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         Pankration:     more books (21)
  1. Pankration: The Ultimate Game by Dyan Blacklock, 2001-04
  2. Pankration: The Traditional Greek Combat Sport & Modern Martial Art by Jim Arvanitis, 2003-05-01
  3. The First Mixed Martial Art: Pankration from Myths to Modern Times by Jim Arvanitis, 2009-09-01
  4. PANKRATION - AN OLYMPIC COMBAT SPORT, VOLUME I by Andreas V. Georgiou, 2005-05-05
  5. PANKRATION by Dyan Blacklock, 1997
  6. PANKRATION-AN OLYMPIC COMBAT SPORT by Andreas V. Georgiou, 2005-05-05
  7. Ancient Greek Sports: Ancient Olympic Sports, Long Jump, Discus Throw, Javelin Throw, Pankration, Chariot Racing, Hoop Rolling, Kottabos
  8. Mu Tau Pankration: Concepts and Skills of "All-Powers" Combat (Concepts & skills of all-powers combat) by Jim Arvanitis, 1997-08
  9. Astral Karate. Slavic Greek Varangian pankration. Anthology / Astralnoe karate. Slavyano-greko-varyazhskiy pankration. Antologiya by Averyanov V., 2009
  10. Sport in Der Antike: Quadriga, Pentathlon, Hippodrom, Zirkusparteien, Pankration, Incitatus, Faustkampf, Wagenrennen, Hysplex, Cestus (German Edition)
  11. Kampfkunst (Europa): Gymnopaedie, Shaolin Kempo, Hut, Pankration, Canne, Europäische Wing-Tsun-Organisation, Ju Jutsu Do, Allkampf, Bartitsu (German Edition)
  12. Sovremennyi pankration: stanovlenie universalnogo boitsa-edinobortsa by Lipatov S., 2006
  13. Ancient Olympic Sports: Long Jump, Discus Throw, Javelin Throw, Pankration, Chariot Racing, Ancient Greek Boxing, Greek Wrestling
  14. Sport Wrestling: Pankration, Greek Wrestling, Amateur Pankration

1. Pankration - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
pankration is an ancient sport and a martial art introduced in the Greek Olympic games in 648 BC. Many historians believe that although pankration was not
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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources Unverifiable material may be challenged and removed. Pankration
"The Wrestlers," statue from Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy. Reproduction of 3rd century bronze statue. Focus Mixed Hardness Full Contact Country of origin Greece Parenthood Olympic Sport Ancient Olympic Games from 648 BC, not in modern. Pankration is an ancient sport and a martial art introduced in the Greek Olympic games in 648 BC . Many historians believe that although pankration was not one of the first Olympic sports, it was likely one of the most popular. citation needed Some also argue it to be the first all-encompassing fighting system in human history. This is a strongly debated issue in the academic community.
edit Etymology
The term comes from the Greek words "pan" (meaning "all") and "kratos" (meaning "strength" or "power"). The term is also used to describe the sport's modern variations. It is pronounced pan-kra-tee-on citation needed
edit Origins
In Greek mythology it was said that the heroes Herakles and Theseus invented the pankration as a result of using both wrestling and boxing. They are credited as the two "inventors" of

2. Ancient Sports: Pankration
Side B pankration Photograph by Maria Daniels, courtesy of the Toledo Museum of The poet Xenophanes describes the pankration as that new and terrible
Ancient Olympic Events
  • Boxing Equestrian events Pankration Pentathlon
    Toledo 1961.24
    Side B: pankration
    Photograph by Maria Daniels, courtesy of the Toledo Museum of Art This event was a grueling combination of boxing and wrestling. Punches were allowed, although the fighters did not wrap their hands with the boxing himantes Rules outlawed only biting and gouging an opponent's eyes, nose, or mouth with fingernails. Attacks such as kicking an opponent in the belly, which are against the rules in modern sports, were perfectly legal. Olympia,Stadium: View through vaulted entrance from E
    Photograph courtesy of Frederick Hemans Like boxing and wrestling, among others, this event had separate divisions for both men and boys. The poet Xenophanes describes the pankration as "that new and terrible contest...of all holds" (Xenophanes 2) To read more about these topics, see Further Resources This exhibit is a subset of materials from the Perseus Project database and is . Please send us your comments

3. AMC Kickboxing And Pankration
Matt Hume s training center for full contact, NHB, and submission fighters. Classes also offered in Auburn.
Check news page for upcoming event info on "GENESIS FIGHTS"!!!

4. Fightleague Home
pankration is one of the oldest Martial arts and Combative sports on record. The Amateur pankration League is the largest League in the United States
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HISTORY Pankration is one of the oldest Martial arts and Combative sports on record. Pankration began in the ancient Greek Olympic Games. The rules were simple, no biting or eye gouging and the referees enforced their rules with a large stick. The Pankration was the most highly regarded event of the Olympic games. Competitors struggled and strategized with no time limits until one man became the victor and was awarded the coveted crown of olive branches on the final day of the ancient games.
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5. Worldpankration
In competitive sport pankration, the International Olympic Committee states that On the international level, it is the World pankration Federation that is
Javascript is either disabled or not supported by this browser. This page may not appear properly. First introduced into the Olympic Games in 648 B.C. during the 33rd Olympiad, pankration was considered the ultimate combat sport of ancient Greece.
The World Pankration Federation is dedicated to the continuing development of pankration throughout the world, and the return of pankration to its rightful place, the Olympic Games. To this end, the WPF provides, sanctions and oversees training and competitive events through its licensed national organizations, provides advice and support to affiliated and associated organizations, and conducts international competitions, including the WORLD PANKRATION CHAMPIONSHIPS
The World Pankration Federation invites all pankratiasts, martial artists, athletes and organizations to join us in furthering the sport of pankration and its continued growth throughout the world, in the spirit of honor, integrity and fair competition. Click on Globe to Enter Site W O R L D F E D E R A T I O N - International Olympic Committee HONOR ~ INTEGRITY ~ FAIR COMPETITION

6. Pankration
A description of the Greek martial art of pankration.
News About Us Schools Events ... Search
Ancient Pankration
The Olympic games were eventually adopted and reborn throughout the world alternating the competition in a new country every 4 years, however, Pankration competition was not included. It is only because of the sparse historical records and the special interests of a few individuals that Pankration is having a rebirth in this generation.
Modern Day Pankration
The current wave of "no holds barred" and pay per view fighting events has brought with it a curiosity and interest to it's ancient predecessor Pankration. Just as the boxing venue grew and evolved from ancient Greece to Madison square garden and the rest of the world, the skills, techniques, training methods, rules, attire and safety measures have also evolved. For the most part this evolution has been beneficial to the sport and it's participants. Now after centuries ancient Greek Pankration is getting the opportunity to become Modern Pankrationin the same way as it's brother boxing did.
What is a modern day Pankratiast?

Includes organizational information, officers, President profile and message, news, rules, events, results, Hall of Fame, ranking, history, referees,
W elcome to The USA Federation of Pankration Athlima (USAFPA)
Member: International Olympic Committee IGB-FILA
World Pankration Athlima Committee
Greek Ministries of Sports and Education
Upcoming Events:
  • Gurnee, IL
The USA Federation of Pankration Athlima formed in 1998, to help the progression of Pankration (mixed Martial Arts) in International Competition.

8. Historical Pankration Project -
Historical archive of Ancient Greek pankration techniques, training methods and philosophy.
Click on the Images above to view the Image in our archive. Sign Up for the Updates mailing list to recieve notice of upcoming articles
This site is devoted to the Historical Reconstruction of Pankration and all its associated disciplines.
We offer several features for users of this website.
Historical Sources Archive
(art and literature)
Discussion functions
attached to each archive item
A collection of informative Articles from this and other websites on the subject of ancient combat sports
A Historical Pankration Yahoo Group for general reconstruction discussions
Links to many related Western Martial Arts Websites
"Pankratiasts...must employ backward falls which are not safe for the wrestler and grips in which victory must be obtained by falling...They must have skill in various methods of strangling; they also wrestle with an opponent's ankle and twist his arm, besides hitting and jumping on him, for all these practices belong to the pankration, only biting and gouging prohibited. The Spartans allow even these practices, but the Eleans and the laws of the games exclude them."
Philostratus, On Gymnastics

9. Spartan Pankration Academy 1k - Spartan pankration AcademyWelcome to Spartan pankration Academy, the primary institution in North America and presently world wide for Authentic pankration, the study of Greek

10. International Federation Of Pankration Athlima
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11. Pankration
This Web site was created at You can easily build a customized Web site for yourself or your business using our simple Web page building
Combining the Classical Greek blend of education and athletics, the WPF, in conjunction with the University of Missouri Pankration Team, has formed a division to unite university combat sport teams for pankration events and tournaments. Visit Collegiate Pankration Pitch Magazine. In the surprising statement, the IOC acknowledged the growing international move- ment to have pankration included in the Olympic Games. Read article.. In his first interview in over two years, outspoken WPF President Craig Smith talks about the evolution of sport pankration, some of the problems of the past, where it is today, and what it will take to get pankration restored to the Olympics. Read Full Interview... In an example of the classical Greek blend of intellectual education and athletic training, the University of Missouri Pankration Team has formed to compete in U.S. and international competitions. Read Full Story... WPF selects TOP TEN headgear After an intensive selection process, the World Pankration Federation has adopted TOP TEN as its official headgear. TOP TEN has been the official boxing equipment supplier for the past three summer Olympic Games, as well as for the International Amateur Boxing Association, the World Association of Kickboxing Organiz- ations, the Goodwill Games, and the World Military Games.

Translate this page International Federation of Paradosimos pankration.

13. Pankration Gym Hamina 1k - pankration - The Worlds Best MMATeaches kickboxing, submission wrestling and pankration in Port Moody, British Columbia. Includes news, events, classes, gallery, video, FAQ, and links.
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14. Pankration
pankration—An Olympic Combat Sport is an illustrated reconstruction of the ancient Greek sport of pankration. This sport lasted over a millennium (from at
Home Volume I Volume II Book Review Pankration - An Olympic Combat Sport
Volume I and Volume II
by: Andreas V. Georgiou
Andreas V. Georgiou
Andreas V. Georgiou is a native of Greece and has lived in the United States since 1979. For primary and secondary education he attended Athens College in Greece. He received his BA (Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa) from Amherst College in Economics and Political Science/Sociology and his PhD from the University of Michigan in Economics. He has worked for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) since 1989. The author received a classical education in Greece and has continued his pursuit of classical studies in private since then, including in the context of producing his present book on Pankration. His practical knowledge of the subject of this book is based on his study of martial arts/combat sports (he has a black belt in JuJitsu and experience in boxing) as well as teaching experience in this area. He has also competed in track and field and Olympic weightlifting.
Contact Author :

15. American Pankration
pankration Translates to all powers fighting. pankration is the oldest martial art form in history, which was developed in ancient Greece.
Pankration: Translates to all powers fighting. Pankration is the oldest martial art form in history, which was developed in ancient Greece. It was first documented in the first Olympic Games of 776 B.C. In this original ultimate fighting contest gladiators would use their skill in hand to hand combat and often fight to the death. Pankration has been revived by Jeffrey T. Funicello in 1990. In modern times, Pankration is considered a hybrid style mixed martial art that resembles ultimate fighting and NHB competitions. Pankration recognizes the importance of all ranges of fighting, from striking and CQB to Grappling and Groundwork. For more information, questions, or to leave us a comment please e-mail us at:
Site Last Updated: 01-15-2008

16. Olympic Page / Wrestling
The painting is another epresentation of anopankration with the Ano-pankration (Greek upright fighting) This is an example of Pug-Lak (Greek
Pankration Gallery Greek bronze statue (400-300 B.C.) The "heaver" (pile driver) The painting is another epresentation of ano-pankration with the contestant on the left launching blows with fists and feet. The opponent is shown backing off and preparing to counter. The referee stands ready to enforce the rules. Armlock from the rear. Painting of Spartan warrior Greek statue ( 400-300 B.C.) Maneuvering to the top control position. Roman wall sculpture (0-200 A.D.) Arm trap with knee stike to the groin. Roman bronze statue (0-200 A.D.) Low front kick. Low kicks are a rigid rule in both the ancient and cotemporary forms of Hellenic pancration. The statue, the ststue dipicts a powerful low front kick aimed at the knee. This statue is a classic exampleof kato-pankration (Greek:ground combat) The top mounted pankratiast applies an arm lock on his downed foe while preparing to reign an onslaught of punches to the head. Greek vase (525-510 B.C.) waist lock in preparation for suplex. Greek vase (500 B.C.) Headlock applied during ground combat.

17. Ðîññèéñêèé ñïîðòèâíûé öåíòð "Ïàíêðàòèîí"
english version - enter.

18. Brief History Of Pankration
Over 2000 years ago, the ancient Greeks had developed a brutal, allout combat form which they named pankration (pronounced pan/cray/shun or pan-crat-ee-on
A Brief History of Pankration
Pankration Pics
The Greek race is certainly well-known for its athletic and military achievements in the PreChristian era. In truth, we must credit them for both the word "athlete" and the ideal it expresses. It was also the Greek soldier who would represent the standard for the rest of the world to follow for centuries. The contribution of the Greeks to the evolution of the martial arts, as we presently know them, is now certainly evident. Fighting systems that have originated in both Eastern and Western parts of the world may indeed be linked to this ancient combat form. Kicking was an essential part of pankration, especially rising kicks to the groin or stomach, and powerful leg sweeps meant to take an opponent off his feet. Kicks above the belt were used sparingly, with blows aimed to the head or face only when one's adversary was on the ground and too weakened to block or catch the attacker's foot. Due to this unique tactic alone, some combative experts credit pankration as the first comprehensive unarmed fighting system on record. Pankration bouts were extremely brutal and sometimes life-threatening to the competitors. Rules were minimal in number. In addition, there were no weight divisions and no time limits. The fighting arena or "ring" was no more than twelve to fourteen-feet square to encourage close-quarter action. Referees were armed with stout rods or switches to enforce the rules against biting and gouging. The rules, however, were often broken by some participants who, realizing they were outclassed by a heavier and stronger foe, would resort to such measures to escape being seriously maimed. The contest itself continued uninterrupted until one of the combatants either surrendered, suffered unconsciousness, or, of course, was killed.

19. Untitled Document
Spartan Acadmey of Martial Arts of Haverill, Ma. is the authority in pankration and other martial arts.

20. What Is Pankration
pankration is the most welldocumented fighting art of the pre-Christian era. It was introduced at the 33rd Olympiad in 648 b.c., the same year horse racing'S/Pankration.htm
What is Pankration? Pankration will be in the 2004 Greek Olympics
(Using Shootfighting Rules) You will be hearing a lot more about Pankration as we get closer to 2004! PANKRATION pan-kray'shun Greek "Game of all powers" Pankration is a Greek word meaning "All strength" ( pan = all, kratos = strength; it also has a synonym - pammachon - which means "total fight". There were three combative sports in the ancient Greek Olympics. Wrestling was introduced in 708 b.c. in the 18th Olympiad, the same year the "pentathlon" was introduced. Boxing was admitted in 688 in the 23rd Olympiad. Pankration is the most well-documented fighting art of the pre-Christian era. It was introduced at the 33rd Olympiad in 648 b.c., the same year horse racing was introduced. In boxing until the 5th century b.c. a boxer's only protection was strips of leather about ten to twelve feet long, which were wrapped around the hands . They were called himantes and offered little protection to the hand. NOTE: In modern boxing the length of the taping or wrap is 120": ten feet!

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