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         Pole Vaulting:     more books (43)
  1. Modern Pole Vaulting by Bryan Ferry, Bryan Ferry, 1998-06-01
  2. Sports and governance: Pole-vaulting into the 21st century by Philip Ella Juico, 2000
  3. Taking the mystery out of fiberglass pole vaulting by Bill Falk, 1993
  4. Pole Vaulting Mechanics by Ganslen Peebles, 2006-01-01
  5. Teach Yourself Pole Vaulting by A.K. Dr. Srivastava, 2007-11-30
  6. Pole Vaulting by Denis Watts, 1953
  7. POLE VAULTING by Henry Schulte, 1928
  8. Fiberglass pole vaulting: The "continuous chain" using the drop-tip technique by Bill Falk, 1998
  9. Analysis of composite structure of vaulting pole: Analysis of vaulting pole using Finite Element Method and experimental tests by Piotr W?uka, 2010-06-14
  10. How to Coach Pole Vaulting by A.K. Srivastava, 2007-03-30
  11. Pole Vaulting Mechanics by The Editors, 2008-06-09
  12. Taking the mystery out of fiberglass pole vaulting, book II by Bill Falk, 1982
  13. Pole Vaulting Mechanics by Ganslen Peebles, 2006
  14. Pole vaulting (Amateur Athletic Association. Instructional booklets) by Ian- Ward, 1962

1. Pole Vault - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
pole vaulting is an athletic event where a person uses a long, flexible pole (which today are usually made either of fiberglass or carbon fiber) as an aid
Pole vault
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search Pole vaulting is an athletic event where a person uses a long, flexible pole (which today are usually made either of fiberglass or carbon fiber) as an aid to leap over a bar . Pole jumping competitions were known to the ancient Greeks , as well as the Cretans and Celts . It has been a full medal event at the Olympic Games since for men and since for women.
edit History
Poles were used as a practical means of passing over natural obstacles in places such as the marshy provinces of Friesland in The Netherlands , along the North Sea , and the great level of the Fens of Cambridgeshire Huntingdonshire Lincolnshire and Norfolk . The artificial draining of these marshes created a network of open drains or canals intersecting each other at right angles. In order to cross these without getting wet, while avoiding tedious roundabout journeys over bridges, a stack of jumping poles was kept at every house and used for vaulting over the canals. In Friesland , where it is called fierljeppen , it has continued to be a folkloristic activity with annual competitions. Broad-jumping with the pole, though the original form of the sport, has never found its way into organized athletics, the high jump being the only form recognized.

2. !!VaultWorld!! Best Pole Vault Site On The Web With Full Track And Field Coverag
Vaultworld is the top site for pole vaulting and Track and Field with Coaching,Clinics,Picture Area,Bulletin Board,Email List,Links,celebrity chats,photos
AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR TESTING AND MATERIALS STANDARD SPECIFICATION FOR HELMETS USED IN POLE VAULTING F 2400-06 APPROVED SIGN UP FOR THE USATF COACHING EDUCATION PROGRAM Vault World Directory If you have questions on Rules, Facilities, Equipment, or just about anything else to do with pole vaulting e-mail , Instant Message or send AskEddie1 your pole vault videos for analysis Eddie Seese's Experience
Pole Vault

3. Howstuffworks "How Pole Vaulting Works"
pole vaulting is one of the most interesting events in the Olympics! Learn how pole vaulters are able to fly so high, and what limits the maximum height! RSS Make HowStuffWorks your homepage Get Newsletter Search HowStuffWorks and the web:
REFERENCE LINKS Main Entertainment Sports PRINT ... EMAIL How Pole Vaulting Works by Karim Nice
Inside This Article Introduction to How Pole Vaulting Works History of Pole Vaulting Vaulting Pole Physics of Pole Vaulting Lots More Information ... articles Pole vaulting is an incredible sport to watch. The vaulter's technique can be so fluid and graceful the result of a highly studied technique designed to optimize energy conversion.
Pole Vault Image Gallery

Photo courtesy
The pole vault originated in Europe, where men used the pole to cross canals filled with water. See more pole vault pictures In this article, we will learn a little bit about the history of pole vaulting, and then we will explore the physics of pole vaulting. NEXT Inside This Article Introduction to How Pole Vaulting Works History of Pole Vaulting Vaulting Pole Physics of Pole Vaulting Lots More Information ... articles
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4. Physics Of Pole Vaulting
Using very simple physics principles, this program estimates how high you could theoretically vault based on how tall you are and how fast you can run,
Search Physics News Graphics: Physics News Update Physics News Links Physical Review Focus
The Physics of Pole Vaulting Please make sure Java is enabled in your browser. Using very simple physics principles (see below), this program lets you estimate how high you could theoretically vault based on how tall you are and how fast you can run, assuming you had the proper training and optimal efficiency. To figure out how high you could vault, simply enter a sprint speed and your height in the appropriate boxes. Pole vaulting is a wonderful illustration of how one type of energy is converted to another type of energy. Through the proper use of the pole vault, the energy of motion associated with the sprint is converted into the energy needed to overcome gravity and reach a certain height. The energy of motion is called "kinetic energy," while the energy associated with working against gravity is called "gravitational potential energy." The faster you can sprint toward the bar, the higher you can vault over the bar, again assuming a proper technique. Pole vaulting is also a great example of the central principle in physics: the conservation of energy.

5. Pole Vault Power - Home
Information on meets, camps and clubs that include pole vaulting plus a message board.
Home Message Board Media College ... Misc
Welcome to Pole Vault Power!
How high would you like to vault today? Beach Vaults! Street Vaults! More! - Information on fun pole vault competitions in your area. Pole Vault Power Message Board - The best pole vaulting message board on the internet! Join over 3000 other pole vaulters and talk about your favorite sport. Pole Vault Power Media - Pole Vault Power's exclusive photographic coverage of pole vault competitions nationwide. Now includes videos and podcasts. Pole Vault Power College - Information about collegiate pole vaulting including links, schedules, results, signings and more. Pole Vault Power Network - Information on pole vaulting opportunities in your area. Includes a database with information on pole vaulting clubs, camps, and competitions. Miscellaneous - Currently you can find out more about Pole Vault Power, information on

Oh, and if this YouTube interview is any indication, she takes pole vaulting so seriously that she s unable to detect sarcasm. Which is too bad,

7. Welcome To Pole Vault!
2002 Pole Vault LLC. (Photos courtesy of the 2001 UCS Spirit/West Point/USATF pole vaulting Camp at West Point, NY)
You are visitor #:
NOTE: Pole Vault LLC is a non-commercial, information-only Web site created for superintendents, principals, athletic directors, coaches, and athletes as a resource to promote improved safety and performance in the sport of pole vaulting. The materials presented on this site represent the best current knowledge about this sport, but should not be considered as a substitute for proper personal coaching by trained professionals. © 2002 Pole Vault LLC. (Photos: courtesy of the 2001 UCS Spirit/West Point/USATF Pole Vaulting Camp at West Point, NY)

8. Safety Certification Board For Pole Vaulting
PVSCB is the first online safety certification for pole vaulitng coaches and participants.
Announcement: Our 2008 test is now available!
Our Mission: It is the primary purpose of Pole Vault Certification Safety Board to provide information and testing, for the education and certification of pole vaulters, and pole vault coaches, with special emphasis upon the teaching of the basic skills, progressions, and risk reduction in pole vaulting. In addition, it is the secondary goal of the Pole Vault Certification Safety Board to generate funding for the purpose of pole vault related research and development. Why get certified? Pole vaulting is not a dangerous sport when done with the proper coaching and safety techniques. We feel that giving coaches and athletes the right information and testing them on that information that we have taken the biggest safety hazard out of the equation- lack of knowledge. How much does it cost? We charge a small fee of which will certify you for 2 years from the day you pass the test. This includes access to all study materials, online test, certification card, access to up-to-date rule changes and safety related news. Part of your fee will also go towards grants for safety studies in never ending quest to keep our sport safe. Easy as 1-2-3!

9. Track And Field Equipment Gymnastic Mats Pole Vaulting Poles Physical Education
Track and Field Equipment Gymnastic Mats pole vaulting Poles Physical Education Equipment Bleachers and Benches by UCS Spirit Inc, providers of the very
UCS track and field equipment, gymnastic mats, preschool mats and athletic equipment. We are the world's premier provider of track-and-field equipment, providing the very best in athletic equipment.
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Visit Today! This non-commercial, information-only Web site is dedicated to providing much-needed educational resources for the increasingly popular sport of pole vaulting. Among the special features of this new site are...
Safety Suggestions
Frequently Asked Questions
Coaches' E-mail Forum
UCS, Inc. is a proud member of the
U.S. Tennis Court
and Track Builders Association, Inc.

Click here for details. The finest line of strength training equipment! Click here to learn about the newest UCS product line IAAF World Championships - Helsinki
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10. Pole Vault Training Zone - Pole Vaulting Training, Equipment, Camps, And More!
Everything Track Field s Pole Vault Training Zone contains pole vault training articles, the latest pole vaulting equipment, a track and field discussion
Home About Us Contact Us Sitemap ... Your Account @import url("./dropdown.css"); Throwing Equipment Jumping Equipment Tents Sprints/Hurdles Equipment ... International Orders Pole Vault Training Zone Pole Vault Home Pole Vault Articles Pole Vault Videos All Pole Vault Products ...
School Purchase Orders
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School Purchase Orders online. Pole Vault Products
Pole Vault Training Zone!
At M-F Athletic, we know the pole vault Bill Falk, who founded M-F Athletic in 1960, has coached Olympic and All-American pole vaulters and has set the trend for new pole vault techniques in the U.S.A. He is the author of five pole vault books and has produced a number of track and field videos. He is currently the pole vault coach at the University of Miami (FL). Pole Vault Training / Coaching Articles by top experts in the field!

11. Pole Vaulting
pole vaulting is the launching pad for great and unique ideas. A great launching pad to open your mind and start a project.
Search Our Site Login close X
Read previous pole vaulting interviews.

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12. Fiberbenders Pole Vault Camps, Clinics, Equipment,and Results
Coaching, club practices, pole vaulting, training.
Welcome Pole Vaulters, Coaches, Parents and Fans FIBERBENDERS "School of Flight"... Where CHAMPIONS are SHAPED and SHARPENED... Year Round... Day BY Day... SINCE 1985 Contact Us Directions Mission Statement Fiberbenders History ... Meet Results Picture Gallery Video Gallery Links Summer Camps Private Lessons Group Lessons Holiday Clinics Golden West Champions and State Champions and State Record Holders 2004 Adam Sarafian, NJ(top) 17-4.5 All-time State Record 16-10 Golden West Champ 16-1 Nike Outdoor Natl. Champ 2006 Jared Jodon, PA (bottom) 16-3 Golden West Champ (click on name for vaulter profile) Congrats to: Jen Holly , jr. Barnegat HS, NJ Meet of Champions winner-12' 0" (Atlantic City Press story) (video interview) (L-R) Adam Sarafian (former MOC winner '04) and MOC 2007 winner- Jen Holly (a junior) Jen was Barnegat's FIRST MOC Champion (in any event) Congrats to Dan Batdorf jr West Deptford HS NJ Meet of Champions winner-14' 6" (L-R) Lance Atkins FBI director... Batdorf technical advisor, and MOC 2007 winner- Dan Batdorf (a junior) West Deptford coach... Mark Dixon (longtime WD coach)

13. Teen Tests Internet's Lewd Track Record -
In her high school track and field career, Stokke had won a 2004 California state pole vaulting title, broken five national records and earned a scholarship
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Teen Tests Internet's Lewd Track Record
California High Schooler Allison Stokke, 18, Becomes a Victim Of Unwanted Attention After Photo Is Posted on a Sports Blog
By Eli Saslow Washington Post Staff Writer Tuesday, May 29, 2007; Page A01 NORWALK, Calif. Early this month, 18-year-old Allison Stokke walked into her high school track coach's office and asked if he knew any reliable media consultants. Stokke had tired of constant phone calls, of relentless Internet attention, of interview requests from Boston to Brazil. In her high school track and field career, Stokke had won a 2004 California state pole vaulting title, broken five national records and earned a scholarship to the University of California, yet only track devotees had noticed. Then, in early May, she received e-mails from friends who warned that a year-old picture of Stokke idly adjusting her hair at a track meet in New York had been plastered across the Internet. She had more than 1,000 new messages on her MySpace page. A three-minute video of Stokke standing against a wall and analyzing her performance at another meet had been posted on YouTube and viewed 150,000 times.

14. Terrafirma1.0 By Nodethirtythree
Lonestar pole vaulting is dedicated to the sport of pole vaulting through sales and support of high quality poles and Proffessional coaching in Central

15. Bubba PV - The Bubba Sparks Pole Vault Index
Words of Wisdom I got an email from a friend recently who said something so simple and profound, pole vaulting is about having a good place to jump,
National Senior Games, July 4, 2007 - Louisville, Kentucky HALLOWEEN 2007 My Current Training Words of Wisdom - I got an email from a friend recently who said something so simple and profound, "pole vaulting is about having a good place to jump, feeling good when you jump, and working hard and continuous enough without getting hurt, that you can continue to experience periodic breakthroughs". Along those same lines, my orthopedic surgeon told me that training at the elite level is like walking on a balance beam - if you fall off one side you get hurt, and if you fall off the other you're not progressing. The older you get, the more narrow that beam becomes.
B U B B A P V Southwest Texas in 1976 - I remember having hair back then! The people sure dressed funny. I think it was disco! The equipment was 1st class, but we had NONE!! I'm age 46 here @ Reno SURPRISE - I am here too!! F O R M Y O L D M A N 1996 Olympic Games - Atlanta So You Want to Be a Pole Vaulter?

16. Pole Vault Biomechanics Figures
Some figures illustrating various biomechanical aspects of pole vaulting.
Pole Vault Biomechanics Figures
The figures listed below are taken from these publications: Angulo-Barroso, R M Kinzler, S B , Balius, X, Turro, C, Caubet, J M, Escoda, J and Prat, J A (1993) Biomechanical Analysis of the Pole Vault Event . Scientific report to the International Olympic Committee Medical Commission, Summer Olympic Games of Barcelona 1992, Sant Cugat del Valles: Centre d'Alt Rendiment Angulo-Barroso, R M Kinzler, S B , Balius, X, Turro, C, Caubet, J M, Escoda, J and Prat, J A (1994) Biomechanical Analysis of the Pole Vault Event Journal of Applied Biomechanics , Vol 10, num 2, pp 147-165, Champaign: Human Kinetics They illustrate various biomechanical aspects of pole vaulting and were generated from data digitized from videotaped performances at the Summer Olympic Games of Barcelona 1992 by the ABAT project.

17. Pole Vauting Agency - Complete Madness Sports
pole vaulting sports management agency. Includes a group of pole vaulters who train and compete together worldwide, with an emphasis on entertaining crowds
Welcome to Complete Madness Sports.
CMS is a sports management agency specializing in pole vaulters.
UPDATE!! - Long time coming, athletes updated!!
Website was last updated : 15 May 2005
Contact Us
CMS athletes Photo Gallery Training tips ... Pole Purchase
Complete Madness Sports is assisted by...

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18. SkyJumpers
Call or email Jan Johnson at 1888-279-7502 ANYTIME for help and advice regarding the ordering your pole vaulting Equipment!
on line pv certification
Call or email Jan Johnson at 1-888-279-7502 ANYTIME for help and advice regarding the ordering your Pole Vaulting Equipment!! The Skyjumpers Vertical Sports Club (also known as the SJVSC ) is run by 1972 Olympic bronze medalist Jan Johnson . Jan Runs several camps around the country teaching basic and advanced techniques of pole-vaulting. He has coached a number of world class pole-vaulters including the 1997 World Championships bronze medalist Dean Starkey (19'5"). Jan is also the National Safety Director of the pole-vault.
VS Athletics pole vaulting blow out sale.
Contact Jan Johnson at 888.279.7502 for great deals on poles.
Offer good while supplies last.
Illustrated History of the Pole Vault book NOW AVAILABLE!!

CLICK HERE TO BUY/PREVIEW!! Learning the Basics Every athlete that comes to camp will learn all of the basic fundamentals of the pole-vault. All the latest drills and training techniques are demonstrated by Jan and his many expert coaching assistants. Chelsea Johnson 15’1 at Pac 10 new NCAA record!!!!!

19. Sky Athletics Pole Vault
pole vaulting club in Arizona.
Home Sky Athletes Pole Vault Pictures Pole Vault News Home Sky Athletes Pole Vault Pictures Pole Vault News

20. Everything Track & Field: Pole Vault
pole vaulting Camp lOvE2vAuLt, 1, 22, 13 January 2008 at 838am By gymnastsrock View Last Post. Topic no new posts

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