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  1. The Sports Junkies' Book of Trivia, Terms, and Lingo: What They Are, Where They Came From,and How They're Used by Harvey Frommer, 2005-10-25
  2. Rick Barry's Super Sports Trivia Game (Buzztime Trivia) by Rick Barry, 2004-12
  3. Cleveland Sports Trivia Quizbook (Trivia Fun) by Tim Long, 1999-11
  4. The Ultimate Sports Trivia Book: The Official Bar Book of Runyon's Saloon by Tim Hays, Jim Benagh, et all 1993-06
  5. The Ultimate Book of Top Ten Lists: A Mind-Boggling Collection of Fun, Fascinating and Bizarre Facts on Movies, Music, Sports, Crime, Celebrities, History, Trivia and More by, Jamie Frater, 2009-11-03
  6. The Sarcastic Sports Trivia Book, Vol. 1: 300 Funny and Challenging Questions from the Dark Side of Sports by Paul Nardizzi, 2001-08-23
  7. 767 Sports Questions Your Friends Can't Answer, 1st edition by Arco, 2005-09-23
  8. The Bathroom Sports Quiz Book by Jack Kreismer, 2003-01
  9. Ichiro, Satchel, and the Babe: More Baseball's Fun Facts and Serious Trivia by Mr. Mike Attiyeh, 2003-06-01
  10. Fotheringham's Sporting Trivia: The Greatest Sports Trivia Book Ever by Will Fotheringham, Sanctuary Publishing, 2003-09-10
  11. The Ultimate Canadian Sports Trivia Book by Edward Zawadzki, 2001-08-28
  12. BrainList Sports - Volume 1 by Brian M. Brown, 2009-09-09
  13. SEC Football Trivia by Ernie Couch, 2001-08-01
  14. The Ultimate Golf Trivia Book by Mike Towle, 1999-04-01

1. Sport Trivia Quizzes And Quiz Questions
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Title Difficulty Played Online Author Aussie Sporting Disasters
Australia is more proud of its sporting triumphs than any country on Earth. But, despite our seemingly endless triumphs, there have been disasters in between ... how well do you remember what most Aussies prefer to forget?

2. NFL Draft, Forum, Sports Trivia, Tickets - Interactive Internet Sports
NFL draft coverage, NFL forum, sports trivia, and Sports tickets.
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How much do you really know about sports? Test your knowledge by playing our Sports Trivia contests. The contests are separated into three sections: football baseball , and general (covers every sport, from soccer to swimming). 30 New questions are added each month and all past questions can be found in the Trivia Archives . The archives contain over 5,000 questions! All contest entries are checked in real time and the answers are provided as soon as you hit the submit button. Search the trivia archive for questions on your favorite sport, team, player, etc...
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4. Sports Trivia Australia
Answer questions on Australian sports to win cash prizes.

5. Lockerjock: Your Source For Sports Trivia
Answer the daily trivia question for points and a place on the leaderboard.Questions are offered on a variety of sports. Includes user submitted questions,
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September 17, 2005
1996 - Hideo Nomo pitches a no-hitter at Coors Field against the NL's best hitting team. The Dodgers righthander walks four Rockies and fans eight in the 9-0 win
1927: George Blanda
What athlete is sucking air the most and should retire?
Barry Bonds
Ricky Henderson
Jerry Rice
Brett Favre Nick Faldo Andre Agassi Once again, the stupid poll expired and I didn't catch it until today. My only excuse is that I was busy doing summer stuff like a track workout and tennis league. Since nobody was able to answer yesterday's question I won't fix anything. The start of a new year is a great time to ask you guys where you would like to see LJ go. What other features would you like to have? A few old timers may remember me talking about user created contests a couple years ago. I did write that software but never deployed it. Is that something you would like to see? Let me know If you're new to Lockerjock or haven't taken the time to do so yet, be sure to fill out your

6. Sports Trivia, Baseball Trivia, Football Trivia At Interactive
Trivia for football or baseball or general sports, searchable database with over 4 000 sports trivia questions, and a sports trivia forum.

7. NFL Draft, Forum, Sports Trivia, Tickets - Interactive Internet
NFL draft coverage, NFL forum, sports trivia, and Sports tickets.

8. About Sportsco- This Is The Fantasy Sports Page
Baseball Fantasy Football Fantasy Basketball Fantasy Hockey Fantasy Golf Sports Products sports trivia Customer Survey Other

9. AllSports
Careers In Sports. FREE STUFF Search AllSports. Opinions, Editorials and Smack Talk @ sports trivia. Text Links / Site Map

10. Online Sports Trivia - Your Sports Trivia Home
Your sports trivia Home Featuring Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, andGolf Trivia!
Home Baseball Trivia Basketball ... Golf Trivia
Additional Links: This Day in Sports History Sports Articles Site Map Advertising Infomation ... Contact Us AFFILIATES: Sports-Chat Online Casinos US Online Gambling US ... Additional Hockey Trivia Has Been Added to Online Sports Trivia! SPORTS ARTICLE OF THE WEEK: NFL Predictions Saturday, September 10, 2005 By Tom of Online Sports Trivia Team Record Analysis Eagles Look for Donovan McNabb to have another big year with the Eagles Cowboys The Cowboys will have a solid young team that should make a impact Giants Eli Manning will mature as a QB and help the Giants to a .500 record Redskins There are still questions at the QB position and the offense Vikings Look for Culpepper to have a great season with Troy Williamson Packers Possibly Brett Farve's last season in the NFL Bears Solid defense, but little to no offense Lions Joey Harrington needs to have a breakout season for the Lions Falcons Vick will have an MVP type season leading the Falcons to the playoffs Panthers The Panthers will be close in almost every game this season Saints Saints will have a decent season, but will miss the playoffs

11. SFAA
Portal to thousands of sports sites on the net. Fans in action, sports trivia, fan opinion polls, membership, contests, fantasy leagues, sports jobs, tickets, travel, collectibles, fan news, magazines, books, music, movies, events, health, recruiting, games, financing, chat, chapters.

12. Cool Quiz! Trivia, Quizzes, Puzzles, Jokes, Useless Knowledge, FUN!
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13. Sports Trivia Links
sports trivia. Auto Racing / Motorcycle Racing; Autobody Online Auto Trivia Contest Formula One Trivia The Holland Sentinel NASCAR This Week
Sports Trivia
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  • Mike Keith: The Trivia Quiz (Tennessee Titans)
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  • The Sporting News: Football's 100 Greatest Players Trivia ...
  • Viking Trivia! Golf
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  • How Much Do You Know About the U.S. Open?
  • The Ultimate Masters Trivia Quiz Gymnastics
  • Gymn Trivia Hockey
  • Dallas Morning News: How Well Can You Identify Stars?" (Dallas Stars trivia)
  • Liam Maguire's NHL Hockey Trivia
  • Mr. Hockey Trivia
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    Features television, movie, music and sports trivia games. Includes a monthly online question, a question submission form, and a forum.

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    15. Online Sports Trivia - Your Sports Trivia Home - Featuring

    16. Boston Settles With Family Of Red Sox Fan Killed By Police
    How well he did on ESPN's sports trivia game show "Stump the Schwab" wasn't reported, but the show will air May 12 on ESPN.

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    Rules. Informal summaries and links to official rules for all sports Main Menu. History Biography Trivia Glossary

    19. Win Sports Trivia - Free Trivias Sweepstakes And Contests
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    20. Today In Sporting History - Sports Trivia
    Provides events in sport for the current day in history. Also includes searchable important events, birthdays. and deaths from a variety of sports.

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