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  1. Irrevy: An Irreverent, Illustrated View of Nuclear Power: A Collection of Talks, from Blunderland to Seabrook IV by John William Gofman, 1979-01
  2. Quality of Life, Balance of Powers, and Nuclear Weapons (2010): A Statistical Yearbook for Statesmen and Citizens by Alexander V. Avakov, 2009-12-24
  3. The Accident Hazards of Nuclear Power Plants by Richard E. Webb, 1976-09
  4. The Aftermath of Chernobyl: History's Worst Nuclear Power Reactor Accident by C. C. Bailey, 1993-05
  5. Space Nuclear Power (Orbit, a foundation series) by Joseph A. Angelo, David Buden, 1985-10
  6. Nuclear Inc: The Men and Money by Mark Hertsgaard, 1983-05-12
  7. Nuclear Computational Science: A Century in Review by Yousry Azmy, Enrico Sartori, 2010-05-14
  8. Nuclear Power (Fueling the Future) by Gene Metcalf, 2006-12-08
  9. Commercial Nuclear Power: Assuring Safety for the Future (Reprint) by Charles Ramsey, 2006-01-31
  10. Chain Reaction: Expert Debate and Public Participation in American Commercial Nuclear Power 1945-1975 by Brian Balogh, 1993-11-26
  11. Nuclear Reactor Engineering: Reactor systems engineering, Volume 2 by Samuel Glasstone, Alexander Sesonske, 1994-01-15
  12. Nuclear Power: A Reference Handbook by Harry Henderson, 2000-09-01
  13. Nuclear Power (Introducing Issues With Opposing Viewpoints) by Lauri S. Friedman, 2009-09-28
  14. Nuclear Engineering Handbook (Mechanical Engineering Series)

81. Grandmothers For Peace International
Initially campaigning for peace and the abolition of all nuclear weapons, its work has expanded to include nuclear power; nuclear testing; the nuclearization and weaponization of space; global militarism; and other peace and justice issues that affect the human family. Offers action alerts and opportunities for activism from home.
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” — Margaret Mead Grandmothers for Peace International Barbara Wiedner, Founder (1928-2001) Founded 1982 Lorraine Krofchok, Director
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    Anti-War Links
    1,872 U.S. Military Casualties — And Still Counting The August 2005 newsletter is now available online, and features reports of activism by Grannies around the world. Obviously the war hurts us: nearly 2,000 dead Americans and 10’s of thousands of Iraqis; over $180 billion and counting spent for this war built on lies; and we are harmed because it divides our country. When will it stop? The war affects each of us, but to those of us who are middle aged and older, it has a ring all too familiar... To view the newsletter, you will need to have

82. Lasers Split The Atom
The reactions that lead to nuclear power or an atomic blast.
Previous Story Next Story January - June 2000 Archive Phys. Rev. Lett.
(issue of 31 January 2000)
Phys. Rev. Lett.

(issue of 31 January 2000)
21 January 2000 Titles and Authors
Lasers Split the Atom
© 2000 Photodisc, Inc. Fission in action. The reactions that are best known for generating nuclear power and atomic blasts can now be initiated with laser light, allowing researchers to run new types of nuclear physics experiments.
Two research teams have used the most powerful lasers on Earth to create the first laser-induced nuclear reactions, including the fission of uranium. The results, reported in the 31 January PRL , were predicted by theorists ten years ago but were not possible with the most powerful lasers at the time. The experiments demonstrate that lasers can now be used to study nuclear physics and astrophysical plasmas without going to a major accelerator facility. They may also lead to new information on the behavior of plasmas in a fusion reactora power plant that creates energy the same way the sun does. "With these classes of lasers we're actually doing nuclear physics," says Thomas Cowan, leader of the University of California team at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, one of the groups to accomplish the feat. "You're able to do with lasers what you primarily only do with accelerators." Across the Atlantic, researchers achieved similar results at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom.

83. (S-8) Nuclear Energy
Overviews the principles of nuclear fission and its use to generate power, why uranium can be fissioned, n/p ratio and delayed neutrons, moderators, also Chernobyl and 3Mile Island.
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(S-8) Nuclear Power
    Note: This is a side-excursion into the basics of nuclear energy Bear in mind that even without math, this can be a fairly difficult subject and that the discussion is rather lengthy.

The ideas from section S-7 are reviewed in what follows next. The rest of the section is a qualitative discussion of all key processes involved in the practical use nuclear energy.
A Review of Nuclear Structure
The way the Sun generates its energy helps understand the way a nuclear power station does so. The two processes are however quite different. Here some facts about the way protons and neutrons combine to form nuclei, as covered in section S-7 about the Sun:
  • helium
  • Unlike gravity or electrical forces, the nuclear force is effective only at very short distances. At greater distances, the protons repel each other because they are positively charged, and charges of the same kind repel. For that reason, the protons forming the nuclei of ordinary hydrogenfor instance, in a balloon filled with hydrogendo not combine to form helium (a process which also would require some to combine with electrons and become neutrons). They cannot get close enough for the nuclear force, which attracts them to each other, to become important! Only in the core of the Sun, under extreme pressure and temperature, can such a process take place.
  • Other small nuclei can similarly combine into bigger ones and release energy, but in combining such nuclei, the amount of energy released is much smaller. The reason is that while the process
  • 84. Alternative Nuclear Power
    Alternative nuclear power. Rod Adams Advances in South Africa and the Thus, essentially all of today s commercial nuclear power plants are large,
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    Alternative Nuclear Power
    Rod Adams
    Advances in South Africa and the Netherlands suggest that small-scale fission machines could become safe, reliable, and inexpensive sources of electricity and heat for ships, factories, and perhaps single-family homes.
    rews on nuclear submarines spend months at a time underwater and are totally dependent on the constant, reliable power output of a nuclear reactor. Similarly, some of NASA's long-distance space probes depend on nuclear power. Yet the once-bright promise of nuclear energy is today tarnished by associations with nuclear weapons, a few power station accidents, and concerns about wastes.
    While most of the world continues to ignore the possibility of resurrecting nuclear energy sources, working groups in South Africa and the Netherlands are making

    85. Safe Energy Communication Council
    SECC is a national nonprofit organization that promotes environmentally safe energy and educates the public about the dangers of nuclear power.

    86. > News > Nation -- Nuclear Power Poised For Comeback
    The nuclear power incentives in the bill passed by Congress mirror President Moore, once a dogged foe of nuclear power, now considers global warming a
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    Nuclear power poised for comeback
    Rising oil prices, fears about global warming play role
    By Dana Wilkie
    COPLEY NEWS SERVICE July 31, 2005
    SEAN M. HAFFEY / Union-Tribune The San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station is one of 103 operating U.S. nuclear reactors. The broad energy plan includes billions of federal dollars to jump-start production of nuclear reactors. The incentives, from tax breaks to loan guarantees, come at a time when soaring oil prices and increasing public concern about global warming have forced even some leading environmentalists to rethink their opposition to nuclear power as a cleaner, cheaper alternative to traditional fossil fuels. "Nuclear (power), in combination with renewables, is the only source of electrical energy that can replace coal and gas to a significant degree," said Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore, now chairman of Greenspirit Strategies of Canada, which helps companies develop environmentally friendly policies. "We need a lot more electricity in this country in the decades ahead," said Steve Kerekes, spokesman for the Nuclear Energy Institute, a trade group for nuclear utilities. "Nuclear (power) is not by itself the answer, but it's part of that diversity of (sources) that will fill the gap."

    87. CANBERRA, An AREVA Group Company: Analytical Instruments, Systems And Services F
    Radiation monitoring and analysis instrumentation, serving industries engaged in nuclear power generation and decommisioning.
    CANBERRA is the world's leading supplier of analytical instruments, systems and services for radiation detection and radiation monitoring
    Homeland Security Website
    Tools to Fight Radiological Terrorism News: SP-502-4 "Introduction to Gamma Spectroscopy" scheduled for October 3rd - 6th in Aiken, SC Patch for the German version of the ISOCS Special Sphere Template New Training Catalog for Germany for Fall 2005 InSpector 1000 Seminar announced for 2005 Users' Group ... Contact Webmaster
    This site is best viewed with a 5.0+ browser. 1024x768 screen resolution is recommended Main subsidiary companies AREVA group Energy COGEMA FRAMATOME-ANP TECHNICATOME Connectors FCI

    88. BUBL LINK: Nuclear Energy
    a nuclear power timeline, brief biographies of key personalities, and a teacher s guide. Subjects nuclear energy, nuclear physics, plasma physics
    BUBL LINK Catalogue of Internet Resources Home Search Subject Menus Countries ... Z
    Nuclear energy
    Titles Descriptions
  • American Experience: Meltdown at Three Mile Island Basics of NMR Belarusian Chernobyl Tragedy Big Big List of Nuclear Related Links ... World Nuclear Association
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    American Experience: Meltdown at Three Mile Island
    Set of documents about a nuclear accident which took place in the United States in 1979. Features include an overview of how a nuclear reactor operates, a Shockwave animation of what happened at Three Mile Island, a nuclear power timeline, brief biographies of key personalities, and a teacher's guide.
    Author: PBS/WGBH
    Subjects: disasters, nuclear energy
    Resource type: documents
    Basics of NMR
    Hypertextbook covering the physics and mathematics behind Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR). Includes chapters on spin physics, spectroscopy and pulse sequences, and provides explanatory graphics which can be viewed alongside the text, a glossary and a list of symbols.
    Author: Hornak, Joseph P.

    89. The Nuclear History Site
    Discusses the history of nuclear energy in the United States including both nuclear power and nuclear weapons and the issues surrounding them including nuclear waste.
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    Coming in January! The Cold War Period New Members of the Nuclear Club New Feature We now have a FAQ Where you can ask questions. Try it! The purpose of this site is to discuss the history of nuclear energy in the United States, both for military and civilian purposes. Background information will be presented to allow a fuller understanding of the issues involved in nuclear energy. nuclear waste, nuclear power, radiation, reactors, issues and safety. The Site premiered September 22, 1999 - Welcome! We're glad you're here! For a map of the currently operational nuclear power plants in the United States, follow this link

    Trade association representing operators of nuclear power stations and companies engaged in decommissioning, waste management, nuclear fuel cycle, equipment, engineering, construction, research. News and information about nuclear power and the nuclear industry.
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    City, Country
    Kuynetsovsk, Rivne, Ukraine
    2 VVER 440, 1 VVER-1000 (1 unfinished VVER 1000) Net Electric Power as % in 92 of national total
    1818 MWe 6.41% of nat. total Major population Centers in a 150 km radius and
    total estimated population of 150 km r. region

    Approximately 2 million, including Lutsk and Pinsk, and parts of Belorus and Poland Date of commercial operation start up
    or (if unfinished) date of construction start.

    Startup dates: 1980, 1981, 1986 Operator/Builder
    UKRATOMENERGOPROM - operator/builder
    Accidents and Dangers:
    1984: Leakage of construction liquids created cavities in the chalk rock below the reactor. Construction of all blocks was halted while concrete was poured beneath their foundations. In 1984, there were also a number of radioactivity releases. In 1990, a rotor malfunctioned, causing the shutdown of reactor 3.
    Local Contact Group:
    Environmental Brotherhood of Rivne (Rovno)
    P.O. Box161
    266028, Rivne, Ukraine; phone:380-362-233-570; fax: 380-362-266-614
    Key Arguments/History
    At the end of the 1980s, the USSR Ministry of Energy considered the possibility of closing down the Rovno plants because there was a danger that subsidence of the chalk rock on which they were built would damage the foundations of the plants. The problem was partially solved by the filling of cavities under the reactors with concrete, but this continues to make trouble.

    92. Department Of Atomic Energy (DAE), Government Of India
    TAPS Unit4 India s first 540 MWe nuclear power plant synchronised to the grid nuclear power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL) generated 16707
    News and Events
    Email:webmanager at dae dot gov dot in
    Last Modified on: 25-August-2005
    Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India
    Anushakti Bhavan, Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj Marg, Mumbai- 400001, India
    Phone: +91-22-2202 6823 / 2202 8917 / 2202 8899 / 2286 2500 Fax: +91-22-22048476
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    This page contains active contents. To view this page properly un-block active contents if blocked
    Site Created and Maintained by:
    Management Services Group, Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India

    93. NukeTimes.Com - Nuclear Jobs & Resume Posting Service
    Forums, job and resume posting services and relevant industry links for nuclear power professionals.

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  • 94. Nuclear Power In Seaside: A WebQuest
    Your task in nuclear power in Seaside is to join a team and take on one of What is the current policy regarding nuclear power in the United States?
    Introduction The Task The Process Resources ...
    Teacher Toolbox
    An Introduction
    Last year, a major manufacturing company in Seaside, California closed its operations. Four thousand jobs were lost and the once prosperous town of Seaside quickly slipped into recession. In an effort to revive the economy in Seaside, a group of concerned citizens has lobbied the Nuclear Regulatory Commission , and convinced them that Seaside would be an ideal location for California's next nuclear power plant. The citizens of Seaside have been left with two choices: Vote to accept the power plant and all of its benefits or reject the proposal because of the negative aspects of living with the danger of a nuclear power plant in their backyard.
    The Task
    The city council of Seaside has decided to gather a team of specialists to investigate the opening of the power plant. Each specialist will present their report at a town meeting. It has been decided that the team will consist of six members:
    • Standard Electric Board Member who wants to convince the town people that a power plant would be an economic boon in a time of recession.

    95. Nuclear Power In Space
    nuclear power IN SPACE Nuclear Engineering US Department of Energy The electrical power output of this RTG, which was called Space Nuclear Auxiliary
    Nuclear Engineering
    U.S. Department of Energy
    DOE/NE-0071 Introduction
    In the early years of the United States space program, lightweight batteries, fuel cells, and solar modules provided electric power for space missions. As missions became more ambitious and complex, power needs increased and scientists investigated various options to meet these challenging power requirements. One of the options was nuclear energy. By the mid-1950's, research had begun in earnest on ways to use nuclear power in space. These efforts resulted in the first radioisotope thermoelectric generators (RTGs), which are nuclear power generators built specifically for space and special terrestrial uses. These RTGs convert the heat generated from the natural decay of their radioactive fuel into electricity. The low-power devices are designed to supplement a craft's primary non-nuclear power source, but as the technology progressed, they soon began shouldering many missions' entire power needs. Today, RTG-powered spacecraft are exploring the outer planets of the solar system and orbiting the sun and Earth. They have also landed on Mars and the moon. They provide the power that enables us to see and learn about even the farthermost objects in our solar system.

    96. Toyo Engineering Corporation
    Includes research, consulting and construction of chemical facilities, nuclear power, natural gas, oil refining, and biotechnology. Based in Chiba.

    Annual Report 2005 Issued
    Performance summary for the first quarter of fiscal year 2005
    Largest Scale Yansab Ethylene Glycol Plant for SABIC/Saudi Arabia awarded to TOYO
    Fiscal year 2004 Outline of Financial Results
    Annual Report 2005 Issued
    Performance summary for the first quarter of fiscal year 2005
    Largest Scale Yansab Ethylene Glycol Plant for SABIC/Saudi Arabia awarded to TOYO
    Fiscal year 2004 Outline of Financial Results ... TOYO's China Subsidiary Acquires Construction License

    97. Nuclear Power, The Energy Balance
    Life cycle analysis of nuclear power stations. The energy costs are shown to be much higher than the nuclear industry claims.
    Nuclear Power: the Energy Balance
    Jan Willem Storm van Leeuwen and Philip Smith
    This is the home page of a throroughly revised version of a website first placed on the web in 2002. In this revision the presentation of the analysis of nuclear energy has been arranged in a more orderly fashion and we hope a more understandable form than the original. While the end results, summarized below, are quantitatively somewhat diffferent than in the original version (the most important changes are pointed out where they have been made in the texts of the different chapters), the qualitative conclusions are unchanged. They are: The production of electricity by nuclear reactors, as long as rich uranium ores are still available, leads to considerably less CO -emission than does the use of fossil fuels for the purpose. In the course of time, as the rich ores become exhausted and poorer and poorer ores are perforce used, continuing use of nuclear reactors for electricity generation will finally result in the production of more CO than if fossil fuels were to be burned directly. In this revision we have given, in Chapter 2, a complete, up-to-date overview of all of the known or presumed uranium ore bodies, and the amount of net energy that burning them would deliver. In our original website we had estimated that using these resources to exhaustion would provide only three years of electrical energy at the present world rate of electricity use. In this revision, this estimate has been raised to about four years, partly because the data on the reserves is much more complete than it was a few years ago.

    98. Todd's Atomic Homepage - ROUTER
    Collection of articles and links on nuclear engineering, nuclear power, radioactive waste management and related topics.
    If you use a frames capable browser, please proceed to
    Todd's Atomic Homepage [Framed Version]
    If you prefer to use a non-frame version, please proceed to
    Todd's Atomic Homepage

    99. BBC NEWS | Politics | Election 2005 | Blair 'to Debate Nuclear Power'
    Tony Blair may put nuclear power back on the agenda if Labour wins the election, the BBC learns.


    ... Wales SERVICES RELATED SITES Last Updated: Monday, 25 April, 2005, 10:01 GMT 11:01 UK E-mail this to a friend Printable version Blair 'to debate nuclear power' A public debate on nuclear power could be opened A re-elected Labour government would put nuclear power back on the agenda in an effort to meet targets on climate change, government sources have said.
    The sources told BBC News Tony Blair wanted a national debate on the issue. He would raise the issue when ministers responded to a climate change policy review in June or July, they said. The Tories say there should be new nuclear stations provided they meet cost and waste concerns but the Lib Dems oppose the idea. National debate Mr Blair has said his policy has not changed since the energy White Paper two years ago, which left nuclear power on the back burner. But a senior source told BBC News Mr Blair would raise the issue in June or July, when the government has to respond to its climate change policy review. [Nuclear produces] tonnes of radioactive waste that costs billions to store and will pose a risk to humans for thousands of years after disposal
    Norman Baker
    Lib Dem spokesman The government says the UK is on course to meet the Kyoto targets on climate change but has admitted it is slipping behind its own tougher targets.

    100. The Nuclear History Site/News
    Daily news, links, ticker and nuclear news blog.
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