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         Metallurgy:     more books (100)
  1. Metallurgy Theory and Practice by Dell K. Allen, 1969-06
  2. Extractive Metallurgy by Joseph Newton, 1959-12
  3. Powder Metallurgy of Iron and Steel by Randall M. German, 1998-03-17
  4. Welding Metallurgy and Weldability of Nickel-Base Alloys by John C. Lippold, Samuel D. Kiser, et all 2009-10-12
  5. Physical Metallurgy and Advanced Materials, Seventh Edition by R. E. Smallman, A.H.W. Ngan, 2007-11-21
  6. Powder Metallurgy & Particulate Materials Processing by Randall M. German, 2005-03-31
  7. Mining and metallurgy by Unknown, 2010-05-05
  8. Mine Design: Examples Using Simulation by John R. Sturgul, 1999-09
  9. Rock Slope Stability by Charles A. Kliche, 1999-07
  10. Basic Engineering Metallurgy : Theories, Principles, and Applications by Carl A. Keyser, 1960
  11. Materials Science and Metallurgy (4th Edition) by H. Pollack, 1988-01-18
  12. Materials Science for Engineers (Addison-Wesley Series in Metallurgy and Materials) by Lawrence H. Van Vlack, 1970-01
  13. Physical Metallurgy of Direct Chill Casting of Aluminum Alloys (Advances in Metallic Alloys) by Dmitry G. Eskin, 2008-04-17
  14. Principles of Welding: Processes, Physics, Chemistry, and Metallurgy by Robert W. Messler, 1999-03-24

41. CIM Home
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42. The South African Institute Of Mining And Metallurgy
An institute catering for professional engineers, scientists, technicians, technologists and industries involved in mining, mineral Processing, extraction metallurgy, metals and materials sciences.

43. IngentaConnect Publication: Powder Metallurgy
Powder metallurgy. ISSN 00325899 visit publication homepage Powder metallurgy logo Maney Publishing logo Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining

44. IngentaConnect Publication: Mineral Processing And Extractive Metallurgy
Mineral Processing and Extractive metallurgy. ISSN 03719553 visit publication homepage Mineral Processing and Extractive metallurgy logo Maney

45. Perfect Disc Repair MHTC CD DVD Reparatie Repareer Polijst Herstel Machines
Levering van hardware en toebehoren voor het repareren en beschermen van cd's.
Perfect disc repair,MHTC,CD DVD reparatie,repareer,polijst,herstel machines,polijsten,herstel van gekraste,beschadigde,CD's,CD-ROM,DVD,Playstation disc polijsten,hulpmiddelen,apparatuur, polijstmachines,machine,cdrepair machine gekraste,beschadigde,CD's,disc,discs,disk,disks cdreparatie,Fix-a-disc,CD's,CD-ROM,DVD,cdreparatie,CD polijsten, CD Herstel,polijsten,machines,apparatuur,polijstmachines,kennis,techniek, reparatietechniek,27052002.

46. Device Materials Group
Research programme on magnetic and superconducting materials, oxides, nitrides and carbides. Department of Materials Science and metallurgy at the University of Cambridge.
Cambridge University Department of Materials Science About the Group Group Members Research Facilities ... Internal Information (available only from within the group) Updated 8/8/2005 Device Materials Group
We are very sad to announce that Professor Jan Evetts, the founding head of the Device Materials Group, passed away on Thursday 18th August 2005.

47. SpringerLink - Publication MPIF All You Need To Know About Powder metallurgyUS PM industry association. Comprehensive resource for information about powder metallurgy (P/M) and particulate paterials.
Articles Publications Publishers

Publication Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics Publisher: Consultants Bureau, An Imprint of Springer Verlag New York LLC. ISSN: 1068-1302 (Paper) 1573-9066 (Online) Subject: Chemistry and Materials Science Engineering Issues in bold contain content you are entitled to view. Volume 44 Numbers 3-4 / March 2005 Numbers 1-2 / January 2005 Request a sample Volume 43 Numbers 11-12 / November 2004 Numbers 9-10 / September 2004 Numbers 7-8 / July 2004 Numbers 5-6 / May 2004 ... Numbers 1-2 / January 2004 Volume 42 Numbers 11-12 / November 2003 Numbers 9-10 / September 2003 Numbers 7-8 / July 2003 Numbers 5-6 / May 2003 ... Numbers 1-2 / January 2003 Volume 41 Numbers 11-12 / November 2002 Numbers 9-10 / September 2002 Numbers 7-8 / July 2002 Numbers 5-6 / May 2002 ... Numbers 1-2 / January 2002 Volume 40 Numbers 11-12 / November 2001 Numbers 9-10 / September 2001 Numbers 7-8 / July 2001 Numbers 5-6 / May 2001 ... Numbers 1-2 / January 2001 Volume 39 Numbers 11-12 / November 2000 Numbers 9-10 / September 2000 Numbers 7-8 / July 2000 First page
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48. Production
Manufacturer of cast iron brake shoes for train engines and railway cars, located in Odesa.
Limited 83 Srednyaya Str., Odessa, 270614, Ukraine tel./fax (+380 482) 328102, 328146, 274179 E-mail:
Ltd. is young permanently developing enterprise that were set up in 1997 . The enterprise is situated in the South-Eastern part of Odessa (Ukraine).
The form of ownership is private enterprise.
The company started its business forwarding the Cargo for export-import by different means of transport (railway, autocars) and since then it grew into the potential company which concentrated its activity in the metal-processing industry.
The enterprise consists of foundry workshops that manufactures production of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy.
The new manufacturing technologies are being implemented on the enterprises. All labour-consuming works have been mechanized and fully automated. The company is capable of receiving raw material and dispatching production by trains or motorcars.
At the present time the main manufacturing production are: - brake shoes for motor car of rolling stock;

49. Early Bronze Age Metallurgy
From Antiquity 76 (no 292). Thomas E.Levy et al describe the discovery of the largest Early Bronze Age copper manufactory in the Middle East, found in the Wadi Faynan area.

50. Underlying Metallurgy
solidification,diffraction,TEM,ferrous,metallurgy, materials, matter.

51. Metallurgy Radio Show
Weekly internet broadcast of 2 hour heavy metal radio show.

52. Metallurgy, Indian Institute Of Science, Bangalore, INDIA
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53. Engineering/Consulting/Testing
Specializing in corrosion, metallurgy, and materials engineering problems, materials testing, and failure analysis investigation
Corrmet Engineering Services, Inc. Engineering/Consulting/Testing Corrmet Engineering Services offers complete consultation and practical solutions to corrosion / metallurgy / materials engineering problems. Experienced and hands-on professional staff in all areas of corrosion control, mitigation, testing. Corporate Information General Capabilities Directory of Services Contact Corrmet Engineering Services at for more information

54. Metallurgy
Provides failure analysis, metallurgy, welding, and corrosion engineering services
Metallurgical Consultants
Failure Analysis

Root Cause Analysis


Process Control

Expert Witness


Customer Cases
Failure Mechanisms Fatigue Corrosion Stress corrosion cracking Ductile and brittle fractures ... Liquid metal embrittlement Welding MIG TIG Stick SAW Corrosion Corrosion failures Stress corrosion cracking Uniform corrosion Galvanic corrosion ... Marine corrosion Topics Explosions Castings Boilers Heat Exchangers ... Ships Alloys Steel Stainless Steel Aluminum Copper ... Titanium
Metallurgy of ferrous and nonferrous alloys is presented in the pages linked below. Hopefully, this information will help those familiar with metallurgy and those unfamiliar with metallurgy principals.
Stainless Steel
Typical Metallurgical Failure Mechanisms
Understanding metallurgical concepts will assist engineering and other personnel gain a greater comprehension of failure analysis, engineering, and manufacturing of components. The linked pages above provide an introduction to the metallurgy of some important engineering metals.
Numbering Systems for Metals and Alloys
A number of diverse numbering systems have been developed for metals and alloys by a variety of industry associations, standards organizations, and engineering societies. Frequently, the designations used are related to a specification for the material.

55. Historical Metallurgy Society WWW Page
These pages have been superceded by the official Historical metallurgy Society pages. University of Bradford Ancient metallurgy Research Group
These pages have been superceded by the official Historical Metallurgy Society pages.
  • The Journal - Contents - most recent issue Databases Links to other archaeometallurgical pages links to other archaeology pages
  • Links to other Archaeo-metallurgical WWW sites and E-mail discussion groups
    E-mail discussion group Arch-metals
    Some links to other Archaeological WWW page
    The list links to other archaeological WWW sites is not intended to be comprehensive as the archaeological WWW world changes too quickly for anyone to keep up. However, it is hoped to put in links to those sites which do give a reasonable coverage of the British and European WWW pages. Please let me know (address given below) if you know of other sites

    56. Stress Corrosion Cracking
    Provides metallurgy, welding, corrosion, and failure analysis
    Metallurgical Consultants
    Failure Analysis

    Root Cause Analysis

    Failure Mechanisms Fatigue Corrosion Stress corrosion cracking Ductile and brittle fractures ... Liquid metal embrittlement Welding MIG TIG Stick SAW Corrosion Corrosion failures Stress corrosion cracking Uniform corrosion Galvanic corrosion ... Marine corrosion Topics Explosions Castings Boilers Heat Exchangers ... Ships Alloys Steel Stainless Steel Aluminum Copper ... Titanium
    Stress Corrosion Cracking
    Stress corrosion cracking is a failure mechanism that is caused by environment, susceptible material, and tensile stress. Temperature is a significant environmental factor affecting cracking. For stress corrosion cracking to occur all three conditions must be met simultaneously. The component needs to be in a particular crack promoting environment, the component must be made of a susceptible material, and there must be tensile stresses above some minimum threshold value. An externally applied load is not required as the tensile stresses may be due to residual stresses in the material. The threshold stresses are commonly below the yield stress of the material.
    Stress Corrosion Cracking Failures
    Stress corrosion cracking is an insidious type of failure as it can occur without an externally applied load or at loads significantly below yield stress. Thus, catastrophic failure can occur without significant deformation or obvious deterioration of the component. Pitting is commonly associated with stress corrosion cracking phenomena.

    57. Scandinavian Journal Of Metallurgy Home Page
    Scandinavian Journal of metallurgy journal information, contents lists and abstracts on the Blackwell Publishing website.

    58. Knovel Subject Area Metals Metallurgy
    Knovel Subject Area Metals metallurgy. Title, Author, Publisher, Copyright / Publication Date, Knovel Release Date, ISBN, Electronic ISBN, Data Type

    59. Lehrstuhl Für Metallurgie
    Part of the University of Leoben. Information for students and researchers, staff pages.

    60. Modern Physical Metallurgy And Materials Engineering - Science
    The most comprehensive and reliable source of scientific and engineering information online. Engineers and scientists will be able to find technical

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