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         Nuclear Power:     more books (99)
  1. Nuclear Power in India: A Critical History by Sarma, N and B Banerjee, 2009-02-02
  2. The Nuclear Fuel Cycle: From Ore to Waste (Oxford Science Publications) by P. D. Wilson, 1996-11-28
  3. Nuclear Afternoon: True Stories of Atomic Disasters by Clyde Burleson, 2007-04-10
  4. Separations for the Nuclear Fuel Cycle in the 21st Century (Acs Symposium, 933)
  5. Corporate Profit and Nuclear Safety: Strategy at Northeast Utilities in the 1990s by Paul W. MacAvoy, Jean W. Rosenthal, 2004-10-25
  6. Nuclear Power and Energy Security (NATO Science for Peace and Security Series B: Physics and Biophysics)
  7. Nuclear Power Reactor Safety by E. E. Lewis, 1978-03
  8. The American Nuclear Power Industry : A Handbook (Garland Reference Library of Social Science, Vol 229) by William A Pearman, Philip Starr, 1985-09-01
  9. The Politics of Nuclear Power: A History of the Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant (Risk, Governance and Society) by D.P. McCaffrey, 1990-12-31
  10. J.C. Martin on Pulsed Power (Advances in Pulsed Power Technology)
  11. NUCLEAR POWER FOR BEGINNERS (A Pantheon documentary comic book) by Stephen Croall, 1983-05-12
  12. Radioactive Waste from Nuclear Power Plants by Thomas B. Johansson, Peter Steen, 1981-08-21
  13. Data summaries of licensee event reports of diesel generators at U.S. commercial nuclear power plants : January 1, 1976 to December 31, 1978 by J. P. Poloski, 1980-01-01
  14. Report on the Accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station by U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commision, 1987-01-01

121. Nuclear Power Risk
The principal risks associated with nuclear power arise from health effects The genetic risks of nuclear power are equivalent to delaying parenthood by
Bernard L. Cohen, Sc.D.
Professor at the University of Pittsburgh
The principal risks associated with nuclear power arise from health effects of radiation. This radiation consists of subatomic particles traveling at or near the velocity of light-186,000 miles per second. They can penetrate deep inside the human body where they can damage biological cells and thereby initiate a cancer. If they strike sex cells, they can cause genetic diseases in progeny. Radiation occurs naturally in our environment; a typical person is, and always has been struck by 15,000 particles of radiation every second from natural sources, and an average medical X-ray involves being struck by 100 billion. While this may seem to be very dangerous, it is not, because the probability for a particle of radiation entering a human body to cause a cancer or a genetic disease is only one chance in 30 million billion (30 quintillion).
Reactor accidents
Risks from reactor accidents are estimated by the rapidly developing science of "probabilistic risk analysis" (PRA). A PRA must be done separately for each power plant (at a cost of $5 million) but we give typical results here: A fuel melt-down might be expected once in 20,000 years of reactor operation. In 2 out of 3 melt-downs there would be no deaths, in 1 out of 5 there would be over 1000 deaths, and in 1 out of 100,000 there would be 50,000 deaths. The average for all meltdowns would be 400 deaths. Since air pollution from coal burning is estimated to be causing 10,000 deaths per year, there would have to be 25 melt-downs each year for nuclear power to be as dangerous as coal burning.

122. Welcome To The Nuclear Power Industry Exchange - Nuclear Street
Worldwide nuclear power industry exchange program that brings together the industry buyers, suppliers, and professionals in a central online community. Offers industry marketplaces, exchanges, catalogs, products and services.
FREE Advertising on Nuclear Street! More Info. SIGN UP REGISTER TODAY Outage Schedule ... Services Nuclear Street is the premier worldwide Nuclear Power Industry Exchange that brings together the industry buyers, suppliers, and professionals in a central online community. Nuclear Street provides an open forum to discuss industry news, technology, plant operations, and other interesting topics. Sign up and become a member today. It is FREE! Become a Member Today! Industry Discussions Are you going into a refueling outage and you still have technical questions? Post them on our Message Boards! Our members include utility personnel and industry specialists from companies worldwide. INDUSTRY NEWS PLANT OUTAGES RADWASTE SPECIAL REPORT - Davis Besse Reactor Head Read the latest information and see images on the reactor head problems at Davis Besse. IMAGES NEWS AND DISCUSSION Industry Marketplace Locate industry suppliers from over 1,400 in our database! If you are an industry supplier, establish your

123. Category:Nuclear Power - SourceWatch
Articles in category nuclear power National debate on nuclear power (UK 2005) Nevada Bets against Nuclear Waste

124. Patching Nuclear Power  J
The nuclear industry talked the US federal government into allowing a generic 20year extension on the life of reactors. J.A. Savage, Albion Monitor.

Patching Nuclear Power
J.A. Savage, Albion Monitor
September 25, 2000
In a hushed quest to allow an expected 85 percent of the nation's nuclear
reactors to live beyond mandatory retirement, the nuclear industry talked
the federal government into allowing a generic 20-year extension on the
life of reactors. The public only has until October 16 to let the Nuclear
Regulatory Commission (NRC) know what it thinks of the government's plan
to allow license renewal instead of decommissioning.
According to the NRC, the only public meeting on the re-licensing plan has been held at its Maryland headquarters. The government's process effectively shuts out any public input on extending plant licenses, said Public Citizen senior policy analyst Jim Riccio. "Most of the public is not aware of the issues until they land in their laps, by way of their local nuclear plant." Here's where the "generic" part of re-licensing comes in. Instead of having an "in my backyard" approach for concerned citizens, the generic license extension puts the onus in a generic somewhere-else land. "By

125. Time For Nukes?
nuclear power may stage a comeback in the face of electricity shortages, POSTED 13 APR 2001 Remember nuclear power? Forty years ago, it was hyped as
1. Time for nukes? 2. A safe reactor 3. On a bed of pebbles 4. Nuclear willies The reactor at Three Mile Island melted down in 1979, throwing a chill that is still cooling the nuclear industry.
Courtesy NARA Anti-nuke rally in Harrisburg, Penn. about a week after the Three Mile Island meltdown.
Courtesy National Archives and Records Administration California's cooling, globe's warming
POSTED 13 APR 2001 Remember nuclear power? Forty years ago, it was hyped as "too cheap to meter," and more than 400 nuclear electric generators were built around the world. Then, in 1979, despite assurances from experts, Pennsylvania's Three Mile Island plant melted down. Nuclear electricity became "too expensive to sell," and the industry began a long slide. Plant orders were cancelled. Some plants closed. Major operators went bankrupt. Peddling reactors became about as exciting as selling sugared soda at a diabetics convention. What a difference a couple of decades makes!

126. Dominion Engineering, Inc.
Provides engineering consulting services and conduct research and development for industry clients with emphasis on nuclear power technology.

127. Subject Bibliography: Nuclear Power (200)
Data Base on Dose Reduction Research Projects for nuclear power Plants Evaluation of Fire Models for nuclear power Plant Applications Cable Tray Fires,
Home Legal Information Help Site Search ... Other GPO Services
Nuclear Power (200) Analysis of VTI Test Data on the Behavior of the Heated Rod Temperatures in the Partially Uncovered VVER-440 Core Model Using RELAP5/MOD3.2.2 Gamma (NUREG/IA-0208). S/N 052-026-00179-9 $14.50 In Stock - Warehouse and Retail (Priced)
ANL/CANTIA: A Computer Code for Steam Generator Integrity Assessments (NUREG/CR-6786). S/N 052-021-02032-5 $8.00 In Stock - Warehouse and Retail (Priced) Assessment of RELAP5/MOD3.2 for Steam Condensation Experiments in the Presence of Noncondensibles in a Vertical Tube of PCCS (NUREG/IA-0147). S/N 052-026-00118-7 $14.00 In Stock - Warehouse and Retail (Priced) Assessment of RELAP5/MOD3.2.2 Gamma With the LOFT L9-3 Experiment Simulating an Anticipated Transient Without Scram (NUREG/IA-0192). S/N 052-026-00167-5 $7.00 Pending Reprint Decision (Priced, No Stock Available in Warehouse or Retail Basis Document for Large Early Release Frequency (LERF) Significance Determination Process (SDP): Inspection Findings That May Affect LERF (NUREG-1765).

128. Green World
Information on environmental and social problems of the Baltic Region. Protection of the Baltic Sea marine ecosystem and the nature reserves of the Gulf of Finland. Risks from Leningrad nuclear power Plant in Sosnovy Bor. with four RMBK1000 Chernobyl-type reactors and over loaded waste nuclear fuel storage in Sosnovy Bor.

129. AECL - Atomic Energy Of Canada Limited
AECL is a worldclass nuclear technology and engineering company that designed the CANDU nuclear power reactor, and advanced energy products and services.
Overview Mandate, Vision, Values, Customer Commitment Corporate Governance AECL Offices ... Conseil Industrie-éducation de Halton Location: Home Welcome to the AECL website >more>>
2005 Annual Report
Let Us Open Your Eyes to Nuclear Energy
Our new Community Speakers' Program is an outreach program that pairs knowledgeable employees with groups that are interested in learning more about the nuclear industry. >more>> What's New AECL and China National Nuclear Corporation Agree on Nuclear Energy Cooperation UK Parliamentarians Impressed With CANDU Technology AECL’s Liquid Waste Transfer and Storage Project heads for next major milestone AECL's submission to Ontario Power Authority On August 26, 2005, AECL was pleased to submit its observations on the condition of, and alternatives for, the supply of electricity in Ontario to the Ontario Power Authority (OPA). >more>> Site Map Contact Us Privacy Statement ... About Our Site

130. The Sydney Morning Herald
There are more than two choices in the debate on how to meet future energy needs, writes Stuart White.
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Manufacturer of enriched uranium for the nuclear power utilities worldwide.
Welcome Urenco Group


Stable Isotopes
urenco 2004 annual report.pdf
Uranium Enrichment Company Urenco Enrichment Company is responsible for the production and marketing of uranium enrichment.
Enrichment Technology Company The Enrichment Technology Company (ETC) is responsible for the development of centrifuge technology.
Click here to find out more.

Foundation stone laying ceremony marks the beginning of UAG-2 at Gronau On Wednesday 15 September, a stone laying ceremony attended by Urenco Group CEO Dr Helmut Engelbrecht, and Urenco Deutschland Managing Director Dr Joachim Ohnemus marked the beginning of building work of UAG-2. The building of UAG-2 will increase Gronau's plant capacity in line with current Group strategy. It is expected that the plant will be commissioned in the second half of 2007. Click here to download PDF File. Opening of New Gronau Information Centre The newly refurbished Gronau Information Centre was formally opened on 14 September. The occasion was marked with a champagne drinks reception and the unveiling of a new sculpture situated outside the Information Centre.
Dr Joachmim Ohnemus, Urenco Deutschland Managing Director welcomed the Centre's brand new look which incorporates both the latest technology and new Urenco corporate branding.

132. Nuclear Plant Terrorism
to nuclear power plants with a special focus on securing Three Mile Island. In the meantime, the plant continued operating at full power while the
Three Mile Island Alert, 4100 Hillsdale Rd, Harrisburg PA 17112 ~~ 717-541-1101 ~~
Nuclear Plant Terrorism
Securing Reactors from Sabotage and Terrorism
Security problems at US nuclear plants were first
uncovered in 1975, right here at Three Mile Island
This site describes the threat of sabotage and terrorism to nuclear power plants with a special focus on securing Three Mile Island.
In 2002, the NRC was requested by the Department of Homeland Security to provide a list of nuclear plants which are most vulnerable to terrorist attack The NRC did not respond in time, so the Department of Homeland Security made their own list of 30 plants. TMI is on the list.
Three Mile Island Alert has been concerned about security issues since 1977.
GOOD NEWS!! Three Mile Island and other plants will install guard towers and make other improvements to counter the truck bomb and commando threat. Three Mile Island Alert recommended installing guard towers in 1993 in our testimony to the NRC and the US Senate. see story
Considering the fact that a nuclear plant houses more than a thousand times the radiation as released in an atomic bomb blast

133. BGI Tooling, Specialty Maintenance Tools For The Nuclear Power Industry, Nuclear
Manufactures selection of tooling for nuclear power and machine shop industries. Products include tool kits for nuclear workers, as well as indicator holders and mounts, tube benders, and a special Tbold installation device.
Two locations: B.G.I. Tooling, Co.
31w325 Wolsfeld Rd.
Elgin, IL 60120
(847)742-2340 (fax)
806 B. Gillette Rd.
Colville, WA 99114
(509)684-2299 (fax)
About Us

Equipment List

Customer List

Nuclear Tooling
... Millanyangle B.G.I. Tooling, Co. is a privately owned design and machining service company for the Nuclear Power Industry
, the Medical Industry , and the Machining and Commercial Industries . We specialize in Precision Quality Tooling, Manufacturing and Design, Prototypes, Fixtures, and Turning with both CNC and conventional machines.
  • Our Nuclear Plant Maintenance Tool line includes precision wrenches for drive pistons and index tube, decompressor and installation tools, plug pullers for spring housing plug pins, filter screen screwdrivers and more.
  • For the Medical Industry we design and manufacture equipment for surgical tables, accessories, orthopedic and prosthetic products.
  • For the Machining Industry we design and manufacture our own product line of Indicator Holders, Tube Benders and the Turn T-Bolt. We do in house manufacturing, prototypes, fixtures and tooling, and production runs using our CNC lathes and milling machines.
  • We are also distributors for the number one Indoor Air and Water Purification Company.

134. - U.S. Nuclear Power Industry Working On Quiet Comeback
More than 26 years after a nearmeltdown at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant, the Senate is considering an energy bill that includes financial
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Posted 6/19/2005 10:46 PM Updated 6/19/2005 10:59 PM Today's Top News Stories New Orleans businesses to begin cleanup Insurgent attack around Abu Ghraib prison Ophelia moving away from N.C.; aims for New England Bush says Gulf rebuilding requires spending cuts ... Add RSS feeds E-Mail Newsletters Sign up to receive our free Daily Briefing e-newsletter
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135. Nuclear Plants - Progress Energy
Progress Energy, a leading operator of nuclear power plants in the Carolinas nuclear power An Unyielding Commitment to Safety, Security and Progress
home about energy power plants nuclear plants Nuclear Plants Related Resources Storm Central Learning Center Power Plants Nuclear Plants ... Electric Rates Progress Energy joins NuStart Energy Consortium Progress Energy, a leading operator of nuclear power plants in the Carolinas and Florida, has joined eight other energy companies and two reactor vendors to demonstrate the new construction and operating licensing process for a new nuclear power plant. Nuclear Power: An Unyielding Commitment to Safety, Security and Progress
889 Kb This brochure was written to answer your questions about the safety and security measures at Progress Energy's nuclear power plants. Nuclear plant siren tests The public alert notification sirens around Progress Energy's four nuclear power plants are tested throughout the year. Progress Energy conducts silent tests, low-volume tests and full-volume tests each year. The siren tests are conducted in cooperation with the emergency planning offices of each sites surrounding counties. Here is a sample of a full-volume test Brunswick
The two-unit, 1,838-MW Brunswick Nuclear Plant is located near Southport, N.C. Additional increases in electrical output are planned for these units in 2005.

136. Freiheit
Opposes nuclear power in Britain, instead supporting development of alternative sources. Multilingual site.

137. Nuclear Power Nears Peak: Worldwatch Institute News
nuclear power s biggest problems are economic it is simply no longer Around the world, it is nuclear power s high cost that has most damaged its market

About Worldwatch Publications Online Features ... Contact Us
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News March 04, 1999 Nuclear Power Nears Peak FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
As the 20th Anniversary of Three Mile Island Approaches,
the Nuclear Industry Faces Slow Slide to Oblivion
Christopher Flavin and Nicholas Lenssen Two decades after the world's first major nuclear accident at Three Mile Island, the nuclear industry is experiencing a meltdown of historic proportions. After growing more than 700 percent in the 1970s, and 140 percent in the 1980s, nuclear generating capacity has increased less than 5 percent during the 1990s so far. (See Figure 1.) In the last decade, nuclear power has gone from being the world's fastest growing energy source to its slowest, trailing well behind oil and even coal. In 1998, world nuclear generating capacity fell by 175 megawatts. As the world approaches the 20th anniversary of the Three Mile Island accident on March 28, global nuclear capacity stands at 343,086 megawatts, providing just under 17 percent of the world's electricity. Both of these figures will likely turn out to be close to the all-time historical peak-and less than one-tenth the 4,500,000 megawatts that the International Atomic Energy Agency predicted back in 1974. The Worldwatch Institute projects that global nuclear capacity will begin a sustained decline by 2002 at the latest, and the U.S. Department of Energy projects that it will fall by half in the next two decades.

138. Nukewatch
Group dedicated to nonviolent action to abolish nuclear power and weapons. Focuses attention on locations, movements, dangers, and politics of nuclear weapons and radioactive wastes. Newsletter, resources, and contact information.
Nukewatch is a Wisconsin-based environmental and peace action group, dedicated to the abolition of nuclear power and weapons. Nukewatch brings critical attention to the locations, movements, dangers, and the politics of nuclear weapons and radioactive wastes. Staff and volunteers advocate Gandhian nonviolence in education and action, and report on nuclear issues in a quarterly newsletter, The Pathfinder Nukewatch began in 1979 in response to the cold war build up of nuclear weapons and the secrecy surrounding the nuclear industry. Nukewatch conducted TrackWatch; a program to monitor and expose secret shipments of radioactive waste on U.S. rails; TruckWatch, the transportation of H-bombs and component parts in unmarked trucks by the DOE; Nukewatch mapped all 1,000 land-based nuclear missile silos for educational and organizing purposes. Nukewatch has a long history of successful grassroots organizing across the nation. Nukewatch organized for 13 years between two to four activities each year at the Navy's Project ELF in northern Wisconsin in opposition to this first-strike nuclear war communication system. It closes on September 30, 2004. See our

139. Discovery Online, The Skinny On... Peanut Butter And Nuclear Power
Why are you scared of nuclear power, but not of a peanut butter sandwich? Perhaps this explains why we loathe nuclear power but ignore the radioactive
Why We Fear Nuclear Power, Not Peanut Butter
By Hannah Holmes Why are you scared of nuclear power, but not of a peanut butter sandwich? Simply put you're off your nut, some gurus of "risk assessment" might say.
Anyone with half a brain would be scared silly of a peanut butter sandwich.
But you're not. And if I continue to pummel you with statistics that say you're more likely to die from the natural carcinogens in peanut butter than from living next to a nuclear power plant, you'll eventually knock me down and stuff jelly up my nose. When the captains of the nuclear industry originally offered the peanut butter equation, it didn't make them very popular with environmentalists and others who think we rely too heavily on half-tamed technologies and chemicals. The environmentalists, in fact, wanted to knock the captains of the nuclear industry down and stuff jelly up their noses. But the peanut butter equation illustrates a point:
When scientists bang on their calculators, they come up with a list of things that kill lots of people, but don't scare us much.
Likewise they can produce a list of things that don't kill many people, but of which we live in dread. Consider these disparities, for instance:

140. Energy
nuclear power s New Deal, by Navin Nayak and Jerry Taylor, June 21, 2003. nuclear power Play, by Jerry Taylor and Peter VanDoren, the Washington Post,
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A Complete Waste of Energy ," by Jerry Taylor and Dan Becker, the Los Angeles Times

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