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         Metallurgy:     more books (100)
  1. Physical Chemistry of Metals (Metallurgy) by L.S. Darken, R.W. Gurry, 1953-12
  2. Early Metallurgy, Trade and Urban Centres in Thailand and Southeast Asia
  3. Mining & Metallurgy in Ancient India by Rina Shrivastava, 2006-08-31
  4. Mining and Metallurgy in the Greek and Roman World (Aspects of Greek & Roman Life) by J.F. Healy, 1978-02-20
  5. Physical Ceramics for Engineers (Addison-Wesley Series in Metallurgy and Materials) by Lawrence H. Van Vlack, 1964-12
  6. Physical Metallurgy by Peter Haasen, B. L. Mordike, 1996-04-26
  7. Introduction to Physical Metallurgy by Sidney H. Avner, 1976-11-01
  8. Metallurgy in Ancient Eastern Eurasia from the Urals to the Yellow River (Chinese Studies, V. 31)
  9. An elementary text-book of metallurgy by A Humboldt b. 1853 Sexton, 2010-08-18
  10. Physical Metallurgy of Steels by William C. Leslie, 1991-06
  11. Mineral Processing Plant Design, Practice, and Control (2 Volume Set)
  12. The Chemistry of Gold Extraction by John Marsden, Iain House, 2006-03-05
  13. Introduction to the Physical Metallurgy of Welding (Butterworths Monographs in Metals) by K. E. Easterling, 1983-07
  14. Welding Metallurgy, Carbon and Alloy Steels, Volume II, Technology by George E. Linnert, 1967

101. Jordan: Ancient Metallurgy
Quick Introduction Ancient metallurgy. metallurgy is the process of working metal ores into metal artifacts (tools and toys). It is possible to pound on
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Ancient Metallurgy
Over the centuries, smiths have used a range of techniques to process metal. This page begins with a discussion of bronze and of iron and steel , followed by a brief discussion of lead and gold . The page then discusses metalworking methods
Materials: Bronze
Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin, usually in roughly a nine-to-one ratio. In some cases additional elements were added as well. Copper itself is quite a soft metal, and only marginally useful for tools, but the introduction of tin much increases its hardness as well as making casting easier. Copper is found in many places in the world, but not universally. Tin is actually rather rare. Thus the production of bronze depends upon felicitous location or successful trade, and it was always a luxury product in the ancient world, even when "useful" products were made from it. Control of copper and tin mines, and of associated trade routes, therefore became important to the wealth and prestige of many peoples, and, when bronze weapons came into general use, important to their security as well.
Antimonial Bronze
The introduction of antimony in addition to the tin and copper produces a harder bronze, better able to hold a cutting edge and less likely to be bent in use.

102. SpringerLink - Publication
Earth and the Environment Minerals, Mining, and metallurgyMinerals, Mining, and metallurgy. metallurgy and Mining Biographies metallurgy and Mining Terms and Concepts Mineralogy and Crystallography

103. Qualification Standards For GS-1321
Individual Occupational Requirements for. GS1321 metallurgy Series Degree metallurgy or metallurgical engineering that included at least 20 semester
United States Office of Personnel Management
Operating Manual
Qualification Standards for General Schedule Positions
Individual Occupational Requirements for
GS-1321: Metallurgy Series
The text below is extracted verbatim from Section IV-B of the Operating Manual for Qualification Standards for General Schedule Positions (p.IV-B-187), but contains minor edits to conform to web-page requirements. Use these individual occupational requirements in conjunction with the "Group Coverage Qualification Standard for Professional and Scientific Positions ." Basic Requirements:
  • Degree: metallurgy or metallurgical engineering that included at least 20 semester hours in metallurgical subjects. OR
  • Combination of education and experiencecourses equivalent to a major, as shown in A above, plus appropriate experience or additional education. Page created 22 March 1999
  • 104. PowderMetalWeb: Powder Metallurgy, Sintering, Metal Injection Moulding And More.
    A Powder Metal Sinter B2B Portal, covers Powder metallurgy, Sintering, Metal Injection Moulding etc by featuring an industry directory, patents, technical and market news, a marketplace and technical support for the PM business.

    105. Department Overview
    Website for the department; specialization includes Mineral Processing, Extractive metallurgy, Physical metallurgy/Materials Engineering, and Welding Engineering. Located in Butte, Montana.
    Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
    News Professor Larry Twidwell: Winner of the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineer 2001 Minerals Industry Education Award. Welcome New Research Associate to the Department: Dr. Eric Dahlgren and Dr. Greg Hope
    Mission Statement
    As one of the oldest programs at Montana Tech of The University of Montana, the Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Program continues to serve the historical mission of The School of Mines and therefore the needs and interests of mineral- and metal-related industries by providing students a broad and quality education with an appropriate blend of theory and practice so that they can successfully enter into a career and become productive members of society. M etallurgical Engineering is an exceptionally broad field encompassing five disciplines of minerals, metals and materials processing and manufacturing: Mineral Processing Engineering Extractive Metallurgy Physical Metallurgy Materials Engineering , and Welding Metallurgy.

    106. Metallurgy --  Encyclopædia Britannica
    metallurgy art and science of extracting metals from their ores and modifying the metals for use. metallurgy customarily refers to commercial as opposed to

    107. Jiangmen Powder Metallurgy Factory Ltd.
    Ferrite magnets, soft ferrite cores and powder metallurgy components. With news and information on research undertaken.

    108. Metallurgy Chemicals: Foundry Moulds, Sintering
    metallurgy foundry moulds and sintering. q. Send this link to a friend. metallurgy. Metallury applications include • Foundry moulds • Sintering
    Send this link to a friend Metallurgy Metallury applications include:
    Resources Literature

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    109. AMC - Failure Analysis, Metallurgy, And Welding
    Providing failure analysis, metallurgy, welding, and corrosion services.
    Metallurgical Consultants
    Failure Analysis

    Root Cause Analysis


    Failure Mechanisms Fatigue Corrosion Stress corrosion cracking Ductile and brittle fractures ... Liquid metal embrittlement Welding MIG TIG Stick SAW Corrosion Corrosion failures Stress corrosion cracking Uniform corrosion Galvanic corrosion ... Marine corrosion Topics Explosions Castings Boilers Heat Exchangers ... Ships Alloys Steel Stainless Steel Aluminum Copper ... Titanium
    Engineering Consulting Services
    Metallurgical Consultants engineers specialize in industrial product failure, corrosion, expert witness testimony, industrial accident investigation, materials and metallurgical engineering, welding , manufacturing, forensic engineering, product liability, and explosion investigation services. Our principle failure analysis engineer and forensic accident investigation expert can solve your industrial failure analysis or provide expert witness testimony for your insurance accident investigation or product liability investigation. We provide on site product liability evaluation, accident investigation, engineering analysis, litigation support, expert witness testimony, and evaluation of conformance to industry specifications. Metallurgical Consultants also provides solutions to manufacturing problems that improve your product quality, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Proper

    110. National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur-831007
    Consultancy, testing, and research and development on all fields of metallurgy and material science.
    Director's Desk Facilities Technologies Current Publications ... Loading Menu...
    Search NML Web search
    Announcement Walk-in-interview will be held at National Metallurgical Laboratory, Burmamines, Jamshedpur for selection of various positions of "Project Assistant/Junior Research Fellow". The interview will be held on August 27, 2005 at 10:00 A.M. About NML History Organisation , Field Stations Centre Expert Database Site Map NML Site Map Search NML site E-Mail/Useful Links E-Mail (NML Staff) Useful Link Technology Offer Important Technologies New Technologies Technology recently transferred Feedback Submit your feedback/Queries, etc. Advertisement New Jobs/Recruitment Tender New materials devices/process , etc Directory Events NML Seminar Functions Training Press etc. IP Assets Patents , Softwares, Reports, Publications CSIR invites applications for 4th CSIR Diamond Jubilee Invention Award (CDJIA-2005) Details NML Certified Reference Materials NML Gold Hall Mark Centre NML NDE Centre ... Contact NML, Jamshedpur

    111. Höganäs AB The Worlds Largest Producer Of Iron And Metal Powders
    Swedish producer of metal powders. H¶gan¤s AB`s business concept is to develop, manufacture and market iron and nonferrous metal powders. The most important customers are found in the powder metallurgy, welding, chemical and metallurgical industries.

    112. NPL: Process Metallurgy
    NPL. The National Physical Laboratory the UK s national standards laboratory, who look after the basic units of measurement such as time, mass and length
    The UK's National Measurement Laboratory Advanced Search Return to: Materials Research Process Metallurgy Reliable Data for Process Modelling
    ... NPL Publications How can we improve the site for you? Email Address Full Feedback Form
    Process Metallurgy
    Contact Us Website Map Science Materials
    Models to describe industrially important processes such as castin, rolling and forging are now very important manufacturing tools. NPL develops measurement methods to determine the thermophysical data needed for these models - examples include heat capacity, density, and viscosity. Process Metallurgy Projects:
    • Flow behaviour of molten metals and oxides. More Info... Solidification processing of metallic alloys. More Info... High-temperature chemical processing of materials. More Info...
    Process Metallurgy Software: MTDATA is a software/data package for the calculation of phase equilibria in multicomponent multiphase systems using, as a basis, critically assessed thermodynamic data. It has numerous applications in the fields of metallurgy, chemistry, materials science, and geochemistry depending only on the data available. Problems of mixed character can be handled, for example equilibria involving the interaction between liquid and solid alloys and matte, slag and gas phases. The thermodynamic models necessary to describe the properties of a wide range of phase types are incorporated in the software and database structures.

    National Physical Laboratory, Teddington, Middlesex, UK, TW11 0LW

    Mailing list for the discussion of all aspects of archaeometallurgy including ancient metallurgy and metal artifacts, the applications of material science to archaeo- metallurgy, and the development of methodologies to the study archaeo- metallurical debris.
    List Archives Subscriber's Corner
    Server Archives

    List Archives
    List Management

    List Moderation

    Server Management

    ... Archive Search Archives of ARCH-METALS@JISCMAIL.AC.UK
    Arch-Metals Group

    114. Department Of Metallurgical Engineering - University Of Missouri, Rolla
    The graduation of metallurgical engineers at the BS, MS, and PhD levels, to contribute to the state and nation's technological research effort in the important fields of extractive, manufacturing, and physical metallurgy.

    115. HUT - Laboratory Of Metallurgy
    Welcome to the www pages of the Laboratory of metallurgy! In 1959 metallurgy obtained its own laboratory in the Dept of Technical Physics and in 1964
    Welcome to the www - pages of the Laboratory of Metallurgy! The Helsinki University of Technology is the oldest and largest technical university in Finland. It was founded in 1849 and received university status in 1908. It is situated on a modern campus area, about 8 km west of Helsinki city centre. The university consists of 12 departments and several separate institutes. The departments contain in total approximately 100 laboratories. The student enrolment is presently around 13800, of which 2600 are doctoral students.
    In 1959 Metallurgy obtained its own laboratory in the Dept of Technical Physics and in 1964 the Department of Rock Engineering was built and extended in 1973. Today the Laboratory of Metallurgy is one of the six laboratories of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. The laboratory is now in freshly renovated rooms on the third floor of the department building.
    design Mediapora

    116. MPIF: All You Need To Know About Powder Metallurgy
    US PM industry association. Comprehensive resource for information about powder metallurgy (P/M) and particulate paterials.
    Introducing PM About MPIF PM Design Center PM Industry ...
    Other Sites of Interest

    HYDROGEN CRISIS CONTINUES Along with steel making and other industries, the PM industry faces a serious shortage of hydrogen due to the horrific damage sustained from Hurricane Katrina. Impacted PM parts fabricators and metal powder suppliers are seeking alternative sources of supply. MORE NEWS...
    Pick PM! is a trademark of MPIF
    105 College Road East, Princeton, New Jersey 08540 USA
    TEL: 609-452-7700 FAX: 609-987-8523 EMAIL:

    117. Kommersant - Russia's Daily Online
    Nonferrous metallurgy is one of the most important industries for the Russian The Russian aluminum industry, like ferrous metallurgy, differs from the

    118. Zhejiang Tianshi Powder Metallurgy Co. Ltd.
    China. Produces wide range of cemented and solid carbide blanks and components. Applications include wear parts, indexable inserts, wiredrawing dies, and mining, cutting, welding, and woodworking tools.

    119. Extractive Metallurgy Front Page
    Honours studies in Mineral Science Extractive metallurgy PostGraduate Studies Professional Development Courses Research Staff Scholarships

    About Us
    Undergraduate Studies Post-Graduate Studies Professional Development Courses ... Contact Us
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    Authorised by: Chair, PR Committee
    Murdoch University

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    120. David Menne's Gold Metallurgy
    Information on gold metallurgy and process modelling grinding and milling, beneficiation and concentration, cyanidation, CIP, CIL, acid washing, elution, regeneration, electrowinning and smelting

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