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         Sledding:     more books (91)
  1. The Sledding Hill by Chris Crutcher, 2006-09-01
  2. The Fourteen Forest Mice and the Winter Sledding Day by Kazuo Iwamura, Mary Lee Knowlton, 1991-09
  3. Piggy and Dad Play: 4 Brand New Readers: Sledding/ Play Ball!/ Water Balloons/ Lemonade for Sale by David Martin, 2002-05-01
  4. Curious George Goes Sledding by Margret Rey, Alan J. Shalleck, 1988-11-01
  5. Sledding on Hospital Hill: Poems by Leland Kinsey, 2003-01-01
  6. Sledding: Webster's Timeline History, 1085 - 2007 by Icon Group International, 2009-06-06
  7. Sledding: Easy Olympic Sports Readers (U. S. Olympic Committee Easy Olympic Sports Readers Series)
  8. Sledding by Elizabeth Winthrop, 1989-10-01
  10. Wild Hearts, Dog Sledding the Rockies by Dagny McKinley, 2009-06-15
  11. Let's Go Sledding (Dinofours Series) by Steve Metzger, 2003-02
  12. Healthful Sports for Boys: The American Boy?s Ultimate Guide to Building Confidence, Strength and Good Moral Character Through Sports, Games, Camping, ... Sledding, Sleight of Hand Magic and More! by Alfred Rochefort, 2007-11-27
  13. Sledding by Elizabeth Winthrop, 1994
  14. Sledding: Sled, Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race, Hawaiian lava sledding, U.S. National Toboggan Championships, Ice blocking, Kreisel

1. Sledding - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
sledding is a common activity in wintry areas, similar to sliding, but in a prone or seated position requiring a device or vehicle generically known as a
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Further information might be found on the talk page or at requests for expansion (March 2007) Scene from winter nearly anywhere snow may fall on a handy hill— Children at play sledding Sledding is a common activity in wintry areas, similar to sliding, but in a prone or seated position requiring a device or vehicle generically known as a "sled". More formally it is one of three olympic sports— the Luge Skeleton , or bobsledding , all of which are based on sled principles and developed in the same time (1870s) and place ( St. Moritz ) by much the same circle of people, mainly English tourists with an interested assist from the worthy craftsmen of that Swiss village.
edit Generic sledding
The generic term sledding refers to traveling down any sort of decline, typically in cold weather, on a slippery surface such as

2. Your Orthopaedic Connection: Sledding
It can be fun, but every year thousands of youths and adults are injured sledding down hills in city parks, streets and resort areas. Most of these injuries

3. Tips For Safer Sledding And Tobogganing - NSC
sledding unintentional injuries are surprisingly common despite snow s cushioning effect. Estimates of the number of injuries treated in hospital emergency
@import url(../../styles.css); Resources Fact Sheets
Tips for Safer Sledding and Tobogganing
Sliding downhill is an exhilarating winter sport. People of all ages can participate, and use all kinds of containers, from large toboggans to plastic disks or even cardboard boxes. But sledding unintentional injuries are surprisingly common despite snow's cushioning effect. Estimates of the number of injuries treated in hospital emergency rooms every year show about 33,000 sledding injuries and 1,500 from tobogganing. Sledding injuries often include facial lacerations or skull fractures. Tobogganing injuries almost always involve the lower half of the body. Children ages 5 to 9 are most susceptible to injury. Parents of young children should not let them sled alone. Older children should be taught to check for hazards. The National Safety Council offers these guidelines for safe and fun sledding and tobogganing:
  • Keep all equipment in good condition. Broken parts, sharp edges, cracks and split wood invite injuries. Dress warmly enough for conditions.

4. Hammerhead Sled, What Sledding Is All About
Hammerhead snow sled. Hammerhead Sleds. How Could sledding Get Any More Totally Awesome? Latest News. phpw3FIvf.gif Outside Magazine Covet Item 2008
Outside Magazine "Covet" Item 2008
Hammerhead Sledding at Tenney Mtn, NH
Rally X Hammerhead Races
"FLY HAMMERHEAD" movie 2008
ABC Good Morning America
Extra Extra, Read all about it!
Looking for a place to sled?

Choose from the largest hill database in the world!
Union Street Media

5. Sledding
of adventures from a weekend musher in East Tennessee who learns by trial and lots of error.......
Sledding, or MisAdventures of a Southern DogSledder How To Build a Dogbox Sled Rack Tie-down System Adventures in Dog Sledding Carting Oscillation Lessons Learned Animal Day ... Nothing Happened 2001 - Most of our runs ended up on Tennessee MUSH New! - First Run: First Wreck (Ms Beaveri PissedOfferous) Bliss Sacco I'm Dyin' Here ... 3rd Annual Southern Exposure They are sled dogs, after all, our Alaskan Malamutes and Siberian Huskies, and their heritage, and greatest joy, is running. But in our modern and crowded time, running free is a death sentence. Our lively, intelligent, social sled dogs have no more road sense than a squirrel, AND they have a fascination with all other animals, living and dead. They love to play and don't understand why horses give out and goats a re cranky and cats well, cats are the most fun of all if you are doing the chasing... So what we do here to harness (Sorry, for the pun) all that lovely energy is: during the day they are in a big, open play yard with lots of shade and wading pools and a great big hill for them to charge down. At night they come in with us. And every chance we get that it's below 50 degrees we harness them up and release the sled brake and away we go . (For those of you who have never seen a dogsled team in person, animal abuse is the one you leave behind!)

Offers maneuverable adventure snow sleds.
See WHAT'S NEW for the SEASON: Introducing! your sled today! Contact The Mad River Rocket Sled Company [automatic slideshow, 11 images]

7. Sledding Headfirst Into A Pole Video
Free videos, humor, comedy, hot chicks pictures for guys.
sGlobalFileName='sledding-headfirst-into-pole';sGlobalContentID='434768';sGlobalContentTitle='Sledding Headfirst Into a Pole';sGlobalCategoryID='4';sGlobalContentFilePath='2008/1';sGlobalContentUrl='';sGlobalContentIDEncoded='ZuJZgCb3ac7y8fLDKBRlpQ%3d%3d';sSubmittedBY='bdunc8';sCategory='Other';sKeywordTitle='headfirst,Light,Pole,sledding,Sledding Headfirst Into a Pole';sKeywordString='headfirst,Light,Pole,sledding';sGlobalShowpopover=1; Get Paid to Upload Want to try our new Spatial Search Yes No //Syntax: var uniquevar=new animatedcollapse("DIV_id", animatetime_milisec, enablepersist(true/fase), [initialstate] ) var collapse1=new animatedcollapse("dog", 600, false) Sledding Headfirst Into a Pole
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Sledding Headfirst Into a Pole - Watch more free videos
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8. NATURE: Sled Dogs - Dogsledding 101
What type of dog makes the best sled dog? What commands does a musher use? What equipment is required to race? In Dogsledding 101, you can learn all this
var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www."); document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); Sled Dogs: An Alaskan Epic Home
Sledding Into the Wilderness
Making of a Sled Dog Balto Dogsledding 101 Resources DOGSLEDDING 101 What type of dog makes the best sled dog? What commands does a musher use? What equipment is required to race? In Dogsledding 101, you can learn all this and more. By the time you're done, you may want to register your own team for Alaska's Iditarod! Roll over any part of the sled dog team with your mouse. When that portion changes color, just click and you'll see facts about sled dogs, mushers, or the equipment they use. When you're done reading, just click on the animated figure to go back to the main page. Click on another part of the team for more information, until all the figures are colored in. What are you waiting for? Put on your parka and go!

9. Dog Sledding (sled) Adventures In Northwest Montana
Dog sledding Montana, Dog Sled Adventures invites you to join us for one of life s greatest adventures; dogsledding, cruising the backcountry of northwest
Dog Sled Adventures owned and operated by Jeff Ulsamer since 1979
Dog Sledding, cruising the backcountry....
J oin us for one of life's great adventures; cruising the backcountry of northwest Montana pulled by Alaskan sled dogs. We're a family-friendly outfit . Our customers range in age from babies to eighties. With nearly 100 Alaskan huskies to pull our safe, comfy sleds, we can handle families or groups of any size.
America's great wilderness...
Tuck yourself into a soft, warm sled and let us guide you through one of America's great wildernesses . The vast, scenic Stillwater State Forest begins at our doorstep, on the western flank of world-famous Glacier National Park, just north of the winter resort of Whitefish, Montana in the magnificent Flathead Valley. You can ski any day. But not every day is a chance for a truly unique journey by dog sled. We'll carve powder and catch air as we fly through the woods. There's a good chance you'll see the northern country's rarest wildlife or signs of-something you'll never see on the slopes. When we return, you can warm your toes by the fire in our cabin, sip hot cocoa, and munch on homemade cookies as we exchange "Tall Tails".

10. Black Ice
Sleds, leashes, training equipment, harnesses, sled part and hardware, and ganglines.
Site map


Command Training Equipment

Walking Harness
Download Order Form

Welcome to the web page for Black Ice Kennel and Dog Sledding Equipment. Please take a moment to read our message. We hope you find what you are looking for in our extensive line of dogsledding products. If you don't however, please don't hesitate to give us a call at (320) 485-4825 or contact us by e-mail at David, Shilon, and Cianna Bedford Be sure to look for our new icon Glacier. He indicates products we want to draw to your attention. Interested in knowing more about David and Shilon? Then be sure to read about them at Meet David and Shilon Bedford. This fact sheet about the Bedords first appeared on the web page of the Minnesota Malamute Club. Many people have expressed interest in learning more about David and Shilon, so David and Shilon agreed to have the information made available on the Black Ice web page. 2007-2008 Black Ice Catalog Contact Black Ice with our new contact form
Web page created and maintained by Linda Dowdy

11. Dog-Sledding, Like Climate, Heating Up -
JUKKASJARVI, Sweden Sixty Alaskan Huskies yipped and yelped and howled on a frozen river 120 miles north of the Arctic Circle, itching to run.
var SA_Message="SACategory=" + 'world/europe'; Hello Change Preferences Sign Out Sign In Register Now ... Pets SEARCH: Web Search Archives World Europe
Dog-Sledding, Like Climate, Heating Up
Racers, Tourists Follow Snow Northward Or Join the Sport's Dry-Land Aficionados
Video Racing Through the Dog Days of Winter Dog-sled racing has become a popular hobby in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden, where dogs now outnumber people. Jukkasjarvi is located about 120 miles north of the Arctic Circle. LAUNCH VIDEO PLAYER
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Who's Blogging
Links to this article By Kevin Sullivan and Mary Jordan Washington Post Foreign Service Saturday, January 12, 2008; Page A01 JUKKASJARVI, Sweden Sixty Alaskan Huskies yipped and yelped and howled on a frozen river 120 miles north of the Arctic Circle , itching to run. The dogs, five teams of 12, tugged impatiently at harnesses tethering them to wooden sleds, where 20 tourists from

12. Thinkin’ About Marketing, Pseudo Events And Why Men Don’t Study
January 17, 2008. s23315429_34756649_7468.jpg My attention span this week measures in nanoseconds. Nothing like the start of a semester to destroy all focus
January 22, 2008
Cronyism in West Virginia? Pshaw! New York Times is on the case, The backstory here is complicated but really juicy. Of course, none of this would matter if the No. 2 Mountaineers had beaten Pittsburgh in the last game 4 Comments Akron Akron Beacon Journal ... Permalink
Posted by Bill Sledzik
January 17, 2008
My attention span this week measures in nanoseconds. random rambling thoughts. PR is looking for a few good men But let me speculate for a sec. Does PR need a new name? When last I wrote on this issue, my friend and Kent State alum Dino Baskovic posted this comment: Not to be crass, but is PR viewed as a “chick” degree? It didn’t seem so when you took me in (from those cold, dreary days of architecture studio). It did seem odd that I was outnumbered 10-1…so maybe it gets back to recruiting. Bojinka Bishop, a colleague at Ohio University (my alma mater), added this comment to an email we exchanged yesterday. She gave me permission to share it. 41 Comments AMA Marketing PR ... Permalink
Posted by Bill Sledzik
I need your help this semester, so chime in

13. Downhill Sledding On Grass Is Great Summer Fun.
Equipment for downhill sledding on grass.
Click On Image To Enter Site
This site is best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0+ This site maintained by All Internet
summer, sledding, sled, fun, activity, activities, family, hill, grass, picnic, picnics, sport, extreme, games, thrill, ride T he "SummerSled" is not only a revolutionary product, but it has given birth to a new sport! All you need is a grassy hill and you can get the thrill. Summersledding is the future of summer activities, local parks will be searched for the challenge of a new grassy hill. The "SummerSled" is a must have product for Children, Teenagers and Adults. Mental Engineering will continue to develop revolutionary "SummerSled" products, and introduce exciting breakthroughs in the world of Summersledding. Visit our website frequently to stay updated and post your comments and suggestions on our Bulletin Board we welcome your input.

14. Winter Sports: Sledding, Skiing, Snowboarding, Skating
You ll have more fun if you stay safe in the cold and snow. Find out how in this article for kids.
var fo = new FlashObject("/updates/K_squarebanner.swf", "kidleft", "153", "126", "5", ""); fo.addParam("QUALITY", "High"); fo.write("kid_left_flash"); KidsHealth Kids Watch Out Playing It Safe Outdoors and on the Road
Stay Warm
No matter which winter sport you choose, staying warm is important. The right clothing and equipment will help you do that. Dress in layers, people often say. This is true, but some of the newer fabrics for cold weather give you the warmth of layers without all the bulk. Ask an adult if you're not sure what to wear outside. Sometimes kids say, "I don't mind being cold." The tough guy (or girl) approach isn't a good idea. Staying warm isn't just about feeling comfortable. Your body needs to stay warm to work properly. And when your body is at the right temperature, it won't need to spend as much energy getting warm. That will give you maximum energy for winter fun. Also, if you're dressed properly, it means you can stay outside longer without worrying about frostbite
Fun in the Sun
Even though it might seem odd in winter, don't forget to put on

15. • Uniting The Dog Sledding Community, One Musher At A Time.
We offer free resources and information to the mushing community; including a message forum, newsletter, classifieds, weather, articles, storeis,
Thursday, January 24, 2008

16. Dog Sledding Vacations & Dog Mushing Tours
Enjoy dog sledding vacations and dog mushing at Wintergreen Dogsledding Lodge, Ely, MN, 877SledFun, dog sled tours and dog sledding adventures for over 20
Home About Us Dogsled Trips FAQs ...
Click Here
to watch Wintergreen excerpts from PBS-TV's "Adventure Lodges of North America"
Looking for an adventure other than dogsledding? Try our partners at Wilderness Inquiry Looking for a great winter vacation?
Here's what the experts say about us:
National Geographic Adventure : 'Mush with the best' at Wintergreen
Outside magazine : Ranked us in the "Top 10" small innovative outdoor businesses : Ranked us among the "10 Best Adventure Travel Bargains of 2007"
PBS-TV: Selected us for their Top 6 "Adventure Lodges" series
FLASH NEWS! We've got lots of snow winter wonderland here! REMAINING OPENINGS FOR THIS SEASON
4-Night 'GOOD' trip Feb 3-7 $975 4-Night 'BETTER' Mar 5-9 $1225 Mar 12-16 $1225 4-night 'BEST' Jan 26-30 $1275 Feb 9-13 $1425 Mar 12-16 $1425 Camping Beginning Feb 19-24 $1025 Advanced Feb 25-Mar 2 $1025 Mar 8-Mar 15 $1225 For info: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it Click TRIP NAMES Lodge-to-Lodge Dog Sledding Vacations a Wintergreen exclusive!

17. Keweenaw Sledding
The Swedetown Recreation Area maintains a regularly groomed sledding hill next to the Swedetown Chalet that is lighted until 10 pm daily.
Home Virtual Keweenaw Photo Gallery Calendar ... In the News Activities Attractions Lodging Restaurants Services ... Scuba Diving Sledding Snowmobiling Snowshoeing Activities: Sledding Spend an afternoon with the kids on a favorite hill. Calumet Houghton Calumet Swedetown Sledding Hill
Address: At the Swedetown Recreation area, off Osceola Road
Phone: 906-337-1170
The Swedetown Recreation Area maintains a regularly groomed sledding hill next to the Swedetown Chalet that is lighted until 10 pm daily.
Houghton back to top Nara Nature Park
Phone: 296-1165
The Nara Nature Complex is located at the east end of Houghton's paved recreation trail that starts in downtown Houghton. There are two sledding hills open to the public with plenty of parking.
back to top
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Some photos courtesy of Pasty Central
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18. Vermont Dog Sled Rides And Tours
Vermont mushers offering sled dog rides, skijoring and tours in Vermont. Trips vary from one hour to full day outtings. Members of Vermont Outdoor Guide
Sled Dog Rides, Skijoring and Tours In Vermont
Vermont Outdoor Guide Association
Vacation Packages Recreation and Activity Directory Tour Companies ... Other Winter Sports Dog Carting, Sledding and Skijoring in Vermont Dog sledding is a great way to get outside and explore the backcountry in Vermont. Trips vary from short 1 hour runs or you can make a day of it. Snowshoe or cross country ski along with the team, take turns riding and experience all aspects of running dogs. Scroll down for year round programs. Summer programs are available for dog carting.
Sled Doggin’ It In Vermont
By Deborah Blair This article was first published in the November/December 2007 issue of Livin' the Vermont Way Magazine More than meets the eye ... Gee! . . . Haw! . . . . On by! . . . . Pick it up, Buttercup!” A team of ten Alaskan Huskies thunders by enthusiastically as I snap the shutter of my camera. I turn to see them disappearing into the valley with a wonderful view of the Green Mountains. The fall color is spectacular. Yes! There is no snow now for these sled dogs . . they are carrying passengers from Texas on a German-made cart. Musher Jim Blair of Eden Mountain Dogsledding calls his wheeled adventures, “Dogsledding-On-Wheels,” other Vermont mushers call it dog carting. But it doesn’t matter what you call it, it is another aspect of dogsledding in Vermont. Read More
Courtesy: October Siberians Sled Dog Adventures

19. City Of Madison Parks: Welcome To The Madison Parks Division
There are some sledding hills in our Madison parks. The Parks Division does not rent sleds, monitor behavior on or the conditions of the sledding hills.
Search Contact Us Home Go to: A to Z Park Services About Parks Addresses, all parks Arboretum, University of Wisconsin (external) Ball Diamonds Beaches Betty Lou Cruises (external) Bike Trails Boating Calendar of Events Canoe/Kayak Rental Community Garden Plots Concerts in Parks (organizing one) Conservation Parks Cross-country Skiing Dane County Lakes (external) Dane County Parks (external) Dog Parks Farmers' Market (external) Fees/Permits Festivals Forest Hill Cemetery Forestry Section Fund-raisers at Special Events Gates of Heaven Gift Certificates Golf - City of Madison Goodman Community Pool Hartmeyer Ice Arena (external link) Ice Skating Lake Access Permit Lake Weed Removal (external) Library Mall Podium Madison Ice Arena (external link) Madison Mallards (external) Madison Parks Foundation (external) Madison School-Community Recreation (external) Map, all parks

20. Welcome To Husky Power Dogsledding!
dogsledding and dogcarting rides for all ages! Exciting tours with several loving, hardworking Siberian Huskies pulling guests over scenic wilderness
Click this link for NEWS: "News Flashes"... New From Husky Power! NO SNOW? NO PROBLEM! Our huskies love to pull both our dogsled and our "dogsled-on-wheels." Visit us at Mountain MD Kennels, LLC for an experience of a lifetime. Just imagine… you and your family behind a team of beautiful working Siberians… mushing through gorgeous woods of brilliant Fall colors... or within a winter wonderland of tall pines dripping blankets of snow... or on trails thick with lush Spring greenery and wildflowers. It’s eerily silent except for the dog’s panting and the tapping of paws on the ground. Suddenly the stillness is broken by your voice: “Gee!” (Turn right.) Or, “Haw!” (Turn left.) The dogs respond and your sled or wheeled-sled glides around the curve and gains speed down the trail. No other method of moving over land can come close to dogsledding. It’s undeniableyou’ll love traveling at the speed of dog with your four-paw-drive! "Have you broken trail on snowshoes? Mushed your huskies up the river

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