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  1. Data Mining: Practical Machine Learning Tools and Techniques, Second Edition (Morgan Kaufmann Series in Data Management Systems) by Ian H. Witten, Eibe Frank, 2005-06-22
  2. Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques, Second Edition (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Data Management Systems) by Jiawei Han, Micheline Kamber, et all 2006-01-13
  3. Introduction to Data Mining by Pang-Ning Tan, Michael Steinbach, et all 2005-05-12
  4. The Mining Valuation Handbook: Mining and Energy Valuation for Investors and Management by Dr Victor Rudenno, 2009-04-07
  5. Data Mining for Business Intelligence: Concepts, Techniques, and Applications in Microsoft Office Excel with XLMiner by Galit Shmueli, Nitin R. Patel, et all 2010-10-26
  6. Gold Mining In The 21st Century by Dave McCracken, 2005-01-01
  7. Handbook of Statistical Analysis and Data Mining Applications by Robert Nisbet, John Elder IV, et all 2009-06-05
  8. Data Mining with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 by Jamie MacLennan, ZhaoHui Tang, et all 2008-11-17
  9. Data Mining with R: Learning with Case Studies (Chapman & Hall/CRC Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Series) by Luis Torgo, 2010-11-01
  10. Web Data Mining: Exploring Hyperlinks, Contents, and Usage Data (Data-Centric Systems and Applications) by Bing Liu, 2010-11-02
  11. Soul Mining: A Musical Life by Daniel Lanois, 2010-11-09
  12. Hittel on Gold Mines and Mining by John S. Hittell, 2010-07-24
  13. Data Mining Techniques: For Marketing, Sales, and Customer Relationship Management by Michael J. A. Berry, Gordon S. Linoff, 2004-04-09
  14. An Insider's Guide to the Mining Sector: An In-Depth Study of Gold and Mining Shares (Na) by Michael Coulson, 2008-08-01

US Department of the Interior agency that regulates coal mining and reclamation in the USA, as well as reclaiming mines abandoned before 1977.
(Text Version) Information Quick-Links Key Word Search Top 20 pages Information Organized By State Principal Office Locations Program Information Regulation of Active Mines Abandoned Mine Reclamation Research and Technology News Room Current News Releases News Release Archive Announcements Information Via E-Mail ... more Reference Center Statistics Forms Photo Library Laws and Regulations ... more Key Topics About Coal Classroom Resources Acid Mine Drainage Mountaintop Mining ... Doing Business with this Office
Office of Surface Mining
1951 Constitution Ave. N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20240

OSM supports the Emergency Response to Katrina. Following the priorities established by the President and Secretary Norton, the Office of Surface Mining has combed its resources to offer and lend support to the federal effort to assist state and local government emergency response under the National Response Plan. ( more
Office of Surface Mining's Mid-Continent Regional Office provided an exhibit at the White House Conference on Cooperative Conservation in St. Louis, MO, August 29 and 30. Office of Surface Mining staff interacted with the Conference attendees and discussed successes in promoting environmentally responsible mining and reclamation that results in habitat conservation and wise use of natural resources, through cooperation with the states, other agencies, the academic community, industry, and outside interest groups. Programs featured by the exhibit included the Office of Surface Mining’s Bats and Mining Forums, Coal Combustion Byproducts Initiatives, 2005 Wildlife Summit, Technology Transfer Program, Technical Innovation and Professional Services, and the National Technical Training Program, all representing successful cooperative initiatives by the Office of Surface Mining and its partners. Many conference participants stopped by to visit including Secretary Norton and Assistant Secretary Rebecca Watson.

2. Minova International - Underground Mining Equipment And Mining, Coal Mining
Manufacturer of ventilation, rock bolting, strata injection, ground support and tunnelling products for the mining industry.
coal mining, mining and underground mining equipment
Welcome to minova international we provide the following: coal mining underground mining equipment and mining Click on the relevant link for further information on: coal mining, underground mining equipment and mining. At minova international we offer quality coal mining as well as coal mining, and mining. Enter the site to view our range of coal mining photos and products and services. Our website provides all the information you need on underground mining equipment or coal mining. If you have any queries on coal mining, underground mining equipment call or email us today so we can help further on underground mining equipment or anything else. For more on our products click on individual product or services click below:
coal mining

coal mining
the total web
water stop
click for more information on mining underground mining equipment specialists underground mining equipment, mining. click here for the relevant product information: mining click here for more on these and prices underground mining equipment total-websight Ltd Boomerang Group (C)

3. National Mining Association
Resources mining organizations and trade associations NMA Member Companies mining Schools and Universities Government Others

4. InfoMine - Mining Intelligence And Technology
Information and access to information and news on the mining industry.
Home News Companies Countries ... Subscribe Sunday, September 18, 2005 4:41AM IDLE (GMT +12hrs) More Searches Site Map Dictionary - Select your language - Chinese Espaqol/Spanish Portugujs/Portuguese Other Current readership more than
unique visitors monthly
We at InfoMine are deeply saddened by the tragic loss of life and devastation resulting from Hurricane Katrina. Click here to see what you can do to help. Inco's steelworkers ratified 3-year contract at Manitoba operations in Canada
Toronto, Canada Heading off a threatened strike, workers at Inco Ltd's Manitoba smelter and mining operations in Canada have ratified a new contract that includes wage increases of almost 12% over three years. Members of United Steelworkers' Local 6166 voted Thursday in favour of a tentative settlement reached earlier this week. "We are proud of what we have negotiated here in Thompson," said local union president Bob Desjarlais. "Negotiations were not easy, but they were a far cry from the difficult rounds of bargaining we have experienced over the last decade." Ahead of a midnight Thursday strike deadline, analysts had earlier predicted a work stoppage that could boost global nickel prices. more...

Unless a country's government can maintain a stable and constructive business climate, mineral investment will suffer
Canada and the Challenge of Attracting Investment in Mining
by Gordon R. Peeling, President The Mining Association of Canada Ottawa, Canada
Thank you for inviting me to discuss Canada's challenges in attracting mining investment. A country's mineral potential can only be realized if it can attract the necessary mining capital. Unless a country's government can maintain a stable and constructive business climate, mineral investment will suffer. Today, mining countries face special challenges in attracting investment. For one thing, we live in a time of rapid political change. Globalization has revealed new opportunities for investment and has increased competition for mining capital. The rapidity of modern communications ensures that investment problems in any one country are instantly known across the globe. Thus, maintaining a stable and welcoming policy climate is both more important, and more difficult, than it has ever been. I would like to begin by outlining some of the business and policy problems we faced. I will then briefly describe three major initiatives taken by The Mining Association of Canada to improve the investment climate in Canada and the early results of these initiatives. Finally, I would like to say a few words about new international challenges which face the global mining industry.

6. KDnuggets Data Mining, Web Mining, And Knowledge Discovery Guide
Data mining and knowledge discovery resources.

7. Welcome To Mining Technology
The website for the mining, quarrying and tunnelling industry.
Industry Projects International coverage of Mines extracting Energy Minerals, Ferrous, Base and Precious Metals, Industrial Minerals and Gemstones Mining industry Equipment, Products and Services Catalogue A-Z Company Index Industry News Releases An alphabetical listing of Mining Contractors and Suppliers The latest Mining Technology product news and press releases
Newsletter Registration
New On This Site Organisations Industry Websites ... About Us
8 Aug 2005 Established 1996 2005 SPG Media Limited a subsidiary of SPG Media Group PLC

8. TDAN Graettinger - Digging Up Dollars
Tim Graettinger. Data mining creates information assets that an organization can leverage to achieve these strategic objectives. In this article, we address some of the key questions executives have about data mining.
The Data Administration Newsletter (
Robert S. Seiner
Tim Graettinger - Discovery Corps, Inc. Introduction
information assets that an organization can leverage to achieve these strategic objectives. In this article, we address some of the key questions executives have about data mining. These include:
  • What is data mining? What can data mining do for my organization? How can my organization get started?
Business Definition of Data Mining Data mining is a new component in an enterprise's decision support system (DSS) architecture. It complements and interlocks with other DSS capabilities such as query and reporting, on-line analytical processing (OLAP), data visualization, and traditional statistical analysis. Shown in Figure 1, these other DSS technologies are generally retrospective . They provide reports, tables, and graphs of what happened in the past. A user who knows what she's looking for can answer specific questions like: "How many new accounts were opened in the Midwest region last quarter," "Which stores had the largest change in revenues compared to the same month last year," or "Did we meet our goal of a ten-percent increase in holiday sales?"
We define data mining as "

9. Coal Mining History Resource Centre
History of coal mining in UK Database of UK mining deaths mining books and texts 1842 Royal Commission Reports Children in the mines Official lists

10. National Mining Association
Resources mining organizations and trade associations NMA Member Companies mining Schools and Universities Government Others.

Members Only - Updated Board Meeting Documents now available

NMA Hosts 2005 Mine Safety, Reclamation and Environmental Awards

NMA urges Senate to reject onerous mercury resolution

September 16th Edition of Mining Week

Learn more about: Energy Bill NEPA Energy Mercury Air Quality Reclamation TRI
How you can help victims of Katrina:
Hurricane Katrina Recovery Job Connection

America's Job Bank

Register with the Dept. of Homeland Security National Emergency Resource Registry to provide needed materials and equipment to effected areas
This site can be best viewed in Internet Explorer version 5 and above, and version 4.7 and above. NMA News About NMA Policy Statistics ... Key Industry Vote

11. GNEST Global Issues: Visual Impacts Of Industrial Activities And Visualisation
Paper on visualization of the visual impacts of mining and quarrying.
Home Page Application for Membership Conferences Journal ... Links to Related Sites Global Issues Visual Impacts of Industrial Activities and Visualisation Visual impacts of industrial activities have not only been widely recognised, but nowadays are considered as one of the majorenvironmental impacts. The aesthetic impact of various industrial activities on the environment (mining is one of the most characteristic of such activities) is difficult to discuss in view of the overwhelming importance of subjective factors and the lack of an objective base from which to work. An additional complication is that opinion on the visual acceptability of an industrial operation varies markedly, depending on the location, as well as on many non-visual criteria. To assess the visual impacts of an activity a number of evaluation methodologies have been developed. In general, the Visual Impact Assessment of a proposed development addresses three types of issues: spatial, quantitative and qualitative. Spatial issues include where the development is visible from or, more specifically, what or whom it is visible to; quantitative issues include how much of the development is visible, how much of the surrounding area is affected, and to what degree; and qualitative issues include the visual character of the development and its compatibility with its surroundings. In other words, the three major problems in visual landscape evaluation are: (i) the technical problem of how to visualise possible changes in the landscape; (ii) the theoretical problem of how to evaluate scenic beauty; and (iii) the administrative problem of how to integrate visual aspects in the planning process (Lange, 1994).

12. Mining Association Of British Columbia The Voice Of Mining Since
The mining Association of British Columbia (MABC) speaks on behalf of mineral producers, the major component of a $4.5 billion industry in British

13. BotSpot 2005 ®: The Spot For All Bots
Including intelligent agents, data mining, knowledge discovery, artificial intelligence. Biweekly newsletter available.
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Copernic Agent Professional
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Tahni is a sexy supermodel who lives and plays on your desktop. She reacts if you touch her or move her around the screen with your mouse. If you leave her alone, she will amuse herself and entertain you in the process.

14. Mining History Network .. Homepage
The mining History Network is an information resource for mining historians. It includes an international contact list, mining history news such as

15. Text Mining And The Knowledge Management Space
A Semio Corporation white paper.

16. SME - Society For Mining Metallurgy And Exploration
An international society of professionals associated with mining and mineralrelated industries.

17. Newmont Mining Corporation - Home
The world s largest gold producer with significant assets or operations on five continents. Includes business, operation and investor information.
Search Newmont: careers legal sitemap contact us ... email webmaster Welcome to Newmont Mining Corporation,
North America
South America Australia and Indonesia . The Company is advancing two exploration projects in Ghana , which combined represented 16.0 million ounces of reserves at year-end 2004 and is expected to become the next core operating district. Newmont employs approximately 14,000 people worldwide and Newmont is committed to the highest standards for environmental management, health and safety for its employees and neighboring communities.
Newmont Supports Hurricane Katrina Relief

Newmont is focusing our efforts on the needs of families who have been relocated to Colorado by partnering with the United Way and Red Cross.. ( Read More Second Quarter Net Income of $50 Million ($0.11 per share)

Develop, produce and provide technical support for a wide range of construction and mining machinery and industrial devices. Includes company and service overview. Poland.
Grupa kapita³owa FADROMA dzia³a na polskim rynku od 1997 roku. Powsta³a w wyniku restrukturyzacji jednego z najbardziej znanych polskich producentów maszyn budowlanych i górniczych Fabryki Maszyn "Fadroma" S.A. Tworz± j± trzy spó³ki:
  • FADROMA Development Sp. z o.o. (spó³ka wiod±ca) FADROMA Holding Sp. z o.o. FADROMA Transport Sp. z o.o.
FADROMA Development Sp. z o.o. jako spó³ka wiod±ca Grupy odpowiada za obs³ugê konstrukcyjno-technologiczn± produkcji oraz rozwój techniczny wyrobów Grupy FADROMA, dzia³ania marketingowe i sprzeda¿ oraz zarz±dzanie maj±tkiem produkcyjnym. FADROMA Holding Sp. z o.o. prowadzi produkcjê wyrobów Grupy FADROMA oraz w ramach posiadanych mo¿liwo¶ci produkcyjnych ¶wiadczy us³ugi zewnêtrzne w szerokim zakresie operacji technologicznych. Ponadto poprzez spó³kê zale¿n± FADROMA Transport Sp. z o.o. ¶wiadczone s± us³ugi transportowe samochodem dostawczym oraz samochodem ciê¿arowym z przyczep± niskopodwoziow± przystosowan± do przewozu ciê¿kich maszyn. Prowadzony jest równie¿ wynajem ³adowarek budowlanych FADROMA £200 i £201A. Sprzeda¿ produktów GRUPY FADROMA na rynkach zagranicznych na zasadzie wy³±czno¶ci prowadzi Przedsiêbiorstwo Handlu Zagranicznego BUMAR Sp. z o.o.

19. Mine Safety And Health Administration (MSHA) - U.S. Department Of
Dept. of Labor. Federal Sites. mining Links. MSHA Webmaster Translations industrial sand, trona, bentonite, borate, and clay mining

20. IOM3 - Institute Of Materials, Minerals And Mining
Looking for products or services in the materials, minerals and mining sector? The Institute of Materials, Minerals and mining (IOM3) was officially
Welcome to the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining
The Global Network for the Materials Cycle
Institute Awards and Prizes for 2006 Open for Nominations
Nominations are invited for the Institute’s awards and prizes for 2006, which cover all disciplines of the Institute and include prizes for personal achievement as well as for publications. The deadine for nominations is 20 December 2005. More details
MY MATERIALS WORLD - Customised Email Alert
Sign up for our new customised email alert service, My Materials World, by logging into our Members' area and ticking the check box under "My Interests". Click the Members button on the top right of this page.
IoP: The Packaging Society

Following the merger of the Institute of Packaging with IOM , the packaging interests of the Institute are focussed within "IoP: The Packaging Society". More details
Supplier Marketplace
Looking for products or services in the materials, minerals and mining sector? Visit our Supplier Marketplace for information on companies who may be able to help.
Worldwide Events Calendar
Visit our international calendar of events in materials, minerals and mining, searchable by date and subject.

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