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         Judo:     more books (102)
  1. Verbal Judo: The Gentle Art of Persuasion by George Thompson, 2004-03
  2. Kodokan Judo: The Essential Guide to Judo by Its Founder Jigoro Kano by Jigoro Kano, 1994-07-15
  3. Mastering Judo (Mastering Martial Arts Series) by Masao Takahashi, 2005-05-03
  4. Best Judo (Illustrated Japanese Classics) by Isao Inokuma, Nobuyuki Sato, 1987-03-15
  5. The Verbal Judo Way of Leadership: Empowering the Thin Blue Line from the Inside Up by George J. Thompson; George Thompson; Gregory A. Walker, 2007-04-02
  6. The Canon of Judo: Classic Teachings on Principles and Techniques by Kyuzo Mifune, 2004-06-11
  7. Judo Formal Techniques: A Complete Guide to Kodokan Randori No Kata by Tadao Otaki, Donn F. Draeger, 1990-11-15
  8. Mind Over Muscle: Writings from the Founder of Judo by Jigoro Kano, 2006-02-17
  9. Verbal Judo: Words As a Force Option by George J. Thompson, 1983-12
  10. Judo Strategy: Turning Your Competitors' Strength to Your Advantage by David B. Yoffie, Mary Kwak, 2001-09-01
  11. The Sport of Judo by Kiyoshi Kobayashi, Harold E. Sharp, 1989-12-15
  12. Attacking Judo: A Guide to Combinations and Counters (Special interest) by Katsuhiko Kashiwazaki, Hidetoshi Nakanishi, 1992-09
  13. Judo Memoirs of Jigoro Kano by Brian N. Watson, 2008-10-03
  14. American Combat Judo: 186 Photographs Illustrating Jiu Jitsu Wrestling, Foot-Fighting and Police Tactics by B.J. Cosneck, 2006-10-01

1. Judo - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
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Execution of a judo throw ( ōuchi-gari Focus Grappling Country of origin Japan Creator Kano Jigoro Parenthood Various jujutsu schools including Tenjin Shin'yō-ryū Kito-ryū , and Fusen-ryū Famous practitioners Mitsuo Maeda Kyuzo Mifune Masahiko Kimura Gene LeBell ... Kosei Inoue Olympic Sport Since 1964 men ) and 1992 women Judo jūdō , meaning "gentle way", is a modern Japanese martial art gendai budō ) and combat sport , that originated in Japan in the late nineteenth century. Its most prominent feature is its competitive element, where the object is to either

2. Official Judo Information Site At
The original judo Information Site with comprehensive and authoritative international references on history, principles, philosophy, tournaments,
The Original
What's New?
Judo Forum
Judo Blogs
Neil Ohlenkamp ,
Please Support This Site or learn more About the Judo Information Site window.defaultStatus = "Judo Information Site at";

3. International Judo Federation
The International judo Federation wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 2007.11.28judo For Peace Tournament 2007 judo For Peace Tournament
International Judo Federation
Welcome from the President
Mr. Marius L. Vizer
President of the International Judo Federation get_calendar('2008','01','2','small','0','1');
International Judo Federation News
International Judo Union
International Judo Union
International Judo Union
The International Judo Federation wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Beijing Olympic Games ....
International Judo Union
List of the referees for OG Beijing 2008 and the new Applicables rules 2008
  • European Club Cup - Mr. Vladimir Putin (Russian President) has visited the ECC in Moscow.
    European Judo Union
    Judo For Peace Tournament 2007
    International Judo Union
    EC - U23
    - European Judo Championship U23 in Salzburg Draw:-48,-52,-57,-63,-70,-78,+78 kg-60,-66,-73,-81,-90,-100,+100 kg
    European Judo Union
    Meeting with Azerbaijan President
    - IJF President Mr. Marius L. Vizer met with Mr. Ilham Aliyev the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan...

4. USA Judo | US Olympic Headquarters For The Most Practiced Of The Martial Arts
USA judoThe governing body for judo in the United States. judo-it is a self-defense, a discipline, and one of only two martial arts that are Olympic
Thursday, January 24, 2008 Latest News USA Judo Visits Chicago as Part of 2016 Olympic Bid USA Judo CEO Jose Rodriguez, Olympic medalist Bobby Berland and World Championship Referee Kei Narimatsu were in Chicago as part of a site visit... Nationals Entry Packets Now Available Start making your plans now for the USA Judo Senior, Masters and Kata National Championships, April 11-12 in Virginia Beach... USA Judo Coaches Rewarded with OTC Trip Six USA Judo Coaches won a trip to Colorado Springs as part of USA Judo's 100-Member Club Giveaway... 2008 USA Judo Teachers Clinic and Kata Clinic Mark your calendar for Feb. 1-3 in Norwalk, California... Register Now for the USA Judo Youth and Scholastic National Championships Junior and collegiate athletes will have a new competition opportunity in March... USA Judo Announces New JO International Division USA Judo will be pleased to welcome international competitors to the Junior Olympics... Reserve Your Room Now for the 2008 Junior Olympics Rooms are now available at Walt Disney World's Coronado Springs Resort... Kano Cup Photo Gallery USA Judo Announces New Armed Forces Initiative USA Judo seeks to expand judo in the military...

judo means the gentle way in Japanese. Of course, it is derived in part from jujitsu, The host country could add one sport, and Japan chose judo.

6. United States Judo Association
The official web site of the United States judo Association with judo history, principles, philosophy, tournaments, techniques, books, publications,
var Section = "Welcome"; var PageTitle = "Welcome"; document.write(""+PageTitle+" - USJA") document.write("") Special Links

Welcome to the webpage of the United States Judo Association, America's service-oriented support organization for players and clubs. We work hard to provide accurate event listings for tournaments, clinics, and camps, plus contact information. We provide contact information for those seeking clubs or members. We provide books, videos, uniforms, and other supplies at reasonable prices and with speedy, efficient delivery. We assist coaches in building their clubs, and provide them with membership rosters, forms, and other support, all at no charge. Because we are a non-profit educational organization, profits return to judo, keeping membership costs low and services high. We strive to be the best at serving our members and building our martial arts programs.
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7. [USJF] United States Judo Federation
The United States judo Federation s mission is to serve and support its members in the American judo community while upholding the principles of mutual
Home Contact Us Forms Online Store ... Sitemap
United States Judo Federation
Judo: the way of gentleness
Our Vision and Mission
The vision of USJF is to have JUDO in every american community and school. Our mission is to serve and support its members in the American judo community while upholding the principles of mutual welfare and benefit.
Select a committee: USJF Executive Committee Academic Honors Society Committee Accountant Committee Athlete-Scholar of the Year Committee Ben Palacio Committee Development Committee Coaches Development Sub-Committee Senior Development Sub-Committee Technical Research Sub-committee E. Lee Committee Electronic Communications Committee Emeritus Director Awards Committee Endowment Trust Committee Finance Committee Fukuda Scholarship Committee George C. Balch Scholarship Committee Hall of Fame Committee Historian Committee Insurance Committee Jeramy Glick Award Committee Junior Development Committee Life Membership Committee Magazine Editor Committee Marketing Committee Merchandising Committee Medical Committee National Kata Technical Advisor National Tournament Committee Parliamentarian Committee Planned Giving Director Committee Promotion Committee Public Relations Committee Redistricting Committee Registration Committee Screening Committee Senior Development Committee Standards Committee Tamo Kitaura Grant Committee Talent Inventory/Leadership Teachers Institute Committee Technical Research Sub-committee Women's Committee You need to upgrade your Flash Player

8. What Is Judo?
judo, which means The Gentle Way , is a Japanese martial art based upon the ancient techniques of jujutsu. Dr. Jigoro Kano, President of the University of
Judo History
Judo, which means "The Gentle Way", is a Japanese martial art based upon the ancient techniques of jujutsu. Dr. Jigoro Kano, President of the University of Education in Tokyo, developed judo in 1882. Dr. Kano, who had studied jujutsu in his youth, incorporated the best of these ancient techniques into the new art of Judo. Dr. Kano subsequently founded the Kodokan in Tokyo, Japan as an place to teach his new art. Judo Techniques
Judo is known for its spectacular throwing techniques but also includes numerous techniques for controlling an opponent while on the ground. Judo is often compared to freestyle wrestling and while the two share many techniques, Judo retains many dangerous self-defense maneuvers. A good judoka, one who practices Judo, will first use timing and leverage to bring his opponent off balance and execute a throw. Once the judoka has thrown his opponent to the ground, he will use painful hold-down techniques, chokes, strangleholds, and armlocks to control and subdue the opponent. If the opponent does not surrender, he will either have his elbow joint dislocated by means of an armlock or will be rendered unconscious with a chokehold. A judoka first learns "ukemi", the art of falling properly to avoid injury. All Judo practitioners wear a judogi and a belt. Judo is practiced on mats for safety. Judo Philosophy
The main principles of Judo are " Maximum Efficiency " and " Mutual Welfare and Benefit ." The goal of maximum efficiency teaches the judoka to use the least amount of physical strength necessary to throw an opponent. This is accomplished by proper use of technique and timing. The goal of mutual welfare and benefit was an extension of Dr. Kano's belief that Judo could help the individual become a better member of society. Dr. Kano felt that the personal discipline that Judo taught would extend beyond the dojo into daily life and could allow the judoka to become a more productive member of society.

9. JUDO - Java IDE For Children And Beginning Programmers
judo is a Java IDE for Beginning Computer Programmers. If you would like to learn to write computer programs, this is a great place to start.
is the Generous host of JUDO Home Download Submit Screenshots ... Contact
JUDO - Java IDE for Children and Beginning Programmers
JUDO is a Java IDE for Beginning Computer Programmers. An IDE is an Integrated Development Environment, or a program that makes it easy for you to write computer programs. JUDO is also an educational tool used to teach programming concepts and to spark excitement and interest in programming. JUDO is easy to use. JUDO is Fun! Download JUDO Now! Why should I learn to write programs? The best reason is that computer programming can be fun, rewarding, and lets you do impressive things with your computer that you have never done before. By writing programs in JUDO, you will be able to draw colorful shapes on the screen and move them around. You will be able to have your computer prompt someone to enter their name or ask the persons age and then respond to their answers. You will be able to have the computer do math calculations for you. There are hundreds of interesting things you could do, and its only limited by your imagination. JUDO is released under the GNU General Public License Here is JUDO's license.

10. Judo
In judo, the aim is not only winning fights but also the training of one s body and spirit. The literal translation of judo is the gentle way softness
Travel Living Japan A-Z Forum ... Sign in for a personalized experience. Don't have an account yet? Sign up now Search this site Experience Japan Tours
Experience half-day Aikido Discipleship Related Pages Martial Arts
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Survey If you could visit only one region on your first trip to Japan, which would it be?
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Chugoku (Hiroshima) Shikoku Kyushu Okinawa see results Other Surveys: Have you recently entered Japan? newsletter Keeping you up to date on Japan travel and living related issues and site updates. Click here to subscribe! forum Any questions? Ask them on the question forum Sponsored Listings Tour Packages Guided and individual tour plans. Car Rental The cheapest rates in Japan! Japan - Order FREE Brochure! About vacation plans and specialty travel. Home Martial Arts Judo basic information The modern form of Judo was developed in the end of the 19th century from the ancient martial art jujutsu by Prof. Jigoro Kano. In Judo, the aim is not only winning fights but also the training of one's body and spirit. The literal translation of Judo is "the gentle way": softness exceeds hardness in Judo, and techniques are more important than stamina.

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12. Judo Book Reviews Index Page
judo Book Reviews and Articles both new and rare books reviewed. Cover photos, Table of Contents, and introduction included. See what books your reference
My Amazon List
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Judo Blog

May 15, 2006
Online: # to Spanish to French to German to Italian to Portuguese Dictionary
The Ultimate

Martial Arts CD
Secrets of Martial Arts Masters Video plus bonus 30 Complete Martial Arts Books plus 4 hrs video Hidden Gems of Martial Arts! Martial Arts and Self Defense Info. You Just Can't Get Anywhere Else. Beyond the Martial Arts Martial Arts eBook for Every martial artist on the street. Ben Holmes Click Here To See How I Get 25-50 Free Visitors To My Website Every Single Day Welcome! The main purpose of this site is to provide you with detailed book reviews of Judo books. Over the years, I've collected many books on Judo, and with the increasing popularity of the Internet, it has become easier than ever to find out-of-print Judo books. I hope to show you how to locate books on the Internet, and to show you which ones are worth purchasing. My opinions are only mine, of course, and others may have a greater or lesser opinion of any particular book. On this site, you'll also find various Judo

13. American Judo And Jujitsu Federation
The American judo and Jujitsu Federation is a worldwide organization of martial arts schools dedicated to the preservation and promulgation of the Danzan

14. European Judo Union - News
click here to watch . Sponsors. Designed by Danap ®


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15. Usa Judo 1k - Cached - Similar pages San Jose State University judoThe SJSU judo Team did well at the US Open judo Championships held in Duluth, Georgia this past weekend. The team took home two medals a silver medal from

16. Judo Videos
Play Item 0106 Strength Of judo Players 15Jan-07 Rated 4.39 3056 Views 0 Comments watch youshida and hpower to beat the best player of kickbox By
var omnitureEnv = 'metacafeprod'; Metacafe Site Video Search And Family Filter Settings On Off Video Search All Categories Comedy Cool Commercials Entertainment How To Sports Video Games 18+ Only More Options Metacafe generally shows videos for basic English speakers, with adjustments for select countries. If you'd like more videos based on your cultural preferences, just set them below. Show videos that are relevant for: Show videos in the following languages: I prefer to view the items' descriptions in the following language:
judo Videos On Off
151 Videos Found
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17. Web Page Under Construction
Texas judo, Inc. Mission Statement To promote the Olympic Sport of judo in Texas through programs that develop amateur athletes, train coaches and

18. Martial Arts Info - Judo
Martial Arts explained judo. Summarizes the characteristics and origin of judo. Where applicable, additional info such as founder, weapons,
A resource for all styles of martial arts

19. Conference Presentation Judo
Conference Presentation judo. Length 30 minutes Conference Presentation judo Conference Presentations Conference Presentations
Conference Presentation Judo
Length: 30 minutes
I gave this talk at YAPC in St. Louis in 2002. It's about how to give a successful three-hour conference tutorial. If you look around for advice on public speaking, you'll find that most of it says the same things: face the audience, speak clearly, don't put too much text on a slide. My talk is about tricks you won't hear elsewhere. The talk is accompanied by detailed notes . You should not read the notes before the slides. You should read the notes concurrently with the slides, or afterwards. Special offer: If you're going to be giving a technical presentation on programming or some other computer-related topic with which I'm familiar, I'll be glad to look at your slides beforehand and make suggestions. Send me email.
Complete Slides
  • Conference Presentation Judo
  • Conference Presentations
  • Conference Presentations
  • The Biggest Mistake You Can Make ...
    Detailed Notes
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  • 20. Kodokan Judo Institute
    The official WEB site of The Kodokan judo Institute, Tokyo, Japan.

    general information practice at the Kodokan judo games / Kodokan judo
    production cooperator: Human Interface inc.

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