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         Court Tennis:     more books (100)
  1. Love and hate on the tennis court: How hidden emotions affect your game by Stanley H Cath, 1977
  2. The Tennis Court Oath: A Book of Poems (Wesleyan Poetry Program) by John Ashbery, 1977-12-15
  3. Making a tennis court by George Ethelbert Walsh, 2010-08-14
  4. Tennis Training: Enhancing On-court Performance by Mark Kovacs PhD, W. Britt Chandler MS, et all 2007-09-01
  5. Technical Tennis: Racquets, Strings, Balls, Courts, Spin, and Bounce by Rod Cross, Crawford Lindsey, 2005-09-28
  6. How to Build Your Own Tennis Court by Alan Anderson, 1977
  7. International Book of Tennis Drills; Over 100 Skill-Specific Drills
  8. Table Tennis: Steps to Success (Steps to Success Activity Series) by Larry Hodges, US Table Tennis Association, 1993-03-30
  9. Complete Conditioning for Tennis (Complete Conditioning for Sports Series) by Paul Roetert, Todd Ellenbecker, et all 2007-08
  10. Hard Courts: Real Life on the Professional Tennis Tours by John Feinstein, 1992-05-19
  11. Coaching Tennis Successfully - 2nd Edition (Coaching Successfully Series) by United States Tennis Association, 2004-01-22
  12. Turf;: A book about golf greens, tennis courts, bowling greens and playing pitches, no less than lawns; their making and keeping according to modern practice by Idris Giles Lewis, 1948
  13. Centre Court: The Jewel in Wimbledon's Crown (All England Lawn Tennis) by All England Lawn-Tennis Club, 2010-06-23
  14. How to Build Your Own Tennis Court by S.Blackwell Duncan, 1979-06

1. The US Court Tennis Preservation Foundation
Helping Preserve, Develop, and Administer The Game of court tennis in The United States. The Goal to Coordinate the Efforts of the Past with the Promise
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Effective immediately, please go to the new site for Court Tennis in the United States, a new site designed to serve you better. Welcome to the official website of The United States Court Tennis Preservation Foundation, for the advancement of the game in the United States
LAST UPDATED: 10 FEBRUary 2007 SORRY FOR SITE BEING DOWN; PROBLEMS BEING WORKED ON This website welcomes all relevant submissions. Please email reports and photos to You are invited to provide your feedback on the look/functionality, as well as offer suggestions for additional enhancements, and other comments about the game, on our Message Board, or e mail comments to PASSWORD-PROTECTED MESSAGE BOARD - Create a user id and password to post messages. Please note that anyone can view messages. Navigate this page CLICK HERE TO JUMP BELOW TO ... INFORMATION FOR FIRST TIME VISITORS (HISTORY OF THE GAME/THE COURT/RULES/THE HANDICAP SYSTEM) AT A GLANCE INFORMATION AND RECENT RESULTS AROUND THE U.S. ... ARCHIVED MATERIAL - OLD DRAWS, NEWS REPORTS GOOD STUFF TRIVIA CORNER (Don't see it here? Look under "Recent Results" below.)

2. Court Tennis: Prince's Court, The International Tennis Club Of Washington DC.
court tennis, Prince s Court, The International Tennis Club of Washington DC.
Welcome to Prince's Court, the first court tennis court built from scratch inthe United States since World War I. It is one of only ten courts in the UnitedStates and about 40 to 45 throughout the world. This elite game is known to less than 10,000 people in the entire world, yet it is one of the oldest and most prestigious of all sporting activities. If you are new to the game, please visit our links to learn about historyand rules of this ancient game. In brief, it is the predecessor of tennis as most Americans know it and has been played in more or less its present form for over 1000 years. For membership information, please call head pro Ivan Ronaldson at 703-556-8801. Call 703-556-8801 to arrange a private Free Introductory Lesson. Prince's Court Turns Ten: For an organization merely 10 years old, it was a very adult evening. There were no damages to the court, and no unsupervised penthouse runs. Isn't that the definition of success for a typical 10 year-old's birthday party?
Click here to see photos

Upcoming USCTA Events:
  • January 11-13, 2008
  • 3. - Sports Rules - Court Tennis
    This document explains the rules of court tennis and has links to official rules and other explanatory information. It is a page in the Rules section of
    Sports Rules
    Index to Rules
    Court Tennis Rules
    Table of Contents
    Official Sources
    Complete rules from the Manchester Tennis and Racquet Club in HTML A brief rules summary from the Cambridge University Real Tennis Club in HTML Top of page
    Court and Equipment
    The court is 110 feet long by 38 feet wide above the penthouses, with a concrete floor, walls of brick or stone, and a ceiling 30 feet above the floor. Because the size and shape of the penthouses vary somewhat from court to another, the actual playing area isn't definitely fixed, but it's about 96 by 32. The court is divided into halves, the service side and the hazard side, by a net, which is 5 feet high at each end and 3 feet high in the middle. The racket is about 27 inches long and weighs about 16 ounces. Its head is rather pear-shaped, about 9 by 6 inches, and is curved upward, to enable a player to put a good deal of "cut" on the ball. It is strung with heavy gut. Top of page
    Progress of Play
    Scoring in court tennis is similar to scoring in lawn tennis. The chief difference is that, to win a set in a three-set match, a player needs to win eight games. However, in a five-set match, a player needs to win only six games to win a set, as in lawn tennis. Court tennis usually uses the "vantage" system, as in lawn tennis; that is, a player must have a two-game advantage over his adversary to win a set.

    4. Court Tennis
    The International Tennis Hall of Fame also includes a “Real” or Court Tennis facility. Real Tennis is the game from which all racquet sports evolved.

    5. The History Of Tennis
    In Great Britain it is called Tennis or, to distinguish it from Lawn Tennis, Real Tennis or Royal Tennis. In the USA it is called court tennis in France
    " To see Good Tennis! What divine joy
    Can fill our leisure, or our minds employ?
    Let other people play at other things;
    The King of Games is still the Game of Kings "

    from Parker's Piece by J.K.Stephen
    game of tennis is the same everywhere. The name given to the game differs in different countries. In Great Britain it is called Tennis or, to distinguish it from Lawn Tennis, Real Tennis or Royal Tennis. In the USA it is called Court Tennis: in France Jeu de Paume (hand ball): and in Australia Royal Tennis. The various names throw light on the development of the game. Tennis wasy played in 5th century Tuscany when villagers used to strike balls up and down the streets with bare hands.
    In Great Britain, as in France, royal patronage ensured the continued popularity of the game. French Kings in the 16th century and Stuart Kings in the 17th century were enthusiastic players. George IV (1763-1830), Prince Albert (1819-1861) - there is a locker in the changing room at Hampton Court Palace which still bears his name - Edward VII (1842-1910) and George V (1866-1936) have all supported the game.
    Lawn Tennis, which derived from Real Tennis in about 1874, is played on a marked-out surface without side or end walls. Court Tennis, to use the American name for Tennis, indicates that Tennis is played in a specially court with walls on four sides.

    6. Cross Court Tennis Club - Welcome To Our Website
    Cross court tennis Club is the premier Tennis Club in the MidHudson Valley in New York.
    204 New Hackensack Road
    Wappingers Falls, N.Y. 12590
    Providing quality tennis for 30 years” WELCOME TO OUR WEB SITE!! HAPPY NEW YEAR! PLAY MORE TENNIS IN 2008! FOR LEAGUE OPENINGS AND SPRING CLINIC SIGN-UPS CALL 845-297-4086! Click here to read our 2007 Cross Court Club Newsletter!! CROSS COURT TENNIS CLUB is the premier tennis facility of the Mid-Hudson Valley in New York. Established in 1976, the Tennis Club includes 6 indoor Deco-Turf hard courts, 8 outdoor Hard courts and a 25' x 50' outdoor pool. CROSS COURT TENNIS CLUB is a year round tennis club. We feel it is our responsibility to enhance your tennis experiences. We offer our members Leagues Season Courts Inexpensive Court Time League Substitute Lists ... Tournaments , and many other fun activities. It is our responsibility to have you meet other players of your level of play CROSS COURT TENNIS CLUB is located near the Dutchess County Airport on New Hackensack Road in Wappingers Falls, New York. We are only 1.5 miles from Route 9 in Wappingers Falls and only 5.5 miles from Route 84! Our members live nearby in Poughkeepsie, Hopewell Junction, Fishkill, Lagrangeville and Hyde Park. TENNIS — THE SPORT FOR A LIFETIME Questions? Comments? Click here

    7. Smash Court Tennis 3 Downloadable Demo - PSP Fanboy
    Ready for a game of tennis? Take on this new demo of Smash court tennis. This is one of the best demos for our system so far. It s quite fully fledged,

    8. Zina Garrison All Courts Tennis
    A nonprofit tennis organization providing a free, yearround program for children of all ages and skill levels. Information on program, staff,
    ZGA Applications and Program Schedules ZGA Happenings The Zina Garrison All Court Tennis Academy is located at Lee LeClear Tennis Center 9506 S. Gessner and Homer Ford Tennis Center 5225 Calhoun in MacGregor Park. View Fall 2007 Schedule 2007-2008 Application
    Writers in the Schools (our summer creative writing program) Click
    here to find out more information about WITS New ZGA program at Nehemia Center Welcome Texas Tutor Professionals. Offering SAT/ACT/TAKS computerprograms at MacGregor Park HAVE A BALL, SERVICE WITH LOVE GALA NJTL, CASE, ,Harris County Department of Education provides programs at Cullen M.S. and Amigos por Vida. ZGA Annual Golf Tournament at Redstone Golf Course
    Health and Fitness at ZGA - NewFocus on Nutrition Program Paint Day in the Park was a huge success! See Photos! 12335 Kingsride No. 106, Houston, TX 77024, 713.857.3167
    The Zina Garrison All Court Tennis Academy is a 501 (c)(3) organization

    9. - Smash Court Tennis 3: Reviews, Trailers, And Interviews
    Smash court tennis 3, Smash court tennis 3 Video Game Reviews, Trailers, and Interviews For Smash court tennis 3.

    10. Smash Court Tennis 3 On PSP: The Official Site
    The Official Site for Smash court tennis 3 on PSP.
    You need to have the latest version of Adobe Flash and Javascript enabled to view this website. Please download Adobe Flash from here:
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    11. National Tennis Club - Home
    National Tennis Club in Newport, RI features court tennis. court tennis is a mixture of tennis, squash, and chess played across a sloping net,
    Menu Content Contact Us Court Tennis is a mixture of tennis, squash, and chess - played across a sloping net, around walls and into
    areas of floor marked by 'chase' lines. The game of tennis...
    January 12th 2008!
    CLUB NIGHT Thursday January 24th!! ROOKIE ROUND ROBIN Dave Enstone and Beth Winthrop heard that there was wine at stake so they stepped it up in the final! Read more... JANUARY SHORT CHASES Read more... NIGHT LEAGUE RESULTS See how your team did in week 7
    NEWPORT WINS THE PATRIOTS CUP!! See the article in the Newport Daily News
    WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE SMILING Tim McGeary and Beth Winthrop take the Opener! Read more...

    12. Basketball Court Tennis Court
    Versacourt Offers Basketball Court, Backyard Basketball Court, Residential Basketball Court, and also Home Basketball Court.
    BASKETBALL TENNIS MULTI-SPORT COMMERCIAL ... CONTACT US/LOCAL DEALER CONTACT Our VersaCourt Our attention to detail in design and manufacturing make our tile superior to all other basketball court tile. Click to find out more! Perfect for garage flooring, patio resurfacing and much more Home About Us Basketball Court Photo Gallery ... Home Basketball Court

    13. Be Fun To Have On Court: Tennis Etiquette And Efficiency
    Some commonly neglected points of tennis etiquette that will help you have more fun and get better exercise.
    zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') You are here: About Sports Tennis Beginners Be Fun to Have On Court: Tennis Etiquette and Efficiency Tennis Sports Tennis Essentials ... Help Be Fun to Have On Court One of the biggest advantages tennis has over many other sports is that you only need to round up one other person (or three for doubles) in order to have a game. Even so, some players have a hard time getting a game, either because they can't find opponents of similar skill or because they're just not much fun to have on the court, lacking understanding of some points of tennis etiquette. I'll address the latter problem here by looking at some often-overlooked rules of on-court behavior. Tennis has its official rules , then it has The Code of Tennis , the unofficial rules of good tennis sportsmanship. Any serious player should take the time to read both. I've seen all too many players argue adamantly about a rule on which they were completely wrong. Players who don't understand the rules, or worse, The Code, are more likely to experience a gradually shrinking pool of opponents. The points of tennis etiquette I'll bring up here sometimes overlap and sometimes refine parts of The Code. This will be far from comprehensive. Instead, I will concentrate on a few issues that I see come up most frequently.

    14. IGN Smash Court Tennis 3
    IGN is the ultimate Smash court tennis 3 resource for trailers, screenshots, cheats, walkthroughs, release dates, previews, reviews, soundtracks and news.
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    15. United States Court Tennis: United States Court Tennis
    court tennis The game that embodies athleticism, skill, sportsmanship, wits and history. We invite you to use this website to learn about this
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    Court Tennis in the United States

    16. Short Court Tennis
    Short court tennis is designed to prepare athletes for matchplay competition and provide a transition to full court play while slowly introducing the Olympics Public Website/English/Coach/Coa
    document.write(' '); English Coach Coaching Guides Tennis ... Print this page
    Short Court Tennis
    Short Court tennis is designed to prepare athletes for matchplay competition and provide a transition to full court play while slowly introducing the logistics of the game. Short Court tennis is a transition game for athletes who have been successful with Individual Skills Competition and are ready to begin competitive matchplay, but are not quite ready for a full court game. Short Court tennis is an excellent game to work on footwork, racquet preparation, court movement and the rules of tennis. By downsizing the tennis court boundaries, athletes can be more successful as they work on developing their game in a more compact, non-threatening environment. Adding only one variable at a time allows the athlete to make adjustments more easily. Unified Sports Doubles Short Court tennis is the first transition step from Individual Skills Competition. Small court coverage reduces the movement component, while the Unified tennis partner provides a stroke model for the athlete. The partner also provides encouragement and praise for the athletes on an individual basis. Unified Doubles Short Court tennis may be followed by traditional Short Court doubles (all players are Special Olympics athletes) and by Short Court singles play. This progression provides the athlete a sequential learning opportunity in the components of tennis matchplay necessary to proceed to full court play.

    17. Center Court Tennis Club - Racquet Sports And Indoor Tennis - Fond Du Lac, Wisco
    Center court tennis Club offering Racquet Sports and Indoor Tennis located in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.
    Home Contact Us Lessons Leagues ... Contact Us
    Welcome to Center Courts Tennis Club
    Fall and Winter Hours (effective 9/10/2007 – 5/25/2008)
    Sunday 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
    8:00 am - 8:00 pm
    8:00 am - 8:00 pm
    8:00 am - 8:00 pm
    Pro Shop Services:
    • Stringing $16 (labor + cost of string selected) Re-grip $8.50 (includes grip and labor) (tax not included) Racquet demos available for club usage
    Upcoming Event Forms
    - Kaye Spaude
    Center Court Tennis Club Site design by Resident TECH , LLC

    18. Center Court Tennis Club
    Center court tennis Club is a premiere tennis club in Chatham, New Jersey.
    @import "/meta/template50.css"; @import "/meta/printtemplate50.css"; Home General Info Adult Programs Junior-HS Programs ... High Performance
    One Mile from the Short Hills Mall
    located in Chatham NJ 222 North Passaic Ave
    Chatham, New Jersey 07928
    Centercourt Newsletter
    Get up to date news and
    information about our club.
    Sign up Today

    Latest Announcements
    12/03/2007 - Club Renovations 12/03/2007 - Gimelstob Charity Event and Club Closings 12/03/2007 - New Centercourt Pro Shop 12/03/2007 - Racquet Stringing and grip replacement is now available at Centercourt ...
    All Announcements >>

    Upcoming Events all events >> Latest Photos Quickstart Tournaments - Nov 2007 11/19/2007 3:32:02 PM Featuring John McEnroe, Justin Gimelstob... L3 Centercourt UPS Championships BG10, BG12 1/25/2008 thru 1/27/2008 USTA Modified Quick Start Sunday, January 27, 2008 5 PM thru 7 PM L2R New Jersey Regional Championships BG10, BG12 2/1/2008 thru 2/3/2008 +L1 Eastern Designated Closed Championships B16 2/15/2008 thru 2/17/2008 1 AM New Racquet Programs and Updates 2008 Spring Junior Development and Tournament 2008 Spring Adult Instructional Programs Fall Cardio Tennis at Centercourt Junior Quick Start Tennis Tournament ... What is Quick Start Tennis @ Centercourt?

    19. Smash Court Tennis 3 : PSP At - Reviews, Previews And Cheats For Sma
    Smash court tennis 3 for PSP features the best in gaming news and reviews, all the latest cheats, codes, strategies and pro tips,
    title keyword RSS Feeds Daily Update ProNews Screens Reviews Previews Cheats Features Xbox Xbox 360 GameCube Wii PC PSP DS Editor Blogs FAQs document.write('');

    20. Smash Court Tennis 3 - PopMatters Multimedia Review
    Smash court tennis 3 review by $author Smash court tennis 3 lies in the murky middle ground between Wii Sports tennis and Virtua Tennis,
    @import ""; @import ""; Features Columns Blogs News ...
    Smash Court Tennis 3
    Platforms : PlayStation Portable
    Publisher : Namco Bandai
    Developer : Namco
    ESRB Rating : Everyone
    10 July 2007, 1-2 players, $29.99
    by Azmol Meah
    • Share Wii Sports was a revelation, on the same level as Super Mario 64 and its ilk. A five game compendium, some argue that Wii Sports single-handedly changed the face of the industry in less than a year. TV spots and in-store demonstrations all showed off the silly fun of wiimote waggling with friends. Though five games are included in Wii Sports , the tennis game was clearly the jewel in the crown. The Wii Sports Virtua Tennis back on the Dreamcast. So while the former has controls that would get even your grandma interested in gaming and the latter can boast being the best arcade iteration of the sport, where does that leave something like Smash Court Tennis 3 The answer is neither black nor white; instead

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