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         Nuclear Power:     more books (99)
  1. Nuclear Or Not?: Does Nuclear Power Have a Place in a Sustainable Energy Future? (Energy, Climate and the Environment)
  2. The Reporter's Handbook on Nuclear Materials, Energy, and Waste Management by Michael R. Greenberg, Bernadette M. West, et all 2009-04-24
  3. Fundamentals of Nuclear Reactor Physics by Elmer E. Lewis Ph.D., 2008-02-01
  4. Nuclear Power (Eye on Energy) by Jill C. Wheeler, 2007-07
  5. America's Nuclear Wastelands: Politics, Accountability, and Cleanup by Max S. Power, 2008-04-30
  6. Australian Anti-Nuclear Power Activists: Helen Caldicott, Mark Diesendorf, Brian Martin, Ian Lowe, Jim Falk, Stuart White
  7. The Second Nuclear Era: A New Start for Nuclear Power by Alvin M. Weinberg, Irving Spiewak, et all 1985-08-15
  8. Building History - A Nuclear Power Plant by Marcia Lusted, Greg Lusted, 2004-10-01
  9. Seismic Design in Nuclear Power Plants
  10. Accidents Will Happen: The Case Against Nuclear Power (Perennial library ; P 505) by Environmental Action Foundation., Lee Stephenson, et all 1979-11
  11. Nuclear power plant design analysis by Alexander Sesonske, 1973-01-01
  12. How Did We Find Out about Nuclear Power? (How Did We Find Out about ...?) by Isaac Asimov, 1976-01
  13. Nuclear Engineering: Theory and Technology of Commercial Nuclear Power by Ronald Allen Knief, 2008-01
  14. Nuclear Power by Jonathan F. Gosse, 1990-05

Civil engineering projects, such as nuclear power plants.
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62. Nuclear Engineering International
Independent provider of news and articles for the nuclear power industry. Includes newsletter service, international event program, publications and contact information.
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Welcome to - the website for Nuclear Engineering International magazine. For almost half a century, NEI has been the industry's leading independent provider of news, features and company data. News Foundations for new build
16 September 2005 The foundation stone laying ceremony for Olkiluoto 3 took place on 12 September.
USEC restructures
Westinghouse hit by Chinese bid setback Chubu Electric plans MOX generation from 2010 Rosenergoatom plans to attract $350 million in investment in 2006 ... More News
Comment How can new nuclear power plants be financed?

Maps of nuclear power Reactors WORLD MAP Links to main power reactor maps (world map, continent maps, large area maps) World Map, North America,

64. Welcome To
Articles on nuclear power news from Archive available.
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65. International Nuclear Safety Center (INSC)
Focused on improving nuclear power reactor safety worldwide.

66. KLR Services, Inc.
Provides procedure development, training, software design, information management and emergency planning services to nuclear power utilities.
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Last Revision 7/5/2000

67. TVA: This Page Has Moved.
TVA Nuclear operates two different types of nuclear power plants, That is why nuclear power plants are carefully monitored and employees are trained to
This page has moved. If you are not redirected to the proper page, click here

68. CNIC - Citizens' Nuclear Information Center
Provide information and public education on nuclear power and nuclear issues in Japan.
CNIC Home Page
Nuke Info Tokyo
(CNIC's bi-monthly English newsletter) Support CNIC NIT 107 (July/August 2005)
Back-sliding on Monju

It could be said that whereas the Nagoya High Court followed the precautionary principle, the Supreme Court threw caution to the wind.
No Nukes Asia Forum, Taiwan 2005
reconfirms declaration for nuclear phase-out and suspension of construction of Taiwan Nuclear Power Plant No. 4
Significant Incidents at Japanese Nuclear Power Plants and Nuclear Fuel Facilities

US company may take uranium-contaminated soil from Japan

JNC announces it is considering sending 290 cubic meters of 'uranium-contaminated soil' to the US.
Rokkasho Reprocessing Facility:
another leak from spent fuel pool
Two holes found where padding had been faultily welded, contrary to the approved procedures. News Recent items Japanese uranium-contaminated soil: radioactivity (7 September 2005)

69. Jedeng
nuclear power Plants of the World, interactive overview nuclear power of the world in facts and graphs Electricity from Nuclear Energy,

70. Resources: Archives - Learn More About Our Issues
An archive of articles on nuclear armaments, testing, test bans, and treaties. Links to articles on related topics including nuclear power, NATO, disarmament and the arms trade.
Resources Archives
Browse by Date Browse by Subject
Browse by David Krieger's Articles
Peace Poems
Search our Sites
Archives © Nuclear Age Peace Foundation 1998 - Media Temple

71. Entergy | Nuclear
Safe, reliable and competitive nuclear power. Spent Fuel Storage at each site How nuclear power Works Nuclear Education Links Links for Kids

Our commitment to the environment
Quick Find Nuclear Education Forms Safety Spent Fuel

72. INETEC - Institute For Nuclear Technology
Developers of reactor pressure vessel and steam generator tube collector and inspections programs for PWR and VVER nuclear power plants.

73. Constellation Energy Group
In March 2000, Calvert Cliffs nuclear power Plant opened a new chapter in nuclear power history by becoming the first plant in the United States to earn
Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant Located in Lusby, Md., Unit 1 of the 1,700 MW Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Plant began generating electricity in 1975 and Unit 2 joined the system in 1977. Since then, Calvert Cliffs has continually set records for power production and worker safety. In March 2000, Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant opened a new chapter in nuclear power history by becoming the first plant in the United States to earn 20-year extensions of its operating licenses from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. License renewal extends the original 40-year operating lives of Calvert Cliffs two nuclear reactors from 2014 to 2034 (Unit 1) and from 2016 to 2036 (Unit 2). In 2002 and 2003, Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant replaced the steam generators in Units 1 and 2 respectively and with Unit 2 set world records in duration and weld quality for this type of replacement. These replacements, as well as other major upgrades, will help the plant continue to safely generate clean electricity for many years to come. Key Facts
  • Location: Lusby, MD

74. NRC: Home Page
Governmental Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for the safety of nuclear power production and other civilian uses of nuclear materials.
Index Site Map FAQ Help ... Advanced Search
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Protecting public health and safety through regulation of nuclear power and the civilian use of nuclear materials
Who We Are What We Do Nuclear Reactors ... Inspector General
News Releases
September 15, 2005 September 14, 2005 More News Releases Key Topics Safety Culture Nuclear Security Emergency Preparedness High-Level Waste Disposal ... Information Digest, 2005-2006 Edition
Last revised Thursday, September 15, 2005

75. Japan's Nuclear Power Program: Power For The Future Of Japan
Detailed review of the nuclear energy industry in Japan by the Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan (FEPC). Describes fuel cycle, energy strategy
Welcome to the " Japan Nuclear Power " website brought to you by the Washington office of the Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan (FEPC). We hope you will enjoy learning more about Japan's dynamic nuclear power activities, especially our plans to implement a "closed" nuclear fuel cycle. If you're new to the site, our Getting Started section will help you situate yourself. Read on for more information on nuclear power as well as FEPC. Arigato and enjoy!
Japan's Nuclear Fuel Cycle Policy
Download a copy of our official factsheet to learn more.
AEC Japan Issues White Paper
The Atomic Energy Commission of Japan issued an English summary version of its White Paper on Nuclear Energy 2003. Download here.
Nuclear Nonproliferation
Japan's nuclear industry takes nonproliferation issues very seriously. Read more here.
Lastly, don't forget to bookmark us!
Click here to discover Japan's culture in the Nihon Salon.
Privacy Site Map Contact Us Reprocessing constitutes only 10% of nuclear generation costs.

76. NRC: Students' Corner
A nuclear power plant converts the heat into electricity. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulates nuclear power plants and the use of nuclear
Home Electronic Reading Room Basic References NRC Home Page Students' Corner Teachers' Lesson Plans About NRC Glossary of Nuclear Terms Basic References ... Games
Nuclear energy is a way of creating heat through the fission process of atoms. All power plants convert heat into electricity using steam. At nuclear power plants, the heat to make the steam is created when atoms split apart called fission. (Other types of power plants burn coal or oil for heat to make steam.) The fission process takes place when atoms are split into small pieces by neutrons hitting each other. These smaller pieces hit other atoms. This releases energy in the form of heat. When this process continues, it is called a chain reaction. In a nuclear power plant, uranium is the material used in the fission process. The heat from fission boils water and creates steam to turn a turbine. As the turbine spins, the generator turns and its magnetic field produces electricity. The electricity can then be carried to your home, so you can work on the computer, watch television, play video games, or make toast! When uranium a nuclear material is used as fuel in a nuclear power plant, the fission process creates heat, which boils water, creating steam. The steam turns a turbine that is connected to a generator.

77. Citizen Alert
The NWCC unites 18 different groups working on various aspects of the nuclear waste problem. Our broad coalition includes antinuclear power groups, nuclear reactor communities, peace activists, nuclear weapons opponents, groups from contaminated DOE facilities, residents of sites targeted for nuclear waste dumps, and national environmental groups.
Latest Yucca Mountain News!!!!
New Citizen Alert Project Website:
Yucca Mountain Matters
Action Alerts! Events Featured: Recent "Back to Our Routes" Tour ... Nuclear Issues Education
Featured: Winners of 2004 Essay Contest Details of the ongoing controversy/scandal involving emails suggesting data falsification in the Yucca Mountain project. (Adobe Acrobat file)
Fact Sheets Archived Fact Sheets Yucca Mountain Links ... Contact Us Purchase of this book can help support Citizen Alert in Nevada. Details
News article
confirming evidence in the book!! Order new book: A Single Star . Proceeds help Citizen Alert!!
Book Review We are a grassroots environmental group based in the State of Nevada, providing education, advocacy, and empowerment to citizens on matters of environmental policy and environmental justice since 1975. Our Mission:

Citizen Alert Works to Assure Public Participation and
Government Accountability on Issues that Affect
the Land and People of Nevada How close do you live to a route that could carry high level nuclear waste
the deadliest substance known to humankind
Click for a page where you can type in your address and find out...

78. Nuclear Power How Power Plants Work
nuclear power plants are very clean and efficient to operate. However, nuclear power plants have some major environmental risks. nuclear power plants
THE POWER FOR THE PEOPLE Aids Air Traffic Alaska Alaska Pipeline ... Wind Power New! Tsunamis Iraq Terrorism U.S. Gas Prices Nuclear Power (c) Nuclear power plants are very clean and efficient to operate. However, nuclear power plants have some major environmental risks. Nuclear power plants produce radioactive gases. These gases are to be contained in the operation of the plant. If these gases are released into the air, major health risks can occur. Nuclear plants use uranium as a fuel to produce power. The mining and handling of uranium is very risky and radiation leaks can occur. The third concern of nuclear power is the permanent storage of spent radioactive fuel. This fuel is toxic for centuries, handling and disposal is an ongoing environmental issue. In The United States there are 110 commercial reactors in 32 states. Six of these states rely on nuclear power for more than 50 percent of their energy.Worldwide, 434 reactors generate electricity in 33 countries. Nuclear Fission An atom's nucleus can be split apart. When this is done, a tremendous amount of energy is released. The energy is both heat and light energy. This energy, when let out slowly, can be harnessed to generate electricity. When it is let out all at once, it makes a tremendous explosion in an atomic bomb. The word fission means to split apart.

79. Progress & Nuclear Power: The Destruction Of The Continent And Its Peoples
The truth and the history behind the Three Mile Island accident at Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania from an anarchist perspective Fredy Perlman.

The Destruction of the Continent and Its Peoples
By Fredy Perlman The Following text first appeared in a special anti-nuclear issue of Fifth Estate magazine on April 8, 1979. It was written earlier in that year just after an accident at Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in eastern Pennsylvania. As news of the accident spread, official messages insisted, "There is no need to overreact, the situation is stable, the leaders have everything under control," but eventually people living near the plant had to be evacuated. Here Fredy reminds us how the original inhabitants of this region were duped and destroyed by the platitudes, promises and police that always accompany Capital.
The premeditated poisoning of human beings, of soils and of other living species can only by the grossest hypocrisy be considered an "accident". Only the wilfully blind can claim that this consequence of Technical Progress was "unforeseen". The poisoning and removal of this continent's living inhabitants for the sake of "higher entities" may have begun in Eastern Pennsylvania, but not during the past few weeks. Eleven score years ago, in the region currently being poisoned by radiation from Three Mile Island, speculators with names like Franklin, Morris, Washington and Hale hid their names behind facades such as the Vandalia Company and the Ohio Company. These companies had one purpose: to sell land for a profit. The individuals behind the companies had one aim: to remove all obstacles which stood in the way of the free deployment of profit-making, whether the obstacles were human beings or millennial cultures or forests or animals or even streams and mountains. Their aim was to Civilise this continent, to introduce to it a cycle of activities never before practised here: Working, Saving, Investing, Selling - the cycle of reproducing and enlarging Capital.

80. Browse Topic: Nuclear Power
Find more than 24000 reports on nuclear power in less than 2 seconds. nuclear power available from the USGPO. This Browse Topic page created and
BrowseTopics Index OSU Library Government Documents OSU Library OSU
Nuclear Power
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
The NRC is an independent agency established by the U.S. Congress under the Energy Reorganization Act of 1974 to regulate commercial nuclear power reactors and nonpower research, test, and training reactors; fuel cycle facilities and medical, academic, and industrial uses of nuclear materials; the transport, storage, and disposal of nuclear materials and waste.
  • Public Citizen's Guide to NRC Covers information that the agency makes available. Further general information about the NRC is contained in the sites for Mission and Organization and History
  • The Headquarters Public Document Room (PDR) serves as a bridge between the agency and the public, providing on site and remote access to a comprehensive collection of unrestricted NRC documents in paper, microfiche, or electronic format, as well as documents from the civilian regulatory activities of the former Atomic Energy Commission. E-mail:

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