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         Nuclear Power:     more books (99)
  1. WHY vs WHY Nuclear Power by Barry Brook, Ian Lowe, 2010-05-03
  2. Fundamentals of Nuclear Science and Engineering Second Edition by J. Kenneth Shultis, Richard E. Faw, 2007-09-07
  3. Nuclear Renaissance: Technologies and Policies for the Future of Nuclear Power by William J. Nuttall, 2004-12-31
  4. Nuclear Power (Fact Finders: Energy at Work) by Josepha Sherman, 2004-01
  5. A Case for Nuclear-Generated Electricity: (Or Why I Think Nuclear Power Is Cool and Why It Is Important That You Think So Too) by Scott W. Heaberlin, 2003-12
  6. Nuclear Firsts: Milestones on the Road to Nuclear Power Development by Gail H. Marcus, 2010
  7. Wet-Steam Turbines for Nuclear Power Plants by Alexander Leyzerovich, 2005-06-10
  8. Rickover and the Nuclear Navy: The Discipline of Technology by Francis Duncan, 1990-01
  9. Digital Instrumentation and Control Systems in Nuclear Power Plants: Safety and Reliability Issues by Committee on Application of Digital Instrumentation and Control Systems to Nuclear Power Plant Operations and Safety, National Research Council, 1997-04-17
  10. Nuclear Implosions: The Rise and Fall of the Washington Public Power Supply System (Studies in Economic History & Policy: USA in the Twentieth Century) by Daniel Pope, 2008-02-04
  11. Nuclear Power (Energy for Today) by Tea Benduhn, 2008-07
  12. Poisoned Power: The Case Against Nuclear Power Before and After Three Mile Island by John W. Gofman, 1979-12
  13. Nuclear Systems Volume I: Thermal Hydraulic Fundamentals, Second edition by Neil E. Todreas, Mujid Kazimi, 1989-12-01
  14. Idaho Falls: The Untold Story of America's First Nuclear Accident by William McKeown, 2003-04-01

41. Global Network Against Weapons And Nuclear Power In Space
Work to protect space and the Earth from a space based arms race and ecological destruction.
You require a frames capable browser such as

42. / In Depth
Guide to stories on nuclear energy as well as links to related resources from around the world. In depth Search for OneWorld Network Africa Canada Latin America South Asia SouthEast Europe UK United States América Latina en Catalunya España Nederland Radio Radio SEEurope AIDS Radio OneWorld TV AIDS Channel Digital Opportunity Kids Channel Learning Channel NEWS IN DEPTH PARTNERS GET INVOLVED ... OUR NETWORK 17 September 2005 OneWorld Guides
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Asia and the Pacific

Latin America and the Caribbean ... North America Search Advanced Search In Depth on OneWorld Use OneWorld Full Coverage and Search tools, Guides and Channels, to research your areas of interest The full range of OneWorld content from its partner network, in 12 languages and organised by eight main topics (with 80 sub-topics) and by country/region... use as your library, resource or just browse. Full Coverage by Topic Development Economy Environment ... Middle East OneWorld Country Guides provide a basic introduction to relevant human rights and sustainable development issues in each country. The Guides are edited by volunteers from developing countries, bringing local perspectives to our global audience OneWorld Topic Guides, also edited by volunteers, provide a basic introduction to each topic from the perspective of global development and civil society

43. GE Energy - Nuclear Energy
GE Nuclear Energy and its affiliates provide technologybased products and for Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) and Advanced BWR (ABWR) nuclear power plants.

Our Businesses : Nuclear Energy
Low Cost, Emission-Free Electricity
GE Nuclear Energy and its affiliates provide technology-based products and services for Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) and Advanced BWR (ABWR) nuclear power plants.
Customer Web Center (CWC)
Please visit the CWC if you are a GE Nuclear customer with a designated site:
Login to the Customer Web Center

A forum where utility members can partner with GE to achieve higher plant reliability, improve plant safety, minimize costs and facilitate regulatory interaction.
We offer proven BWR and ABWR plant designs, N Series steam turbines, parts, plant performance software and nuclear instrumentation.
A BWR sensor contractual service agreement ensures your annual costs are reduced and remain predictable. We also offer comprehensive services to support our line of BWR nuclear instrumentation products. Related Links
July 7, 2005 GE Energy Announces Alliance With FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Company
May 25, 2005 GE Energy to Supply Nuclear Monitoring, Control Systems for Sweden's Forsmark Nuclear Power Plant Related Links Nuclear Regulatory Commission Nuclear Energy Institute Department of Energy

44. WANO - World Association Of Nuclear Operators - Home Page
Unites all nuclear electricity operators in the world to facilitate the exchange of operating experience for a safe and reliable operation of their nuclear power plants. Includes mission statement, organisation, member list, programmes and publications.

What is WANO?



Inside WANO

Click the link above to read the latest edition of Inside WANO on-line.
Available in English, French, German, Japanese, Russian and Spanish. WANO Performance Indicators 2004
Access the version through the Web site. One click on the link above or the graphic will take you to the report. Download a copy of the WANO World Map
WANO produces a wall poster depicting all the Nuclear Power plants around the world who are members of WANO. Click on the graphic or the link above to download your copy (Note this is a 1.5MB Adobe v6 file) What's New
Your Browser is not JAVA enabled NPP pictures from around the World Koeberg Nuclear Power Plant What do you think about this page? Rev 05/09/2005

45. Nuclear Power - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
nuclear power is the use of sustained nuclear reactions to do useful work, All current nuclear power plants are critical fission reactors, which are the
Nuclear power
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
The neutrality of this article is disputed
Please see discussion on the talk page This article is about power derived from nuclear reactions . For countries that possess nuclear weapons see: Nuclear powers Nuclear power is the use of sustained nuclear reactions to do useful work (in the past, this was called Atomic Energy ). Currently, Nuclear power is generated by nuclear fission reactions which occur when sufficient amounts of uranium -235 and/or plutonium are confined to a small space, often in the presence of a neutron moderator . The reaction produces heat which is converted to kinetic energy by means of a steam turbine and then a generator for electricity production. Nuclear power currently provides about 17% of the world's electricity and 7% of global energy. An international effort into the use of nuclear fusion for power is ongoing, but not expected to be available in commercially viable form for several decades. After a period of decline following the Three Mile Island accident and the incident at Chernobyl , there is a recently renewed interest in nuclear energy because it could partially address both dwindling oil reserves and global warming with fewer emissions of greenhouse gases than fossil fuel.

46. INSC Of Ukraine : Power Plants : Rivne

Power Plants




Unit #1

Unit #2

Unit #3
What's New

Rivne Power Plant Rivne 1 Kuznetsovsk, Rivne; Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) Operable Model: WWER-440 V213 Net Output: 361 MWe Initial criticality: Commertial start: Utility: Goskomatom Reactor Supplier: Mintyazhmash Steam Generator Supplier: Kharkov Turbin Plant Architecture: Atomenergoproject Construction: Ministry of Power Stations Rivne 2 Kuznetsovsk, Rivne; Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) Operable Model: WWER-440 V213 Net Output: 384 MWe Initial criticality: Commertial start: Utility: Goskomatom Reactor Supplier: Mintyazhmash Steam Generator Supplier: Kharkov Turbin Plant Architecture: Atomenergoproject Construction: Ministry of Power Stations Rivne 3 Kuznetsovsk, Rivne; Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) Operable Model: WWER-1000 Net Output: 950 MWe Commertial start: Utility: Goskomatom Reactor Supplier: Mintyazhmash Steam Generator Supplier: Leningrad Metal Plant Architecture: Atomenergoproject Construction: Ministry of Power Stations Rivne 4 Kuznetsovsk, Rivne;

47. Nuclear Reactor - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
nuclear power station at Leibstadt, Switzerland. The nuclear reactor is inside It is possible that the first new nuclear power plant to be built in the
Nuclear reactor
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Nuclear power station at Leibstadt Switzerland . The nuclear reactor is inside the dome-shaped containment building to the right of the cooling tower (venting steam). A nuclear reactor is a device in which nuclear chain reactions are initiated, controlled, and sustained at a steady rate (as opposed to a nuclear explosion , where the chain reaction occurs in a split second). Nuclear reactors are used for many purposes, but the most significant current uses are for the generation of electrical power and, in rare cases, for the production of plutonium for use in nuclear weapons . Currently all commercial nuclear reactors are based on nuclear fission , and are considered problematic for their safety and health risks. Experiments in fusion power seek to replace nuclear fission reactors with nuclear fusion reactors. There are other devices in which nuclear reactions occur in a controlled fashion, including radioisotope thermoelectric generators , which generate heat and power by passive radioactive decay, and Farnsworth-Hirsch fusors , in which controlled nuclear fusion is used to produce neutron radiation

48. Roadtechs: Nuclear Index Page
Interactive site for nuclear power contractors. Includes job offers, bulletin board, news, and related links.
Your browser does not support script home >> nuclear Main Menu
Welcome to the Nuclear Area!

The 5 most recent jobs posted on the Nuclear Job Board:
Petro-Chem / Fossil / Offshore Construction Computer / Telecom ... Medical / Pharmaceutical
Use of this site implies compliance with the Roadtechs User Agreement

49. APS Forum On Physics And Society Newsletters
Quarterly newsletter; articles on nuclear proliferation, nuclear power and energy policy.
Physics and Society is the quarterly of the Forum on Physics and Society, a division of the American Physical Society. It presents letters, commentary, book reviews, and reviewed articles on the relations of physics and the physics community to government and society. It also carries news of the Forum and provides a medium for Forum members to exchange ideas. Opinions expressed are those of the authors alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the APS or of the Forum. Contributed articles (up to 2500 words, technicalities are encouraged), letters (500 words), commentary (1000 words), reviews (1000 words), and brief news articles, are welcome. Send them to the editor or (for reviews) to the reviews editor. Macintosh disks (accompanied by hard copy) are welcome, as is hard copy. Editor: Al Saperstein; co-editor: Jeff Marque. For names of other editors, see the list of officers on the Forum Homepage. Layout: Amera Jones

2001 Issues Choose from...

50. Nuclear And Chemical Accidents
Review of historical nuclear power plant incidents and accidents worldwide.
in All Infoplease Almanacs Biographies Dictionary Encyclopedia
Daily Almanac for
Sep 17, 2005

51. The Canadian Nuclear FAQ - Automatic Re-direct Page
This is an unofficial and privatelymaintained list of Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding CANDU reactors and nuclear power generation in Canada. The Canadian Nuclear FAQ by Dr. Jeremy Whitlock The Canadian Nuclear FAQ has moved! Please change your bookmarks to point to: You should be automatically transferred there in a few seconds. var site="s15vieuxvoyageur"

52. :: Nuclear Power Plant Simulator Game
A nuclear power plant simulator game written in Flash 4. Learn the basics of how a nuclear power plant works and try your hand at operating the simulator.
GAMES: Urban Chopper Rescue StarMonger Lemonade Stand ... Site Map
(Please visit our sponsors)
Now you can get the Nuclear Power Plant Simulator game for your PC. For only $8.95 you can purchase a copy for immediate download . You will receive a fully functional PC version for Windows 98 - XP which you can play anytime, without connecting to the internet. This new version has improved, more detailed instructions and all of the other features of the web-based Nuclear Power Plant Simulator. Free Demo available! Get it today! The Nuclear Power Plant Simulator game available for Pocket PC!
This is exactly like the full size version, but very portable. Now you can practice generating electricity from atomic fission anywhere. Anytime.
Play smart and have fun. Get it at Handango for only $8.95!
Both versions are also available here!
Nuclear Power Plant

by AE4RV Looking for more? Here's a much more complicated NPP Sim : SIMULA-C
Need more information about all of this stuff? Try the Nuclear Energy Institute or the Virtual Nuclear Tourist Flash Nuclear Power Plant Simulator Game
(Resizable window version here
- Added difficulty level option! Normal difficulty now allows operation of the plant without being plagued with coolant leaks. If you operate the plant within normal parameters you will not incur damage. If you abuse it however, all bets are off ;) The 'difficult' setting uses the old damage model.

53. Map Of Nuclear Power Reactors
Map and information about reactors in the country, together with neighbor countries. International Nuclear Safety Center.

54. Nuclear Energy Information Service (NEIS) Home Page
nuclear power is NOT the answer for global warming. The Nuclear Industry claims nuclear power is the answer to global warming.
Nuclear Energy Information Service
Illinois' Nuclear Power Watchdog for 23 Years Home About Us Join NEIS Contact ... Links Search the NEIS Site
NEIS is a Proud Member of
Earth Share of Illinois The Environmental Workplace Giving Program www.

Nuclear Power is NOT the answer for global warming. The Nuclear Industry claims Nuclear Power is the answer to global warming. Never mind that fuel processing emits enormous ammounts of greenhouse gasses, the deaths from Radiation and that eletric power can't fuel the existing vehicles. Read the truth on our Global Warming page Millions of Iraqis, Bosnians and Coalition Troops Irradiated by Depleted Uranium . What is "Gulf War" syndrome? Why are new mothers in Basra asked not "Its it a boy or a girl", but "Is it normal or is it deformed?" The answer could be the Depleted Uranium used in US antitank weapons. Read about it here Still No Place for the Waste Once you burn up nuclear fuel, what do with it? The Bush Administration thought it had an answer, but NEIS has a web page where you can read about the Yucca Mountain boondoggle.

55. FPL | Nuclear Power Serves You
General information about nuclear power, plus an introduction to Florida Power Light s nuclear units at Turkey Point and St. Lucie.
Home Page Contact Us Log In/Log Out FAQs ...
A Job
ABOUT US Search For Your Home For Your Business Storm Center Safety ... Family of Sites
Nuclear Power Serves You
About our plants Need for nuclear power How nuclear power plants work Environmental stewardship Nuclear power has played an important role in FPL's energy mix for nearly three decades and provides a safe, clean and reliable source of electricity. Nuclear energy offers many benefits. It
  • provides about 25 percent of the electricity for our Florida customers and is an important part of our energy mix in the competitive wholesale market in the northeastern United States is clean with virtually no emissions, which helps keep the air clean, preserve the Earth's climate, avoid ground-level ozone formation and prevent acid rain, and is efficient and cost-effective because of stable fuel prices, high plant performance, modernized plants, and renewal of plant licenses.
About our plants
FPL Group operates three nuclear power plants at

56. Ignalinos AE Regionas
Consists of 3 localities of Utena county. Information about region's development, government activities to suport it, tourist atractions.
Ðiandien: 2005 rugsëjo 17 d. 19:52 Jûs naudojame ne "Internet Explorer" narðyklæ, todël kai kurie puslapiai gali veikti klaidingai. Naujausià versijà galite atsisiusti ið Microsoft svetainës Ignalinos AE regionas Ignalinos AE regiono plëtros agentûra Ignalinos verslo informacijos centras Zarasø verslo informacijos centras ... Zarasø savivaldybë APKLAUSA Ar Lietuva turëtø likti banduoline valstybe po IAE uþdarymo?
Taip, Lietuva turëtø likti branduoline valstybe
Ne, Lietuvoje neturi bûti atominës elektrinës
Neturiu nuomonës
Joana Gostautaite

Atnaujinimo data:
Apie regionà
Ûkis Turizmas ir kultûra Regioninë politika ... „Eþerø kraðtas“
Patvirtinti laimëtojø sàraðai

Ignalinos AE regiono plëtros taryba 2005 m. rugsëjo 15d. posëdþio metu patvirtino sàraðus ámoniø, gausianèiø paramà pagal Ignalinos AE regiono SVV plëtros programos priemones
Naujas leidinys
Ignalinos AE regiono plëtros agentûra su malonumu pristato naujà leidiná - "Ignalinos AE regiono naujienas". Dujotekio atidarymas Rugsëjo 25 dienà simbolinio fakelo uþdegimu Visagino dujø skirstymo stotyje buvo uþbaigtas projektas „Magistralinio dujotekio Pabradë – Visaginas“ statyba.

57. Nuclear Safety
Information on renewable energy, including wind and solar power; Since well before the 1979 accident at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant,
dqmcodebase = "/menuscripts/" //script folder location homepage Issues
Global Warming

Global Warming Science

Global Warming Solutions

Clean Energy
Political Interference in Science
Get Involved
UCS Action Center

Action Results

Action Center Tell-a-Friend

About UCS
UCS Mission
Support US Become a Member Gift Membership Gifts in Honor/Memory Gifts of Stock ... Workplace Giving UCS Special Websites The UCS Hybrid Center Climate Choices Clean School Bus SUV Solutions ... Greentips News Press Releases UCS Experts Commentary Positions ... Sitemap

58. FEMA: Backgrounder: Nuclear Power Plant Emergency
Since 1980, each utility that owns a commercial nuclear power plant in the United The potential danger from an accident at a nuclear power plant is
Hazards Assistance Flood Maps NPSC ... Hazards Backgrounder: Nuclear Power Plant Emergency Search FEMA
Dam Safety Earthquakes Extreme Heat ... Mitigation Division
Backgrounder: Nuclear Power Plant Emergency Since 1980, each utility that owns a commercial nuclear power plant in the United States has been required to have both an onsite and offsite emergency response plan as a condition of obtaining and maintaining a license to operate that plant. Onsite emergency response plans are approved by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). Offsite plans (which are closely coordinated with the utility's onsite emergency response plan) are evaluated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and provided to the NRC, who must consider the FEMA findings when issuing or maintaining a license. Federal law establishes the criterion for determining the adequacy of offsite planning and preparedness, i.e: "Plans and preparedness must be determined to adequately protect the public health and safety by providing reasonable assurance that appropriate measures can be taken offsite in the event of a radiological emergency." Although construction and operation of nuclear power plants are closely monitored and regulated by the NRC, an accident, though unlikely, is possible. The potential danger from an accident at a nuclear power plant is exposure to radiation. This exposure could come from the release of radioactive material from the plant into the environment, usually characterized by a plume (cloud-like) formation. The area the radioactive release may affect is determined by the amount released from the plant, wind direction and speed and weather conditions (i.e., rain, snow, etc.) which would quickly drive the radioactive material to the ground, hence causing increased deposition of radionuclides.

59. Wired News: How Nuclear Power Works
How much of the world s electricity comes from nuclear power? Sixteen percent of the world s electricity is supplied by nuclear power, according to the,1282,68074,00.html
Welcome to Wired News. Skip directly to: Search Box Section Navigation Content Search:
Wired News Wired Magazine HotBot (the Web)
How Nuclear Power Works
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by this reporter 02:00 AM Jul. 05, 2005 PT Why use nuclear power? Unlike burning fossil fuels, using nuclear fission to generate electricity produces no soot or greenhouse gases. This helps keep the skies clean and doesn't contribute to global warming. The World Nuclear Association estimates that the electricity industry would add 2.6 billion tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere each year if it used coal power instead of nuclear.
See also
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Special Partner Promotion Broadband Stories. What's your story?

60. Wired 13.02: Nuclear Now!
Burning hydrocarbons is a luxury that a planet with 6 billion energyhungry souls can t afford. There s only one sane, practical alternative nuclear power.
Wired News Animation Wired Magazine HotBot (the Web) Issue 13.02 - February 2005 30 PRIZES…30 DAYS…Enter now to win one of 30 must-have electronics!
Nuclear Now!
How clean, green atomic energy can stop global warming By Peter Schwartz and Spencer Reiss Page 1 of 5 next
Feature: Nuclear Now Plus: Green vs. Green On a cool spring morning a quarter century ago, a place in Pennsylvania called Three Mile Island exploded into the headlines and stopped the US nuclear power industry in its tracks. What had been billed as the clean, cheap, limitless energy source for a shining future was suddenly too hot to handle.
Story Tools
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Rants + raves
In the years since, we've searched for alternatives, pouring billions of dollars into windmills, solar panels, and biofuels. We've designed fantastically efficient lightbulbs, air conditioners, and refrigerators. We've built enough gas-fired generators to bankrupt California. But mainly, each year we hack 400 million more tons of coal out of Earth's crust than we did a quarter century before, light it on fire, and shoot the proceeds into the atmosphere.

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