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  1. Dancing at Halftime: Sports and the Controversy over American Indian Mascots by Carol Spindel, 2002-10-01
  2. The Handbook of Mascots & Nicknames: A Guide to the Nicknames of All Senior, Junior, and Community Colleges Throughout the United States and Canada by Peter J. Fournier, 2003-08
  3. Mascots: Football's Furry Friends (Sport (Tempus)) by Rick Minter, 2004-09-01
  4. Damn Good Dogs: The Real Story of Uga, the University of Georgia's Bulldog Mascots by Sonny Seiler, Kent Hannon, 2006-11-01
  5. Here come the bears: The story of the Baylor University mascots by Eugene W Baker, 1996
  6. Go Team!Mascots of the SEC by Delia Corrigan, Elizabeth Tighe, 2008-07
  7. Sports Mascots: Black Swan Emblems and Popular Culture, Native American Mascot Controversy
  8. College Nicknames: And Other Interesting Sports Traditions by C. Joanne Sloan, Cheryl Watts, et all 1993-01
  9. The Multi-million Pound Mascot by Chris Powling, 2001-06-14
  10. The Professional Mascot Handbook by Daren Ahearn, 1982-03
  11. Team Spirits: The Native American Mascots Controversy
  12. The man behind the mascot mask.(Raven's Eye: Special Section providing news from BC & Yukon)(Interview): An article from: Windspeaker by Sam Laskaris, 2010-02-01
  13. Bad duck gets home game timeout for fighting with Houston mascot.(Sports): An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR) by Gale Reference Team, 2007-09-08
  14. The Story of John the Orange-Man: Being a Short Sketch of the Life of Harvard's Popular Mascot

1. Spetz Productions
Manufactures custommade sports mascots and character costumes. Site includes tips for mascot design as well as care and cleaning of costumes.
Spetz Productions -- Mascots and Costumes Home About Spetz Custom Design Sports Mascots Corporate Mascots Contact Us Client List S What makes Spetz Productions mascots better than the rest? Our costumes are built with performance in mind. That means your mascot has the mobility and durability you need. Your Spetz mascot will last 7-12 years with proper care, longer than any other mascots. No kidding -- they're strong! We can create a new mascot design for you or one based on your design. Ballpark estimates are available from information you provide via e-mail. Or you can call us to receive a detailed design quote. Either way, you'll get our special attention to

2. Mascots, Character Costumes International Mascot
Mascots and costumes created with an attention to quality and precise artwork duplication.

3. Sports Mascots
sports mascots. Find Another Name A national organization committed to eliminatingthe racist use of Native American slurs as team names.
Sports Mascots
Find Another Name
A national organization committed to eliminating the racist use of Native American slurs as team names.

General Diversity Resources Diversity Reference Resources Issue Specific Resources About Diversity Database Diversity News Bureau Diversity Spotlight Questions, comments, and/or suggestions should be directed to Last modified Monday, 18-Sep-2000 14:36:26 EDT

4. Sugars Mascot Costumes - Did You Know That Mascot Costumes Enhance Awareness Of
Producer of sports mascots, corporate mascots, and character mascots.
Sugar's Mascot Costumes creates world class mascots and mascot costumes. Enjoy the mascots featured in our Mascot Gallery!
Home Mascot Costumes Animatronics Mascot Care ... Santa Wear
Sugar's Mascot Costumes are turning heads and capturing hearts across Canada, the United States, West Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, as well as in Central and South America.
It's not just the attention to detail that gives our mascot costumes heart, although it's there, too. The twinkle in the eye, a saucy grin, or a crowd-pleasing, huggable body.
You'll also notice the heart in attention to safety , the mascot care we offer and the parental pride with which we announce events featuring our mascots
Mascots Enhance Awareness!
Studies show that mascot costumes enhance awareness of your company, team or brand.
Unlike most marketing endeavors, a mascot can have immediate impact on revenue if used wisely, and should be viewed as a revenue stream.
Besides rousing the fans at games or public events, a mascot can act as an ambassador at other functions, such as parades, festivals and community outreach programs.
When you choose Sugar's Mascot Costumes, you get more than an excellent mascot costume. We can care for your mascot, repair mascots that have been hugged too many times, redesign or replicate mascot costumes and help with publicity when your mascot is appearing publicly.

5. College Mascots Sports Costumes Employment Job Profiles
sports mascots Professional athletes usually need to keep themselves in great shape unless they're one of those fatso relief pitchers or a sumo

6. Sports Mascots
Get Connected to the Hottest Water Sports Fan Sites on the NET (Surfing, Skiing,Boating, )! Join the Revolution in Sports Today! Sports Fans of America
SPORTS MASCOTS Carl's Mascot Photos Cavalcade of Mascots MascotNet The Mascots Organization ... WerWUF's Ultimate Fursuit Page Millions of Sports Fans Served HAVE A " FAN -TASTIC DAY!"

7. Monkey Boy Graphix T-Shirt Art. Simply The Most Creatively Designed Sports & Mas
Black and white clip art illustrations of sports mascots, in vector EPS format. Individual images or collections available for purchase.

8. School Mascots Nicknames
School Mascots Nicknames. Below you will find sites which give information about collegiate mascots and nicknames.

9. - Sports Mascots
sports mascots Most popular sports mascots. Top 10 sports mascots. By LewisHelfand Fitness Specialist - Every 2nd Sunday
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Excess Sweating
Exotic Cars Muscle Growth ... Sports mascots
Top 10 Sports Mascots
By Lewis Helfand
Fitness Specialist - Every 2nd Sunday
Lions and tigers and... giant chickens? Donning fuzzy uniforms and giant sneakers, they are the mascots of professional sports. And they can impact a game, not with a buzzer-beating shot or an in the park home run, but with a comical routine or dance. The best can ignite the home crowd while simultaneously agitating the opposing players. The 10 mascots listed below are not only among the most popular, but also some of the most original and iconic figures in professional sports.
Number 10
Montreal Expos Having made his debut in 1979, Youppi! is a giant non-descript creature covered in orange fur and is one of just three mascots to have a suit in the Baseball Hall of Fame. His name is actually French for "hooray," and Youppi! has given Expos fans a lot to cheer about lately. With the team having dissolved and moved to Washington D.C., petitions have popped up to have him remain with the team in D.C. or be purchased by a Canadian team, meaning this popular mascot may outlast the franchise it started with. Memorable Moment: Youppi! became the first mascot to be thrown out of a major league baseball game in 1989. After he danced around and banged on the roof of the L.A. Dodgers dugout, volatile manager Tommy Lasorda became enraged. And by the time the game was in the 11th inning, lovable Youppi! had been ejected.

10. Mascot Design Entertainment And Mascots Costumes
We provide professional mascots for school, and mascot costumes for sporting events, parade and festival events, corporate events and birthday

11. - Popular Mascots
Popular mascots All-time best sports mascots. Top 10 sports mascots.By Lewis Helfand Fitness Specialist - Every 2nd Sunday
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Excess Sweating
Exotic Cars Muscle Growth ... Popular mascots
Top 10 Sports Mascots
By Lewis Helfand
Fitness Specialist - Every 2nd Sunday
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Number 3
Phillie Phanatic
Philadelphia Phillies Named in honor of Philadelphia's fanatical followers, the Phanatic debuted in 1978. A bright green, feathery blob with bushy eyebrows and a big beak, the Phanatic was designed by a New York studio recommended to the Phillies by Jim Henson. One of three mascots whose costumes are in the Baseball Hall of Fame , the Phillie Phanatic made a name for himself by storming onto the field on an ATV and mixing it up with the other team's players, sometimes even dancing with them. Memorable Moment: The Phanatic had his own run-in with the scourge of all mascots, Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda. After years of good-natured kidding during games, Lasorda snapped. When the Phanatic once again beat up a dummy dressed to look like him, Lasorda began punching the big green guy furiously and came close to punching his head off. Number 2
Harvey The Hound
Calgary Flames The very first NHL mascot, this white, furry dog with the floppy, red tongue has been entertaining hockey fans for more than 20 years. Premiering in 1983, Harvey the Hound was once the mascot for two teams both the Calgary Flames and the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League. Now a fixture at Flames games, Harvey has been through everything with the fans from the losing seasons to the team's first Stanley Cup win in 1989.

12. Sugars Mascot Costumes - Did You Know That Mascot Costumes Enhance
Producer of sports mascots, corporate mascots, and character mascots.

13. Indian Mascots
I am not your Indian sports mascots do no harm to the American Indian But, since we are on the subject of what to do regarding sports mascots,
continued June 19, 2002 see Part 1 here "WORLD CUP CHAMPIONS 2002" BRASIL vs GERMANY 2-0 Ahn Jung Hwan, S.Korea-wakes up
the soccer world
country could be heard
all around the world. "SkyHawk with Ronaldo 'do" "I am not your Indian: Sports mascots do no harm to the American Indian Movement". Everywhere there are Indian related events, there will be some sort of cartoon caricature and /or image depicting Indianness. Good or bad, each of us has the choice whether or not we want to have these images to be part of our daily lives. At powwows there are beaded / painted images of ndn mascots and / or both ndn cartoon caricatures. It is a way to show not all Native peoples take themselves so seriously. IT IS NOT ALWAYS IN MY INTEREST THAT INDIAN ACTIVISTS TRY TO MAKE ME INTO THEIR POLITICALLY CORRECT IMAGE. Fighting Illini-Indian mascot comes under fire by Native American representatives from AIM. Once I was at a meeting in Chicago during the 1980's at the American Indian Center. There was to be a discussion to organize getting rid of the Fighting Illini-chief-Indian mascot once and for all. But, the underlined purpose was to use the media to raise awareness of other Native American issues within the Chicago urban inner city. Not a bad strategy if it had worked.

14. Street Characters Inc College Mascots, Sport Mascots, Mascot
Pacific Airlines Dreamland Theme Park, Egypt FOX Sports Kentucky Fried Mascots College Mascots Sport Mascots Mascot Value Benefits

15. Indian Mascots
Indian mascots kitsch or Indian sports mascots sell for record prices at auctionin Paris, France (in the year 2525) . It is an art biz reality the less
June 1, 2002 Fact or fiction? Chief Illiniwek, mascot of the Illinois University of Chicago "Indian mascots kitsch or Indian sports mascots sell for record prices at auction in Paris, France (in the year 2525)" It is an art biz reality: the less number of art pieces by an artist can be sold for higher prices than if the art market is flooded with art works. I awoke to a surreal politically correct Native American world where all sports ndn mascots were being auctioned to art collectors from all around the world at a neutral antique auction house in Paris, France (name of the auction house will remain anonymous to protect the innocent, wherever they are hiding).The prices were record high for a remaining hundred mascot art pieces. see Rez News "Where have all the Indians gone"
From "Where have all the Indians gone" series 1999
Acrylic/ gesso/ pencil/ pen on newsprint paper, 40X50cm **** Let me mention briefly the purpose of this SKYWEB Site: 1) to introduce my art work to the uninitiated internationally and 2) to be informative and educational concerning Native peoples of north America. Being sensitive and politically correct is NOT a prerequisite to Native peoples issues when presenting alternative points of view. It's my wish to entertain through my writings and offer another way of looking at the world with a smile.**** A fact: I came into the biz of art and acting and writing via watching and listening to too many damn non-Indians giving me a false sense of Native peoples' identity. Deciding that Smith and Jones (and Wesson) have spoken long enough for my "Indianness" I took upon myself to change what I could about first and foremost the perception of who I am as a Native person. I have been called "Chief" for so long in my life that I am beginning to believe I am a chief. Just kidding!!

16. Professional Football Mascots
Links to websites for NFL, NFLEurope, Arena Football, CFL, and Australian Touch Football League mascots.

17. Sports Mascots Information And Links s collection of sports mascots sites and links.
Disney's Doug Makes the Team (book) The Nittany Lion : An Illustrated Tale (book) Dancing at Halftime : Sports and the... (book) Mascots : The History of Senior College... (book) ... : Sports Mascots Links , a company.
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18. NCAA Moves To Curb Indian Mascots In Sports
All Things Considered, August 5, 2005 The NCAA says it will ban the use of American Indian mascots in postseason championship play.

19. Facemakers Incorporated
We have been making our distinctive mascots since 1972. Our customers include Disney, the White House, and your local high school or university.

20. PEACE PARTY - Author's Forum
these images and names are sometimes different from sports mascots, but moreoften are not. Your website was a goldmine of links on the mascot issue.
Home Contents Photos Reviews ... FAQ Indians in the Military
A discussion with Al Carroll (Mescalero Apache): Hi again Rob, I'm writing a paper on Native and pseudo-Indian images and names in the military. To my knowledge it's never been researched or written about, except briefly touched on by military enthusiasts who collect memorabilia. I'm comparing it to the mascot issue and looking at the ways these images and names are sometimes different from sports mascots , but more often are not. Your website was a goldmine of links on the mascot issue. Keep up the good work, and thanks. But I'd also like to hear your thoughts and those of your readers on the subject of "Indian" symbolism and names in the military, maybe start a discussion on the issue. To my knowledge, only one "Indian" image in the military has ever been the subject of protests, the Air Force "chiefs" groups. These are informal fraternal type hazing outfits. When you reach the rank of Chief Master Sgt. in the AF, on many bases you are expected to attend these "ceremonies" where you wear a warbonnet and take a "chief's oath." A perfect candidate for your stereotype of the month contest I think.

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