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         Professional Wrestling:     more books (100)
  1. Ringside: A History of Professional Wrestling in America by Scott M. Beekman, 2006-06-30
  2. The Revenge of Hatpin Mary: Women, Professional Wrestling And Fan Culture in the 1950s by Chad Dell, 2006-02-24
  3. The Encyclopedia of Professional Wrestling: 100 Years of History, Headlines & Hitmakers by Kristian Pope, Ray Whebbe, 2003-11
  4. Adventures in Larryland!: Life in Professional Wrestling by Larry Zbyszko, 2008-06-01
  5. Swimming with Piranhas: Surviving the Politics of Professional Wrestling by Howard Brody, 2009-11-15
  6. Slaphappy: Pride, Prejudice, and Professional Wrestling by Thomas Hackett, 2006-03-01
  7. Steel Chair to the Head: The Pleasure and Pain of Professional Wrestling
  8. Hooker : An Authentic Wrestler's Adventures Inside the Bizarre World of Professional Wrestling. by Lou Thesz, 2001-02-06
  9. Pro Wrestling Kids' Style: The Most Amazing Untold Story in Professional Wrestling History, Second Edition by Shawn Crossen, 2005-01
  10. Wrestling at the Chase: The Inside Story of Sam Muchnick and the Legends of Professional Wrestling by Larry Matysik, 2005-06-06
  11. Biographical Dictionary of Professional Wrestling, Second Edition by Harris M., III Lentz, 2003-10
  12. Tonight in This Very Ring: A Fan's History of Professional Wrestling by Scott Keith, 2002-11-01
  13. Tuff Stuff Professional Wrestling Field Guide: Legend and Lore by Kristian Pope, 2005-08-28
  14. Professional Wrestling Intellectual: A compilation of Columns by Joseph L. Babinsack, Jr. (Volume 1) by Joseph L Babinsack Jr, 2009-09-04

1. Professional Wrestling - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
professional wrestling, or pro wrestling, is the performance, management, and marketing of a sport and performing art which combines elements of catch
Professional wrestling
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search The examples and perspective in this article or section may not represent a worldwide view of the subject.
Please improve this article or discuss the issue on the talk page For the video game, see Pro Wrestling (video game) Professional wrestling , or pro wrestling , is the performance, management, and marketing of a sport and performing art which combines elements of catch wrestling , mock combat, and theatre . Modern professional wrestling usually features simulated striking and grappling techniques, which are modelled after diverse sets of global wrestling and pugilistic styles. Professional wrestling can vary from sports entertainment like World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) to Japanese wrestling and lucha libre style wrestling found in Mexico which is based on skill level and sportive matches. Japanese promotions like Pro Wrestling NOAH and Dragon Gate are based on matches of skill and athleticism rather than the entertainment style of wrestling found in most US promotions.

2. Bobby Lashley Asks For His Release From WWE -
The top site for pro wrestling! Read articles from the top professional wrestling sites on the Internet with the latest news from the WWE, TNA and the rest
to your Favorites!
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Who will win the 2008 Royal Rumble? Triple H
The Undertaker
Shawn Michaels Batista Other
Sign up now for FREE E-Mail Updates WWE Royal Rumble ... Live Coverage this Sunday! January 23, 2008 Bobby Lashley asks for his release from WWE Lashley has confirmed his request on his website Full Story Related Articles More Top Stories January 24, 2008 Rob Van Dam Vince On The Apprentice Tonight, Royal Rumble Festivities Nick Hogan Court Update, The Rock Notes, MVP, More WWE Returning To State After 14 Years, RAW News, More Official TNA iMPACT Preview For Tonight ... var sc_project=256370; var sc_invisible=0; var sc_partition=0; var sc_security=""; var dc_AdLinkColor = 'blue' ; var dc_UnitID = 14 ; var dc_PublisherID = 3168 ; var dc_adprod = 'ADL' ;

3. Welcome To The Professional Wrestling Online Museum
Read the stories behind the stars of yesterday and today. Hear the sounds of live wrestling action. Review title histories, and find out the real names of
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4. The ULTIMATE Pro-Wrestling Trivia Test - Online Dating Test
This test is designed to measure your knowledge of the (sometimes) wonderful world of professional wrestling. Prowrestling might not be legit, but your

5. Professional Wrestling Hall Of Fame
Located in Schenectady, New York. Site contains information, list of inductees, and articles.
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- Visit the Hall -
Saturdays: 10:00AM - 4:00 PM
Sundays: 12:00 Noon - 4:00 PM Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame
30 East Main Street
Amsterdam, New York 12010
Wrestling Legends to Sign Autographs at Hall, Feb 16
The unpredictable Johnny Rodz, Pete Sanchez, Manny Soto, Dave O'Hannon, and referee Dick Wohrle will be on hand to sign autographs at the PWHF (30 Main Street, Amsterdam, NY) on Saturday, Feb 16th, from 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. Tickets are only $10.00 each, and are good for one autograph from each wrestler.
Hart, Backlund, Brazil, Kiniski among 2008 Inductees
The Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame is pleased to announce the Class of 2008. This year's inductees include Ray Steele, Tom Jenkins, Bobo Brazil, Gene Kiniski, Bret Hart, Bob Backlund, Giant Baba, Ernie and Emil Dusek, "Toots" Mondt, and Betty Niccoli. Click Here to read the complete press release.
Tickets Now On Sale for 2008 Induction Events Click Here for more information.

6. - WWE News, Rumors, And Results
Info On How You Can Help Congress Investigate Steroids In professional wrestling WWE News SmackDown Draws More Viewers Than Raw Roulette, Raw DVD Sales,
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... Thursday, January 24, 2008
  • WWE News: Vince On "Apprentice" Tonight, RAW Rating, Big Show At RAW
  • Brock Lesnar To Headline June UFC PPV From London, England
  • TNA iMPACT! Preview (1/24): Tiger Mask, Lesnar Training Footage
  • UFC Fight Night Live Results (1/23/08): Swick vs. Burkman ...
  • When in Rome XXIII - My Favorite Rumble + Rumble Predictions Wednesday, January 23, 2008
  • *SPOILERS* WWE Smackdown Taping Results from Charlottesville, Virginia
  • ECW Results 1/22/08 - A New Champion?
  • WWE News: New Details On Why Bobby Lashley Is Leaving WWE
  • Bobby Lashley Update: He's Gone From WWE, Training for MMA Career ...
  • DaveyBoy’s Wrestling Menu - Predictions for 2008 + Royal Rumble Predictions Tuesday, January 22, 2008
  • Foley On MySpace, Cover Art For Upcoming Triple H DVD, Lesnar Featured On Yahoo, Maryse Ouellet
  • WWE News: WWE 24/7 Skipping A Monday Nitro, Masked Charlie Haas, Rumble DVD In Tin Box
  • Lita Speaks On Possible WWE Comeback, Candice Michelle On TV Tonight, Linda Hogan
  • Released WWE Star Appearing On OVW's Feeder Show, Paul London's Modeling Profile, Meet Damian Demento ...
  • ECW TV Preview (1/22/08): Punk vs. Chavo, Kofi Kingston Debuts Monday, January 21, 2008
  • UFC News; Dana White Guarantees UFC Will Be On Network TV Soon
  • 7. Wrestle World - Your Online Portal To The Professional Wrestling World
    WRESTLE WORLD The ultimate professional wrestling site on the web!
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    8. Pro Wrestling Daily
    The JTrain stops The J-Train Jay Shannon goes retro with a biography of one of professional wrestling’s biggest stars, in every sense of the word.
    Breaking News Welcome Back to Pro Wrestling Daily!
    Write for Pro Wrestling Daily!
    WWE (1/23): Latest News!
    TNA (1/23): Latest Update!
    ... s! Promotion Reports WWE (1/23): Latest News!
    TNA (1/23): Latest Update!
    Pro Wrestling Riot (1/19): Hot Stories!

    Ind. Wrestling Fed. (1/22): High-Flying Update!

    United Wrestling Fed. (1/21): Hot News Update!

    ProWrestling Ohio (1/19): Sizzling Stories!
    UIPW (1/18): Blazing Headlines!
    The Katz Files Katz: Suplexes Across the Pacific!
    Katz Files: Bad Writing Hurts Good Wrestling!
    ysis! Headlocker Shannon: The Family Business
    Shannon: The 2008 WWE Hall of Fame
    Latest Recaps RAW (1/21) Recap: Against the Odds! Armageddon (12/16): Champions Under Fire! Global iMPACT (1/17) Recap: A Champion Redeemed! ... Southern Allstar Wrestling (1/19): Bedlam on TV! Previews FL Champ. Wrestling (1/26) Preview: The Rumble! NYWC (1/26) Preview: Two Spots Remain! !Bang! TV (1/27): All Cage Card! Great Canadian Wrestling (1/31) Preview: Final Night! WXW (2/2) Preview: A Double Feature! NEPW (2/9): Five-Star February! Devil Budakhan Memorial (3/8) Preview: More Matches! Katz: When Bad Writing Hurts Good Wrestling! Legends: Andre The Giant ...
    The Katz Files – Arnie Katz
    RAW (1/21) Recap The Kingfish Arnie Katz brings you a recap and analysis of the 1/21 RAW television show.

    9. WrestleCrap - The Very Worst Of Pro Wrestling
    Welcome to, the definitive source for all the worst of professional wrestling. Whether it be an evil oneeyed midget named Cheatum or grown
    Want an UNBELIVABLE deal on our books? Then check this out - our friends at High Spots are selling the new WrestleCrap Book of Lists! with the original WrestleCrap: The Very Worst of Wrestling for less than $25 total! Jump on this great deal by clicking rightchere Updated January 18, 2008 Guten tag! It's Das WunderWoche at Das Crap! Quite Possibly the Most Bizarre New Induction Ever! Plus...New It Came From YouTube! New Someone Bought This! New Jobber of the Week! And over an hour of New WrestleCrap Radio! Oh yeah...and it's your LAST CHANCE to vote for the worst of 2007 in the Gooker voting booth! And be sure to join us on February 1 for the unveiling of the 2007 Gooker in a new induction, as well as the first ever WrestleCrap Radio Awards! Welcome to, the definitive source for all the worst of professional wrestling. Whether it be an evil one-eyed midget named Cheatum or grown men fighting over an uncooked turkey, WrestleCrap is the place to kick back and laugh at the dumbest stuff ever presented in - and outside - a wrestling ring! Finally...The Crap Hits the Fans!

    10. SoYouWanna Learn About Professional Wrestling? |
    SoYouWanna learn about professional wrestling? Unless you ve been asleep for the past year or so, you ve probably noticed that professional wrestling is big
    Web Site SYW HOME SYWs A to Z ... know how hockey penalties work?
    FAKE? Isn't it a goofy pseudo-sport, only appropriate for viewing by guests of the Jerry Springer show? We're here to tell you that just ain't so. Watching wrestling, if you get into it, can be tremendously fun, and that's why more and more people are getting caught up in it. We started out skeptical, but now we're as devoted as screaming face-painters. OK, it's fake, but it's real sports entertainment! If you'd like to find out what that means, and get in on the fun, then pick up a folding chair, heave it at your sister, and read on.
    The fake The first thing you need to understand about wrestling is that it's fake. We hope we're not ruining anyone's fun here, but those pro wrestlers are all just a bunch of big actors. What we mean by "fake" is that the outcome of each match is predetermined, the wrestlers cooperate with each other rather than compete, and the wrestlers are acting out characters, not their real personalities. Both the behind-the-scenes action and in-the-ring action are planned out and written ahead of time (though the wrestlers do some improvising of their own), and the wrestlers develop the characters they portray with the help of writers and executives. The storylines , which set out the feuds and alliances that explain what goes on in the ring, are at least as important as the wrestling itself. The storylines are as turgid as any soap opera, containing "good" and "bad" characters, as well as characters that switch allegiances or team up against a third party. We're surprised that amnesia and evil twins don't play a stronger role. We'll talk more about the storylines in a second, but the main thing to know is that watching pro wrestling is just like watching The Practice, only instead of lawyers in suits in a courtroom battling each other, the lawyers wear speedos and go mano-a-mano.

    11. Elite Pro Wrestling Training
    Even though I am just a fan of professional wrestling, and have no experience in the business whatso-ever, I still often get asked about how to break into
    EPWT.Com Redesign
    The EPWT Web site is undergoing a facelift! Thanks for your patience during the transition. The new, easier-to-use format should be complete within the next couple of weeks. If you find any bugs within the Web site, please let us know
    ON THE ROAD EPWT On The Road:
    Les Starts "08" in Natchez, Mississippi!
    The new year opens for Les in Natchez, MS. with a weekend EPWT Training Camp. For complete details go to or to sign up call Justin Thornton at 601-653-4657 Les in Richmond, Virginia March 14,15,16 ! Les will be doing a weekend training camp sponsored by Ground Xero Wrestling at their training school in Richmond, VA. For more information or to sign up go to Or call David McCloud at 804-356-0583. Two Wrestling Rings for Sale Plus Health Club Quality Gym Equipment !

    12. WrestlingDB – The Professional Wrestling Database
    Wrestling news and information from around the internet in one place.
    News Headlines Articles Calendar Directory Daily Rapp Up Google (This Site) Google (Whole Web) Username: Password: Save:
    • wrestlingDB Home

    13. Women's Pro Wrestling
    technorati tagspro wrestling,wwe wrestling,wrestling rumors,wrestling move,wrestling results,professional wrestling,wwf wrestling,wrestling moves,wrestling
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    Women's Pro Wrestling
    photo,sexy,woman,picture,wrestling,pic,pro wrestling,woman wrestling,female wrestling,wwe,tna,wwe divas,wwe raw,wwe com,tna wrestling,wwe wrestling
    Sunday, January 20, 2008
    Princess Jasmine
    Wrestler: Princess Jasmine
    Real Name: Cynthia L. Peretti
    Birthday: June 2, 1948
    Hometown: Chicago
    Trained by: Calvin "Prince" Pullens , Dick the Bruiser
    Pro Wrestling Debut: 1968
    Previous Gimmicks: None
    Finishing Move: The Sleeper Hold
    Favorite Wrestling Moves: The Head Butt
    Notable Feuds: Mary Jane Mull
    Trainer for David McLane's GLOW women's promotion Princess Jasmine vs. Eva Savage technorati tags:pro wrestling,wwe wrestling,wrestling rumors,wrestling move,wrestling results,professional wrestling,wwf wrestling,wrestling moves,wrestling,wrestling news,wwe rumors,wwf,wwe,wwe divas,ecw wrestling,tna wrestling Posted by ~~ Sabre ~~ at 12:27 PM 0 comments Labels: Cynthia L. Peretti female wrestling girls wrestling GLOW ... Older Posts Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) AuctionAds Click Here to Advertise on My Blog Enter your search terms Submit search form Web

    14. East Coast Professional Wrestling
    ECPW Adrenaline, Saturday, January 26th!! ECPW s next event is the first TV taping of the year on January 26th!! Keep checking back with for all
    ECPW Adrenaline, Saturday, January 26th!!
    ECPW's next event is the first TV taping of the year on January 26th!! Keep checking back with for all the details!!
    ECPW Showcase Returns on February 2nd!
    ECPW Showcase returns to the ECPW Arena in Lake Hiawatha, NJ on Saturday Night February 2nd with it's next huge event! Already confirmed for the show is the in ring return of former ECPW Champion, Mo Sexy and a 6-Pack Challenge to crown a new #1 Contender! Click

    15. Professional Wrestling School Of Atlanta
    Located in Atlanta, Georgia. Full size gym, rings and contact information.
    @import url(;
    A wwc F
    Atlanta World Wrestling
    championship Federation

    16. House Of Deception - Professional Wrestling History
    History of Pro Wrestling, History of Carnival Sideshows, History of Magic (Stage Conjuring). Bibliographies and Quality Links. The House of Deception is.
    var sc_project=721423; var sc_partition=6; var sc_security="3f9272e5"; var sc_invisible=1;
    The House of Deception at a Glance MAGIC - Magic Bibliography - Magic History Links - -Famous Golden Age Magicians - -Houdini's Handwriting - -James B. "Jimmy" Findlay - -Magic in Fine Art PRO WRESTLING - Pro Wrestling Bibliography - Pro Wrestling History Links - -Cauliflower Alley Club - -Gorgeous George - -Jack Laskin - -Joe "Flash" Gordon - -Midget Wrestlers - -British Wrestling - The History of British Wrestling - Leeds Wrestlers - London Wrestlers - Kendo Nagasaki - -Sacramento Wrestling - Promoter Roy Shire - Announcer Hank Renner - -Wrestler Artists - Lord Leslie Carlton - George Gordienko - Ted Lewin - Steve Strong - Jim Bertz - Wrestling in Fine Art - -Sideshow Ballys and Banners - -Sideshow Performers 1 - -Sideshow Performers 2 - -P.T. Barnum's Handwriting - -Buffalo Bill Cody's Handwriting - -Showmen in Fine Art "Golden Age" Defined Recommended Reading Homepage About
    about us

    No text or image may be copied or
    reproduced without written permission.

    17. Wrestling - WWE News, WWE Wrestling News And Results
    11/28/07 Wrestling News Victory Pro Wrestling Returns To Long Island On December 1, 2007 professional wrestling Redefined s 3rd Anniversary Show - Wrestling News
    Links Bookmark Us Forum PPV Index ... Archive - Wrestling News - Your Pro Wrestling News Source Bookmark Us This site is a member of WebRing.
    To browse visit Here var sc_project=1071299; var sc_invisible=1; var sc_partition=6; var sc_security="7d7c49d6";

    18. Pinnacle Professional Wrestling
    PINNACLE CEASES OPERATIONS. We would like to say THANK YOU to all of our great fans for their tremendous support!!! Cecil Reed (owner), would like to say

    19. All Pro Sports Rings - Pro Wrestling, Boxing Rings And Mixed Martial Arts Rings
    Retails HOS professional wrestling rings in a variety of sizes, as well as construction plans.
    PRO WRESTLING - BOXING - MMA Nationwide Ring Rentals Worldwide Shipping Available
    ProWrestlingRings.Com powered by In The Zone Communications Company

    20. Brock Lesnar Talks Pro Wrestling - MMA On Tap
    Brock Lesnar discusses the physical impact of a professional wrestling match, how often performers are injured, and his rivalry with Kurt Angle.
    MMA on Tap

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