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         Strongman:     more books (103)
  1. Strongmans His Name Whats His Game by ROBESON JERRY, 2000-01-01
  2. Strongmans His Name...II by ROBESON JERRY, 2000-02-01
  3. Strongman by Denise Rossetti, 2010-03-24
  4. The Rules of Engagement: Binding the Strongman (Volume Two) by N. Cindy Trimm, 2006-06-30
  5. Zishe the Strongman (Kar-Ben Favorites) by Robert Rubinstein, 2010-09
  6. Strongman: The Doug Hepburn Story by Tom Thurston, 2003-12
  7. Satanas es su nombre, Cuales son sus tretas/Strongman's His Name What's His Game? (Spanish Edition) by Jerry Robeson, Carol Robeson, 2009-04-07
  8. The Sustainable Home: The Essential Guide to Eco Building, Renovation and Decoration by Cathy Strongman, 2010-02-23
  9. Delivering the Captives: Understanding the Strongman--and How to Defeat Him by Alice Smith, 2006-11-01
  10. Strongman by Charles Soule, 2009-03-04
  11. Strongman Volume Two: Oaxaca Tapout by Charles Soule, Allan Gladfelter, 2011-01-18
  12. Tiki Mugs: Cult Artifacts of Polynesian Pop by Jay Strongman, 2009-03-28
  13. Strongman: Vintage Photos of a Masculine Icon Postcard Book by Robert Mainardi, 2001-10-01
  14. Applied Strongman Training for Sport- The Poliquin Way by CSCS Charles Poliquin/Art McDermott, 2010

1. Strongman (strength Athlete) - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
In the 19th century, the term strongman refers to an exhibitor of strength (before strength sports were codified into weightlifting, powerlifting etc.,
Strongman (strength athlete)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search In the 19th century , the term strongman refers to an exhibitor of strength (before strength sports were codified into weightlifting powerlifting etc., becoming actual athletic competitions) or circus performers of similar ilk who displayed feats of strength such as the bent press (not to be confused with the bench press, which didn't exist back then), supporting large amounts of weight held overhead at arm's length, steel bending, chain breaking, etc. Large amounts of wrist, hand, and tendon strength were required for these feats, as well as prodigious oblique strength In the late 20th century the term strongman changed to describe one who competes in strength athletics - a more modern eclectic strength competition in which competitors lift rocks, tote refrigerators, pull trains, walk while towing an eighteen wheel truck behind them, etc. The most famous competition of this type is World's Strongest Man and the " World's Strongest Man Super Series ", however

2. American Strongman Corporation
American strongman would like to thank all of our athletes, sponsors, and cooperating International federations for all of your continued support in 2007.
Newest Photos
Welcome to the American Strongman Corporation
ASC is the sole sanctioning body for IFSA in the United States...
Latest News
America's Strongest Man Defeats The Metrx World's Strongest Man (News )
Derek Poundstone, America's Strongest Man 2007 wins victory over Mariusz Pudzianowski The Metrx World's Strongest Man 2008 at the Mohegan Sun. A Note From The President (News )
American Strongman would like to thank all of our athletes, sponsors, and cooperating International federations for all of your continued support in 2007. American Strongman Corporation 2008 National Championships (America's Strongest Man 2008 )
ASC annouces its dates and locations for the 105k ASC National Championships, and the Open Division National Championships American Strongman Qualifying Tour 2008, a Cross-Country Spectacular (News )
ASC Qualifying Tour 2008
Upcoming Events
All American Strongman Challenge
Hawaii's Strongest Man (HW)

2008 St. Patrick’s Day Strongman Challenge (1st ASC National Qualifier)

About ASC
... Privacy Statement

3. North American Strongman, Inc. - Official Web Site - A Central Resource For Amat
North American strongman, Inc. Official Web Site - A Central Resource for Amateur Strongmen and Strongwomen.
About Us Membership Contact Us Home ... Store
North America's premier governing body for amateur strongman athletes.
Latest News
Paxton Power Gym Strongman 3
The third Annual NAS Sanctioned competition goes off with great a great success.
They are launched! Platinum Plus Contests
NAS and ASC bring back the Platinum Plus contests mustseestrongman
Competition videos, training tips, articles and news!
Looking to compete in a sanctioned strongman competition?
A message to current and future NAS members
North American Strongman, Inc. (NAS) is co-operated by Willie and Dione Wessels. They are both committed to developing strongmen and strongwomen here in North America. About Us Contact Us Privacy Statement
American Strongman Corporation (ASC)
: America's premier governing body for professional strongman athletes.

4. Strong Man Building Products Corp. - Home Page
Strong Man Building Products is a national distributor of Poly Tarps, Vertical and Horizontal Debris Netting. We have been an importer of construction
Strong Man Building Products is a national supplier of Vertical and Horizontal Debris Netting and Poly Tarps. Home Company History Product Catalog Recent News ... Contact Us

5. Heavy Sports Strongman Strongwoman Highland Games
Links to strongman sites, strongman results,strength sites, and a forum with a strong man competitor.
Strength Training for Athletic Success and a Healthier Lifestyle
Check out the Christmas Savings on Heavy Grips hand-grippers and
Heavy Handle Dumbbells at
British Columbia Extreme
Athletics Association
... New Jersey Superman:
Greg Matonick's old-time strongman site. Check out Greg doing awesome feats of strength such as bending a quarter coin in his teeth! Iron Sport Gym This awesome strength site has everything for the Strongman and Highland Games competitor, trainee and fan alike. Tons of training info, editorials, meet results, pictures, links, forum, etc.. They have it all!! BC Extreme Athletics:
Check out the reviews of our Heavy Grips™ hand grips by the readers at Testosterone Magazine.
Manitoba Association of Strength Athletes
A group of dedicated strength athletes in Manitoba, Canada, promoting safe, competitive events. Competition listings, forum, contacts and links. Red, White and Blue Fitness The worlds newest source in physical preparation and fitness for firefighters, law enforcement, military and just plain ol' hard core civilians. No Limits Drug Free!

A teaching tribute to keeping the ancient art of showing off alive and well in the modern era through the performance of oldtime feats of strength like
This site is a tribute to all those past and present that stepped out
of the box and then hoisted it up over their head with one arm.
The box symbolizes the modern state of our physical culture in
which steroids, growth hormones and synthetic everything
is considered as much a part of weight training as the
dumbbell but in my opinion the only dumbbell is the
one sticking the needle in their hind end and
poisoning their mind, body and soul.
Physical fitness training and athletics should make you healthier as a
whole not building up one part of the body only to destroy another.
The days of Herculean strength in a hard healthy body, sound mind and heart of goodness has all but vanished from this era. I have developed a great fondness for the strongman feats of old and admiration for those who perform them. This includes both the legends of yesteryear to the handful of those who have dedicated themselves to keeping the spirit of functional strength alive and well. As a practicing strongman I felt it was my duty to make a way of introducing and sharing this unique niche of strength with other iron warriors both young and old. Besides who does not like

7. Iron Dungeon - Bodybuilding - Strongman FAQ
Frequently asked questions about strongman competitions by Tapio Ojanaho.
Return to the Iron Dungeon
The Strongman FAQ
by Tapio Ojanaho
1. What are strongman competitions?
A typical strongman competition consists of six events. The first three events are used to qualify eight finalists for the last three events. There are about fifteen different events established so far. The promoter of a particular competition chooses from among these. Many of these events are adopted from traditional, centuries old contests like Scottish Highland Games and the Basque contests in Spain. Variations of regular powerlifts are used to test pure strength. The composition of competitions must vary to prevent favoring certain (types of) competitors. For example, if you have two pressing events, you make it easier for Olympic lifters and powerlifters. Qualifying heats must be arranged if there are many competitors. Usually 10-15 men are invited to compete in a regular competition, as a larger number would make the competition unbearably long. In major contests like World's Strongest Man, qualifying heats and final heats are held on separate days. Some of the most common events are:
  • Farmer's Walk Competitors carry heavy "suitcases" weighing about 110 kg (245 lbs) in each hand for a set distance, and compete for the fastest time. Otherwise, they compete for total distance.

strongman is a personal, intimate, and unique look at Hugo Girard, one of the strongest men on the planet. It reveals Hugo s deepest motivations, desires,
STRONGMAN A Powerful New Movie About Strength Legend Hugo Girard " My goal is to be World's Strongest Man... My fear is not making it happen ." - Hugo Girard HOME NEWS REVIEWS PICTURES ... LINKS
SPECIAL CHRISTMAS OFFER "STRONGMAN" IS ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY For more info, click HERE STRONGMAN is a personal, intimate, and unique look at Hugo Girard , one of the strongest men on the planet. It reveals Hugo's deepest motivations, desires, and secrets. We follow Hugo from the gym, to his training compound, and finally to Louisiana where he competes to become "North America's Strongest Man". Along the way, we get a glimpse of Hugo's relationships with his wife, with his fellow athletes, and with the sport that he is determined to conquer. STRONGMAN is a film about passion, determination, hard work, and strength. It is a movie about a strongman the likes of which we have never seen before; and may never see again. STARRING: HUGO GIRARD, JESSEN PAULIN, TRAVIS LYNDON

Scalable Trust of Next Generation Management (strongman) ``The strongman Architecture , Angelos D. Keromytis, Sotiris Ioannidis, Michael B. Greenwald,
Scalable Trust of Next Generation Management (STRONGMAN)
Goals Activities People Papers ... Links
Mechanisms such as IPsec allow cryptographically secured communication among nodes and network elements on the IP Internet. Furthermore, the role of firewalls as access control and policy enforcement points in such an infrastructure becomes even more profound. Building a secure next generation information infrastructure demands automated management of keys and policy, for reasons of both risk management (in the small) and automatic configuration of boundary controllers (as the information infrastructure is scaled to an environment with many millions of nodes). By automated management, we mean the translation of a high-level security policy into actions which support that policy at every relevant level of the information infrastructure. Thus, security policy must be reflected in decisions about trust of sources of information, for example in the acceptance of a remote invocation. Our belief is that the investigation of scalable automated trust management will lead to a huge leap forward in the ability of an organization to deploy an auditable error-free realization of network infrastructure meeting security policy goals. The basis of our approach is the KeyNote trust management system being investigated at the University of Pennsylvania and
  • Developed FileTeller , a system for buying and selling storage on the network utilizing a micropayment scheme.

10. Strongman - Definition From The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
Definition of strongman from the MerriamWebster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games.
Home Visit Our Sites Unabridged Dictionary Learner's Dictionary ... Contact Us
Dictionary Thesaurus Spanish/English Medical
Search "strongman" in: Browse words next to:
Browse the Dictionary:
A B C D ... Z
One entry found.
Main Entry: Pronunciation:
 one who leads or controls by force of will and character or by military methods Learn more about "strongman" and related topics at See a map of "strongman" in the Visual Thesaurus Pronunciation Symbols

11. East Coast Strongman, Powerlifting And Iron Sports
East Coast strongman Competitions and promotions , + Virginia personal trainier and fitness newsletters.
The site for East Coast Strongman
Strongman Competitions
Brute Strength Gym About Gayle Schroeder google_ad_client = "pub-4514719025948028"; google_ad_width = 468; google_ad_height = 60; google_ad_format = "468x60_as"; google_color_border = "660000"; google_color_bg = "7D2626"; google_color_link = "FFFFFF"; google_color_url = "DAA520"; google_color_text = "BDB76B"; Strongman / Powerlifting Announcements Special announcments Iron sports information
In Memory of Strongman Johnny Perry
Strongman Sponsorship Opportunities
Read More... RSS
Upcoming events
Entry form: 2008 Brute Strength Strongest Man
RSS Contest Calendar
2008 Virginia Strongman Contests and Powerlifting Meets
Strongman and Powerlifting Contests scheduled for Virginia Read More... RSS
Power and Strength Productions LLC
presented by Brute Strength Gym
An Important Reminder to All Lifters: This meet is a National Qualifier for USPF Nationals in Rhode Island June 28-29. To qualify for Nationals a lifter only needs a total not a qualifying total.

12. IFSA Strongman
2007 105k IFSA World strongman Championships Panyu, Guangzhou, IFSA strongman World 2-Man Championships - Vilnius, Lithuania 7th October 2007
SIGN UP PARTNER AREA 2007 105k IFSA World Strongman Championships
Panyu, Guangzhou, China 13-21 December 2007
The 2007 IFSA 105K World Championships are being held from December 13-December 21, 2007 in Panyu, Guangzhou, China. Athletes and officials will also make visits to sponsor locations and venues. The 2007 105k championships had the Welcome Party and athlete lots drawing on December 14th. There will be 17 athletes...
2007 105k IFSA World Strongman Championships - Panyu, Guangzhou, China 13-21 December 2007

IFSA Strongman World 2-Man Championships - Vilnius, Lithuania 7th October 2007

Happy Holidays to all our fans
from IFSA Strongman 2007 Top 30 Rankings Ranking Athlete Country
Zydrunas Savickas Lithuania Mikhail Koklyaev Russia Vasyl Virastyuk Ukraine Vidas Blakaitis Lithuania Andrus Murumets Estonia
The All New IFSA Strongman Store is Open ! Buy On Line Now !

13. Tom Strongman
Wheels of Dreams is a collection of Tom strongman s vintagecar photography and stories. $29.95. You can shop online at www.
Classic Cars Jim Cox discovers a special 1954 MG TF More ...
Tom Strongman is the contributing editor of The Kansas City Star and editor of Auto Ink. He contributes to AUTO Aficionado, the St. Louis Suburban Journals, Columbus Dispatch, and Home and Away Magazine CLICK HERE to view video clips of his "Behind the Wheel" program shown weekly on NBC affiliate KSHB Channel 41.
You can contact Tom at A 1957 Porsche Speedster replica More ...
Space here
Test Drives
Audi R8
First drive is impressive.  More...  Cadillac CTS
A world-class hit
.  More...   ... Honda Accord
Style and sophistication. More... Wheels of Dreams is a collection of Tom Strongman's vintage-car photography and stories. $29.95. You can shop online at or

14. Oldtime Strongman Training Iron Game History Classic Strength
As this oldtime strongman poster indicates, their act consisted of the lifting of large globe dumbbells, kettlebells and various supporting feats.

15. Strongman On Flickr - Photo Sharing!
strongman. To take full advantage of Flickr, you should use a JavaScriptenabled browser and install the latest version of the Macromedia Flash Player.
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To take full advantage of Flickr, you should use a JavaScript-enabled browser and
install the latest version of the Macromedia Flash Player

F.decorate(_ge('button_bar'), F._photo_button_bar).bar_go_go_go(53304413, 0); F.decorate(_ge('photo_notes'), F._photo_notes).notes_go_go_go(53304413, '', '3.1444'); View elbow donkey's map Taken in (See more photos here
katzeye says:
I love the look on his face! ("These are great, orange balls, with a neat texture, I am going to just pick this one up and carry it with me!"
Posted 28 months ago. (

16. North America Deaf Strongman Games
WELCOME to the North America Deaf strongman website. This is the official Deaf strongman website for all Deaf strongman competitions in North America.
Links DeafNation sComm, Inc Crazy Web Hosting Strongman Links or Blogs Deaf Strongman blog North American Strongman Society Marunde-Muscle T-Nation ... STRONG! Magazine WELCOME to the North America Deaf Strongman website. This is the official Deaf Strongman website for all Deaf Strongman competitions in North America. The first Deaf Strongman competition is planned to take place sometime in 2008. Previously the plan was to host this firest ever Deaf Strongman games in 2007 but was changed to better plan the event with sComm, Inc, with their successful product the UbiDuo communicator device which began it’s mass distribution on January 29, 2007. The company will be the official sponsor for the first ever North America Deaf Strongman event. UPDATE (October 27, 2007): Due to the limited number of participants for the competition the people of sComm and North America Strongman Games have decided that there will be no contest this year or next year. This goal to have the first ever deaf/hh strongman game is as of now shut down. We apologize any inconvenience this may have caused. And we hope that those who were planning to compete to continue with their exercise program and compete in other nearby local strongman events. I hope this idea has been an inspiration to others to try their hands on in strongman competitions. UPDATE (June 25, 2007): Over the next 2 to 3 months a decision should be made on the location for the first ever North America Deaf Strongman games. The favorite site right now is looking to be Phoenix, AZ where the next 2008 Deaf Nation expo will take place. Be sure to prepare yourselves for this competition. Look under “NADS FAQS” on the left for more information on where you can do your training flipping tires and lifting Atlas stones. Or you can just do the best you can at your local gym.

17. A Strongman For Iraq? - Article By Daniel Pipes
Therefore Iraq needs and I write these words with some trepidation - a democratically-minded Iraqi strongman. This may sound like a contradiction,

Home Page
Articles Weblog Reviews ... this site Search for:
Email this item Comment on this Digg this ... RSS Feed
A Strongman for Iraq?
by Daniel Pipes
New York Post
April 28, 2003 Thousands of Iraqi Shi'ites chanted "No to America, No to Saddam, Yes to Islam" a few days ago, during pilgrimage rites at the holy city of Karbala. Increasing numbers of Iraqis appear to agree with these sentiments. They have ominous implications for the coalition forces. Gratitude for liberation usually has a short shelf life, and Iraq will be no exception. As a middle-aged factory manager put it, "Thank you, Americans. But now we don't need anybody to stay here anymore." However delighted they are to be rid of the Saddamite nightmare, Iraqis mentally live in a world of conspiracy theories, causing many to harbor deep suspicions of coalition intentions. "Yes to Islam" in effect means "Yes to Iranian-style militant Islam." The introduction of that failed system would be a disaster for Iraq and would revive the Khomeini message, which by now has lost nearly all appeal in Iran. This state of affairs leaves coalition forces in a bind: As vanquisher of the Saddam Hussein regime, they aim to rehabilitate the country, which means sticking around. As liberator of the country, they must respond to Iraqi wishes, which means getting out fast.

18. Strength-Tec
strongman COMPETITION. StrengthTec are proud to present PORTSMOUTH vs DEVON on Saturday 12th January 2008, starting at midday.
skip to: page content links on this page site navigation footer (site information) HOME OF THE PSMA Phone: 01329 238182
PSMA SDF Utility Link Training ... subglobal8 link
Strength-Tec - Home
Home Shop Training Membership ... Contact Us
Quick Links
Portsmouth Strongman Association Strength Discussion Forum Strongman Equipment MuscleFury ... Macmillan Cancer Support
Strength-Tec were proud to host the PORTSMOUTH vs DEVON comp held on Saturday 12th January 2008.
Strength-Tec are proud to support Macmillan Cancer Support.
Latest News
Visit our Shop to see a list of supplements available from our gym shop. Members get a discount!! Repeats of the WSM Super Series can be seen on Channel5 US (Sky 180) each day this week at 3pm and 7pm.

19. Strongman's Home Page
Navigation page for http//
It's 2003, don't you think it's time you got a real browser? You need one to view this web site!;

20. FLORIDASTRONGMAN.COM - NAS Florida Strongman Athletics - TRAIN HARD!
The online home of NAS Florida strongman Competitions, News, and Updates.

upcoming competitions results forum ...
Train Hard!
1/10/08: This site has been down the past 10 days or so due to an unforeseen issue with my former webhost who is apparently out of business. Subsequently, there have been a number of things "lost" for lack of a better word. Some of the links are not working properly, some video and pictures along with a number of contest results are in the process of being restored. I will do my best to get back up to speed, but it may take a few more days and/or weeks.
Tom Mitchell
Welcome to Visit us often to find out all the latest concerning NAS (North American Strongman Inc) Strongman Competition and Training here in Florida.
Florida is currently the home of a number of top ranked Strongman athletes.
Tom Mitchell
- 2007 NAS Master Heavyweight National Champion!
Tom Mutaffis - 2007 NAS 200lb. Lightweight National Champion!
David Beers - #5 NAS 231lb. Lightweight in the USA
Matt DeLancey
- #10 NAS 300lb. Heavyweight in the USA

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