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         Architecture:     more books (100)
  1. The Story of Architecture by Jonathan Glancey, 2003-03-06
  2. Paris Secrets: Architecture, Interiors, Quartiers, Corners by Janelle McCulloch, 2009-07-15

141. Carnegie Mellon University School Of Architecture

142. PADDI Database
PADDI is a searchable bibliographic database on all aspects of the built environment and environmental planning in Ireland, north and south.
Planning Architecture Design Database Ireland is a comprehensive bibliographic resource on architecture and environmental planning in Ireland.

143. Architecture Of Sweden - Great Buildings Online
Great Buildings Online presents a selection of significant 20thcentury buildings in Sweden, mainly designed by Erik Gunnar Asplund. Images, discussion and references.
Architecture of Sweden Visit the Home Design Store for great values! DesignWorkshop Classic HomePAK PC Draft KitchenPAK ... Halsingborg Concert Hall , by Sven Markelius, at Halsingborg, Sweden, 1932. Halsingborg Library , by Arton , at Halsingborg, Sweden, 1965. Havero Church , by unknown , at Uppland, Sweden, 1300. Helsingborg Library , by Arton , at Helsingborg, Sweden, 1965. Lister County Courthouse , by Erik Gunnar Asplund , at Solvesborg, Sweden, 1917 to 1921. Royal Chancellery , by Erik Gunnar Asplund , at Stockholm, Sweden, 1922. Steiner Seminary , by Erik Asmussen, at Jarna, Sweden, 1974. Stockholm Exhibition, 1930 , by Erik Gunnar Asplund , at Stockholm, Sweden, 1930. Stockholm Library , by Erik Gunnar Asplund , at Stockholm, Sweden, 1918 to 1927. Villa in Djursholm , by Erik Gunnar Asplund , at Djursholm, near Stockholm, Sweden, 1917 to 1918. Woodland Chapel , by Erik Gunnar Asplund , at Stockholm, Sweden, 1918 to 1920. Woodland Crematorium , by Erik Gunnar Asplund , at Stockholm, Sweden, 1935 to 1940. Search Weekly Model Viewing Tips ... ArchitectureWeek Quick Search by name of Building, Architect, or Place:
Examples: "Stonehenge", "Aalto", "Japan"

Archiving and promoting contemporary Quebec architecture.
Speak out!
Website initiated and managed by INTEGRAL JEAN BEAUDOIN
Webhosting fees covered by
Google Ads income.
website hosted by

Z1 is part
of ICN
On line since 1997. Updated as often as design news justifies it!
En ligne depuis 1997. /
version 1.6, par Jean Beaudoin Architecture is a non-profit entity dedicated to promote contemporary architectural projects built and unbuilt on the Quebec territory or created by designer s from our nation. All contemporary design having an impact on built space is of interest to Architecture. It may range from architecture, lightscape, landscape, signage ( infoscape ) or interior design and include object scale projects onto urban planning. All contribution thru images or text are welcomed. Since 1996, has hosted projects to serve as an archive portal on the web as well as opening up to the world thru frequently updated news, competitions listings and design link directory. The Architecture initiative is lead by Jean Beaudoin, a Montreal based designer heading the

145. All About Spain - Architecture
All About Spain introduces the history of Spanish architecture, describing and illustrating important styles and buildings.
The oldest works of architecture in Spain of which rests are left go back to the megalythical culture, approximately 3000 b.C. Anyhow, they are probably not exactly what you expect to find here. Lots of Roman monuments are conserved too , among the most important being the great aquaeduct of Segovia and the amphitheater of Mérida. Absolutely stunning is what Moors have left in this country. The Great Mosque of Cordoba is one of the most visited sights by tourists, the other of course being Granada's Alhambra which is perfectly conserved in its original condition. The Spanish Moors created a style of their own that differs in many aspects from their traditional architecture which you may find in Africa and introduced several novelties.This style is called Caliphal style. The Christians who lived in Muslim territory were called Mozarabes , and so is called their particular architectonical style which combines Visigothic construction technics and caliphal style . After the country was reconquered from the Muslims, Moorish architects who stayed developed another new style combining their traditional architecture with Romanesque and Gothic elements, the Mudejar style.

146. HNTB
Headquarters of a firm providing architecture, engineering, planning and constructionservices. Includes a directory of offices throughout the country and
HNTB Steel Bridge Takes Top Honor
The city of Nashville's signature bridge is the winner in the Major Span category in the National Steel Bridge Alliance 2005 Prize Bridge Competition.
Learn More

Area Coordinator
As the Central Division area coordinator for HNTB Federal Services Corporation, Michael Schultz builds relationships and works with federal agencies that are maintaining and improving the nation’s critical infrastructure.
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Legal Notice
Webmaster Site Map ... Employee Access
HNTB commits the technical expertise, broad experience and extensive resources that are critical to creating successful public infrastructure. Our people take personal responsibility for making success happen. Because we share your high expectations, we expect more of ourselves.

An illustrated extract from the book Casa Mexicana (1989) by Tim StreetPorter, reproduced online in the series 'The architecture of Mexico' from Mexico Connect.
A Continuing Series
Reproduced by special permission of the publisher and author.
(Click on each image in the article to view an enlargement with annotation) The climatic contrast between mexico's high-altitude cities on the Central Plateau and the coastal resorts which line the Pacific Coast is dramatic. A quick thirty minute flight on Mexicana transports the modern traveler from a cool, temperate environment to one of tropical humidity and a landscape of palms, jungle, and thatched palapa roofs. Mexico is blessed with over 2,000 miles of Pacific coastline, with an endless variety of rocky headlands and sandy beaches sweeping in a lazy curve from Baja California in the Northwest to Chiapas in the Southeast, where the landscape is fully tropical. In this southern coastal region, architecture appears to have undergone a melting process. Profiles are softer, and the usual definition between the interior and exterior becomes blurred. No longer needed as room enclosures, except to provide privacy and spatial definition, walls have seemingly unwrapped themselves from their usual rigid positions. They float off beyond the confines of interior space, dissolving gently into the landscaping, leading the eye outward to the ocean view. Angles have been replaced by sensuous curves, whether defining the edges of a stuccoed banquette, or low, molded balustrades which punctuate changes of level. Overhead, the voluminous palapa roof is softly draped over low columns formed from palm trees, giving both a lofty interior space and a low, protective eave.

Global livable cities think tank providing free architecture knowledge resourceswith its digital journal bibliography links competitions news.
Home Real Estate News Marketplace About Us ... Jack Eichenbaum's Walking tours of NYC
brings you knowledge-based architecture research information is the online portal of the
a non-profit, educational institution working to make cities livable.
Working Neighborhoods: Failed Policies - New Directions- Workshops

New York April 22, 2005

Oakland April 29, 2005

Program Description

Issued: April 5, 2005 The R. Dot Story
The R.Dot Position Papers


149. Shoin Architecture
Illustrated discussion of the development of this Muromachi period style. Well organized.
Shoin Architecture [Development] [Functions] [Features] [Bibliography] ... [Back to Course Page]

150. Cell Architecture Explained - New Version!
Cell architecture Explained New Version! This article has been updated, thereis an almost completely rewritten version that can be found here.
Cell Architecture Explained - New Version! This article has been updated, there is an almost completely rewritten version that can be found here. This should automatically redirect to the new version, if not click the above link. The old version can be found here

151. REED SETTLE Architecture
Provides services to the legal, construction, and architectural community that include architecture, arbitration, expert testimony, interior design, planning, and real estate development.
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152. - Architecture On The Web
A web resource guide to architecture which includes links to major sites inhistory, theory, and design. Famous architects.
Web Architects
The architects' sites in the world. I siti degli architetti nel mondo Search Engine
Architectural search engine - Thematic Search Switzerland
Architecture in Switzerland, Famous Swiss Architects. Architettura in Svizzera, Famosi architetti svizzeri TOP
Masters and Architecture - TOP Maestri e architetture - I siti più visitati Competitions
Switzerland Competitions. Concorsi in Svizzera (ICN - International Competition Network) Tools
The architect's tools. Gli attrezzi dell'architetto Award
Architecture award. Premi per l'Architettura Cinema
Cinema and Architecture. Cinema e architettura News
Architecture News, events, exhibitions ...

153. Medieval France Home Page
Images of French cathedrals, churches and abbeys from Alison Stones, Images of Medieval Art and architecture.
Alison Stones
Alison Stones . Any use of them without her express written consent is prohibited. Email:
Please click on one of the following:
Maps (France, general) Abbeville (Collegial Church of Saint-Wulfran) Aigues-Mortes (Town) Amboise (Castle and Castle Chapel) ... Noyon (Cathedral of Notre Dame) Poitiers

154. Department Of Architecture - The University Of Hong Kong
A detailed site with information about the department's staff, events, courses, degrees, research projects, facilities and affiliates.
Welcome Gallery International Exchange Programme Admission FAQ ... Career Discovery
People Events Courses Degrees ...
Contact Us
Department of Architecture HKU, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong.

155. Architectural Association School Of Architecture
Both a learned society and a school of architecture. Details of foundation,undergraduate and graduate courses, events and resources.
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Alternatively go directly to AA News page.

156. Ukrainian Architecture
Series of illustrated articles by various authors, some scholarly, on historic buildings in the Ukraine and built by the Ukrainian community elsewhere.

Embracing the Past ... Anticipating the Future.
Ukrainian Architecture
Wooden Church/Memorial in Curitiba, Brazil
First Ukrainian Church in Canada
Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
St. Elias Church, Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Golden Gates of Kyiv
St. George Church, Drohobyc, Ukraine
Church In Ruins Oleh Iwanusiw
Churches of Ukraine: Peremyshl Eparchy Vasyl Slobodian
Wooden Churches of Eastern Europe
Ukrainian Wooden Churches (Dr. Mykhailo Dragan)
Other sites
Architectural bureau Y. Lositsky
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157. Newhome
Offer traditional gouach renderings as well as digital watercolor, digital photo real, and pencil sketching.

158. Software Architecture, Software Architects, And Architecting
Provides resources for software architects, answers such questions as what issoftware architecture and why is it important , and covers the architecting
The Software Architecture Discipline Motivating Architecture Software Architecture and Related Concerns The Architecting Process The Role of the Architect ... Announcements Enterprise Architecture EA Soapbox Enterprise-Wide IT Architecture ( Enterprise Architecture Services Enterprise Architecture Workshop (4-day) Palo Alto, CA on March 21-24, 2005.
Houston, TX
on October 18-21, 2005 Enterprise Architecture Seminar (1-day)
Architecture Training Software Architecture Class Palo Alto, CA on March 21-24, 2005.
London, UK
on June 21-24, 2005.
Indianapolis, IN
September 26-29, 2005.
What it Takes to be a Great Architect Class
Architecture Overview Seminar Architecture Requirements Workshop Component Design Class ...
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to be notified of site updates Software Architecture, Software Architects and Architecting Software architecture is getting a lot of attention. Is it just the silver bullet du jour? We think not. It surely is critical to today's business success, yet it requires technical, business and organizational talents and skills that warrant their own path of career development, education, and research. This site organizes a variety of resources to help software architects deepen and expand their understanding of software architecture and the role of the architect.

Information about the schools including programs and courses, faculty activities, online portfolios and alumni organisation.
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Presents a gallery of winners of its competition, membership information, signupinstructions for the member listserve and details for ordering
A S S O C I A T I O N F O R C O M P U T E R A I D E D D E S I G N I N A R C H I T E C T U R E Welcome to ACADIA Home Activities Conferences Awards ...
October 13-16, 2005

SMART ARCHITECTURE integration of digital and building technologies
The ACADIA 2005 conference will be hosted by the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia. Conference website... IJAC - Call for Papers
Digital Design Arts Fabrication. The call for papers for the second issue of 2005 has been announced. Coordinating editors are Loukas Kalisperis and George Proctor. Download the PDF file 2005 Election Results!
The ACADIA 2005 election results are in. Read More... Past Events ACADIA 2002 Digital Design Exhibit
An exhibit created for the 2002 Conference at Cal Poly Pomona. ACADIA Design Competition 2001
This competition, where winners were selected by internet voting among participants, was completed in mid-March 2002. See the winners ACADIA Reflects on 20 Years
B.J. Novitsky of Architecture Week writes about the ACADIA 2001 conference.

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