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         Food Science:     more books (100)
  1. On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen by Harold McGee, 2004-11-16
  2. Food Science (Food Science Text Series) by Norman N. Potter, Joseph H. Hotchkiss, 1999-07-01
  3. The Science of Good Food: The Ultimate Reference on How Cooking Works by David Joachim, Andrew Schloss, et all 2008-10-10
  4. Understanding Food Science and Technology (with InfoTrac ) by Peter Murano, 2002-09-25
  5. Essentials of Food Science (Food Science Text Series) by Vickie A. Vaclavik, Elizabeth W. Christian, 2003-05-31
  6. Science of Food, Fourth Edition by K. B. Sherrington, P. M. Gaman, 1998-03-23
  7. Cooking for Geeks: Real Science, Great Hacks, and Good Food by Jeff Potter, 2010-08-02
  8. What Einstein Told His Cook: Kitchen Science Explained by Robert L. Wolke, 2008-10-17
  9. The Science of Cooking by Peter Barham, 2001-06-08
  10. Food Texture and Viscosity, Second Edition: Concept and Measurement (Food Science and Technology) by Malcolm Bourne, 2002-03-28
  11. Principles of Food Chemistry (Food Science Text Series) by John M. de Man, 1999-02-01
  12. Elementary Food Science (Food Science Texts Series) 4th Edition by Ernest R. Vieira, 1999-02-01
  13. Food Regulation: Law, Science, Policy, and Practice by Neal D. Fortin, 2009-02-03
  14. Crop Science and Food Production by Douglas D. Bishop, 1983-09

1. Food Science Central From IFIS Publishing
A gateway to free and subscription based information relating to food science, food technology and foodrelated human nutrition, including feature articles, minireviews, internet links, regular news feed and website reviews.
HOME FSTA ABOUT CONTACT US ... REGISTER Latest Anhydrous lactitol crystals, a product containing the same and a process for the preparation thereof as well as use thereof Guest Site Search Whole Site Articles Internet Links Advanced Search FoodInfo Online Features Webwatch ... Information Store Regular articles to keep you up-to-date with what's happening in the food science community. Total antioxidant capacity of plant foods: a functional ingredient for a healthy diet?
Oxidative stress-related diseases, such as cancer and atherosclerosis, have a complex aetiology with multiple risk factors that involve the interplay between genetic and environmental influences. More...
Short reviews of web sites of particular use to the food community. Web-based courses on food law
The International Food Law Internet Certificate Program is sponsored by the Institute for Food Laws and Regulations and the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at Michigan State University. More...
In Memoriam: Ernest Mann
Molecular biology and its application to microbial food safety Crunch time as snack foods market faces new challenges ... Food safety and hygiene
Regular reports highlighting and discussing new, key food science papers.
Resveratrol in reds and roses

Resveratrol may contribute to the beneficial health effects of red wine. Determination of

2. Food Science Australia
food science Australia is Australia s largest food research and developmentorganisation. It is a joint venture of CSIRO and the Victorian Department of
Welcome to Food Science Australia
7 September 2005: New CEO for Food Science Australia
Long-time food industry professional, Dr Anthos Yannakou has been appointed CEO for Australia's largest and most diversified food research organisation, Food Science Australia. More ... Promise, People, Partners Partnership Excellence Award to Food Science Australia CSIRO's Partnership Excellence Award for 2005 was awarded to the Food Science Australia joint venture in recognition of the team's highly effective partnership with industry and Government.
Food Science Australia is Australia's largest and most diversified food research organisation and a joint venture of CSIRO and the Victorian Government . We are committed to turning scientific research into innovative solutions for the food industry in Australia and overseas. Through our science we support the health and well-being of consumers.
Our purpose is to provide: Our promise
  • To deliver innovative food research that generates high quality outcomes and return on investment To be the food industry's principal source of expertise, objective opinion and knowledge

3. Singapore Institute Of Food Science And Technology
Provides resources and activities on food science and Technology. Back to Home SIFST and other IFST Profile The Council Past Presidents Constitution HACCP Consultant Events Short Courses Professional Talks Factory Visits Student Activities ... Other Events Publications SIFST Annuals Annual Report Related Links Food News ... Members Join Us Online Registration Manual Registration FAQ The Singapore Institute of Food Science and Technology (SIFST) SIFST was founded in 1977 as a non-profit scientific society with members working in food science, food technology and related professions in industry, academia and government. The Institute's mission is the furtherance of food science and technology through learning and interaction and collaboration between professionals in Singapore and worldwide, and has the following objectives: *To promote the standing of the food profession and to maintain high ethical standards throughout the profession;

4. IFST Institute Of Food Science Technology Home Page
Qualifications offered, membership benefits, career information, guide to thesubject and links to resources.
IFST is the independent incorporated professional qualifying body for food scientists and technologists. Its purposes are :-
  • to serve the public interest by furthering the application of science and technology to all aspects of the supply of safe, wholesome, nutritious and attractive food, nationally and internationally;
  • to advance the standing of food science and technology , both as a subject and as a profession;
  • to assist members in their career and personal development within the profession;
  • to uphold professional standards of competence and integrity This Web site last updated on 17 September 2005.
    Search the IFST Web Site using keyword(s)
    Just type in the keyword(s) as you would in word processing. This will bring links to the Web page(s) containing the keyword(s). and show sentences containing the keyword(s).
    IFST Website Main Index IFST soon to launch its new Website IFST Information Statements on today's food-related hot topics IFST and CIFST jointly announce their Co-operating Societies Agreement IFST and HKFSTA jointly announce their Co-operating Societies Agreement IFST and SAAFoST jointly announce their Co-operating Societies Agreement IFST and SIFST jointly announce their Co-operating Societies Agreement IFST and MIFT jointly announce their Co-operating Societies Agreement IFST updates Policy Statement on Licensing of Food Establishments IFST creates new membership grade, Executive Associate
  • 5. The Blonz Guide To Nutrition, Food Science And Health
    A resource compiled by a scientist and journalist, with pages of links to the industry, government and academic institutions.
    When News Breaks,
    The Blonz Guide Can Help You Fix It! Over 3 million have stopped by
    Food Combining: Not based on digestible science.
    Always seek objective confirmation.
    Your standard should be competent and reliable scientific evidence.
    Testimonials are designed to sound convincing, but by themselves they count for little.
    Clicks that help others - no strings.
    Why not take a few seconds NOW to help out?
    One click, per button, per day.
    There is an enormous assortment of nutrition and health-related material on the web. The chore is being able to sort out science-based information from the worthless and sometimes dangerous cyberjunk. I work as scientist/journalist, writing on nutrition, foods, health and wellness and online resources are utilized in my research. The "BLONZ GUIDE" is a compilation of sources found during my wanderings, assembled in the hope that it will help you find the quality information you seek. M y focus is to list science-reliable sites and steer clear of those that only push products, especially those of questionable scientific merit. It is all designed to help you find just about anything that's findable.

    6. IFST Institute Of Food Science Technology Home Page
    Institute of food science Technology Home Page

    7. IFST Food Science Technology FAQs Part 1
    About food science, Nutrition and Safety Part 1 of 4. Here are brief answers,compiled by the Institute of food science Technology, to some of the most
    Frequently Asked Questions
    About Food Science, Nutrition
    and Safety: Part 1 of 4
    Here are brief answers, compiled by the , to some of the most frequently asked questions about food and food topics. In the interests of 'user-friendliness' these are written so that, as far as possible, each answer is self-contained. This of necessity results in some repetition of material in the answers to related questions. Please note that the IFST Office is solely administrative, and cannot deal with any enquiries for technical information or advice. However, bona fide journalists seeking information on a food science topic may phone the Institute office to ask to be put in touch with an appropriate expert. There are five Parts. This is Part 1 - FOOD AND NUTRITION FAQs. The other three are:-
    You can either scroll through all the questions and answers, or click on a particular question to go straight to its answer
  • What is good/bad food?
  • 8. Cornell Department Of Food Science
    Welcome to the Cornell Department of food science web site.The faculty, staff, and students in our Department are members of a large

    9. What Is Food Science?
    More about food science food science programs in North America evolved largely from the dairy science programs that were common

    10. Iasi Politechnic Magazine - Soft And Book Reviews
    Features book and soft reviews covering a variety of topics, such as mathematics, biochemistry, food science, polymers and mechanical engineering.
    CyberOpsTyper Applet can't display) VOLUME Volume 15, No. 1-4, March/December 2003
    Volume 14, No. 3-4,
    September/December 2002 ...

    11. Institute Of Food Technologists - The Society For Food Science And
    The Institute of Food Technologists is an international notfor-profit scientific society for food science and food technology professionals.

    12. Institute Of Food Technologists - The Society For Food Science And Technology
    The Institute of Food Technologists is an international notfor-profit scientificsociety for food science and food technology professionals.
    dqmcodebase = "/menuJs/" My Profile Contact Help Login ... IFT Foundation
    Institute of Food Technologists
    525 W. Van Buren, Ste. 1000
    Chicago, IL 60607
    Phone: 312.782.8424
    Fax: 312.782.8348
    Increase Quality and Productivity
    IFT's short course, Process Control for the Food Processing Industry , demonstrates the applications and benefits of Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Continuous Improvement to food processing operations. SPC for the Food Processing Industry
    September 27-29, 2005
    Orlando, FL
    Daily News
    now = new Date; document.write( month + thedate + ", " + theyear )
    IFT Highlights
    Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts
    A message from IFT President Margaret A. Lawson. Product Development Focus: Fortification
    Explore the issues driving food fortification trends. August Food Technology survey Which foodborne pathogen presents the most pressing problem for the food industry? IFT Member Center and Nomination Form Are you or is someone you know interested in serving IFT in a nationally elected position? Visit the Member Center to find out more. IFT Career Center Discover your next job at the all-new IFT Career Center!

    13. Welcome To The Institute Of Food Research
    The Institute of Food Research (IFR) undertake independent science for food and health. Research at the Institute of Food Research stimulates

    14. World Food Science - Home
    The World of food science An online magazine created to inform the internationalfood science community through timely news of events, business activities,

    Association News
    Regional Reports Student Reports and Perspectives International Regulatory Update ... Discussion Board IUFoST
    P.O. Box 61021 #19
    511 Maple Grove Rd.
    Oakville Ontario,
    Canada L6J 6X0

    525 W. Van Buren Suite 1000 Chicaog, IL 60607 Phone: 312.782.8424 Fax: 312.782.8348 Contemporary Food Technology and its Impact on Cuisine All countries produce foods, but virtually no country is completely self-sufficient in agriculture so that it can produce all of the food items that are used in local diets. Different food technologies help in assuring the availability of adequate supplies of a wide range of quality foods. Explore food technologies that have an influence on global cuisine. Genetic Modified Foods: Challenges to Thailand No single UN Agency The dominance of Thailand in the world market relies on millions of farmers estimated at 30 million or half of the total population. With the rising of new economies such as Vietnam and China, Thailand must utilize higher technology to increase productivity and produce superior quality products in order to remain competitive and dominant in the worldÂ’s food market. HOT TOPIC: OBESITY The Obesity Conundrum-Is there a Food Solution?

    15. Food Science Department - Purdue University
    food science @ Purdue University Food Chemistry, Food Microbiology, Food Processing.

    16. Food Science News
    food science news continually updated from thousands of sources around the net.
    Advanced Search Enter ZIP, City or News Search
    Food Science News

    17. Food Science Department - Purdue University
    food science @ Purdue University Food Chemistry, Food Microbiology, Food Processing.
    Fast Tracks For: Prospective Students Prospective Grad Students Current Students Industry ... Contact Us Welcome to Purdue Food Science
    Welcome to the Purdue Food Science Homepage
    The Department of Food Science is working diligently to update its database to keep you, our alumni and friends, connected. We are unveiling our new annual newsletter this summer, and have been frequently keeping our electronic newsletter subscribers updated. Please follow this LINK to update your personal information to ensure you will receive our newsletters. Thank you for taking the time to complete the form. The 2004-2005 school year has been a truly amazing one. We graduated 29 undergrads and 13 graduate students. To list some of our research: starch digestibility with regards to glycemic index, omega -3 and -6 fatty acid work, pathogen detection using sensors and bioluminescence, and work with chlorine dioxide gas. New endowments include: Scholle and Bindley Chair positions, Liska Graduate Student Teaching Award, Liska Graduate Fellowship, and another endowment soon to be announced. In The News
    All headlines from 2005

    Third largest U.S. wine competition to be held at State Fair

    18. Food Nutrition Information Center
    Service (ARS) and is partners with the University of Maryland's Department of Nutrition and food science and Howard University's Department of

    19. ScienceDirect - Trends In Food Science & Technology - List Of Issues the Department of food science and Nutrition sponsor pasteurization training.
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    Articles in Press
    Volume 16 Volume 16, Issue 9 , Pages 367-430 (September 2005)
    TiFST, Pigments in Food Volume 16, Issue 8 , Pages 323-366 (August 2005) Volume 16, Issues 6-7 , Pages 223-322 (June-July 2005)
    EUROFOODFOLATE 2004 Volume 16, Issue 5 , Pages 179-222 (May 2005) Volume 16, Issue 4 , Pages 125-178 (April 2005) Volume 16, Issues 1-3 , Pages 1-124 (January-March 2005)
    Second International Symposium on Sourdough - From Fundamentals to Applications Volume 15 Volume 14 Volume 13 Volume 12 ... Volume 1 Alert me when new Journal Issues are available Add this journal to My Favorite Journals Sample Issue Online More Publication Info Information for Authors
    Contact Us
    ... Elsevier B.V.

    20. World Food Science - Home
    The World of food science An online magazine created to inform the international food science community through timely news of events, business

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