSON asks, What is government for, if not to prevent catastrophe? WEB EXCLUSIVE: FILTERED: Let's play The Blame Game!

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