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         Paddleball:     more books (16)
  1. Racquetball and Paddleball: Fundamentals (The Merrill sport series) by Ralph L. Wickstrom, 1972-06
  2. Paddleball and Racquetball by A. William Fleming, Joel A. Bloom, 1973-06
  3. Racquetball/paddleball (Physical education activities series) by Philip E Allsen, 1977
  4. Paddleball: How to Play the Game by Howard Hammer, 1979-06-25
  5. Beginning paddleball (Wadsworth sports skills series) by Andrew J Kozar, 1967
  6. Beginning Paddleball by Grambeau & Riskey Kozar, 1969
  7. Paddleball How to Play the Game by Howard Hammer, 1976-01-01
  8. Racquetball, Paddleball & Platform Tennis by N. MacLean, 1978
  9. Beginning Paddleball by Grambeau and Riskey Kozar, 1967
  10. Jesus to the Rescue Jesus Hits the Spot Paddleball
  11. Beginning Paddleball
  12. Paddleball: How to Play The Game by Hammer Howard, 1974
  13. Can grandpa play racquetball? by Wallace E Hight, 1978
  14. Racquetball for men and women, by John W Reznik, 1972

1. Paddleball Web Site, Tournaments, Events, Places To Play, Paddles For All Paddle
A resource for paddleball players that includes an area for players looking for players, an event calendar, tournament information, as well as links to
Paddleball .com
Paddle Gift Ideas
Paddle Sports on the Web
The NEW website of the 1-Wall ... PREDATOR by Custom Paddles New Paddles are here!!! The Dragon Titanium
The Dragon Graphite
Places to Play
California - Connecticut - Florida - Georgia - Illinois - Indiana - Maryland -
... Players looking for Players
Want to get in on the action? Check here. Paddles
The largest selection of paddles at competitive prices. 1-Wall
National Paddleball Association
Paddle Ac cessories
Paddle Balls and Accessories to improve your game such as: Wrist Exercisers, Handi Gym, Dynaflex, Jumping Super Rope, etc. 4 Wall Paddleball Game Rules Calendar of Events Court Measurements Contact Information document.write('<');document.write('! ');

2. - Home
Offers tournament schedules, entry forms, and rules for this 4Wall organization. Also offers resources for 1-Wall and 4-Wall games.
National Paddleball
Association Home Tourney Info / Results Membership NPA Board ... Paddleball Forum
Links: Table Tennis
Hillbilly Paddles

US Paddleball Association

Paddle Tennis
Otto League
Welcome to, the website dedicated to supporting four wall paddleball and the National Paddleball Association.
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3. Paddle Ball Game
Are your coworkers competitive? Then the Paddle Ball Game is exactly what you need for serious office contests. The goal is easy, bounce.
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    Paddle Ball Game
    Product Code: 1129 Are your co-workers competitive? Then the Paddle Ball Game is exactly what you need for serious office contests. The goal is easy, bounce the little rubber ball off the paddle as many times as you can without missing. It may look easy, but it is quite a challenge! Complete over 100 consecutive hits and you will be a certified paddle ball expert.
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4. - History - Paddleball
This document is a history of paddleball. It is a page in the History section of, the largest collection of sports information on the
Sports History
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Paddleball History
Table of Contents
Paddleball is actually two different sports, one-wall and four-wall, with two different origins. Four-wall paddleball was invented by Earl Riskey at the University of Michigan in 1930. The school's tennis players often practiced their strokes on squash or handball courts when the weather was bad. They sometimes used the wooden paddles of paddle tennis instead of tennis rackets. It occurred to Riskey, the university's director of intramural sports, that a game played with paddles on a handball court might be a good addition to the intramural program. He adapted the rules of handball for the new sport, which he originally called "paddle tennis on the court." Within a short time, the name became paddleball. As with many new racket sports, the ball was a problem for some time. A tennis ball was too heavy, while the sponge rubber ball then used in paddle tennis was too slow to make the game interesting. After some experimentation, Riskey solved the problem by soaking tennis balls in gasoline to remove the fuzzy coating, leaving a lighter core that still had considerable bounce. Paddleball remained an intramural sport, confined to the University of Michigan, until World War II, when Army recruits were brought to the university for training. The U. S. Armed Forces Conditioning Committee added paddleball as one of its official sports. As a result, thousands of recruits learned the sport and many of them wanted to continue playing after the war. A number of YMCAs, community centers, and other facilities with handball courts adopted paddleball.

5. One Wall Paddleball - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
One Wall paddleball is an American ball game that consists in hitting a small rubber ball against a single wall by using paddles.
One wall paddleball
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search One Wall Paddleball is an American ball game that consists in hitting a small rubber ball against a single wall by using paddles . It can be played in singles (1 versus 1) or in doubles (2 versus 2). The general rule of the game is that the ball must hit the wall without touching the court floor more than once in order to be a valid rally . The balls are usually of the colors black blue green and originally, the paddles were made of wood , although new materials have replaced them throughout the years (such as graphite and titanium paddles). The game is popular in places where the weather permits outdoor plays such as New York Florida New Jersey Connecticut ... California and Puerto Rico , although indoor courts, albeit rare, exist. Tournaments are ruled by the American Paddleball Association
edit History
The history of the game is somehow undocumented, but it obviously origins from American handball which consists of hitting the ball with the bare hands or a gloved palm. However, due to the cold weather in northern American states, the players carved wooden paddles to hit with to relieve the pain from the cold.
edit Lore
Lore Written by Maury the K - President: One Wall Paddleball Assoc.

6. Paddleball - One Wall And Four Wall
History of Four Wall paddleball Created at the University of Michigan in 1930 by Earl Riskey, a PE instructor, to enable paddleball to be played inside and
PADDLEBALL PLATFORM TENNIS PADDLE TENNIS ... ACCESSORIES The Sports of Four Wall Paddleball and One Wall Paddleball are growing tremendously in popularity. FOUR-WALL PADDLEBALL Four Wall is most popular in Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida where it is played in racquetball courts in the wintertime. You get a great workout from Four Wall because you have to run and work hard for every shot. History of Four Wall Paddleball: Created at the University of Michigan in 1930 by Earl Riskey, a PE instructor, to enable paddleball to be played inside and played mainly in MI,WI, PA, Ohio and FL, in racquetball courts in winter months. The Game: Played by 2,3 or 4 players to 21 points. First two won make a match. The Court: Four wall court. 20'x40', 20' high back wall at least 12'. Normally played indoors in racquetball courts. The Ball: Slightly smaller than a tennis ball, with a small pinhole. Black in color, the bounce should be no more than 3.5ft. when dropped from 6ft. The Paddle: Titanium, graphite and solid rock maple; restrictions and specifications enforced by the NPA

7. Central Park - Paddleball -
There are 12 handball courts available at the North Meadow Recreation Center on a first come first serve basis. You must supply your own balls and paddles.
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    John B. Moore Paddleball in Central Park. The one wall variety of paddleball originated in up state New York, created by a resourceful handball devotee named Mr. Beale. It seems that the winter of 1940 was an especially brutal one and Mr. Beale's hands became too brittle and painful to continue playing handball. Mr. Beale substituted a wooden paddle with no holes and a taped handle. Mrs. Beale is, of course, known for her critical work in mapping the human genome. Thus is history made. There are 12 handball courts available at the North Meadow Recreation Center on a first come first serve basis. You must supply your own balls and paddles.

8. Paddle Ball And Racket Games - Scholastic, Championship, Professional Paddles, F
Colored paddleball Paddles. 15 durable, breakresistant, one piece paddle; Designed and manufactured for institutional use; One each blue, green, yellow,

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$89.95/set Qty: Colored Paddleball Paddles
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Oversized head - $59.95 set of 4 Qty: Standard head - $57.95 set of 4 Qty: Paddle Balls
  • Set of 3 air filled PVC molded balls Approximately 1 5/8" diameter Sent in assorted colors

9. Paddleball - Definition From The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
Definition of paddleball from the MerriamWebster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games.
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Main Entry: Pronunciation:
pa-d l- b
 a game like handball played by hitting the ball with a paddle also  the ball used in this game Learn more about "paddleball" and related topics at See a map of "paddleball" in the Visual Thesaurus Pronunciation Symbols

10. Sportsvite - Organize A Paddleball Game, Recruit For Your Paddleball Team, And M
People and teams playing paddleball. Find players for your paddleball team in a organization, set up a paddleball pickup game, or just set up a paddleball
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11. Custom Printed Paddle Ball, Custom Paddleball & Personalized Paddleball - Absorb
A Custom Printed Paddle Ball from Absorbent, Ink. makes a great prize for elementary and middle school fairs. A Personalized paddleball can be imprinted
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Paddle Ball
A Custom Printed Paddle Ball makes a great prize for elementary and middle school fairs. A personalized paddleball can be imprinted with your school mascot, logo or promotional message. A custom paddleball will get your logo noticed.
Baseball Paddleball
The Baseball Paddleball is available in white with red laces. The paddleball provides hours of fun. Customize by imprinting your logo or promotional message.
Basketball Paddleball
The Basketball Paddleball is available in orange with black lines. A fun promotional giveaway at basketball games and other school events.
Classic Paddleball
The Classic Paddleball is available in red, yellow, white, blue and black. The paddleball provides hours of fun, and makes for a unique promotional gift.

12. Alexa - Browse Paddleball
Most Popular In paddleball. The most visited sites in all paddleball categories. Site info for Site Info icon

13. Paddleball
paddleball is a game for two to four participants who use a wooden or plastic perforated paddle with a wrist thong to hit a ball similar to a tennis ball
Web Home World News Latest Articles Escape Hatch ... Paddleball
Paddleball is a game for two to four participants who use a wooden or plastic perforated paddle with a wrist thong to hit a ball similar to a tennis ball back and forth against one, three, or four walls of a court. Each point or volley is begun with the ball being served against the wall and only the serving team can score when the receiving team cannot successfully return the ball. The game ends when one team has scored the required amount of points, which usually amounts to 11, 15, 21, or 25 points. This section focuses on paddleball.

Discover here about paddleball by means of court specifications, tournament and television schedules, and data on rules and organizations. Sports Articles Free Ezine Sports Directory RSS Feeds ... Terms Of Service

14. The United States Paddleball Association
Welcome to the new site for the United States paddleball Association. Enjoy browsing thourgh the site. Support the U.S.P.A., be a member !
Welcome to the national site for One-Wall Paddleball Welcome to the new site for the United States Paddleball Association. Enjoy browsing thourgh the site. Support the U.S.P.A., be a member !! Valid USPA Membership required for all Sanctioned Events To Log in or Register (click here) View our current Member list Total Visitors: New ! USPA 24 hour Telephone / Fax Number Here you can leave a message for the USPA Board, register for an event, or fax in your enrollment form Fight Hackers, Spammers, Spywares !!! Click the links below, Please contact us with any questions or comments about this web site.

15. Introduction To Paddleball
A general introduction to the sport of paddleball and resources on the Web such as federations, clubs, rules, venues, articles, and news.
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Introduction to Paddleball
A general introduction to the sport of paddleball. Includes resources on the Web such as federations, clubs, rules, venues, articles, and news. The Rules of Paddleball
  • 4 Wall Paddleball Rules
  • 1 Wall Paddleball Rules Wikipedia on One Wall Paddleball A brief introduction to the sport of one wall paddleball. Where to play paddleball in the United States, paddleball rules, and the dimensions of a paddleball court. National 4-Wall Paddleball Association National 1-Wall Paddleball Association Introduction to Paddleball A general description of the game, the ball, the paddles, the serve, the play and scoring of paddleball. Paddle Pro The Web site for this online paddleball shop includes technique tutorials, how to find an instructor, where to play, and where to find leagues and tournaments in the United States.
  • 16. - Golf Racquet Paddleball Search For has the largest selection of authentic team gear from any league NFL, MLB, NBA and NCAA.;jsessionid=HQ2BtL2bsg9CrypGTn1Bc8

    17. Paddleball
    Contains information on the history of the sports, playing rules and related links.
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    History of The Game Rules Links

    Paddleball is generally played on a court with a single wall.
    The court is 20 feet wide and 34 feet deep. The wall is 16 feet high and should have a fence about 4 feet high on its top. The short line is 16 feet from the wall. This leaves 18 feet between the short line and the long line; served balls must land in this zone. The service line is 9 feet behind the short line; the server must stand between those two lines. The service line is marked with lines at least 6 inches long. The sidelines are continued about 3 feet behind the long line to help determine if a served ball is long (a fault) or out (a side-out.)
    There would be another pair on the other side of this wall. The fence at the top of the wall helps keep balls from being lost.
    The game is usually played singles or doubles. Singles play is described below.
    There is a short line about halfway from the wall to the baseline, and the sidelines are extended a few feet past the baseline.

    18. Paddleball - Presented By AddictingGames
    Arcade Classic Strategy Adventure Life Style NewsGames Games » Sports Games » paddleball. Rate it Review it. Game Information. paddleball
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    19. Sports/Paddleball Canadian Search Engine. Sports, paddleball.


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    20. - Paddle Ball
    , A resource for paddleball players that includes an area for......Website Title, paddleball Web Site, Tournaments, Events, Places to Play, DMOZ
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