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         Pencak Silat:     more books (33)
  1. Pencak Silat: Through My Eyes by Herman Suwanda, 2006-10-31
  2. Pencak Silat Pertempuran: Vol. 2 by Sean, Stark, 2007-01-26
  3. The Malay Art of Self-Defense: Silat Seni Gayong by Sheikh Shamsuddin, 2005-07-10
  4. Pencak silat: Die Kampfkunst der Minangkabau und ihr kulturelles Umfeld (German Edition) by Hiltrud Cordes, 1992
  5. Pencak Silat Pertempuran: Vol. 1 by Sean Stark, 2007-02-19
  6. Pencak Silat Pertempuran: Vol. 3 by Sean Stark, 2008-04-09
  7. Pencak Silat. by Maurizio Maltese, 1999-07-31
  8. Secrets Of Harimau : The Explosive Art Of Pencak Silat Harimau Minangkabau
  9. Pencak Silat Cimande Macan Guling by Gorka Echarri, 2008
  10. Pencak Silat Perpi Mataram - Kunstvolles Kämpfen aus Indonesien (German Edition) by Andreas Schredl, 2007-12-14
  11. Pencak-silat.boevoe Arts Indonezii.prakticheskoe leadership. / Penchak-Silat.Boevoe isskustvo Indonezii.Prakticheskoe rukovodstvo. by Kh.Kharun, 2004
  12. Sport (Indonesien): Pencak Silat, Gelora-Bung-Karno-Stadion, Großer Preis Von Indonesien, Wta Bali, Kuntao (German Edition)
  13. Kampfkunst (Philippinen): Eskrima, Filipino Martial Arts, Arnis, Pencak Silat, Pekiti-Tirsia Kali, Südostasienspiele 2005|arnis, Kali Sikaran (German Edition)
  14. Indonesian Pencak Silat, Pukulan Cimande Pusaka: The Principles of Destruction (vol. 1) by William F. Sanders, 1996-03

1. Pencak Silat Serak
Information on Indonesian martial arts, important people in the system, links, events and seminar data, credits, and formal comments on the curriculum.

2. Pencak Silat - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
pencak silat is the official name used to indicate more than 800 martial arts schools and styles spread across more than 13000 islands in Indonesia.
Pencak Silat
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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WikiProject This article is about martial art forms practiced in Indonesia. For the general umbrella term of martial art forms throughout Malay Archipelago, see Silat Pencak Silat Also known as Pencak, Pentjak, Mencak, Pencak Silat, Silek, Maenpo, Maen Pukulan Focus Hybrid martial arts Country of origin Indonesia Famous practitioners Embah Kahir, Muhammad Kosim, Haji Ibrahim, Eyang Suro, Pak Dirdjo, Dan Inosanto Pencak Silat is the official name used to indicate more than 800 martial arts schools and styles spread across more than 13,000 islands in Indonesia. The art has also reached Europe, and is especially popular in the Netherlands Spain and France
  • Terminology History Aspects
    edit Terminology
    In Indonesia , the official name used to indicate more than 800 martial arts schools and styles spread across more than 13,000 islands is "pencak silat". However, this is actually a compound name consisting of two terms used in different regions. The word " pencak " and its dialectic derivatives such as " penca West Java and " mancak Madura and Bali ) is commonly used in Java , Madura and Bali, whereas the term " silat " or " silek " is used in Sumatra . The ambition to unify all these different cultural expressions in a common terminology as part of declaring Indonesia's unity and independence from colonial power, was first expressed in 1948 with the establishment of the

3. Pencak Silat - Miniclip Games - Play Free Games
At the dawn of 20th century, chaos reigns. Fight to restore order.
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4. Martial Arts Info - Pentjak Silat
Martial Arts explained Pentjak Silat (pencak silat). Summarizes the characteristics and origin of Pentjak Silat. Where applicable, additional info such as
A resource for all styles of martial arts

5. Pencak Silat
Free Online Games, Online Games, Free Games, Addicting Games.
At the dawn of 20th century, chaos reigns. You must fight to restore order.
Use ARROW KEYS to MOVE and SPACEBAR to ATTACK. Hit Z to use ITEM 1 and X to use ITEM 2.
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6. Pencak Silat Pertempuran (Combat Silat) - Home Of Perguruan Pencak Silat Pertemp
This system of pencak silat is a unique blend of Malaysian, Sumatran, Javanese, Balinese and Maduran methods which, when combined, give the student of

7. Pukulan Pencak Silat
Pukulan pencak silat, over 200 schools and organisations listed.
Pencak Silat - Through my eyes, by Pendekar Herman Suwanda
Pencak Silat Pertempuran by guru Sean Stark
Indonesian fighting arts from in the 60s/70s. Silat, Kuntao and indigenous arts listed. UNIQUE!
Rudy ter Linden demonstrates Juru (form) number one and teaches techniques based on this form. 58 min. Volume 1
From Unique Publications
Pencak Pentjak Silat Ratu Adil #2 VHS Self-defense techniques against punches, kicks and elbows. Basic Pukulan strikes, blocks, entries and offensive techniques. 58 min.
Silat Senigayung, the Malay art of selfdefense by Sheikh Shamsuddin
Steve Tarini's book on this Indonesian knife.
Indonesian Fighting Fundamentals from Bob Orlando MUSIC (Gamelan, Pop) KALASOG KUNTAO SILAT by guru Roberto Torres (student of pendekar Jim Ingram) Penchak Silat from Franck Ropers, DVD SITEMAP Finding Pencak Silat Schools USA:
Pukulan Serak Mande Muda ... Croatia RELATED MARTIAL ARTS kuntao Filipino arts shaolin kempo nusantara RELATED ISSUES Indonesian music internal energy weaponry magazines ... general Seminars, new books, videos, anything new!

8. Pentjak Silat Usa Pencak Silat Usa
names Pentjak silat/ pencak silat U.S.A / United States America, United States of and pencak silat America these are in direct conflict with our copy
closed for
Attention: There are groups out there using the International Pentjak Silat Federation
names, which are under the umbrella of the registered names and our derivatives of the
names Pentjak silat/ Pencak Silat U.S.A / United States America, United States of
America, As well as America. There is an other organization using Pencak Silat USA
and Pencak Silat America these are in direct conflict with our copy written name they are
of no affiliation with our group
and have been given no permission to, or authorization to use our name. If you have any
questions Please Feel Fee to Contact us At See our current School and Links

9. Pencak Silat - 2 Flash Games
pencak silat Travel through the jungles and forests battling it out with fierece competitors. Add to Favorites * Please be patient this game takes time to
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10. Pencak Silat - A Cool Martial Arts Game Where You Have To Defeat The Enemy And B
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11. Pencak Silat 1.2
pencak silat is the original martial art style of Indonesian. The tournament is open with the greatest pencak silat warriors all over the world.
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12. End Of The Bukti Negara Site
My pencak silat Bukti Negara has been closed. More upto-date and advanced material may be found at my new pencak silat Serak site.
My Pencak Silat Bukti Negara has been closed. More up-to-date and advanced material may be found at my new Pencak Silat Serak site. Please update your bookmarks accordingly.

13. Master O'ong Maryon's Pencat Silat Page
Master teacher and pencak silat scholar O ong Maryono provides information on the Keluarga pencak silat Nusantara school, and detailed insights into the
Biography Keluarga Pencak Silat Nusantara Reflections-articles in English and Malay Articles from Biography Keluarga Pencak Silat Nusantara Reflections-articles in English and Malay Articles from ... e-mail O'ong

14. Header
Monitors pencak silat activities in UK. Provides data on competitions, philosophy, clubs, and global pencak silat organisation networks.
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15. Nieuwe Pagina 1
Headquarters site gives info on Silat in general, teachers, style development, training, curriculum, data on competitions and organizations, links,
Harimau Belgium Pencak Silat Pukulan Bongkot

16. Pencak Silat In Japan
pencak silat is a traditional martial arts of Indonesia. It is not wellknown in Japan yet, but I would like to make it more popular.
Pencak Silat in Japan
[Japanese] Pencak Silat is a traditional martial arts of Indonesia. It is not well-known in Japan yet, but I would like to make it more popular. I will upload the history, photos and so on, so wait a little bit more.
Contents To be continued
  • What is Pencak Silat?
  • The history of Pencak Silat

This is the picture of the training at Indonesian school in Meguro Tokyo. We train usually twice a week from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm on Monday and Thursday. The instructors, who are Indonesians belong to Indonesia Pencak Silat Association.
Many people in Tokyo area haven't joined it yet, but we always welcome your attendance. You can just have a look at our training!
If any detail is needed, please call Japan Pencak Silat Association:Tel 03-3438-4711.
I'm also waiting for the email
This is the picture that we tried to obtain white belts. We usually train with Indonesian members like this picture.
The person that stands at the center of the front line is Mr. Susilo(Pak Susilo), and the one that stands next to him is Mr. Yuli(Mas Yuli). Both of them are instructors from Indonesia Pencak Silat Association.

17. Inner Wave Pencak Silat
indonesian pencak silat that trains internal and external aspect of human body (martial Arts)
Home Schedule History Contact
    Welcome To Inner Wave Pencak Silat
    What Is Inner Wave Pencak Silat?
  • Persatuan Inti Ombak (Inner Wave Union) is a Pencak Silat Organization that shares the knowledge and philosophy of the external and internal aspects of Indonesian martial arts. The external side of this art is reflected in techniques, such as punches, kicks, blocks, weapons, etc. The internal aspect includes breathing techniques, energy cultivation, and the art of concentration. Pencak Silat has a unique philosophy that sets it apart from other martial arts styles. Pencak Silat puts people first before form or technique. One will have the interest, further down the road, to develop a personal style that maximizes one’s strength and body.
  • What makes Inner Wave Silat different from other martial arts?
  • First and foremost, Inner Wave Silat is a “classical” martial art developed for personal defense and protection rather than winning tournaments. We study and train for realistic self defense.
  • Are women capable of learning and executing Inner Wave Silat techniques?

18. Gerakan Suci - Perguruan Pencak Silat
This school is based on Satria Naga style. Information on teaching staff, style, classes and curriculum, on Sufism based on the teachings of the Tarikat
Home Introduction Self Defense Chivalry ... Blog Home > Peace and respect to you!
Welcome to the web portal of Gerakan Suci, Perguruan Pencak Silat (g'rawk'awn soo' chi, purr'guru'an pen'chawk see'lawt) . Gerakan Suci is a school of martial arts firmly centered in the warrior tradition of Java and Sumatra, Indonesia. Gerakan Suci is not a new style, but rather a contemporary expression of the traditional styles we have been honored to learn. While we still teach our jurus and weapons as they were given to us, we also attempt to optimize our skills for the modern world. As such we concentrate more on the practical aspects of combat in a crowded parking lot or on an airplane than in a jungle or rice padi. Our philosophy and ethical inheritance comes directly from Sufi spiritual practices and the discipline of Spiritual Chivalry. All people of good will are welcome to visit, view classes and join if they have the interest. Home Introduction Self Defense Chivalry ... Validate CSS He who knows the art of the direct and the indirect approach will be victorious. Such is the art of maneouvring.
Sun Tzu
"The Art of War"

19. Main Menu
Andi Rafiandi from Padepokan Nasional pencak silat Indonesia gives information on organizations IPSI and PERSILAT, on history, facilities, events,
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BAHASA LANGUAGE Send your questions and suggestion to m mailing list What's New ! 1. Basic Techniques of Pencak Silat, by IPSI subscribe yourself to our mailing list PADEPOKAN NASIONAL PENCAK SILAT INDONESIA JI. Raya Taman Mini Indonesia Indah Jakarta, Indonesia phone: 62-21-8413815 last updated : 21 September 1999 you are visitor number :
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20. Homepage
pencak silat vereint körperliche und seelische Energie so harmonisch, dass Du Deine innere Kraft in Deinen Körper leitest und somit ungeahnte Stärken in Dir
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