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         Nuclear Power:     more books (99)
  1. Nuclear Power (Our Environment) by Bonnie Juettner, 2006-11-10
  2. Introduction to Nuclear Power (Series in Chemical and Mechanical Engineering) by G.F. Hewitt, John G. Collier, 2000-06-01
  3. Nuclear Power Generation, Volume Volume J, Third Edition (British Electricity International) by P.B. Myerscough, 1992-01-14
  4. Nuclear Power and the Spread of Nuclear Weapons: Can We Have One without the Other? by Sharon Tanzer, Steven Dolley, et all 2002-08-01
  5. No Nukes: Everyone's Guide to Nuclear Power by Anna Gyorgy, 1999-07-01
  6. Tritium on Ice: The Dangerous New Alliance of Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Power by Kenneth D. Bergeron, 2004-10-01
  7. Nuclear Propulsion for Merchant Ships by Andrew W. Kramer, 2005-10-31
  8. Nuclear Energy Now: Why the Time Has Come for the World's Most Misunderstood Energy Source by Alan M. Herbst, George W. Hopley, 2007-03-23
  9. German National Socialism and the Quest for Nuclear Power, 1939-49 by Mark Walker, 1993-01-29
  10. Control of Nuclear Reactors and Power Plants by mortimer schultz, 1955
  11. Power Plant Engineering
  12. Nuclear Power (IET Power and Energy) by J. Wood, 2007-01-01
  13. Aunt Carrie's War AgainstBLACK FOX Nuclear Power Plant by Carrie B. Dickerson, Patricia Lemon, 1995-10-01
  14. Nuclear Power Issues and Choices: Report of the Nuclear Energy Policy Study Group by Keeny, 1977-03

21. World Nuclear Association - Energy For Sustainable Development
Global industrial organisation that seeks to promote the peaceful worldwide use of nuclear power as a sustainable energy resource for the coming centuries.
Welcome to the World Nuclear Association, representing the technology, people and organisations of the global nuclear energy industry News About the WNA WNA Charter Nuclear Portal ... Calculator
We live in a world that has only begun to consume energy. Today India and China are gaining rapidly on Europe and America in per capita energy consumption. During the next 50 years, as Earth's population expands from 6 billion toward 9 billion, humanity will consume more energy than the combined total used in all previous history. With carbon emissions now threatening the very stability of the biosphere, the security of our world requires a massive transformation to clean energy. "Renewables" like solar, wind and biomass can help. But only nuclear power offers clean, environmentally friendly energy on a massive scale. Fortunately, this urgently needed expansion can now build on a half-century of tremendous advance in the safe and secure operation of nuclear technology. We are confident that an informed public debate - focused on facts rather than myths - will demonstrate that nuclear energy is indispensable to sustainable global development. To reconcile global human need and environmental preservation, our world needs nuclear power.

22. Atomic Energy Of Canada Limited (AECL) | Énergie Atomique Du Canada Limitée (E
Manufacturer of nuclear power reactors engages in a wide range of research and development activities, provides nuclear engineering services and waste management support. English, French

23. The Pros And Cons Of Nuclear Power
Radiation is one of those facts of life with which humans must live; it would occur with or without the existence of nuclear power facilities.

24. World Nuclear Association | Information And Issue Briefs | World Nuclear Power R
World nuclear power Reactors 200304 and Uranium Requirements IAEA- for nuclear electricity production percentage of electricity (% e) 7/7/05.
News About the WNA WNA Charter Nuclear Portal ... General/Sundry
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World Nuclear Power Reactors 2004-05 and Uranium Requirements
billion kWh % e No. MWe No. MWe No. MWe No. MWe tonnes U Argentina Armenia Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Canada* China Czech Republic Egypt Finland France Germany Hungary India Indonesia Iran Israel Japan Korea DPR (North) Korea RO (South) Lithuania Mexico Netherlands Pakistan Romania Russia Slovakia Slovenia South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey Ukraine United Kingdom USA Vietnam WORLD billion kWh % e No. MWe No. MWe No. MWe No. MWe tonnes U NUCLEAR ELECTRICITY GENERATION 2004 REACTORS OPERATING REACTORS BUILDING ON ORDER or PLANNED PROPOSED URANIUM REQUIRED Sources:

Reactor data: WNA to 25/5/05.
WNA: Global Nuclear Fuel Market (reference scenario) - for U. Operating = Connected to the grid
Building/Construction = first concrete for reactor poured, or major refurbishment under way

25. American Nuclear Society
Resources on nuclear science and technology nuclear engineering, nuclear medicine, nuclear energy, nuclear physics, nuclear power, food irradiation

26. MDM Services Corporation
Engineering services firm specializing in the energy, nuclear power, electric utility, and environmental industries.

27. Energy Sources - Fossil Fuels Renewables And Nuclear Power
An index to renewable energy information on the internet.
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Energy Sources - Fossil Fuels Renewables and Nuclear Power
Information about alternative and renewable energy sources, current initiatives, and how they can be used to efficiently replace modern energy sources such as fossil fuels.
Recent Arctic National Wildlife Refuge History Find out the history of ANWR. Despite the fact that 95% of the arctic coastline is already open to oil exploration, the oil industry has set its sights on the 1.5 million-acre Coastal Plain in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The Issue - Bush and Kerry on Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Despite the fact that 95% of the arctic coastline is already open to oil exploration, the oil industry has set its sights on the 1.5 million-acre Coastal Plain in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Find out where Bush and Kerry stand on the ANWR oil drilling issue. The Energy Story Energy Quest is the award-winning energy education website of the California Energy Commission Union of Concerned ScientististsEnergy Net The Union of Concerned Scientists has started a new Website called Energy Net which offers a huge database of Renewable Energy information. Practically anything you could ever want to know about renewable energy is on this site!

28. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
The first field trial connecting a nuclear power plant in Slovakia to IAEA headquarters started in April this year. Full Story »
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Web 17 September 2005
Latest News and Announcements
IAEA Women Honoured for Contribution to Science and Public Education
16 September 2005
Nuclear Contributes to World Summit Goals for Security, Development
15 September 2005
PACT Web Site Opens for Better Cancer Care
13 September 2005
New "Toolkit" Covers Safety, Security of Radioactive Sources
13 September 2005
IAEA Board Meets 19 September
12 September 2005
Recent Stories
Chernobyl : The True Scale of the Accident
5 September 2005 Nuclear Knowledge Workshop at ICTP in Trieste
2 September 2005 IAEA Chief Meets with Iran Secretary
26 August 2005 Physics Takes Centre Stage at IAEA Scientific Forum
19 August 2005 Nuclear Science: Physics Helping the World
Books and Publications
IAEA Annual Report for 2004
The IAEA Annual Report highlights programmes and activities carried out by the Agency in the past year.
Photo Essays
Training the Nuclear Watchdogs
A look inside the world of safeguards inspectors.

29. CNP | SN
Coalition of Canadian public interest organizations concerned with the environmental consequences of nuclear power generation.


30. Nuclear Power Nears Peak: Worldwatch Institute News
The Worldwatch Institute projects that global nuclear capacity will begin a sustained decline by 2002 at the latest. (Worldwatch News)

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News March 04, 1999 Nuclear Power Nears Peak FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
As the 20th Anniversary of Three Mile Island Approaches,
the Nuclear Industry Faces Slow Slide to Oblivion
Christopher Flavin and Nicholas Lenssen Two decades after the world's first major nuclear accident at Three Mile Island, the nuclear industry is experiencing a meltdown of historic proportions. After growing more than 700 percent in the 1970s, and 140 percent in the 1980s, nuclear generating capacity has increased less than 5 percent during the 1990s so far. (See Figure 1.) In the last decade, nuclear power has gone from being the world's fastest growing energy source to its slowest, trailing well behind oil and even coal. In 1998, world nuclear generating capacity fell by 175 megawatts. As the world approaches the 20th anniversary of the Three Mile Island accident on March 28, global nuclear capacity stands at 343,086 megawatts, providing just under 17 percent of the world's electricity. Both of these figures will likely turn out to be close to the all-time historical peak-and less than one-tenth the 4,500,000 megawatts that the International Atomic Energy Agency predicted back in 1974. The Worldwatch Institute projects that global nuclear capacity will begin a sustained decline by 2002 at the latest, and the U.S. Department of Energy projects that it will fall by half in the next two decades.

31. Energy Resources: Nuclear Power
nuclear power is generated using Uranium, which is a metal mined in various The first largescale nuclear power station opened at Calder Hall in Cumbria

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Nuclear Power - energy from splitting Uranium atoms Introduction How it works More details Advantages ... Is it renewable?
Nuclear power is generated using Uranium, which is a metal mined in various parts of the world. The first large-scale nuclear power station opened at Calder Hall in Cumbria, England, in 1956. Some military ships and submarines have nuclear power plants for engines. Nuclear power produces around 11% of the world's energy needs, and produces huge amounts of energy from small amounts of fuel, without the pollution that you'd get from burning fossil fuels.
How it works
  • Nuclear power stations work in pretty much the same way as fossil fuel-burning stations, except that a "chain reaction" inside a nuclear reactor makes the heat instead.

32. Frontline: Nuclear Reaction
A report on why the United States seems ready to abandon nuclear power.
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Nuclear Reaction
Since 1978, no new nuclear power stations have been commissioned in the United States. Americans, once enthusiastic about nuclear power, now consider it one of the most serious risks to human life and health. But the American people's aversion to nuclear power has perplexed many nuclear scientists who believe it poses only trivial risks to the public. FRONTLINE correspondent and Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Richard Rhodes looks at what has derailed nuclear power in the United States and at the differing national attitudes toward nuclear power. published april 1997 document.write(sidenavsub);

33. American Nuclear Society
Resources on nuclear science and technology nuclear engineering, nuclear medicine, nuclear energy, nuclear physics, nuclear power, food irradiation, and nuclear news.
What's New
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ANS 2006 Annual Meeting - call for papers
Membership Information

Public Information

benefits, classifications, dues, renewals, etc. resources for the public, teachers, students, and media Constituencies

professional divisions, sections, branches, and international including paper review and online registration Honors and Awards Publications including forms, recipients, and scholarship information magazines, technical journals, author resources, etc. Career Center Standards including resources for standards committees Organization Members ANS Store membership information and a list of organization members publications and merchandise available for purchase online Advertising Nuclear Links including index to advertisers and media kits a categorized collection of links and nuclear headlines Search the ANS web site: Questions or comments about the American Nuclear Society web site? Contact Johnny Cison, the

34. The Future Of Nuclear Power
Taking nuclear power off the table as a viable alternative will prevent the The authors of the study emphasized that nuclear power is not the only
An interdisciplinary MIT faculty group decided to study the future of nuclear power because of a belief that this technology is an important option for the United States and the world to meet future energy needs without emitting carbon dioxide and other atmospheric pollutants. Other options include increased efficiency, renewables, and carbon sequestration, and all may be needed for a successful greenhouse gas management strategy. This study, addressed to government, industry, and academic leaders, discusses the interrelated technical, economic, environmental, and political challenges facing a significant increase in global nuclear power utilization over the next half century and what might be done to overcome those challenges. This study was supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and by MIT's Office of the Provost and Laboratory for Energy and the Environment. MIT RELEASES INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDY ON "THE FUTURE OF NUCLEAR ENERGY" Professors John Deutch and Ernest Moniz Chaired Effort to Identify Barriers and Solutions
for Nuclear Option in Reducing Greenhouse Gases July 29, 2003

35. FEPC
Created to improve the operations and communinications between the ten largest electric producers in Japan. With press releases and publications, information on nuclear power, environment, and links.

RBMK1500 water-cooled graphite-moderated power plant located in Lithuania. Includes plant data and background information.

37. Nuclear And Uranium Home Page
uranium forms, nuclear surveys, nuclear forms, greenhouse gas, nuclear terminology, uranium terminology, radioactive waste, nuclear power plants, and Yucca.
xxxxx Home Nuclear Featured Topics What's New Nuclear and Uranium Publications Sign Up for Email Updates Contact Nuclear and Uranium Experts ... Privacy/Security Featured Publications Recent Monthly Statistics Annual Data from 1949 Projections to 2025
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phone: 202-586-8800
Specialized Services from NEIC

Energy Information Administration, EI 30
1000 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20585
Petroleum Gasoline Diesel ... Sectors
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38. Nuclear Energy
nuclear power accounts for about 20 percent of the total electricity A nuclear power plant operates basically the same way as a fossil fuel plant,
Nuclear Power Plants Generate Electricity
Nuclear Fuel- Uranium

Types of Reactors

Nuclear Power and the Environment
recent statistics
Nuclear power accounts for about 20 percent of the total electricity generated in the United States, an amount comparable to all the electricity used in California,Texas and New York, our three most populous (having the most people) states. In 2003, there were 66 nuclear power plants (composed of 104 licensed nuclear reactors ) throughout the United States, located mostly on the East Coast and in the Midwest. A nuclear power plant operates basically the same way as a fossil fuel plant, with one difference: the source of heat. The process that produces the heat in a nuclear plant is the fissioning or splitting of uranium atoms. That heat boils water to make the steam that turns the turbine-generator, just as in a fossil fuel plant. The part of the plant where the heat is produced is called the reactor core.
Atoms are made up of three major particles: protons, neutrons and electrons. The most common fissionable atom is an isotope (the specific member of the atom's family) of uranium known as uranium-235 (U-235 or U

39. End The Nuclear Threat | Greenpeace International
Safe nuclear power is a myth. Greenpeace is campaigning to end nuclear power, reprocessing and waste dumping.
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  • Home Pages above:
    End the nuclear threat
    Activists chained to rail tracks, blocking nuclear Castor transport from Goesgen to La Hague. Enlarge Image Safe nuclear power is a myth. Greenpeace is campaigning to end nuclear power, reprocessing and waste dumping. The Nuclear Age began in July 1945 when the US tested their first nuclear bomb near Alamogordo, New Mexico. A few years later, in 1953, President Eisenhower launched his "Atoms for Peace" Programme at the United Nations amid a wave of unbridled atomic optimism.
    However, the use of nuclear power has never been "peaceful". Almost half a century after Eisenhower's speech the planet is left with the legacy of nuclear waste, which will be radioactive for tens or hundreds of thousands of years. As yet, no safe solution for its disposal exists anywhere in the world. Help us improve this website section by taking this quick survey Nuclear installations, whether military or civil, have a sad record of accidents and incidents, shrouded in cover-ups, lies and misinformation.

40. A Web Page That Points A Browser To A Different Page After 2 Seconds
Manufactures radiation standards, radiation sources, medical sources, and radiation source devices for health physics, medical, industrial, research, and nuclear power industries.
If your browser doesn't automatically go there within a few seconds, you may want to go to the destination manually.

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