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         Architecture:     more books (100)
  1. The Modern Architecture Pop-Up Book by Anton Radevsky, David Sokol, 2008-10-07
  2. Information Architecture: Blueprints for the Web (2nd Edition) by Christina Wodtke, Austin Govella, 2009-02-01
  3. Architecture and democracy by Claude Fayette Bragdon, 2010-09-09
  4. Architecture Now! Museums
  5. Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture Volume 1: A System of Patterns by Frank Buschmann, Regine Meunier, et all 1996-08-08
  6. The Four Books of Architecture (Dover Pictorial Archives) by Andrea Palladio, 1965-06-01
  7. Illustrated Dictionary of Historic Architecture (Dover books on architecture)
  8. Architecture for Dummies by Debrah K. Dietsch, 2002-06-15
  9. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) For Dummies, 2nd Edition by Judith Hurwitz, Robin Bloor, et all 2009-01-20
  10. The Art of Scalability: Scalable Web Architecture, Processes, and Organizations for the Modern Enterprise by Martin L. Abbott, Michael T. Fisher, 2009
  11. The New Mathematics of Architecture by Jane Burry, Mark Burry, 2010-11-08
  12. Statics and Strength of Materials for Architecture and Building Construction by Barry S. Onouye, Kevin Kane, 2006-07-03
  13. Chinese Architecture: A Pictorial History (Dover Books on Architecture) by Liang Ssu-ch'eng, 2005-03-24
  14. Charleston Architecture and Interiors by Susan Sully, 2007-09-20

101. Googie Architecture Online
Googie was the exaggerated Modern architecture seen in the coffee shops andbowling alleys of the 1950s and 1960s.

102. JW Landscape Design Architecture
Swiss based landscape architect specializing in corporate landscape design, japanese garden and Feng Shui.

103. - Contemporary And Historical Architecture Guides And Discussion
An architecture directory by the team who created Archeire, with the bonuses ofplanning news, architectural competition announcements, some European city
News Ireland Councillors criticise plan to demolish pub from 'Ulysses' September 14 Scotland £300m Clyde scheme set for green light September 14 Ireland Scalaheen Architectural Design Competition September 13 Ireland Last tenants vacate York Street ahead of demolition September 13 Ireland Series of talks on heritage houses September 13 Scotland Shortlist announced for Andrew Doolan Award September 13 Canada Planned 50-storey tower will be reworked September 13 Canada Underground Showcase for Artists, Architects September 13 Canada Modern architecture employs traditional designs September 13 Canada University of Toronto opens new residence September 12 Canada ROM tower too tall September 12
Poll The winner of the Andrew Doolan Award should be: Sentinel Office Development, Glasgow Gordon Murray + Alan Dunlop Architects ( Edinburgh Quay, Phase One, Edinburgh Michael Laird Architects ( A' Chrannag, Rothesay G Deveci, Architect ( Scottish Parliament building, Edinburgh EMBT/RMJM ( Community Centre for Health, Partick < Gareth Hoskins Architects ( You have already voted on this poll Total Votes 48
Latest Discussion Thread / Thread Starter Last Post Rte Radio Centre Forum: Ireland Today 01:01 PM
by trace Most Beautiful Building in Cork?

104. NICO
Residential architecture in South Africa.

105. W3C Architecture Domain
Exploiting that power is the mission of the W3C architecture Domain. The architectureDomain has the mission to maintain and extend some of the Core
The Architecture Domain
XML Web Services Internationalization URI ... Archive Architecture: enhancing the infrastructure of the Web and increasing its automation "The challenge is to find the right mix of reliability and flexibility and the right mix of tried-and-true techniques with novel but promising ideas." -Dan Connolly
leads the evolution of the web, empowering individuals, increasing social and economic efficiency, and exploiting the power of computing in our everyday lives. Exploiting that power is the mission of the W3C Architecture Domain. The Architecture Domain has the mission to maintain and extend some of the Core technologies of the World Wide Web, including URI/IRI, XML, DOM, Web Services, and Internationalization. The W3C Architecture technologies enable people to exchange data on the Web every day from the protocol level, with HTTP and SOAP, and to the application level, with XML, XML Schema, or WSDL. It also includes technologies for data manipulation, with XSL Transformations, DOM, or XML Query. Our focus is to improve the stability of the existing platform, with our work on XML, Web Services, or Internationalization. This includes interoperability between world wide applications, and extending their capabilities.

106. Sustainable Architecture: Eco Design And Landscaping, Urbanism
An archive of information about sustainable architecture and urbanism collected by Robert D. Hotten, MLA
SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE: Vernacular Architecture (natural building and eco design) and Environmental Design (green architecture, sustainable landscape and urban design, and regional resource conservation) Sustainable pole house, integrated with the landscape, Kauai, Hawaii / "City within a City" Venice, 2000 Robert Hotten this section is under construction home home 1. sustainable architecture sustainable architecture, introduction pedagogy and poetics 2. sustainable urban design sustainable urban design, introduction pedagogy and poetics 3. sustainable doctrine sustainable architecture and urban design tutorial, description pedagogical sketchbook practice OSA office for sustainable architecture links resources forum contact contact home 1. sustainable architecture introduction 2. sustainable urban design introduction 3. sustainable doctrine introduction pedagogy pedagogy (sustainable theory) poetics poetics (sustainable examples) pedagogical sketchbooks sketchbooks (sustainable doctrine and principles)

107. KSK's Origamic Architecture Main Page
Many pictures and tips as well as a list of books by Chatani and Nakazawa and published articles about the craft.
Origamic Architecture
(3-D Pop-Up Papercraft)
From the moment I saw these miniature paper models, I was fascinated and enchanted. Each is a little work of art and an engineering delight designed to fold flat and pop up. I hope that the information at this website will inspire you to learn more about origamic architecture and to try your hand at crafting the published patterns as well as to eventually creating your own designs. Taj Mahal , Agra, India, (built 1630-1653)
OA model designed by Masahiro Chatani, executed by K. Selena Kim
Welcome to the Magical World of Origamic Architecture What is Origamic Architecture? Getting Started in Origamic Architecture Patterns with "Typos"/Requiring Special
(Under Construction) My Experience with OA Interested in Swapping OA Pieces? Published Articles about OA Would You Like to Join an OA Club? ... OA GALLERY OA EXHIBIT at PUBLIC LIBRARY There will be in an Origamic Architecture display at the Somerville Public Library
throughout the month of November 1998 . People who enjoy papercrafts, pop-ups

108. Web Services Architecture
For the purpose of this Working Group and this architecture, and without Note that extended Web services functionality in this architecture is not
Web Services Architecture
W3C Working Group Note 11 February 2004
This version:
Latest version:
Previous version:
David Booth, W3C Fellow / Hewlett-Packard Hugo Haas, W3C Francis McCabe, Fujitsu Labs of America Eric Newcomer (until October 2003), Iona Michael Champion (until March 2003), Software AG Chris Ferris (until March 2003), IBM David Orchard (until March 2003), BEA Systems
This document is also available in these non-normative formats: PostScript version and  PDF version MIT ERCIM Keio ... document use and software licensing rules apply.
This document defines the Web Services Architecture. It identifies the functional components and defines the relationships among those components to effect the desired properties of the overall architecture.
Status of this Document
This section describes the status of this document at the time of its publication. Other documents may supersede this document. A list of current W3C publications and the latest revision of this technical report can be found in the W3C technical reports index at

109. Legacy IBM PC Emulator [Shinelife]
An open source emulator of the 8086based IBM PC architecture, developed in C++. It is designed to recreate the experience of playing early IBM PC bootable games.
Java Maze
Raycasting 3D Engine
IBM PC 8086 Emulator
Historical Interest
Meet the Author
Legacy: Introduction Technical Information Compatibility/Screenshots Download Legacy is an application designed to recreate the nostalgic experience of playing retro "bootable" games - early 1980's PC games which were truly "plug-n-play" in that inserting the floppy disk and rebooting the computer would start the game automatically. Nothing on the C64 or Spectrum comes close to that delightful combination of black, white, cyan and magenta. Were it to be in a more advanced state of development, Legacy's closest functional equivalents would be Bochs PocketDOS and DOSBox (but not VMWare or Virtual PC/Win - these use a different technology known as virtualisation). If you're more interested in running the emulator for practical rather than experimental purposes, you'll get more mileage out of one of the above listed emulators. Development on Legacy began in August 2002 and continues to this day, although progress is slow and inconsistent due to other commitments. Although

110. The Royal Australian Institute Of Architects
Includes sections on news, events, services, members, careers, education,publications and links.
window.location="/i-cms?page=1"; Please Click here

111. Aaron's Illustrated Glossary Of Architecture And Decor
Architectural and related terms with illustrations and bibliography, hosted by Carnegie Mellon.

112. Medieval Art And Architecture
IMAGES OF MEDIEVAL ART AND architecture. ALISON STONES The purpose of thissite is to promote education and research in Medieval art and architecture.
Mont-Saint-Michel (France) Alison Stones We are now collaborating with the University of Pittsburgh's  Library System's Digital Research Library to create searchable image databases for major medieval monuments. Our first collaboration is - here We are embarking on a project to create an image database for Chartres sculpture, architecture, and glass. We expect to have about 2,000 images in this collection. Also featured on this site: Autun (Cathedral of St. Lazare) Moissac now has pages on all the cloister capitals. Saint-Denis West Facade of Saint-Gilles-du-Gard Poitiers- Notre Dame la Grande Toulouse-SSernin Please click on one of the following for more information:
FRANCE GLOSSARY THIS SITE IS CONSTANTLY EVOLVING The purpose of this site is to promote education and research in Medieval art and architecture. We plan to expand it (funding permitting) by adding various levels of supplementary information, bibliographical references, more images, and different kinds of cross-links including keyword searching. Webmaster: Jane Vadnal

113. Bruno Architecture
Provides photos of residential architecture and contact information. Blue Hill, Maine.

114. Architecture Through The Ages
An introduction to world architecture produced by American teenagers throughThink Quest. Images, discussion and bibliography for Egyptian, Chinese, Aztec,
This is a web page sponsored by Think Quest
Where on Earth do you want to go?
This web page discusses the many types of architecture and the many ways they have shaped our lives. In this comprehensive guide, you will learn about architecture from the great Maya to the building of cathedrals. Please click on one of the areas below to go to the desired section. We hope that you enjoy what you learn, the pictures, and animated gif. You may experience a sense of awe as you learn the differences and similarities of these cultures and the way monstrous buildings were constructed.
In these sections of Architecture Through the Ages, you will learn how certain cultures built their homes, temples, and cities. You may also learn a little about their religion, how they lived every day, and more. What kind of architecture would you like to see?
Take a trip on one of our Virtual Tours. Test your knowledge of world architecture With our multiple choice test. Find out about the team. Take a look at other architecture sites. Please e-mail us and tell us your comments, questions, and thoughts.
Please sign our guestbook and give us some ideas.

115. Architecture Et Graphisme
Palette de travaux dans les domaines de l'architecture, du design, du graphisme, de l'infographisme et de la peinture.

116. Industrial Designer : Architecture Design, Home And Building Makeovers, And Desi
architecture design highlights the best in home and building makeovers.Including model buildings featuring unique housing of oneof-a-kind construction,
Industrial Designer - Architecture Design - Home and Building Makeovers - Design Jobs
If you're looking for innovative architecture design news then consider Business Week for all of your home and building makeovers . Look to Business Week for the best design jobs in your area. For top quality tips, hints, and strategies search Business Week for articles written by expert industrial designers
Industrial Designer
Browse through our great directory of all new industrial designer innovations. Business Week offers the best industrial designer jobs available. If you're looking for a top quality industrial designer , look no further than Business Week.
Architecture Design
Consider Business Week as your personal gateway to architecture design from around the world and across new advances in structural advancement and technology.
Home and Building Makeovers
Find new home and building makeovers written by the industries top analysts and experts. Look to Business Week for terrific home and building makeover material. If you're looking to find great material on home and building makeovers then consider Business Week for great styles and upcoming trends.

117. White Design
Architectural design practice specialising in the design of sustainable, context sensitive, low energy, low environmental impact buildings. Montpelier, Bristol, UK.
beautiful affordable places helping you live more sustainably

118. Virtual Architecture's Web Home
Contains examples of curriculumbased educational telecomputing projects andother related resources. Companion site to the ISTE book of the same name.
V i r t u a l A r c h i t e c t u r e ' s
Welcome! About This Site Ch. 1: Foundational Ideas Ch. 2: In the Kitchen: Telecollaboration Ch. 3: In the Study: Teleresearch ... Ch. 5: In the Yard: Assessment Creator: Judi Harris Site Redesigner: Arati Singh Academy for Educational Development Annotations by: Kathy Atanasov, Heather French, Karen French, Judi Harris , Ryan Hews, Arati Singh, Trina Spencer
Last Updated: September 5, 2005

119. Java(TM) Boutique - Service Oriented Architecture - Part 1
By Samudra Gupta. Lays out the ground work for SOA and shows us how to identify potential Services.

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Tutorials Service Oriented Architecture - Part 1
Service Oriented Architecture - Part 1
by Samudra Gupta
In recent times, more and more organizations are implementing IT systems across different departments. The challenge is to find a solution that is extendible, flexible and fits well with the existing legacy systems. Replacing legacy systems to cope with the new architecture is not only costly but also introduces risk of malfunctioning. In this context, the traditional software architectures proves ineffective in providing the right level of cost effective and extendible Information systems across the organization boundaries. Service Oriented Architecture (S0A) provides a relatively cheap and more cost-effective solution addressing these problems and challenges. Although, it is not a new concept, with the advent of recent platform-independent programs and platform-neutral data models, SOA needs some fresh attention. In this installment, we will examine the anatomy of a Service Oriented Architecture and develop an understanding of how to implement SOA in an architectural level.
Why do we need SOA?

120. C A L L I S O N
A firm specializing in corporate, entertainment, healthcare and residentialarchitecture. Provides history, project tour, employment, special services,
P o r t f o l i o 1700 Seventh Avenue ACT Theater Ala Moana Shopping Center Anaheim GardenWalk Ayala Center Greenbelt Bank of China Bay Street Village Beijing Zhong Guan Cun Bellevue Club Hotel Beverly Center Boeing 3-D Imax Theater Boeing Customer Service Training Center Boeing World Headquarters Carillon Point Cingular Wireless: Prototype Stores Cole Haan Deira Delta Lodge DFS Eddie Bauer Corporate Headquarters Edgewater FedEx FlatIron Crossing Future@Work Gardens Galleria Grand Gateway Guess Harbor Steps - Phase I Harrods International Designer Room Three Harrods White Hall Hewlett-Packard B20C Renovation Hewlett-Packard Company - Fort Collins IKEA Illusionz James Tower Life Sciences Building Jordan Creek Town Center Key Center KUSI Mixed Use La Encantada Manhattan Village Shopping Center MCI Worldcom Metropolitan Tower Meydenbauer Project Microsoft Corporate Headquarters Nanjing Road East New Century Square New Settlement Resort Development Nike Goddess Nordstrom Nordstrom Spa One Convention Place Pacific Northwest Research Institute Pacific Science Center Pearl of the Gulf Porto Arabia Post Falls Landing Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids Providence Health Systems Qingdao Resort Riverton Operations Center San Francisco Giants Headquarters Scottsdale Fashion Square Seibu Department Stores Serramonte Center Shangdi Center Skechers Skymart at Chek Lap Kok SoftImage Soma South Coast Plaza West Southlands Lifestyle Center Space Needle St. Charles Medical Center

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