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         Paragliding:     more books (63)
  1. The Art of Paragliding by Dennis Pagen, 2001-03-01
  2. Powered Paragliding Bible 2 by Jeff Goin, 2008-06-01
  3. Paragliding - A Pilot's Training Manual by Mike Meier, Mark Stucky, 2006-12-15
  4. Paragliding: The Complete Guide by Noel Whittall, 2002-07
  5. Touching Cloudbase: A Complete Guide to Paragliding by Ian Currer, 2003-06-25
  6. Paragliding: From Beginner to Cross-Country by David Sollom, Matthew Cook, 1998-07-01
  7. SKY ADVENTURES, Stories Of Our Heritage (Legends And Stories About The Early Days of Hang Gliding and Paragliding)
  8. Paragliding Flight: Walking on Air by Dennis Pagen, 1990-01
  9. Powered Paragliding by Jose Ortega, Pedro Huidobro, 2000
  10. Paragliding by Jack Earl, 2010-06-09
  11. Condor Trail: Paragliding the Central Andes by Dylan Neyme, 2004-01
  12. Fresh Air Site Guide: Paragliding and Hanggliding in South Africa by Greg Hamerton, 2006-07-01
  13. Hang Gliding and Paragliding (Action Sports) by Kelli Hicks, 2009-08
  14. Paragliding: Paragliding, Powered Paragliding, Cloud Suck, Judy Leden, Online Contest, Red Bull X-Alps

1. A-Z Of Paragliding Information
Offering a world directory of flying sites, world records, competitions, and news.
Information finder
Home Africa Asia Australasia ... Contact Us
A-Z of Paragliding
Chamonix Networks has acquired ownership and management of The dedicated management team is based in Chamonix, France. If your web site does not feature on and you would like a advert, please contact us by e-mail, skype or telephone. features equipment retailers, manufacturers, distributors, competitions, festivals, schools, holidays, accommodations, and much more; all in a clear, easy to navigate site structure.
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2. Paragliding - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
paragliding is a recreational and competitive flying sport. A paraglider is a freeflying, foot-launched aircraft. The pilot sits in a harness suspended
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
(Redirected from Paraglider Jump to: navigation search Paragliding is a recreational and competitive flying sport. A paraglider is a free-flying, foot-launched aircraft . The pilot sits in a harness suspended below a fabric wing, whose shape is formed by the pressure of air entering vents in the front of the wing. Paraglider take-off in Brazil Practicing on a beach in Seattle, USA.
  • Equipment Control Flying
    edit Equipment
    Land-based practice: Catching a wind. Parafoil fully up in land-based practice. Paragliding in Swiss mountains The paraglider wing or canopy is known in aeronautical engineering as a ram-air airfoil, or parafoil . Such wings are comprised of two layers of fabric which are connected to internal supporting material in such a way as to form a row of cells. By leaving most of the cells open only at the leading edge, incoming air (ram-air pressure) keeps the wing inflated, thus maintaining its shape. When inflated, the wing's cross-section has the typical teardrop aerofoil shape.

3. Discover Paragliding!
paragliding tandem solo training and equipment. Located near Seaside and Astoria Oregon. Training on Sunset Beach. Complete paragliding store and shop.
New - Intro Tandem Videos Click to see the fun we have been having! Have you ever... ...found yourself gazing into the skies, perhaps watching with envy as eagles soar effortlessly on the currents of the wind? ...wondered what it would be like to be out there too? Paragliding is the sport that can answer that question for you. Over the last fifteen years, paragliding has become the world's most popular and easiest to learn method of "sharing the air" with our feathered friends. To soar with the eagles has been one of mankind's oldest and most exciting dreams. Finally, with paragliding, you can make that dream come true for you too. Discover what's been waiting for You Paraglide Today! Caught on Google Earth! Click for larger pic! Click button to order Discover Paragliding! - Tandem and Solo Flight Instruction - Throughout Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington PO Box 638 - Warrenton, OR 97146

503-861-2772 (w) 503-440-0733 (c) Oregon and SW Washington's Premier Paragliding Dealer and Training Center
- Astoria, Seaside, Tillamook County, Portland, and Columbia Gorge Training Locations -

4. - KiteBoarding - ParaGliding Online Shop
United States based web site offering forums, gear reviews, accident reports, articles, classifieds ads, and equipment sales.
KiteBoarding - ParaGliding
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Condor Trail, Paragliding the Central Andes
Xtreme Low Price: $9.95
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  • 2007 Dakine Matrix Vest BEST Nemesis HP 2008 BEST 2007 Waroo Bar First Timer's Package ... Xcertina Bag MKII
  • Reviews
    Latest Review:
    BEST 2008 Nemesis 10m HP
    Gaastra 25M

    5. Airplay Paragliding School And Paraglider Equipment
    Airplay paragliding School 1 paragliding school in USA, paragliding instruction information, paragliders paraglider equipment, yearround paragliding
    @import "style.css"; Airplay imports Windtech UP and High Adventure Home School Shop News ... Contact Us Ph. 805-968-0980 Email Us
    Airplay Paragliding School
    If you want to paraglide, and you want excellence in instruction, then you want Airplay! Airplay is based in sunny Santa Barbara, California and enjoys teachable, flyable and fun weather year ‘round for paragliding. If a school isn’t available in your area, please consider coming out for the time of your life in a beautiful environment that is fun for the whole family! Founded by the late Dixon White (the first USHGA Instructor of the Year award recipient), the school continues its tradition of excellence. Instructor of the Year Rob Sporrer , along with the rest of our USHGA certified instructors , will lead you through a carefully designed syllabus combining complete academic and athletic progression from beginner through your tandem and instructor levels. Airplay programs have become the standards in the paragliding industry and the basis for the leading training manual, "The Art of Paragliding" and the paraglider video/DVD training series

    6. Eagle Paragliding | Fly Like An Eagle!
    Offering training, tandem flights, gift certificates, and equipment sales in Santa Barbara.
    @import "/misc/drupal.css"; @import "/modules/nice_menus/nice_menus.css"; @import "/themes/voodoo_dolly/style.css"; Fly Today 805.968.0980 Contact Us Site Map
    Piloting Your Best Paragliding Experience
    Award Winning Instruction
    Primary links
    Eagle Paragliding Schedule
    January 5 - February 15, 2008
    The Valle De Bravo Tours are in full swing down Mexico way. Contact Magic Mike at 805.968.0980 for the Santa Barbara flying schedule.
    Latest News
    2008 Monarca Open Daily News

    Photos From Valle De Bravo Tours

    US Team Pilots
    a good bet in Valle Latest Video Clips
    Valle De Bravo Tour 1/7/08

    Paragliding Video Archives
    >> Read More
    Be the Pilot - fly solo or tandem
    Paragliding Lessons Paragliding Tandems Become a Rated Pilot Paragliding Gift Certificates ... Paragliding Books and DVD's
    Fly like an eagle
    Eagle Paragliding has been training new and current paragliding students for over a decade. Eagle Paragliding is recognized as the best choice for all levels of paragliding training in the United States, and tours all over the world. Eagle programs have become the standards in the industry. Do your homework before Choosing a Paragliding School , and take the time to read our Paragliding Testimonials
    Meet the eagle Instructors
    Our knowledge and experience comes from teaching and flying all over the world. You’ll find Award recipients, top ranked cross country pilots, distance record holders, and one heck of a maneuvers coach making up the

    7. U.S. Hang Gliding And Paragliding Association
    The United States Hang Gliding paragliding Association is proud to serve the sports of hang gliding and paragliding. You can learn to fly with a
    • Where to Learn + Telephone
      toll free: 800.616.6888
      direct: 719.632.8300
      fax: 719.632.6417
      Hours: 8am-5pm MST M-F
      Mailing Address
      P.O. Box 1330
      Colorado Springs, CO
      Physical/Parcel Shipping
      USHPA 1685 W. Uintah St. Colorado Springs, CO Videos: Discover Hang Click here to go to videos USHPA Names Wayne Michelsen as USHPA Mentor Coordinator - The USHPA Mentor program that has been in development for some time now will be headed by Wayne Michelsen, who will steer the program through the implementation phase. (Click here for the Press Release) New Website Feature: Announcing PilotConnect - As an effort to help USHPA Members connect with one another while protecting privacy, we have implemented PilotConnect. With PilotConnect, members can contact one another through the USHPA site. (Log into Members Only and read more) Regional Director Election Results - The official results from the 2007 Regional Director elections have been released. Just a single change this year to the board. (Click here to read the News) Fall 2007 BOD Meeting Minutes Now Available - For USHPA Members, the minutes from the Salt Lake City meeting are now posted in Members Only area.

    8. Malibu Paragliding
    paragliding and Powered paragliding, school, tandem flights, lessons and rides, aerial video and photography.

    9. BAPA - Home
    Local USHGA chapter in the San Francisco Bay Area. Information on membership, sites, newsletter, images and movies, training and meetings.
    Member Photos
    Click image to see larger, or go to Flickr Page
    Click image to see larger, or go to Flickr Page
    Special Guest: Advanced Paragliding
    Click image to see larger, or go to Flickr Page
    Click image to see larger, or go to Flickr Page
    Latest News
    Most Recent Classified Ads
    Gin Zoom (M) Sky Atis (M), Sky Brontes(L) For Sale: GIN Zoom Race Small DHV2 Woody Valley Pod
    Home Two Raven Scoop Written by Ann Sasaki Monday, 14 January 2008 Happy New Year BAPA Members! Kurt Niznik and I are putting some interesting, informative and enjoyable events on the BAPA calendar this year. Here is a brief overview of upcoming items:
    In April, June and August there will be BAPA fly-ins in conjunction with the Cross Country Co-op organized by Susan Kent. These should be fun weekends. You can come to free fly at the fly-in and/or fly in the Co-op, practicing short cross-country flights. More details to come.
    We will likely have a Hat Creek Solstice fly-in in late June because it all worked out well last year and Hat Creek is a very scenic and soulful experience.

    10. Seattle Paragliding
    Located in Seattle offering training and tandem flights.
    We are Western Washington's first and only PARAGLIDING FLIGHT PARK with our instruction center located right here at Tiger Mountain... on the north border of the paragliding landing field:
    - Onsite Grassy Beginner Training Hill
    - Para-Barn loaded with 12 Flight Simulators
    - Emergency Reserve Parachute Zip Line Training
    - USHGA Instructor certified since 1982.

    11. Paragliding Database
    Welcome to Airsports Net s paragliding database, an interface with products, services, and pages of interest for the paragliding air sports pilot.
    Paragliding Database Home Hang Gliding Paragliding Powered ...

    USA News

    Paragliding Photos

    The Ecowing (Powerplay250)

    Posted by: ValkingWinger
    Tandem Time!

    Posted by: blacksilex
    Brewster Erion And His American Flag Silex
    Posted by: blacksilex Sunset Powered Paragliding Posted by: blacksilex Powered Paragliding Posted by: blacksilex Post your Paragliding Photos here ! (Usually takes up to an hour to show up on this page) Welcome to Airsports Net's paragliding database , an interface with products, services, and pages of interest for the paragliding air sports pilot. Paragliding Database Category Description # of Links Paragliding Schools Listing of United States paragliding schools. Paragliding Organizations Listing of paragliding organizations in the United States. Harnesses Listing of providers and manufacturers of harnesses used in paragliding. Reserve Parchutes Listing of providers and manufacturers of reserve parachutes. Aviation Helmets Providers of helmets used in extreme aviation. GPS Navigation Also known as Global Positioning Systems, a listing of GPS providers.

    12. Paragliding Wings - Paragliders For Foot-launched Personal Flight. Purchase Your
    paragliding wings, paragliders and paragliding equipment, buy your own paraglider for personal flight.
    Learn To Fly Paramotoring Clinics Products ... Hang Gliding
    Paragliding Packages: Elemental Flight
    Thermal Tracker

    Paragliding Packages
    Paragliders: Ozone Paragliders
    Gin Paragliders

    Nova Paragliders

    Gradient Paragliders
    Apco Paragliders

    Paragliding Equipment: Main Page


    ... How To Order Today's modern paraglider is a marvel of fabric and lines. Now certified to strict standards, the new wings are safer, more stable and have better performance than ever before. Your paraglider wing will be your most important purchase. We recommend new students always buy their first glider from their instructor. The instructor will assist the student with the decision of which type, level and size of wing is appropriate for them. Read more about why we would like you to buy your glider from us here. Also, please beware of buying a used glider from an ad or eBay, read our Paraglider Safety Information first! We can offer almost every brand of paraglider that are made today, and we have chosen to work with what we believe to be the finest wings available, in terms of performance, handling, support and price.

    13. Jackson Hole Paragliding | Tadems | Instruction | Equipment Sales | Site Informa
    Jackson Hole Paragling offers Tandem Flights off of the Mountain Resort as well as beginner to advanced instuction and clinics.
    flying sites landing zones weather to fly photos ... contact us UTC 17:57 NWS TEXT Forecast NWS Full Forecast KJAC
    09:53 AM 29.94 in. Calm 08:51 AM 29.94 in. Calm
    Welcome to Jackson Hole Paragliding 2008!
    The Jackson Hole Paragliding Team is excited for flying season 2008. In addition to all of our normal flying activities, this year Aerofest, a fly-in party that is eight years old, will be held for the first time at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.
    The Jackson Hole Paragliding Team features Tandem and Instructor Administrator Scott Harris, Advanced Instructors Tom Bartlett, Matt Combs, and Randy Alfano. Basic Instructors Chris Brindisi, Josh Riggs, and Chip Hildebrand. Tow Technician Jeff Coulter. JHPG Tandem Instructors include the pilots above as well as Jon Hunt, Ted Smith, Shandy O'Neil, Brain Howell, Destin Peters, AJ Frye, Chas Yonce, Dan Roof, Rolf Belden, Brad Jezek and Nick Greece.
    Come to Paragliding Paradise and enjoy alpine flying at its absolute best. Ten Sites in a ten mile radius including the Bridger Gondola. Jackson Hole Paragliding offers scenic tandem flights, beginner through advanced instruction, guide service, mountain thermal clinics, x-c clinics, maneuvers training, aerobatics demonstrations, and boat towing.
    Call to set up a vacation package tailored to improve your flying skills and to build your confidence.

    14. Proflyght Paragliding School Of Maui, Hawaii - USHGA Certified - Paragliding Vid
    Proflyght paragliding School of Maui We are the oldest and only full-time paragliding School in Hawaii, offering tandem flights, solo instruction more!
    "The paragliding flight over Mt. Haleakala on Maui was so amazing...I can't believe more people don't do this awesome sport. Thank you so much for enhancing an already amazing vacation! Bob Smith
    Los Angeles, CA "Dexter...OH MY GOD! That ride was something else. I never would have believed that paragliding could be so amazing and so peaceful. We came to Maui to relax...what better way than soaring above the clouds? Mahalo forever!" Sandy White
    Miami, FL
    Welcome to Proflyght Paragliding!
    We are proud to offer a complete range of flight training from Tandem Instruction to Solo Instruction. Paragliding is the newest and easiest way to enjoy the freedom of flight. A paragliding "kit" will include the wing, a harness, and a reserve. All this will fit in a special back pack that can be checked as luggage or carried up a mountain. Almost anyone can learn to paraglide! You can experience this exhilarating form of aviation either as a Tandem paragliding experience (we fly you) or as a Solo Paragliding experience (you fly).

    15. The Northwest Paragliding Club
    The Northwest paragliding Club exists as a resource for local paragliding pilots. We help cover costs associated with various flying sites, represent the

    16. Powered Powerglider Dot Com
    Powered paragliding Apparel, Interacted Cd s,Books,Electronics,Tshirts and Videos!
    Quick Links Find an Instructor Manufactures Paragliders and Wings Look for pilots in your area ... Check a slide show of archived pictures Help supporting this page by visiting the sponsors and doing your google searches from here. It doesn't cost you anything and helps us a lot. Weekly Poll What Did you think of "Mission Everest" I Liked it It was Great! It was OK Not my cup of tea Did Not See It View Results Picture of the Week
    See Past weeks winners
    Updates NOW Training In Las Vegas Greatlakes PPG
    Paratoys 2008m Feb 7th Register HERE

    5th annual Flying Circus In Arizona Feb 8th thru 10th 2007

    Check out the used equipment
    Check out the used market! There are some great buy's

    17. American Paragliding - Powered Paragliding School And Paramotoring Courses In So
    Paramotoring and Powered paragliding in Southern California and the USA.

    Paramotoring and
    Powered Paragliding
    Why? Training Prices Gallery ...
    Instruction at American PPG

    PPG Trike
    Discovery Flights!
    Powered Paragliding: Online Videos
    Photo Gallery

    Why Paramotor?

    Why American Paragliding?
    ... Links Paramotoring Products: Packages Wings Motors Trikes ... Gift Certificates Flight Decks: The Wedge Front Mount Reserve Paramotoring Accessories: Stuff Tarps Flight Suits Lightman Strobe Kit Risers ... New Magazine! Subscribe Now!
    Freedom is...
    ...the Power to FLY!
    Paramotoring is enjoying a surge of popularity in America, and for good reason - it's an aircraft that literally fits into the trunk of your car! In less than 15 minutes, a pilot can set up for a remarkable new form of flight. Click HERE for a short video of a fly-over! Combine the simple elegance of a modern paraglider with one of the backpack paramotor units and you have the ability to fly when you want and where you want (with consideration for the weather). The Power Pack The motor that powers us to dizzying heights is nothing short of remarkable. These lightweight engines have an incredible power to weight ratio, start easily and are fitted onto a backpack that you can easily walk around with. With one of these motor units, the propeller gives you thrust, allowing you to launch, climb, fly level or glide down through the air on a paraglider at your own will.

    18. Aspen Paragliding
    Aspen paragliding,is a paragliding school and tandem paragliding flight service owned and operated by USHGA certified tandem pilots, Alex Palmaz Dick
    home tandem flights contact us Aspen Paragliding
    With no prior experience necessary you can SOAR over Aspen or Snowmass, Colorado,
    winter or summer, with one of our USHGA certified tandem pilots. Email us at or call us at
    to schedule your flight! A perfect gift! Give the gift of adventurewith an Aspen Paragliding gift certificate!
    Aspen Paragliding Photo Program
    To view your photos and purchase prints see the Aspen Paragliding Photo Gallery - summer 2007
    See also for mountaineering, rock climbing, backcountry skiing, hut trips, ice climbing, etc.

    19. ** PARAGLIDING.ORG Since 1998 ** FAQ Server
    paragliding Pocket Aviation A Guide To paragliding.
    k Forum Browse the book Buy the book Sell the book ... Photos/Screensavers/Wallpapers k Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. Search web Search Hosted by

    20. Fresh Breeze Powered Paragliders By Southern Skies
    Southern Skies, LLC Your Paramotoring and paragliding Source.
    Shop phone: (828) 632-6000 or e-mail Chris Bowles: USHGA Certified Advanced Tandem Instructor, Examiner, Towing Administrator and USPPA Powered Paragliding Instructor and Administrator. Chris heads the training committe at the USPPA and he started Paragliding in 1989, Powered Paragliding in 1994. He is originally from Germany, but has lived in the States since 1989. Chris uses his machinist background to service Fresh Breeze units at the on site machine shop, utilizing tig-welding, turning, millwork, and more. Chris is also known as the "Solo Doctor" due to his knowledge and years of experience with the Solo 210 engine.
    Tammy Bowles: USHGA Certified Advanced Instructor, P4 rated pilot. Started paragliding in 1993 and Powered Paragliding in 1996, she currently flies a Fresh Breeze Snap 100. Tammy is a seamstress and manufactures stuff sacks, radio harnesses, etc. and makes custom products. She can replace lines, do minor glider repairs and harness mods with her industrial sewing machines. Tammy also answers the phone, helps with problem solving and sends out parts daily. She has also has the not so enviable job of keeping the books.
    Shop phone: (828) 632-6000 or e-mail

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