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         Aeronautics:     more books (100)
  1. Military Avionics Systems (Aiaa Education Series) by Ian Moir, 2006-07-30
  2. Stability Domains (Nonlinear Systems in Aviation, Aerospace, Aeronautics and Astro) by Lyubomir T. Gruyitch, Jean-Pierre Richard, et all 2003-12-15
  3. Spatial Disorientation in Aviation (Progress in Astronautics and Aeronautics)
  4. Road to Mach 10: Lessons Learned from the X-43a Flight Research Program (Library of Flight Series) by Curtis Peebles, 2008-03-01
  5. Flight Testing of Fixed-Wing Aircraft (Aiaa Education Series) by Ralph D. Kimberlin, 2003-09
  6. Thermal Hydraulics for Space Power, Propulsion, and Thermal Management System Design (Progress in Astronautics and Aeronautics) by William J. Krotiuk, 1989-12
  7. Matrix and Tensor Calculus: With Applications to Mechanics, Elasticity and Aeronautics by Aristotle D. Michal, 2008-07-24
  8. Intake Aerodynamics (Aiaa Education Series) by E. L. Goldsmith, J. Seddon, 1999-08
  9. Exploring the Unknown: Selected Documents in the History of the U.S. Civil Space Program, V. VII: Human Spaceflight, Projects Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo (Nasa History) by John M. Logsdon, Roger D. Launius, 2008-12-04
  10. The General Dynamics Case Study on the F-16 Fly-By-Wire Flight Control System by Carl S. Droste, James E. Walker, 1998-06
  11. A History of Aeronautics by W. Lockwood (William Lockwood) Marsh, Evelyn Charles Vivian, 2009-10-04
  12. Practical Aeronautics: An Understandable Presentation of Interesting and Essential Facts in Aeronautical Science by Charles Brian Hayward, 2010-03-08
  13. Fundamentals of Solid-Propellent Combustion (Progress in Astronautics and Aeronautics) by Kenneth K. Kuo, 1984-10
  14. Practical Aeronautics: An Understandable Presentation of Interesting and Essential Facts in Aeronautical Science, by Charles Brian Hayward, 2009-04-27

41. Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company - Palmdale, CA
Includes supplier index, environmental safety and health information, company gift store, and LM Leadership Association information.
External Website - Last update:

42. China Quest - Summer Chinese Language Culture Study Abroad And Travel Abroad Pro
Presentation of the summer program for study and travel abroad in China.
Our Program Introduction Program Details Itinerary A Typical Day ... About China Quest Places to Go Beijing Inner Mongolia Zhengzhou Luoyang ... Destinations Map
Where can you study, travel, learn, discover, and explore a new culture? You can do it all at the China Quest summer program. For 35 days, students will not only study Chinese language and culture but also take a magnificent and eye opening tour of China. Since 1995, our summer program in China continues to be the most educational, adventurous and well-rounded for high school and college students from all over the world. We hope you enjoy learning more about our program and join us in 2006 to find out for yourself what makes the China Quest summer program so special.

43. Home Page
Corporate and technical consultants in aviation for airlines, aircraft manufacturers. Sale, lease and management of corporate, regional and transport aircraft. Representative of Bombardier Aerospace.
This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

44. Stransim
Manufacturers of a flight data visualization tool, an aircraft modeller, and a glider competition data analyser.
Flight Data Visualization and 3D Programming
S transim Aeronautics is dedicated to the development of software and file content for the purpose of visualizing flight data. We market two main products: Flight Tracer is a tool for analysis and visualization of Flight Data Recorder input. Flight Tracer is flexibility enough to handle free form ASCII data files, and - for example - displays of nav. aids and instrument landing systems, corrects for gaps in the data, and understands over 100 recorded parameters, includes common aviation EFIS instruments, and allows the creation of any airliner flight deck. 3DTracer is a tool for viewing Internation Gliding Commission competition flights. 3DTracer is a more static tool for the soaring community (or the general playback of GPS data) and includes the display of turnpoints with observation zones, the instruments reflect the standard glider panel, the derived parameter such as groundspeed, climb rate, and has a simulated vario. See Differences between the two products

45. Texas Aeronautics
Providing helicopter flight training and commercial services in the Texas region.
Use Yahoo! Small Business to develop a fully-featured web site. Email ... Merchant Solutions Powered by Yahoo! Web Hosting

46. Aeronautics -- An Aviation Spotter Site
Dutch site with strong emphasis on spotting and aviation links. Includes information on Groningen Eelde Aviation Society (GEAS) a spotters group founded in 1979.
Welcome at an aviation spotter site. On this website you can find information about spotting and airports, see many of my pictures and read my weblog.
Newest photos
Latest weblog post
First of all a technical announcement. The website was offline for 5 hours today, due to a hardware failure in one of the Lycos servers. The website has been restored from a back-up, but no data has been lost, which is of course good news.
Secondly my trip to Frankfurt. It was a long ride and the weather wasn't very nice to us. It was dry, but it was clouded and a bit of fog as well (visibility range was around 8 kilometers). On the way back we noticed that we were lucky, because we promptly drove in a heavy rainstorm, which forced us to drive only 40 km/h (25MPH) on the German autobahn.
The variety of interesting planes however, compensated for the somewhat dissapointing weather. There were three Air India 747s and a couple of freighters like World Cargo, FedEx, Gemini and Omni. This besides the normal traffic of Syrian, Jordanian, Qatar, Emirates, Aeroflot and the very interesting FisherAir.
I'll write an article about Frankfurt for the local spotting magazine and translate it to add it to the article section. Pictures will be online soon, but those are not very great due to the poor weather, so I will only add a few of them. Here's a preview already:

47. CORDIS FP6: What Is FP6: Activity Areas: Aeronautics And Space
This web site aims to keep users informed of important developments in the formulation of the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6).
Legal Notice : The information in this website is subject to a and a notice. Expressions of Interest National Contact Points Partners Service Sitemap Europa-DG Research-FP6 ERA on CORDIS CORDIS News FP6 Mini-guide Technology Marketplace You are here: FP6 Home What is FP6? Activity Areas > Aeronautics and space
Aeronautics and space
Main objectives:
Striving towards higher levels of technological excellence by consolidating and concentrating RTD efforts in the context of the Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe and the European Strategy for Space
Thematic areas: Aeronautics
  • Strengthening competitiveness by reducing development costs, aircraft direct operating costs and improving passenger comfort Improving the environmental impact with regard to emissions and noise Improving aircraft safety and security Increasing operational capacity and safety of the air transport system
  • Galileo: development of multisectorial systems, equipment and tools GMES: stimulate evolution of satellite-based information services by development of technologies (e.g. sensors, data and information models, services for global environment, land-use, desertification, disaster management) Satellite Telecommunications: to be integrated with the wider area of telecommunications, notably terrestrial systems

48. Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company: Products – P-3 Orion Overview
Overview, specifications and performance, photo gallery, chronology.
Home Products P-3 Orion
Reconnaissance-Surveillance P-3 Orion
Advanced Development
Air Mobility Combat Aircraft Customer Support ... Specs

Maritime Patrol Aircraft
The P-3 Orion is a peerless airborne hunter. Its reputation as the ultimate submarine finder was achieved through more than 35 years of service, from the Cuban Missile Crisis to round-the-clock, low profile patrols throughout the Cold War. Today the P-3 is still very busy, remarkably well adapted for maritime patrol in the post-Cold War world. In fact, no other plane is better suited. The P-3 can be outfitted with a variety of sophisticated detection equipment. Infrared and long-range electro-optical cameras plus special imaging radar allow it to monitor activity from a comfortable distance. It can stay aloft for extremely long periods, and its four powerful Allison T56-A-14 engines can fly at almost any altitude. And like all good hunters, the P-3 has no problem carrying weapons. In addition to sub hunting, the P-3 is now called upon for peacekeeping and relief missions around the world. When civil war flared in Liberia, P-3s were the eyes and ears of forces protecting the U.S. Embassy. In Somalia, P-3s monitored street operations in Mogadishu from well off shore. In Rwanda, P-3s tracked large groups of refugees to help pinpoint relief efforts. Then in Desert Storm, P-3s logged more than 12,000 hours in 1,200 combat surveillance sorties. With capabilities like these, it is no wonder that somewhere above the earth, there is nearly always an Orion, serving as an eye in the sky.

49. Civil Aviation Terminology System (CATS)
Termbase of Transport Canada's Aviation Terminology Standardization Division. aeronautics, aircraft engineering, air navigation, airport services and personnel, organizations, and programs.
Reference centreSpeeches and statements[More...]Environment ... [More...]
Français Contact Us Help Search ... Glossary for Pilots and Air Traffic Services Personnel
document.write(document.frmmenu.elements['titleaction'].value); The default language for the search is English. If you wish to do a French search check the FR checkbox. FR Exact Word or Expression All Words Any Word Content last updated on April 12, 2005 Last updated Important Notices Transport Canada Pacific Region ... Photo archives

50. Academy Of Model Aeronautics
List of the New York chartered clubs, with contact information.
... In support of those serving
to protect our freedom

2006 AMA Convention
Click here for details.

2005 National Aeromodeling
Click here for details.
Flying Site Development/
Improvement Grant Program
Click here for details.
Sign 3 and Fly for Free!
Join the AMA Ambassador Program. Click here for details. Your Name in the Walk of Fame! Support your sport and AMA. Click here for details. AMA Grand Event 2005 Federal Aviation Administration Notices to Airmen FAA NOTAMs Homeland Security Status This site uses 128-bit SSL Security! Click the Verisign logo to verify. Are you a user who is having difficulty viewing our new site? Click here to see information on how this site is best viewed.
New York
* denotes participants of the Intro Pilot Program New York Club # Club Name Contact Person Telephone E-mail Address City, State, Zip Type FINGERLAKES AIR PIRATES* WILLIAM R BIRKETT WRBIRKETT@AOL.COM 1386 RT 245 GENEVA NY 14456 RC WHITMAN FLYERS LEE EICHENBAUM 5 LENOUGH @OPTONLINE.NET

51. Aeronautics
Welcome to the web site for the Department of aeronautics. aeronautics was first taught at Imperial College in 1909, with the first chair established in
Skip to content Quick Navigation: Quick Navigation Imperial Home Page A-Z of Departments Courses Research Alumni Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Life Sciences Faculty of Medicine Faculty of Physical Sciences Tanaka Business School Grad. Sch. Life Sciences and Medicine Grad. Sch. Engineering and Physical Sciences Spectrum (College Intranet) College Directory Help
Search for:
About Aeronautics
People Courses Research ... Facilities
Note: Your browser does not support javascript or you have javascript turned off. Although this will not affect your accessibility to the content of this site, some of the advanced navigation features may not be available to you. About Aeronautics Contact Us Opportunities People ... Facilities
Department of Aeronautics

Wind Tunnel

Aeronautics Intranet
Welcome to the web site for the Department of Aeronautics. We strive for excellence in both teaching and research, with a score of 22/24 in the last teaching audit and maximum 5* scores in the last two Research Assessment Exercises. Our research activities cover a very broad spectrum of aeronautical and non-aeronautical topics, with strong bases in both computational and experimental studies. The Department is equipped with excellent computing and experimental facilities including: Mach 9 hypersonic and Mach 2.2 supersonic wind tunnels; three large low speed wind tunnels (including rolling road floors for car aerodynamics); two High Performance Parallel computing clusters; a major water flume facility for experiments on current and wave action; structural load and fatigue testing machines; a composite materials laboratory and impact rigs and a gas gun for high speed impact studies. A major new acquisition is a Motus Flight Simulator from Fidelity Inc. of Pittsburgh, USA, which supports a major expansion in our teaching and research activity in addition to flight experience.

52. K8AIT Principles Of Aeronautics
Discusses the physics of sports involving aerodynamics, including tennis, golf, baseball, javelin, discus, frisbee, boomerangs, bicycling, race cars, sailboats, and swimming.
Principles of Aeronautics
Please select a level
Beginner Intermediate Advanced Instructor
Web Hosting Provided By The National Business Aviation Association Explore Space ... Not Drugs!
Hear what astronauts have to say about staying drug-free.

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53. MDOT Bureau Of Aeronautics
MDOT Bureau of aeronautics. Welcome to the new Michigan Department of Transportation aeronautics Web site! • aeronautics Calendars
Welcome to the official web site. This site uses adaptive technology. Instructions are provided within the: Accessibility Policy Site Map Skip Navigation Home ... Aero FAQs document.form2.SearchCriteria.size=10;
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How to help Hurricane Katrina Victims

You can help, please donate now. General Aviation Security Advisory
THE FEDERAL SECURITY THREAT LEVEL IS CURRENTLY SET AT YELLOW (ELEVATED). Temoprary flight restrictions are in effect at many locations across the country. Pilots are advised to check NOTAMS before each flight. Report suspicious activity to the TSA at 866-GA-SECURE. FAA NOTAMS NBAA
National Business Aircraft Association Latest information from AOPA Latest information from EAA
Great Lakes International Aviation Conference

January 20-21, 2006 Aeronautics Up Close 2005 Michigan Aeronautical Chart Errata
Welcome to the new Michigan Department of Transportation Aeronautics Web site!
Aeronautics Calendars ...
Department of Transportation awards safety funding to two local airports

QuickLinks Events Calendars Michigan Airport Statistics Michigan Airport Directory Licensed Flight Schools ... Home

54. Aeronautics - Henri Coanda
Henri Marie Coanda was the second son of Constantin M. Coanda who had five sons and two daughters. H. Coanda was born in Bucharest, Romania on June 7, 1886. As he later stated he has been attracted by the 'miracle of wind' since he was a boy.
Home Research For Teachers HISTORY ... Admin/Tools partially funded by NASA, it is still a private site. Therefore, before using our materials in any form, electronic or otherwise, you need to ask permission.
There are two ways to browse the site: (1) use the search button above to find specific materials using keywords; or,
(2) go to specific headings like history principles or careers at specific levels above and click on the button.
Teachers may go directly to the Teachers' Guide from the For Teachers button above or site browse as in (1) and (2). FAQ
Henri Marie Coanda
Henri Marie Coanda was the second son of Constantin M. Coanda who had five sons and two daughters. H. Coanda was born in Bucharest on June 7, 1886. As he later stated he has been attracted by the 'miracle of wind' since he was a boy.
Henri Coanda attended high-school in Bucharest and in Iasi. After this he joined the Bucharest Military School where he graduated as an artillery officer. Fond of technical problems, especially of flight technics, in 1905 he built a 'missile-airplane' in Bucharest for the Army. Then he went up to Berlin to attend studies at Technische Hochschule in Charlottenburg, after which he followed with studies at the Science University in Liege, part of the Electrical Institute in Montefiore. He registered at the Superior Aeronautical School in Paris where he graduated in 1909.

55. NASA - Welcome To NASA Headquarters
NASA National aeronautics and Space Administration. Follow this link to skip to the main content + Text Only Site + Contact HQ. FIND IT @ NASA

Maker of the EDGE 540 unlimited aerobatic airplane.
ZIVKO AERONAUTICS INC 2005. - Website designed by

57. MIT Aero/Astro
search, Advanced Search. Department of aeronautics and Astronautics Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 77 Massachusetts Ave. 37
MIT Aero-Astro professor and former astronaut Jeff Hoffman tests a concept space suit at the Haughton Mars Project research base, located only a few hundred miles from the north magnetic pole. Hoffman and others from an MIT Aero-Astro and Engineering Systems Division team were conducting experiments at the base this summer in logistics and supply chains for moon and Mars expeditions.

58. Kevin's Online Tools: Panel Code - Source Code
By Professor Kevin D. Jones of the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School.
Kevin's Online Tools: Panel Code Version 1.2 - Source Code The Online Panel Code is based on a short Fortran code with a main program and 11 subroutines and functions. The source code is included below. Note: I'm frequently asked to send people the GETARG subroutine, which is called from the main program below. This is actually a standard fortran subroutine, recognized by all my unix compilers including the GNU fortran compiler (g77) and the GNU f2c/gcc translation/compilation method (fort77). It's sole purpose is to extract input data from the command line, a requirement of the CGI scripting for the web-interface. If your compiler does not recognize GETARG, no problem, just replace those lines with lines that read the inputs from standard input or a file. Also note, this code was quickly ripped from a much more complicated unsteady code, and consequently, some of the coding is not very optimised for steady calculations. Check out Version 2.0

59. Cranfield University Aerospace
Cranfield College of aeronautics Home About Us Capabilities Themes Collaborative Projects News Events Courses People Alumni Contact Us
Home About Us Capabilities Themes ... Contact Us
aerospace alliance with Cranfield
- delivers
innovative multi-disciplinary solutions,
that address the complex challenges
.... this will complement our existing
Launch of Cranfield University Aerospace -
Airworthiness MSc

60. K8AIT Principles Of Aeronautics
An online textbook discussing the basics of flight, drag and lift with content and lesson plans appropriate to all educational levels.
Principles of Aeronautics
Please select a level
Beginner Intermediate Advanced Instructor
Web Hosting Provided By The National Business Aviation Association Explore Space ... Not Drugs!
Hear what astronauts have to say about staying drug-free.

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