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81. Chamber Music International
Artists who also play the Violin IkHwan Bae Jun Iwasaki Nai-Yuan Hu Nai-Yuan Hu - Violin gold Medalist of the 1985 Queen Elizabeth Competition in

82. The Three Stooges - Larry Fine
His father, joseph Feinberg, and mother, Fanny Lieberman, owned a watch Little did Larry realize that the violin would become an important tool in his
Larry Fine
(October 5, 1902-January 24, 1975) The team's middleman, Larry Fine, was born Louis Feinberg on October 5, 1902, in the south side of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His father, Joseph Feinberg, and mother, Fanny Lieberman, owned a watch repair and jewelry shop. Larry was the first of four children; he had two brothers, Morris and a younger brother, Philip, who died prematurely, and a sister, Lyla, who became a school teacher. He wasn't even a year old when his parents and friends started treating him like a celebrity. He stole the show as an entertainer while still in diapers. One time, at just two years of age, his father propped him up on top of a jewelry showcase to show relatives how well he could dance. Larry managed to do a few dance steps before losing his balance and falling backward through the glass top of the display case. Luckily, he emerged unharmed. Morris Feinberg recalls that Larry had another close call in his youth. "Larry wasn't so fortunate the next time he got into trouble. It happened when Dad was testing metals to see which were gold. He used a powerful acid that when applied to base metals would turn them green or burn a hole in them. Gold, however was not affected by the acid. One day Dad had removed the stopper from the acid bottle, leaving it uncovered. A thirsty Larry stood unnoticed at his side. As he reached for the bottle of acid to raise it to his mouth and drink, Dad saw him out of the corner of his eye and smacked the bottle from his hand, splashing acid on his left arm and burning it badly."

83. Allardyce, Barnett, Publishers / AB Fable Violin, Music, Literary
Stuff Smith, Eddie South biodiscographies; Fable Bulletin Violin ImprovisationStudies When jazz archeologists dig deep enough they find pure gold
email ab

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84. ArkivMusic Ancerl Gold Edition 3 - Mendelssohn, Bruch, Berg / Ancerl
This installment of Supraphon s gold Edition tribute to Karel Ancerl pertains more With the exception of the prizewinning traversal of the Berg Violin

85. ..:: Welcome To Joe's Pub... ::..
After winning gold Medal at the National Violin Competition in Mexico, thisvirtuoso musician returns to New York to celebrate his 24th birthday at Joe’s

86. Downstairs At The Cornelia Street Cafe
900PM COMPOSERS COLLABORATIVE FESTIVAL THE gold STANDARD Mat Maneri, TanyaKalmanivitch, viola violin; Joe Fiedler/Tanya Kalmanovitch; Joe Fiedler,

87. Franz Joseph Haydn
They were commissioned by Count joseph Erdody in 1796; composed between 1796 Here, Haydn has the first and second violin play the same melody spaced an
Sierra Chamber Society Program Notes (Last update Franz Josef Haydn (1732-1809) Perils of a Prodigy Da Capo: Haydn's Missing Head String Trio in G major Op. 53, No.1 for violin, viola, and cello (1784) String Quartet in B Flat Major, Op. 76, No. 4 "Sunrise" (1796 or 97) ... String Quartet in D Major, Op. 64 No. 5 "The Lark" (1790) Franz Josef Haydn (1732-1809) String Quartet in G Minor Op.74 No.3 The Rider "It was from Haydn that I first learned the true way to compose Quartets." W. A. Mozart Musicalische Gesellschaft Guide to Chamber Music , Melvin Berger provides a succinct summary of Haydn’s approach to quartet writing as found in the Apponyi Quartets. "The quartets have attention getting introductions, considered necessary for the larger and less sophisticated public audiences. The part writing is more brilliant and demanding than before, and the melodies are catchier and easier to recall. The tempos are exaggerated (faster fast movements, slower slow movements): many intimate details are replaced by grand gestures; and there is a general intensification of all aspects, particularly of the emotional content of the music. Evidence of the stronger feelings and greater expressivity in these compositions led scholar Karl Geiringer to comment "the dawn of Romanticism is noticeable in the String Quartets of Op.74". The G minor quartet gets its nickname (The Rider) The Rider as we are carried off by this four-voiced steed from minor to major.

Their arrangement for violin solo was imagined by Malcolm goldstein and I wrote (gamelan) The gold Stone by Philip Corner (1985) Philip Corner writes,
oodiscs #47, Sounding The New Violin features 72 minutes of solo violin music composed for and in collaboration with the extraordinary composer/violinist Malcolm Goldstein. The recording includes works by John Cage, Pauline Oliveros, Ornette Coleman, Philip Corner, James Tenney and Malcolm Goldstein. The disc explores the wide range of nuance and 're-invention' of the violin that Goldstein has brought to the instrument. The new violin: as an extension of our voice/body, through gesture sounding the space. New sound-textures discovered as we listen to the bow breathing within the string, revealing a rich spectrum of tonal and noise qualities; the bow floating, pressing, sliding along and sharply articulating the string to vibrate (and all parts of the string offering new possibilities). So, also, with fingers articulating the string length; overtone/harmonic scale possibilities, as well as all nuances within the continuum of the pitch-tonal create new melodies of SOUND expressive of he human gesture." The disc includes the following works: Eight Whiskus by John Cage (1985). "These pieces follow songs having the same title, which derives from a poem by Chris Mann (whistlin is did) which was used as a source to make eight mesostic "kus" (hai-kus). Their arrangement for violin solo was imagined by Malcolm Goldstein and I wrote them following suggestions he gave me." John Cage

89. The National Archives | Exhibitions & Learning Online | Black Presence | Culture
Later known as joseph Emidy, he settled in Falmouth, a cosmopolitan community atthe time. Print of Billy Waters playing violin opens new window
The National Archives Exhibitions Black Presence
Black Musicians
'Juba' at Vauxhall Gardens
Joseph Emidy, Acclaimed Teacher and Performer
Those who made a name for themselves in the world of professional music often came from a background of enslavement. One such musician was captured by the Portuguese from the Guinea coast and sold into slavery in Brazil. Around 1795, 'Josh Emede' (as he is called in the ship's records of the Indefatigable ) was forced by the British navy to play reels and jigs for the crew. Later known as Joseph Emidy, he settled in Falmouth, a cosmopolitan community at the time. A classical musician, he earned his living as a music teacher, giving lessons for a variety of instruments, including the piano, violin, cello and flute. Emidy's skills as a teacher and concert musician seem to have been in high demand, as requests for his services appeared in Falmouth and Truro newspapers. 'A Musical Club, Truro'

90. Gold Diggers Of 1933
A neon violin from an exhibition at the Smithsonian. gold Diggers of 1933 wasfilmed during the lowest economic point in American history, and was a film
Gold Diggers of 1933 (1933) Directed by Mervyn LeRoy. Dick Powell, Ruby Keeler, Joan Blondell, Aline MacMahon, Ginger Rogers, Warren William (98 min.) plus: notes on 2 early musical shorts, Sissle and Blake's Snappy Songs (1923) and The Opry House Sex, money, power. What could be clearer than the opening shot of the movie, with chorus girls scantily clad in coins? What does a girl have to do to get a decent meal? And, how far can a good girl go before she becomes a bad girl? The Gold Diggers was a hit play in 1919, running a year and a half on Broadway. A silent version was made in 1923 and the first talking "Gold Diggers" movie was made in the crash year of 1929. The Vitaphone discs with the soundtrack exist, including the hit song, "Tiptoe Through the Tulips," but only the last reel of film. There are still modern gold diggers of course. But, they were more common when casual sex was less common. In one of her memoirs, Anita Loos, the author of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes , told of a conversation she had with a young friend during the so-called Sexual Revolution of the 1970s. "You mean, you could get a diamond bracelet just for doing that?" said a young woman who did what an earlier generation might have called, "giving it away."

91. Summer Cinema 2000 Free Movies At The National Theatre Washington DC
Gwyneth Paltrow, joseph Fiennes, Judi Dench, Geoffrey Rush and Ben Affleck; Along the way, the violin affects the lives of a variety of people as it
NATIONAL THEATRE SUMMER CINEMA - 2000 6:30 pm in the Helen Hayes Gallery
The National Theatre
1321 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington DC 20004 THE CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON: Academy Award Films and Other Classics
First Come, First Seated FREE A D M I S S I O N Information: (202) 783-3372
Seating is limited!! Tickets are Required, and are Distributed one Half-Hour Prior to Performance. 19 June SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE This witty, fast-moving romantic comedy is set in London in 1593, and follows the trials and tribulations of William Shakespeare, a struggling young playwright suffering from writer's block. Try as he may, he just can't seem to make any headway with his latest work, "Romeo and Ethel, the Pirate's Daughter." Even the title doesn't sound quite right... But then William meets and falls instantly in love with the startlingly beautiful Viola. Inspired by love, William's creative powers are unleashed as his great love story, "Romeo and Juliet" is brought to life. Gwyneth Paltrow, Joseph Fiennes, Judi Dench, Geoffrey Rush and Ben Affleck; Miramax Films; Directed by John Madden, Rated R; 122 minutes; 1998.

92. Music Directory: Classical
Dominic Moore and Daniel Becker Official site of violin and piano duo. June 30, 2003 Franz joseph Haydn (1732- 1809) was one of the fortunate
Jazar-music Bands and Artists Dedicated To Music!
Classical All you ever wanter to know about "Classical", links, news, articles, buy cds, and many more... Music Directory Instruments Stringed Bowed Strings ... Violinists : Classical
  • Aaltonen, Erkki
  • Leclair, Jean-Marie
  • Agrell, Johan
  • Linley, Thomas, Jr. ...
  • Lanner, Joseph Links Barachovsky, Anton - Biography, agency contact information. Baraldi, Roberto - Italian violinist. Concert master of Fenice Theatre. Biography, discography, information on his violin, reviews, and links. Barrie, Matthew J. - Biographical data, contact information, and picture. Brown, Iona - (Salisbury, England; 1941-) Brief biography also noting her work as conductor from the Grove Concise Dictionary of Music entry at WQXR radio. Cernoch Vitezslav - Czech instrumentalist: biography, repertoire, discography, photos, and concert schedule. Chee-Yun - Biography, reviews, interview, discography, itinerary, and repertoire. Dominic Moore and Daniel Becker - Official site of violin and piano duo. Concert details, discography and CD sound clips, repertoire, biographical notes, mailing list, and contact information. Fodor, Eugene
  • 93. An Irish Quartet By Padraic O Hara
    Italy s Paolo Tosti, Luigi Denza (who had presented John with his gold Medal Kreisler took violin in hand and later joined John for Angels Guard Thee Irish Quartet by Padraic
    Mick, Joe, John, and Maggie
    Three Tenors and a Colleen or "An Irish Quartet" by Padraic O Hara
    Don't fight over the title or subtitles of this essay because, whatever you may call it, it is nothing more or less than an attempt to put one tenor, one Irish tenor, into his proper historical and musical context. "It was Mick who started all this!"
    "No, it wasn't."
    "It was, I tell you."
    That might sound like the start of a good old Irish argument, but is it? The "Mick" was Dublin's own Michael Kelly (1762-1826) and "all this" was the fame for music which Ireland enjoyed, and continues to enjoy, internationally. "All this" did not start with "Mick", as a perusal of Irish history will show. The Gaiety Theatre in Dublin had, since the 1870's, become a great house for opera and there in 1884 The Carl Rosa Company presented (as they had done for 9 years) their operas. One, Annigo Boïto's "Mefistofele", starred two outstanding Irish singers of the time: tenor Barton McGuckin, later to take to the conductor's podium, and bass William Ledwidge (more famous as "Wilhelm Ludwig") later to have his own touring concert company (Note 6). These singers and this opera were to feature prominently in the career of another singer who was born that very same year. But the more intimate side of his art cannot be overlooked and the choice of repertoire in his concerts certainly provided subsequent Irish tenors with some "ready-made" selections. At a concert in my home town of Ballina in 1911 Joe sang, apart from operatic and other selections, Tom Moore's "Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms" (as Michael O Kelly probably had done), "Eleanore" (by Coleridge-Taylor) and Chaminade's delicate "The Little Silver Ring". In other concerts (as well as including them in the "ballad-operas") he sang "My Lagan Love", "I'll Sing Thee Songs of Araby", "The Derry Air" (to the words "Would God I Were The Tender Apple-blossom"), Moore's "Oft In The Stilly Night", "The Wearin' Of The Green", "The Ould Plaid Shawl", "The West's Awake" and at the opening of station 2RN - "Turn Ye To Me".

    94. WFCR Public Radio For Western New England 88.5 FM - Daily Music Listings - July
    from Lecuona Sinfónica) RCA Victor gold Seal 0902668922 The violinistMidori, whose Tanglewood debut at the age of 14 has become part of modern
    Shortcut to.... About WFCR Program Schedule Listen online Contribute WFCR Events Arts Calendar News Travel with WFCR
    Playlists for July 15, 2004
    July 15, 2004
    You can listen on the web to WFCR's online classical music programming weekdays between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM ET, followed by All Things Considered Marketplace and Fresh Air . Tune in again for WFCR's online between 8:00 PM and midnight. Click here for tonight's jazz playlist . And click here for overnight classical music playlists (opens in a new window). All of the music on WFCR - on the air and on the web - is made possible by contributions from our listeners. You can support the music you enjoy by making a donation now Back to calendar Yesterday's playlist Tomorrow's playlist Time Composer Selection Performers Record# Mozart: Clavierstück in F, K.33b  (Ronald Brautigam, fortepiano)  Bis 1266/1267
    Mozart: Gallimathias musicum (Quodlibet), K.32  (Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, from Mozart—A Little Light Music )  DG 429 783
    Mozart: Fantasy in d minor, K.397  (Ronald Brautigam, fortepiano)  Bis 1266/1267

    95. Joe Maneri: Serial Autobiography
    THE SERIAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF joseph GABRIEL ESTHER MANERI (Part One) He playedgypsy violin. Actually, I did one gig with his group.

    96. Viktoria Mullova Katia Labeque
    The duo combination of violin and piano has produced a splendid repertory of 1942, in a performance by joseph Szigeti, violin, and Andor Foldes, piano.
    Welcome to Carnegie Hall
    For more information, please call CarnegieCharge at 212-247-7800.
    Box Office


    Calendar of Events

    Return to Event List
    Katia Labeque Isaac Stern Auditorium Friday, April 15th, 2005 at 8:00 PM Viktoria Mullova, Violin
    Carnegie Hall Recital Debut Katia Lab¨que, Piano STRAVINSKY Suite Italienne C. SCHUMANN Romance in D-flat Major, Op. 22, No. 1 MARIC Falling to the Sky (NY Premiere) SCHUBERT Fantasy in C Major, D.934 RAVEL Violin Sonata
    Encores: BART“K Hungarian Folk Tune GLAZUNOV Grand Adagio from Raymonda French artists and programs are supported by The Florence Gould Foundation. Program Notes: By Steven Ledbetter
    The duo combination of violin and piano has produced a splendid repertory of works in which composers have played with the challenging yet inviting contrasts between a bowed instrument capable producing mostly single-note melodies of almost endless lyricism, but also capable of a universe of coloristic devices and flexibility of pitch, with a tuned percussion instrument that can produce full harmony and almost symphonic sonority, yet is fixed in pitch and limited in the manner of tone production. Strange bedfellows, so different are they in character and mode of sound production—yet it is the very contrariety that seems to lure composers, whether they treat the result in terms of song (Schubert and Clara Schumann), dance (Stravinsky), or a combination of traditional forms, popular music, and a search for novelty (Ravel, Maric).

    97. FanFaire 1998 SummerFest La Jolla 1998 August 5 - 22, 1998 A
    Miami String Quartet; Gilbert Kalish, pianist; Kyoko Takezawa, violinist; Ani and Ida Kavafian, violinist and violist; David Shifrin, clarinetist;
    FanFaire 1998
    SummerFest La Jolla 1998
    August 5 - 22, 1998
    A chamber music festival featuring some of classical music's brightest stars, SummerFest 1998 highlights include concerts, workshops for gifted young musicians, pre-concert talks, and conversations ("encounters") with the artists - all in an intimate setting in scenic La Jolla. Cellist David Finckel and his wife pianist Wu Han are the new Artistic Directors of Summerfest La Jolla.
    All events are open to the public. Subscriptions, single tickets and special event tickets are available.
    All concerts and pre-concert talks will be held at the Sherwood Auditorium (700 Prospect St., La Jolla). Workshops and encounters are free and will be held at St. James-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church (743 Prospect St.). For more information call (619)

    Aug 05
    9:00 am
    Workshop at SummerFest
    Aug 06 09:00 am 07:30 pm Thu Workshop at SummerFest Music and Musicians of SummerFest: A Prelude Bruce Adolphe, Composer-in- Residence, hosts an overview of the festival (St. James Church, free) Aug 07 09:00 pm 01:00 pm 07:30 pm Fri Workshop at SummerFest Lunchtime Encounter Beethoven: Adolphe: Quartet No. 4

    98. Björn Ståbi, Violin | From Sweden
    Björn Ståbi, violin. Björn is a professional fiddler who, thanks to his versatility he is also a visual artist, and has received the Zorn gold medal.

    99. Strings Magazine Issue TOC
    International violin and conducting competitions crown new champs. Kelemen winsthe gold at the 2002 Intl. Violin Comp. in Indianapolis. By Edith Eisler.

    100. Jazz In July At The 92nd Street Y (7.22-31.03) - 92nd Street Y - New York, NY
    the New York premiere of gold Coast Variations by DICK HYMAN, ANDY STEIN,violin VINCE GIORDANO AND THE NIGHTHAWKS DICK HYMAN, piano
    item(s) Home About the Y Press Resources Jazz in July 2003 Jazz in July at the 92nd Street Y (7.22-31.03) Tickets/Registration: Media Contact: Beverly Greenfield, 212.415.5452, email JAZZ IN JULY AT THE 92ND STREET Y July 22-31, 2003 Dick Hyman, Artistic Director BIX BEIDERBECKE CENTENARY
    All Concerts at 8:00 p.m.
    Information: 212-415-5500 or
    Tickets: $40 ($35 for six or more)
    Jazz in July at the 92nd Street Y returns for its 19th year under the artistic direction of jazz great Dick Hyman . Six shows over the course of two weeks feature New York's best players and outstanding guests in a very modern celebration of traditional jazz music, musicians and composers. Tickets to all concerts are $40, or $35 each for any combination of six or more Jazz in July tickets. For a one-page overview of the festival, see page 8. HIGHLIGHTS Opening night ( July 22 ) celebrates the centenary of BIX BEIDERBECKE and two of his contemporaries, Joe Venuti and Eddie Lang.
    If you thought Jazz in July was only about "old stuff," think again. Thursday

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