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         Skittles:     more books (84)
  1. Skittles Riddles Math by Barbara Barbieri McGrath, 2001-02
  2. The High Rise Glorious Skittle Skat Roarious Sky Pie Angel Food Cake by Nancy Willard, 1996-04-01
  3. Skittles: the last Victorian courtesan: The life and times of Catherine Walters by Henry Blyth, 1970
  4. Beer and skittles by Richard Boston, 1976
  5. Skittle in the Middle ( " Make Way for Noddy " ) by Enid Blyton, 2008-06-02
  6. Skittles: Blue Bk. 2
  7. Beer and Skittles: A Little Maine Murder by B. J. Morison, 1985-10
  8. The High Rise Glorious Skittle Skat Roarious Sky Pie Angel Food Cake by Nancy Willard, 1990
  9. Wrigley Brands: Life Savers, Altoids, Starburst, Juicy Fruit, Eclipse, Extra, Orbit, 5, Doublemint, Skittles, Airwaves, Big League Chew
  10. The art of playing at skittles: or, the laws of nine-pins displayed. Shewing both the old and new methods of forming general goes and tips, ... Also an address to publicans, ... By A. Jones, Esq. by A. Jones, 2010-05-27
  11. Large Read Together Books: Skittles (Story Chest Mathematics Rhyme Books) by Avelyn Davidson, 1985-07
  12. Skittles at Make-believe School by Lucy Kincaid, 1977-02-01
  13. You can make skittles (Sunshine nonfiction) by Brian Birchall, 1996
  14. Finnish skittles

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2. Skittles (confectionery) - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
skittles are small round fruit chews that come in hard sugar shells with the letter s printed on them, representing the candy s name.
Skittles (confectionery)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search Skittles candy. Skittles are small round fruit chews that come in hard sugar shells with the letter " s " printed on them, representing the candy's name. This " s " insignia was printed in a very dark shade of purple (almost appearing black) from 1974 until 1988. Starting in 1989, the " s " insignia was changed to white. Modern Skittles with the white " s " insignia are similar in outward appearance to plain chocolate , which are produced by Masterfoods, a division of Mars, Incorporated . The inside is a white granulate and consists mainly of sugar, and a small amount of hydrogenated vegetable oil, fruit juice, citric acid and natural and artificial flavors. Skittles Bite Size candies, originally made by a company in England, were first introduced in the United States in 1974. Around 1981-1982, the production of Skittles began in the United States. Skittles sold in the United Kingdom are made in the Czech Republic , where Mars Incorporated makes them for export to many European Union markets. The company also produces the product in

3. Skittles' Place
skittles Place. Posting at the Speed of Light Loading Somewhat Slower Posted by Barb aka skittles at 1159 PM 0 tasted the rainbow.
Skittles' Place
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4. Skittles, Nine Pins - Online Guide
skittles, nine pins History, information, where to buy.
The Online Guide to Traditional Games
Board Games
Skittles - History and Useful Information
Lawn Games Pub Games Game Index Table Games ... Where to buy
Skittles History
Skittles or Nine Pins has long been played in the Inns of England. In general, players take turns to throw wooden balls down a lane at the end of which are several wooden skittles in an attempt to knock them all over. There are a number of skittle games across England and there have been many more in the past. In Germany, in the 3rd or 4th century monks played a game with a kegel which was a club carried for self defence. In the game, the kegel represented a sin or temptation and the monks would throw stones at it until they knocked it over. The modern German term for skittles is Kegelen. Joseph Strutt tells us that this picture is from a 14th century "Book of Prayers". One of the many variations of the game came from Holland and was known as Dutch Pins. You can see from the picture that the balls have holes and it is this game that is believed to have been taken to America where it eventually became the ubiquitous "Ten Pin Bowling". Note also the use of a Kingpin and the fact that the player is "tipping" - playing from point blank range... It seems that for many centuries right through to the present day, there have always been a bunch of different skittles games being played. Information is sketchy until the 1700s but the game of Closh or Cloish frequently appears and later on the game of Loggats turns up. Joseph Strutt tells us that the skittles were often made from bones and in a play from 1860, one of the characters has the immortal line "I'll cleave you from the skull to the twist and make nine skittles of thy bones".

5. London Skittles
A traditional pub game played in Hampstead and Norbury. Where to find it, how it s played and the history of the game.
powered by FreeFind Home News About London Skittles ... Glossary What's New Club Open Day Novice gets eight-pin Report and video
Contents Home
About London Skittles

Members Section

History of the Game
Your account

Try It Yourself Knock the pins over and see how the scoring works.
Video Clips Updated 24/03/2004
Mark's Half a Bridge:

- Normal speed

- Slow Motion
©Jon Justice Hutch's 8 Pin ©Andy Tynan The Novice A London Skittles Joke . You may want to find out about the game first Images Skittles Gallery Pictures from the Norbury Christmas Dinner
The Game of London Skittles
The traditional pub game of London Skittles is played with nine pins. Unlike other forms of alley skittles it is played not with a ball but a cheese, which is thrown (not rolled) at the pins. The game, also known as Old English Skittles, is played at two venues in London. At the Freemasons Arms in Hampstead, the skittle alley is tucked away in the pub cellar. With the periodic thud of lignum vitae on hornbeam emanating from below, tourists stumble upon it as often as the locals. The alley in Norbury is housed on the ground floor of a sports pavilion formerly the exclusive preserve of National Westminster Bank employees. This sports club is now run by Powerleague and membership of the skittle club is open to the public.

6. Stroud And District Skittle League - Index
News, information, results, tables, and competitions. Teams compete from the Stroud, Stonehouse, and Dursley areas of South Gloucestershire, England.
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Founded 1935
Welcome Welcome to the official Stroud and District Skittles League Website. We hope that it keeps you well informed and up to date on all the news, tables and any other information affecting the League over the coming Season and beyond.
Click Here to Add the Stroud and District Skittles League website to your favourites

Entry Forms are now being accepted for the Mens and Ladies End of Season Competitions.

7. Buy Nine Pin Skittles
skittles, or Nine Pins, as played in an alley has always been a popular pub game and is the ancestor of related games including tenpin bowling and various
Welsh style
Gloucester style

Bristol style

Somerset style
Game Rules



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The Origin of Skittles
Skittles , or Nine Pins, as played in an alley has always been a popular pub game and is the ancestor of related games including ten-pin bowling and various indoor skittles variations. The origins of the game are uncertain but in Germany, in the 3rd or 4th century, monks played a game with a kegel which was a club carried for self defence. In the game, the kegel represented a sin or temptation and the monks would throw stones at it until they knocked it over. The modern German term for skittles is Kegelen. There are also two 14th century manuscripts that show a game called Kayles and depict throwers about to launch a long club-like object at eight pins and a kingpin. The typical form of Skittles is wherein balls are thrown or rolled from one end of an alley in an effort to knock down nine pins at the other end. Over the years, Skittles developed regional variations in the size of equipment, the rules and so forth. In the East Midlands, people play Long Alley in which the projectiles are rough balls or small capsule shaped logs called "cheeses" and a score is only made if the cheeses bounce a single time just in front of the pins. Old English Skittles or London Skittles, as played at the famous Freemasons Arms in Hampstead, is a majestic game in which enormous discus-shaped cheeses are flung so that they hit the skittles directly without touching the floor first.

8. Skittles Cam, 24/7 Cat Web Cam With Links, Cat Info And More
skittles Cam a 24/7 Indoor Cat Web Cam, with links, reviews, cat diaries, activities, health information, ideas etc
Click the image above to open the pop up window.
Image Archive
- Skittles loves the camera. We gathered an archive of some of the more fun and silly cam images. Cat Information - With a little help from our friends, we've compiled health and safety information for you, your cat, and family. Fun Stuff - A collection of fun cat related stuff. From cat, kitten, and bird sounds to drive your cat silly to entertaining pet astrology, cat user manuals, and links to realistic fish screensavers. Road Trips - Skittles' other hobby is travelling. We've created small galleries of her more memorable photos and commentary by Skittles about her road trips. Skittles' Diary - Skittles bears her soul. She meows, she cries, she eats, she watches tv. Reviews Links - When there is nothing on tv, there is nothing like take a trip on the web. Skittles has gathered her collection of fun links together to share. Link to Us About Us Help Site Map ... Excerpt of A Random Review Cat-A-Trail Expandable Cat Tunnel It's GREAT to hide in. You can add more to it, and make twists and turns, but one does just find. It's great to just rest in. The plush inside is really warm. more...

9. Table Skittles
Information on miniaturised table version, including method and rules of the game.
Rules of the game


Also known as bar skittles and pub skittles, the game of table skittles is known across all of Britain. This game is gaining popularity all over the world now. Nine small skittles are positioned in a square on a raised base, nine inches square. Dimensions of the table are about two feet by two feet six inches. The height of the side walls should be about three inches high. In the middle of the left hand side of the base (as the player looks at it) stands a pole about three feet high connected to which is a swivelled chain with a a wooden ball at the other end suspended at same height as the skittles. The pins and ball would normally be made of boxwood or other English hardwood. The ball is swung clockwise around behind the pole, the objective being to knock over the skittles as it returns to the player. So in order to knock over all nine skittles, a player must hit the skittle furthest away first. A scoreboard is sometimes integrated into the front of the board and can appear in several styles. Quite often, a cribbage board is used.
How to play
Since the game is a miniaturised version of Skittles, the game is played in the same way. A coin should be tossed to see who takes the first turn.

10. Original Fruit Skittles Skittles
Come get creative and show off your best skittles® sketches. Use the whiteboard to draw your top tastes and play with your favorite fruit flavors.

11. The Whole Kitten Kaboodle
I checked skittles blog this morning .I am sorry about your war and if .. WW fell in love, and in an effort to help skittles, The Huntress with her
The Whole Kitten Kaboodle
Wednesday, January 23, 2008
War on Wednesday
Well, my pet human apparently surrendered in the war. Let's recap:
She posted photos of me "cuddling" with my teddy dog around the end of November. Then she pimped the photo for christmas, adding reindeer antlers and a rose in the teddy dog's mouth.
I retaliated by putting a lizard in her shower, a dead mouse in the living room, and a rat in her shoe. A week goes by, and suddenly she surrenders. Something is amiss.
But hey! I heard from grandma again. She learned how to post comments and left a comment for me on the last post. I can still go live with her.
Here we are cuddling in her chair.
This is a sexy......ummmm.....tummy shot on my favorite plaid blanket, in grandma's family room. I think the plaid sets off my spots beautifully. (I'm dreaming of SlyCat here!!)
Another great tummy shot (aka "full monty") in grandma's garden.
Yes, grandma's garden is verrrrry nice. I think I have an ally in the war. And somehow I don't think the war is over.
Best to all.

12. Sarnia Skittles Club - Home Page
The Sarnia skittles Club is based at the Hampshire Lodge Hotel in Guernsey. The website has all the results fixtures together with photos and a guestbook
Sarnia Skittles Club Home Page
  • Committee
  • Constitution
  • Rules
  • Team contacts ...
  • External Links
    var go_mem="wobble";
  • Site updated 14th December 2007
    Please try and arrange outstanding Games ASAP
    Sign the Guestbook and let us know what you think about the site To receive an email when this site is updated please send a message to The Sarnia Skittles Club is based at the Hampshire Lodge Hotel in Guernsey. For the 2007/2008 season we have 27 teams playing in 3 leagues. During the season, which runs from September through to April, teams will play each other three times. This is your site so if any members of the club have any sensible suggestions then please feel free to email them to
    Last updated 10th October 2007

    13. | CommuniGate | DEVIZES SKITTLES
    A web site for keeping upto date with all the news in skittles in the Devizes area.
    This is Wiltshire CommuniGate Devizes Skittles Feedback ...
    Mail Form
    Devizes Skittles
    Information about skittles in the Devizes area will be published here whenever it is supplied.
    These are the current gents league tables for the 2006/07 season as at the 21/2/07
    Gents League
    The Devizes and District Skittles League is sponsored by:
    Roses Ironmongers
    Phillips Electrical Contractors
    Tel:01380-739527 or Mobile:07968-204906
    Webmaster Found
    Gents Premier Division
    Premier Division Played Won Drawn Lost Agg Points Bobbarons Roundway Ringers Conservative Club Dirty Dogs Bromham S.C Miss Hits T.A Rantulas Kennet Hounds T.A Turnips Clapham Omnibus Crammer King Pins Moonrakers Fetlocks Floppers Clangers Oddfellows
    Gents Division 1
    Division 1 Played Won Drawn Lost Agg Points Bibury Boys Fizzers Woodborough A Wilshire Yeoman Cheverell Chirton Hollow Saints Beerleggers Woodborough B Muppets Casuals Crown S/Bow Warriors Busy Bees Upsets
    Gents Division 2
    Division 2 Played Won Drawn Lost Agg Points Erlestoke Bowlers New inn Coate Southgate Summats Did You Hear that Chancers Pinball Wizards Seend B Dirty Dozen Olivers Army Wyvern Club Cleeve Sailing Club Ramblers This page has been visited times.

    14. Creativity Online
    skittles offers a Midas touch and rides the rainbow to Creativity Online s Most . skittles milkman comes in at 10 in our 2007 Most Viewed countdown.

    15. The Holiday Quiz
    Winning entries will be announced and discussed in the The skittles Room column to be posted online at Wednesday, January 16, 2008.
    Answers and winners
    of the 2007-2008 edition of
    The ChessCa f
    Holiday Quiz
    Løfgren Edges Erlandsson
    Second Straight Win Danish librarian Claes Løfgren squeezed by Swedish historian and previous two-time ChessCa f Holiday Quiz winner Calle Erlandsson to take the top spot in the 11 th edition of the very popular holiday quiz. This year’s quiz was remarkable for the record number of entrants and the close finish; 166 contestants vied for honors this year, the most ever. And, while Løfgren’s excellent winning score of 88 was matched by Erlandsson, Claes’ entry was received a day before Calle’s. In fact, the next four finishers scored 87 (Per Skjoldager, Denmark), 86 (Peter Holmgren, Sweden), 86 (Richard Collins, USA) and 85 (Douglas Coulter, USA). Thus the six top finishers were within three points of each other! Løfgren also becomes the first to win two consecutive quizzes. He scored a record 94% to take the top spot in last year’s quiz. Claes was kind enough to share some thoughts about his performance in the ChessCa f

    16. Skittles - Definition From The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
    Definition of skittles from the MerriamWebster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games.
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    Dictionary Thesaurus Spanish/English Medical
    Search "skittle" in: Browse words next to:
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    A B C D ... Z
    2 entries found.
    skittle beer and skittles
    Main Entry: Pronunciation:
    perhaps of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norse skutill harpoon, bolt, Danish skyttel shuttle
    plural but sing in constr  English ninepins played with a wooden disk or ball  one of the pins used in skittles Learn more about "skittle" and related topics at See a map of "skittle" in the Visual Thesaurus Pronunciation Symbols

    17. Dirty Dozen Skittles Team Home Page
    Dirty Dozen skittles, Llanbradach, South Wales Fixtures, Stats, Pictures, Player Profiles, League Tables.
    Dirty Dozen Skittles Team
    Llanbradach Workmens Club, Llanbradach, Caerphilly
    Back to Home Page
    Contact Information
    Electronic mail address
    Back to Top Last revised: September 29, 2007

    18. Go Skittle Yourself - Make Your Own TV Advert!
    Get your advert on TV. Make your very own skittles animation and show it on your Bebo page. Also enter our competition to make it into an advert to go on
    Make your own TV advert
    You must be at least 13 years old to enter, please verify your age below. Yes, I am 13 years or older No, I am too young

    19. The Daily Kitten » Blog Archive » Skittles
    This is skittles. My daughter and I were at a petshop when we seen him and of course my daughter wanted to hold him. As she was holding him saying “please
    Lily Rose Puffins
    Location: Yucaipa, California, U.S.A. This entry was posted on Sunday, January 13th, 2008 at 3:07 pm. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can skip to the end and leave a response. RSS feed
    Comment by Sammy's and Oliver's Mama OB Fl, 10/17 *Pounce* Log in to Reply Comment by Sammy's and Oliver's Mama OB Fl, 10/17 Yesssss. I made it! What a cutie Skittles is!!!! Woo Woo .. Log in to Reply Comment by Vicki Skittles looks focused on something. Is he eyeing my apple/chicken sausage? Log in to Reply Comment by billie Log in to Reply Comment by catlessinto Log in to Reply Comment by poochi7 wow! skittles is one handsome kittycat. best wishes to all in 2008. Log in to Reply Comment by spk he is a hand some cat lol Log in to Reply Comment by Willow and Windi's mom Well, really - who could resist those eyes? Daughters learn early on how to work our moms! I think it is genetically inbred in us! Log in to Reply Comment by Cathi in NC
    Log in to Reply
    Comment by JoanfromNewJersey Is it even possible to resist these blue eyes and handsome face?

    20. Guardian Unlimited | Archive Search
    The skittles theory of the Middle East that one ball aimed at Iraq can knock down several regimes - has been around for some time on the wilder fringes,4273,4493638,00.html
    Go to: Guardian Unlimited home UK news World news Comment is free blog Newsblog Sport blog Podcasts In pictures Video Archive search Arts and entertainment Books Business Environment Film Football Jobs Katine appeal Life and style Money Music The Observer Politics Science Shopping Sport Talk Technology Travel Been there Audio Email services Special reports The Guardian The northerner The wrap Advertising guide Compare finance products Crossword Events / offers Feedback Garden centre GNM press office Graduate Guardian Bookshop GuardianEcostore GuardianFilms Headline service Help / contacts Information Living our values Newsroom Reader Offers Soulmates dating Style guide Syndication services Travel offers TV listings Weather Web guides Working for us Guardian Abroad Guardian Weekly Money Observer Public Learn Guardian back issues Observer back issues Guardian Professional Network home UK news World latest Books ... Search Playing skittles with Saddam The gameplan among Washington's hawks has long been to reshape the Middle East along US-Israeli lines, writes Brian Whitaker Brian Whitaker
    Guardian Unlimited Tuesday September 3, 2002

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