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  1. The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy by Jon Gordon, 2007-01-22
  2. Energy Medicine: Balancing Your Body's Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and VitalityUpdated and Expanded by Donna Eden, David Feinstein, 2008-08-21
  3. Positive Energy: 10 Extraordinary Prescriptions for Transforming Fatigue, Stress, and Fear into Vibrance, Strength, and Love by Judith Orloff, 2005-09-20
  4. Energy Medicine for Women: Aligning Your Body's Energies to Boost Your Health and Vitality by Donna Eden, David Feinstein, 2008-08-21
  5. The Energy Cure: Unraveling the Mystery of Hands-on Healing by William Bengston, Sylvia Fraser, 2010-09-28
  6. Sustainable Energy - Without the Hot Air by David JC MacKay, 2009-02-20
  7. The Energy Medicine Kit by Donna Eden, 2005-04-01
  8. The Energy of Prayer: How to Deepen Your Spiritual Practice by Thich Nhat Hanh, 2006-03-10
  9. The Promise of Energy Psychology: Revolutionary Tools for Dramatic Personal Change by David Feinstein, Donna Eden, et all 2005-11-03
  10. The Energy of Money: A Spiritual Guide to Financial and Personal Fulfillment by Maria Nemeth Ph.D., 2000-04-04
  11. Renewable Energy - Facts and Fantasies: The Tough Realities as Revealed in Interviews with 25 Subject Matter Experts by Craig Shields, 2010-07-30
  12. The Renewable Energy Handbook, Revised Edition: The Updated Comprehensive Guide to Renewable Energy and Independent Living by William H. Kemp, 2009-10-01
  13. Solar Electricity Handbook, 2010 Edition: A Simple Practical Guide to Solar Energy - Designing and Installing Photovoltaic Solar Electric Systems by Michael Boxwell, 2010-03-25
  14. Residential Energy: Cost Savings and Comfort for Existing Buildings (5th Edition) by John Krigger, Chris Dorsi, 2009-10-18

1. > : DOE Home
DOE gateway portal providing links to energy content on health, home, transportation, schools, business, community, world and future.
SEARCH DOE Home About DOE Press Room

2. Energy - Petroleum, Oil, Gasoline, Crude, Natural Gas, Electric, Coal, Nuclear,
Statistics, Data, and Analysis on resources, supply, production, consumption for all energy sources. US Department of energy
Official Energy Statistics from the U.S. Government Featured Topics What's New Upcoming Reports Energy A-Z Glossary ... FirstGov Hurricane Katrina's impact on energy in the U.S.:
Current Status
How do you want to access energy information?
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phone: 202-586-8800
Information Services
For Technical Problems
phone: 202-586-8959
email: Energy Information Administration, EI 30 1000 Independence Avenue, SW Washington, DC 20585 Home Petroleum Gasoline Diesel ... Weekly Coal Production Featured Publications Recent Monthly Statistics Annual Data from 1949 Projections to 2025

3. Progress Energy
Generates and supplies electricity and natural gas to businesses and industries in North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida. Distribution is through their key subsidiaries which are utility companies. Corporate overview, news, and economic development.
Review your account. Pay your bill. Discover services that can help you save energy - and money. Home starts here.
For businesses with monthly electric bills generally less than $10K. Also serving home builders and rental property managers.
Dependable, reliable energy solutions for customers whose monthly electric bills generally exceed $10K.
Select Your Area Carolinas Florida
Select Your Area Carolinas Florida
Select Your Area Carolinas Florida Employment
Jobs and related information Economic Development
Relocating or expanding your company? Our team can help News Progress Energy Carolinas expects restoration to be completed soon Progress Energy Carolinas crews restoring power after Ophelia Progress Supplier Net
Supply Chain Management at Progress Energy
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4. Duke Energy
A world leader in energy products and services, Duke energy builds and manages energy assets and creates value through energy marketing, trading and risk
var dcsID = "DCS000069_3X1E"; Sign In Company Businesses Regions ... Contact Us Stock Price
DUK: 29.36
As of Sep 16 2005 4:02PM EST My Duke Energy
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What might we look like?
Combined asset map of Duke Energy and Cinergy. Hurricane Katrina Update

5. The Home Energy Saver
Utilizes homeowner zip code to provide charts showing energy costs for average house and energy efficient house. Lists suggested upgrades based on local weather patterns.
About this Site What's New? Testimonials Librarian ... Help CALCULATOR Sorry, the interactive portion of the Home Energy Saver is unavailable at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding and patience. Investing in a home on your street could be more profitable than investing on Wall Street. MAKING IT HAPPEN
Find resources to make your home more energy efficient. Money isn't all you save. Visit the ENERGY STAR website for information on energy-efficient products. Developed by the Environmental Energy Technologies Division
at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Privacy Statement HES Mission Statement
This is a list of keywords for search engines. Click the following link to skip the list of words. Energy Star, energy conservation, energy savings, energy efficiency, environment, climate change, weatherization, solar energy, appliances, energy audit, energy tools, efficient buildings, energy education, heating, cooling, heat pumps, furnaces, boilers, air conditioners, insulation, ducts, skylights, windows, thermostats, fuel switching, mechanical ventilation, water heater, water heating, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, clotheswasher, clothes dryer, miscellaneous energy, home energy, comfort, remodeling, residential energy. This text is here to fool the IE 4.x browser into not truncating the end of this file.

6. Emera
energy and services company in northeast North America. Operates electricity generation, transmission and distribution systems and natural gas pipelines; also supplies fuel oil in Nova Scotia.
Financial Information Share Performance Investor Services Annual Report ... Bangor Hydro Emera Inc. Sells Fuel Business to Management Team More Emera Q2 Earnings Down More More Focusing on energy development opportunities in eastern Canada and
northeastern US. More A pure transmission and distribution company in Maine, growing Emera’s presence in northeastern North America. More EMA - TSX
Emera trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange
Check the latest quote
Annual General Meeting
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Analyst Conference Calls
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7. Energy Quest - Energy Education From The California Energy Commission
California energy Commission s energy and environmental education site for students, parents and teachers. Includes information, Q As, projects,

Energy Story
Devoured by the Dark Games Energy Library ... Contact Us
Energy Quest TM is a trademark of the California Energy Commission.
All rights are reserved.

8. The Energy Story - Introduction
Detailed guide explains what energy is and where it comes from.
Energy is one of the most fundamental parts of our universe. We use energy to do work. Energy lights our cities. Energy powers our vehicles, trains, planes and rockets. Energy warms our homes, cooks our food, plays our music, gives us pictures on television. Energy powers machinery in factories and tractors on a farm. Energy from the sun gives us light during the day. It dries our clothes when they're hanging outside on a clothes line. It helps plants grow. Energy stored in plants is eaten by animals, giving them energy. And predator animals eat their prey, which gives the predator animal energy. Everything we do is connected to energy in one form or another. Energy is defined as:
"the ability to do work."
When we eat, our bodies transform the energy stored in the food into energy to do work. When we run or walk, we "burn" food energy in our bodies. When we think or read or write, we are also doing work. Many times it's really hard work! Cars, planes, light bulbs, boats and machinery also transform energy into work. Work means moving something, lifting something, warming something, lighting something. All these are a few of the various types of work. But where does energy come from?

9. Welcome - The Inner Focus Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing School
Teaches healing through spiritual empowerment. AlixSandra Parness, founder. Las Vegas, Nevada.

Welcome Page


Soul Directed Healing

Senior Faculty
Healing Skills

Coming Soon
Dates and Events

SOH Conference


Current Issue
... SOH Conference toggleDisplay(which) Upcoming Events Inner Focus Ministerial Course September 14 - 18 Racine, WI EYE OF THE SOUL Healing Intensive October 14 - 16 Ottawa, ON more info more info Inner Focus Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing School Healing The Heart of Humanity Welcome to all! I would like to invite you on a healing journey of personal healing and self-discovery with INNER FOCUS. I once thought, "How could a peaceful world be created where people are aware and sensitive to one another?" This idea was so strong that I dedicated my heart and soul to becoming masterful in the art of healing, and finding ways to empower others to believe in themselves. The Inner Focus School of Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing is the result. -AlixSandra Parness, DD

10. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Home Page
US DOE facility for renewable energy and energy efficiency research, development, and deployment. (Solar, wind, water power, geothermal, energy from plants.
All about us: Contacts, organization, management, jobs, procurement, visitor information, and phone book. We partner with international, environmental, and government agencies to apply renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions. We help license and transfer technologies into the marketplace, and help clean energy entrepreneurs succeed.
Full Story
This Web Site is Powered by Renewable Energy
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Site Map NREL Recognized by FLC for Technology Transfer Activities September 13, 2005 New Cost Tool Helps Fleet Managers Evaluate Hybrid Vehicles August 3, 2005 NREL Wind Turbine Design Codes Certified August 2, 2005 Newsroom
Bakersfield Solar Photovoltaics Conference
September 20, 2005
Bakersfield, CA International Symposia on Alcohol Fuels XV September 26-28, 2005
San Diego, CA More Events Publications Photo Library (PIX)
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11. Home : ENERGY STAR
US EPA energy Star programs and products help save the environment and save consumers money by using less energy through advanced design or construction.
What is ENERGY STAR? Newsroom Search PRODUCTS Find a Store Special Offers in certain regions HOME IMPROVEMENT Solutions to common problems Home Energy Analysis Home Sealing ... Find Local Homebuilders and other partners BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT Reduce building and facility energy use in your organization Guidelines for Energy Management
Find Labeled Buildings
... PARTNER RESOURCES Not an ENERGY STAR PARTNER? Join Now For Manufacturers
For Retailers

For Utilities/Efficiency Program Sponsors
... EPA announces ENERGY STAR Building Challenge DO YOUR PART Smart Ways to Stay Cool this Summer Five Steps You Can Take in Your Home Products Home Improvement ...
DOE Search

12. Renewable Energy
An expose of the fantasy world of sustainable development , showing how current levels of consumption are not sustainable no matter what alternatives are consumed.
Renewable Energy
Alternative Consumption and the consumption of alternatives.
By Henry O'Mad. Here's a question for all those genetic engineers out there: What do you get if you cross new-age greenie hippies with corporate greed?...
Biodiesel of course!
Apparently loads of plants produce oils that the lazy have discovered can be used to save them having to walk or cycle anywhere. Renewable energy is the term used to describe energy sources that haven't been conclusively shown not to be renewable. Dr. T. N. B. Kaimal of IICT, Hyderabad, has said that many plants will provide oil, listing a variety of plants that produce it. As many 25 families of plants have been catalogued for their oil richness. As Dr. Kaimal says with respect to castor seed oil: "if 100 million hectares is brought under cultivation we can get castor seeds of 150 million tonnes out of which we can get 50 million tonnes of oil". A hundred million hectares is a very large size. Indeed, it is four times the size of the entire United Kingdom. Thus in order to get 50 million tonnes of fuel oil we need to plant the whole of the UK, France, Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg, with no room for anything else! If it was possible to get two crops per year out of this, we would have 100 million tonnes of oil per year. This would provide

13. EIA Energy Kids Page - Energy Facts, Fun, Games And Activities
Features various sections about energy including what it is and the forms it comes in. Find out how humans use energy through quizzes and a fun facts
EIA Main Home Page Related Links Kid's Page Privacy Contact Us EIA Main Home Page Related Links Kid's Page Privacy Contact Us

14. Environmental Organization WebDirectory - ScienceEnergy
energy planning, alternative fuels, geothermal, energy conservation, energy efficient housing, and heat pumps.
Science :Energy
Alternative Energy
US Department of Energy
Indoor Climate Control
Energy Efficient Systems
Environmental Homes and Buildings
Fossil Fuels

15. International Energy Agency - Homepage
Implements an international energy program of energy cooperation among 24 member countries. Site resources include supply statistics and projections,
An intergovernmental body committed to advancing security of energy supply, economic growth and environmental sustainability through energy policy co-operation Site Map Contact Featured Sections
Oil Market Report World Energy Outlook Technology Agreements News 15 September - Press Release
Statement By Claude Mandil, IEA Executive Director After the Meeting of the IEA Governing Board (read more) 9 September- Oil Market Report - Highlights
Hurricane Katrina shuttered production capacity of over 1.4 mb/d of oil and 8.8 bcf/d of natural gas and disrupted refineries with a total capacity of around 3 mb/d when it hit the Eastern Gulf of Mexico on 29 August. (read more)
8 September

IEA Commends Czech Market Reform and Emission Reductions but Urges Greater Energy Efficiency and Improved Competitive Markets (read more)
Press Release

7 September

Contributions of IEA Member Countries to the Hurricane Katrina Oil Supply Disruption (read more)
2 September

IEA Announcement of Emergency Stock Release

16. FermiNews
Organized list at Fermilab.
Acronyms of High-Energy Physics This page is a list of acronyms of high-energy physics Laboratories and Accelerators and Detectors and Experiments and Other institutions . Laboratories BNL: The Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, Long Island. CERN: Originally "Conseil Européenne pour Recherches Nucléaires," now the European Laboratory for Particle Physics, in Geneva, Switzerland. DESY: Deutches Elektronen SYnchrotron laboratory in Hamburg, Germany. FNAL: The Department of Energy's Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, Illinois. KEK: Koo Energy Ken. The High Energy Research Accelerator Organization in Tsukuba, Japan. LNF: Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, near Rome, Italy. SLAC: The Department of Energy's Stanford Linear Accelerator Center in Palo Alto, California. TRIUMF. TRI-University Meson Facility. (Although now there are eight universities involved, TRIUMF started with three.) Located at the University of British Columbia in Canada. Accelerators AD: Antimatter Decelerator. New facility at CERN to study antimatter.

17. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
Central intergovernmental agency for scientific cooperation in the nuclear field, for the worldwide application of nuclear safeguards and verification
Search :
Web 17 September 2005
Latest News and Announcements
IAEA Women Honoured for Contribution to Science and Public Education
16 September 2005
Nuclear Contributes to World Summit Goals for Security, Development
15 September 2005
PACT Web Site Opens for Better Cancer Care
13 September 2005
New "Toolkit" Covers Safety, Security of Radioactive Sources
13 September 2005
IAEA Board Meets 19 September
12 September 2005
Recent Stories
Chernobyl : The True Scale of the Accident
5 September 2005 Nuclear Knowledge Workshop at ICTP in Trieste
2 September 2005 IAEA Chief Meets with Iran Secretary
26 August 2005 Physics Takes Centre Stage at IAEA Scientific Forum
19 August 2005 Nuclear Science: Physics Helping the World
Books and Publications
IAEA Annual Report for 2004
The IAEA Annual Report highlights programmes and activities carried out by the Agency in the past year.
Photo Essays
Training the Nuclear Watchdogs
A look inside the world of safeguards inspectors.

18. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
Copyright 2003, International Atomic energy Agency, PO Box 100, Wagramer Strasse 5, A1400 Vienna, Austria Telephone (+431) 2600-0; Facsimile (+431) 2600-7;

19. VAAM Energy: Vespa Amino Acid Mixture (VAAM) Metabolize Fat Into Energy
Offers a drink mixture purported to increase endurance by metabolizing and utilizing stored fat before using glycogen.
"If you're ready to start improving your athletic performance, choose VAAM!" Subscribe For
VAAM Newsletter Name: Email: "VAAM is very effective in sustaining stamina and energy, I had tried everything before... but nothing worked very well"
Yoshio Koide
Coach of Takahashi "About half an hour after I drink VAAM, I can feel energy penetrating all of my muscle groups"
Yuko Arimori
1992 Olympic Marathon Silver Medalist "I have clearly noticed that I have dramatically less heart rate drift during a run when I have downed some VAAM about an hour before." Steve Palladino

20. Das Datadiwan Netzwerk Der Naturheikunde Und Grenzwissenschaften
Research project of the Free University of Berlin discovered acute flaws in the experiemental and theoretical aspects of Dr. Reich's life energy theory.
Das Datadiwan Netzwerk Home Themenliste weitere Naturheilkunde-Links Online-Publikationen (bitte Thema auswählen) Elektrosmog Ernährung Ethik Frauengesundheit Grenzgebiete der Wissenschaft Homöopathie Krebstherapie Lebensenergieforschung Naturheilkunde Physik Die Kooperationspartner des Datadiwan:
Patienteninformation für Naturheilkunde e.V.
, Berlin Bernhard Harrer Wissenstransfer , Berlin Die Arbeitsgruppe Prof. Dr. Joachim Hornung in der Abteilung für Naturheilkunde im Universitätsklinikum Benjamin Franklin der Freien Universität Berlin Prof. Dr. Malte Bühring , Lehrstuhl für Naturheilkunde im Universitätsklinikum Benjamin Franklin der Freien Universität Berlin International Institute of Biophysics (IIB) , Prof. Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, Neuss Institut für Grenzgebiete der Wissenschaft (IGW) und Resch Verlag , Prof. Dr. Andreas Resch, Universität Innsbruck IGUMED - Interdisziplinäre Gesellschaft für Umweltmedizin , Bad Säckingen Interuniversitäre Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Integrative Medizin , Prof. Dr. P. Christian Endler, Graz von Norbert Moch, Hannover

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