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         Sports Psychology:     more books (100)
  1. Flow in Sports: The keys to optimal experiences and performances by Susan Jackson, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, 1999-05-19
  2. The New Toughness Training for Sports: Mental Emotional Physical Conditioning from One of the World's Premier Sports Psychologists by James E. Loehr, 1995-11-01
  3. Handbook of Sport Psychology
  4. Sport Psychology by Daniel L. Wann, 1996-12-15
  5. Sports Neuropsychology: Assessment and Management of Traumatic Brain Injury
  6. Clinical Sport Psychology by Frank Gardner, Zella Moore, 2005-10-21
  7. The Sport Psych Handbook by Shane Murphy, 2004-10-18
  8. Inside Sport Psychology by Costas Karageorghis, Peter Terry, 2010-11-13
  9. Psychology in Football: Working with Elite and Professional Players by Mark Nesti, 2010-07-21
  10. Handbook of Sport Psychology
  11. Sport Psychology: Concepts and Applications by Richard Cox, 2006-04-06
  12. Applying Sport Psychology: Four Perspectives by Jim Taylor, Gregory Wilson, 2005-08-02
  13. Essential Readings in Sport and Exercise Psychology
  14. Sport Psychology Interventions by Shane Murphy, 1995-01-05

21. OPI - Degrees
Nutrition, sports psychology, natural health, naturopathy and health club management.
"I have to hand it to OPI for their commitment and excellence in continually working towards meeting the needs of individuals who seek post secondary education. In our modern world, the job market is extremely competitive as is being self-employed. OPI has positioned themselves in North America as a superior educational institution that can help students hone the competitive edge needed in order to succeed in a challenging global arena."
"Carol Mitchell - author of Yoga on the Ball"
click here to learn what students say about OPI.
Address: 1030 E. El Camino Real, #322, Sunnyvale CA 94087
Phone: 866-796-6716 OPI and The Optimal Performance Institute are trademarks of The Optimal Performance Institute

22. :: Welcome To Korea Institute Of Sport Science
Conducts research and scholastic activities in the fields including exercise physiology, biomechanics, sports psychology, and sports sociology.

23. Sports Psychology, Mental Training, And Mental Toughness For Athletes In Sport
sports psychology and mental training to enhance mental toughness for athletesand teams from leading mental game expert, Dr. Patrick Cohn.
Toll Free: 888-742-7225
Athletes, teams, and corporations today are applying "sports psychology" and "sport psychology " to reach peak performance in sports Developed by sports psychology and golf psychology expert, Dr. Patrick Cohn,, is devoted to teaching mental toughness to serious athletes, performers, coaches, and parents of aspiring athletes. If you are ready to super-charge your confidence and enter the peak performance zone, has [mental training] tips, [sports psychology] tools, [golf psychology] tips, and mental toughness resources to improve sports performance and boost it immediately! Sign up for our world class sport psychology system and gain access to over 500 articles, performance boosting audio interviews, and many other [sport psychology] tools to improve your game! Our

24. Personal Coach :: Welcome
Offering life coaching using sports psychology and more, with free initial consultation.
Welcome to
Sorry, but due to excessive demand Juliets Personalcoach service has ended. Website hosted by
This site may not be reproduced in any form without specific consent.
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25. Mental Game Coaching Tips, Sports Psychology Resources, Mental Game Training, Sp
Search our vast database of mental game coaching and sports psychology articlesand tips! Find the zone faster and stay there longer with mental toughness
Athletes, Coaches, and Parents of Aspiring Athletes
Sharpen Your Game by Improving Your Mental Toughness
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With our newsletter you can begin the process of reaching your peak performance zone with powerful strategies from sports psychology guru and master mental game coach, Dr. Patrick J. Cohn.
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  • Peak Performance Insights is geared toward athletes and coaches in all sports who want to learn mental strategies to positively impact athletic potential.
    Peak Performance Golf Insights is designed for the dedicated golfer who wants to make the most of his or her golf game.
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26. Welcome To
Offers sports psychology coaching for motorcycle riders.


Welcome to mindracing .com
The purpose of mindracing is to enable peak performance in the motorcycle racing athlete and team by resolving the mental blockages that hinder, and developing the mental skills that promote, success. By taking mindracing s 1:1 coaching, open workshops and team development programmes, racers and teams can develop their mental capabilities to deliver their racing dreams Utilising a precisely formulated and flexible combination of Peak Performance Coaching, NLP Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy the racing athlete's mental capabilities can be transformed. The pages you will find here will give you an understanding of how the mind affects performance and how mindracing can work with you to achieve your racing dreams. document.write('<'); document.write('! '); home services case studies testimonials ... contact Bike, Mind and Body are part of the same system

27. Graduate School Directories - Sports Psychology
Directory of sports psychology graduate and postgraduate school programs,including contact information, program descriptions and links to leading programs
American Psychological Association American Psychological Society >Assoc. for the Advancement of Applied Sport Psychology Peak Performance Sports ... StudentProspector
Graduate School Programs - Master's, Ph.D.
Programs in the United States Programs Outside the United States Distance / Online Programs Certificate Programs Or select other related directories here
Forensic Science All psychology programs Students: Graduate Program Search Register to be Recruited Graduate School Information Center Express News! ... Bookstore Administrators: Add or Update Your Programs Advertise Your Program With Who we are Who advertises on the site ... Who visits the site Contact Us: Give us a Banner E-mail Educational Directories Unlimitd, Inc. Info

28. Center For Sport Psychology And Performance Excellence At The University Of Nort
Research projects, services for athletes and information on the center and sports psychology in general. Flash.
FAQs CSPPE News Center Contact and Location Info FAQs CSPPE News Center Contact and Location Info

29. Psychology
Guidance on the use of Psychology in sport. sports psychology The Will ToWin Psychology of Golf - Leslie Schon; sports psychology Tools for
The increased stress of competitions can cause athletes to react both physically and mentally in a manner which can negatively affect their performance abilities. They may become tense, their heart rates race, they break into a cold sweat, they worry about the outcome of the competition, they find it hard to concentrate on the task in hand. This has led coaches to take an increasing interest in the field of sport psychology and in particular in the area of competitive anxiety . That interest has focused on techniques which athletes can use in the competitive situation to maintain control and optimise their performance. Once learned, these techniques allow the athlete to relax and to focus his/her attention in a positive manner on the task of preparing for and participating in competition. Psychology is another weapon in the athlete's armoury in gaining the winning edge
The 4C's
Concentration, confidence, control and commitment (the 4C's) are generally considered to be the main mental qualities that are important for successful performance in most sports.
  • Concentration - ability to maintain focus Confidence - believe in one's abilities Control - ability to maintain emotional control regardless of distraction Commitment - ability to continue working to agreed goals
The techniques of relaxation , centering and mental imagery can assist an athlete to achieve the 4C's.

30. Sport Psychology
APA Division 47 Division 47 is for Exercise and Sport Psychology; Careers insports psychology Site provides information about the history of sports
Centre Main Page AU Library Main Page AUPR Main Page Academic Content Sites Abnormal, Clinical, and Counselling Behaviour Analysis and Learning Biological and Physiological Career Development ... Sport Psychology Other Useful Sites Departments of Psychology Extracurricular Sites Journals Mega Sites ... Psychology Glossary Search the Athabasca University Psychology Resources:
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Sport Psychology
A Psychoanalytic Perspective on Anxiety in Athletes
This article discusses winning and the anxiety of separation, the dread of success, self psychology and sports, Freud's instinctive theory and sports, and secondary gain found in defeat.
APA Division 47
Division 47 is for Exercise and Sport Psychology; has membership information, information about sport psychology as a profession, job listings, etc.
Athletic Insight
Athletic Insight is "the online journal of sport psychology.".
British Journal of Sports Medicine
Journal provides links to some articles related to sport psychology such as the benefits of exercise in the treatment of depression. Site also provides links to other related web sites.
Careers in Sports Psychology
Site provides information about the history of sports psychology as a career, the subfields of sports psychology, the pros and cons of career in sports psychology, and the education and employment opportunities in sports psychology.

31. Sports Psychology: Index
yellow arrow button, Sports and Sport Psychology On The Information yellow arrowbutton, Sport Psychology Guidelines for Parents of Young Athletes
Read related by Professionals Athletes and Personality Type by Cristina Bortoni Versari, Ph.D. Belief, Self Talk and Performance Enhancement by Joe Kolezynski. M.B.A., M.A. Benefits of Circuit Weight Training by Corey Crane Choking in Big Competitions by Kaori Araki Eating Disorders and Athletes Riann L. McVey The Essence of Imagery in Tennis by John F. Murray, M.S High Percentage of Car Accidents Due to Inattention Rather Than Lack of Driving Ability APA Press Release How Can Athletes Be Helped in Order to Keep Violence Off the Court? by Claire Alvies How to Love Exercise by Cristina Bortoni Versari, Ph. D. How to Reach Your Achievement Zone Is Your Stress IQ Hurting Your Performance? by Mick G. Mack, Ph.D The NBA Rookie Career Transition Dov Friedmann by Kurt A. Krueger, M.S.Ed. Performing Your Best... When it Counts the Most!

32. Allan Bancroft, Mental Skills Coach Suffolk, Sports Psychology Essex
sports psychology and mental skills training for sports competitors.
Allan Bancroft, mental skills coach suffolk, sports psychology essex
mental skills coach suffolk, sports psychology essex, mental skills traiing suffolk, pain control essex, hypnotherapist suffolk, hypnotherapy services essex, physical conditioning suffolk, essex mental skills coach Advanced mental skills coaching for sport and life
Allan Bancroft is an APSEP Level 5 Sport and Exercise Consultant, trained in Sport Psychology. He also trained with the National Council of Psychotherapists as a Hypnotherapist for which he is registered on the General Hypnotherapy Register. In addition Allan has a Diploma in Sports Psychology. Allan has over 30 years experience as a teacher of Physical Education and sports coaching both individuals and teams. He has also worked as a qualified Fitness Instructor. Since 1999 he has worked with both professional and amateur sports performers as a Mental Skills Coach and as a generalist Hypnotherapist.
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33. The Golf Institute At Monterey Bay
Golf experience emphasizing sports psychology includes mastering the mental game and corporate team building for golfers and nongolfers.



Instructional Programs

Private Lessons
Gift Certificates

P.O. Box 1215
Carmel CA 93921
Toll free: 877.650.GOLF Specializing in Women's Golf EWG: Proud Sponsor Lange: Authorized Club-Fitter Northern California's Premier Golf Experience A Complete Learning Experience... The Golf Institute is a full-service provider of golf clinics, seminars, and corporate workshops for men and women of all playing levels and abilities. Whether you are new to the game or have been playing for years, we have a program that is suited for you. The Golf Institute also offers several specialized programs to individuals, corporate groups and organizations. This includes Mastering the Mental Game programs, focusing on the psychology behind the sport and improving your mental approach, Corporate Team-Building Workshops , and Golf and Physical Fitness Home Philosophy Instructional Programs Mastering the Mental Game ... Gift Certificates

34. Mind Tools - Sports Psychology
Mind Tools sports psychology. sports psychology. Introduction to SportsPsychology Getting Into Sport Psychology by Barbara T. Waite, Ph.D.

35. National Institute Of Sports Professionals | Coaching, Sports Medicine, Sports P
US organization promoting system of care for athletes at all levels of competition in all sports. Coaching, sports medicine, sports psychology, and athletic training resources.

36. Winning The Battle Within - Applied Sports Psychology
sports psychology workshops and individual consultations.
WBW Awareness Form Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire WBW Checklist Schedules WBW Awareness Form Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire WBW Checklist Schedules ... NCPGA Page

37. Australian Institute Of Sport - Performance Pyschology
sports psychology experts are available to assist athletes and coaches in theirpursuit of performance excellence. The program takes a holistic perspective
Overview Media Events / Conferences Jobs ... Sports Directory
sports contacts Calendar of Events
sports events, conferences NSO Online
information for NSOs
About ASC AIS Developing ... Sport Science / Sport Medicine Athlete and Coach Services: Technical Direction:

38. FIT Index Page
Publisher of books and eproducts on sports business, sports psychology, and physical fitness.
Coaching for the
Inner Edge (*NEW*) You Haven't Taught Until
They Have Learned: John Wooden's Teaching Principles and Practices (*NEW*) Sport Psychology
Library: Triathlon Foundations of Sport
Management (*NEW*) Group Dynamics in Sport
3rd edition (*NEW*)
Directory of
Undergraduate Programs
in Sport Management

Directory of Graduate
Programs in Sport Management International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology

39. Kinesiology Department | Kinesiology
Kinesiology is the study of the human body during movement. There are many disciplines within Kinesiology including anatomy, biomechanics, exercise physiology, motor control, motor learning, neuromuscular physiology, sports psychology, and philosophy.
@import url(; Kinesiology HOME Navigate the WM Web Contact the College Prospective Students Parents Current Students Campus Visitors Academics   Undergraduate   Graduate Administration Admission Athletics Campus Construction Campus Life Economic Development Events/Calendars Financial Aid Human Resources Libraries Office of the President Public Service Research Restructuring Technology myWM
Kinesiology Department
The Collegeof William and Mary
Department of Kinesiology
Adair Hall
P. O. Box 8795
Williamsburg, VA 23187-8795 Phone:757-221-2758
Fax: 757-221-2761 QuickSearch
Find People
Kinesiology Department
(See the new laboratory renovations) KINESIOLOGY MAJOR If you would like to support the Kinesiology Department
you can make a gift/pledge by clicking here
and completing the on-line form. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

40. Marriage Counseling, Family Counseling And Relationship Counselor
Offers counseling for couples, families, individuals, as well as sports psychology and sexual dysfunction education.

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