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         Coursing:     more books (102)
  1. Gazehounds & Coursing - The History, Art and Sport of Hunting With Sighthounds by M.H. Salmon, 1999-11-01
  2. The Greyhound: Breeding, Coursing, Racing, etc. (a Vintage Dog Books Breed Classic) by James Matheson, 2005-10-01
  3. Lure Coursing: Field Trialing for Sighthounds and How to Take Part by Arthur S. Beaman, 1993-12
  4. The dog in your life: A complete guide to choosing, raising, feeding, training, and caring for your dog : plus sections on show dogs, hunting dogs, coursing ... and a discussion of common canine illnesses by Matthew Margolis, 1979
  5. The Greyhound And Coursing by Adair Dighton, 2008-10-27
  6. The Saluqi: Coursing Hound of the East
  7. The Modern Fisher: Or, Driffield Angler; Containing Descriptions of the Different Kinds of Fresh Water Fish, and the Best Methods of Taking Them in Rivers, ... for Shooting and Coursing, with Rules for by Alexander Mackintosh, 2010-01-01
  8. British field sports: embracing practical instructions in shooting, hunting, coursing, racing, cocking, fishing, &c. With observations on the breaking ... pieces, and all other sporting implemen by John Lawrence, 2010-05-13
  9. The Coursing Calendar for the Autumn Season 1879 by Stonebenge, 2010-03-05
  10. The Sporting Repository: Containing Horse-Racing, Hunting, Coursing, Shooting, Archery, Trotting and Tandem, Matches, Cocking, Pedestrianism, and a Pugilism, ... Tales, and a Great Variety of Miscellan by Anonymous, 2010-03-05
  11. Manual of British Rural Sports: Comprising Shooting, Hunting, Coursing, Fishing, Hawking, Racing, Boating, Pedestrianism, and the Various Rural Games and Amusements of Great Britain by John Henry Walsh, 2010-06-04
  12. A Year of Sport and Natural History; Shooting, Hunting, Coursing, Falconry and Fishing With Chapters on Birds of Prey, the Nidification of by Oswald Crawfurd, 2010-04-01
  13. Wolf-Coursing by Theodore Roosevelt, 2010-05-22
  14. A year of sport and natural history: shooting, hunting, coursing, falconry and fishing with chapters on birds of prey, the nidification of birds and the habits of British wild birds and animals by Oswald Crawfurd, 2010-08-20

1. Coursing - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
coursing is the pursuit of game or other animals by dogs —chiefly Greyhounds and other sighthounds— catching the prey by speed, running by sight and not by
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search Coursing is the pursuit of game or other animals by dogs —chiefly Greyhounds and other sighthounds — catching the prey by speed, running by sight and not by scent. Coursing was a common hunting technique, practiced both by the nobility, the landed and wealthy, as well as commoners with sighthounds and Lurchers . In its oldest recorded form in the Western world, as described by Arrian the sport was practiced by all levels of society, as remained the case until Carolingian hunting law (Forest Law) appropriated hunting grounds, or commons, for the king, the nobility and other land owners. Animals coursed include hares rabbits foxes deer of all sorts, antelope gazelle jackals wolves ... Jackrabbits and coyotes are the most common animals coursed in America . Competitive coursing in Ireland, the UK and Spain has two dogs running together. In America, generally speaking three dogs are run together. The Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act and the Hunting Act 2004 (in England and Wales) made it illegal to course hares under any circumstances or to course rabbits without the landowner's permission. In some countries such as Ireland, Poland, Spain, Russia and in parts of the USA coursing hare is legal.

2. National Coursing Club
Brief guide, history, dogs, hares, 10 lies, news, fixtures list, results and links.
Established 1858 Please use the links at the bottom of the page or the image-map above to navigate this site.
Return to this page by clicking on the logo at the top of each page
Coursing is one of the world's oldest field sports. Since the days of the Pharaohs "gazehounds", dogs which hunt exclusively by sight, have been tested in competition. Arrian, a Roman writing in AD116 laid down: "The true sportsman does not take out his dog to destroy the hares, but for the sake of the course and the contest between the dogs and the hares, and is glad if the hare escapes." His words are just as relevant today. The Dogs Past Present The Hares ... Results 16 Clocktower Mews, Newmarket, Suffolk, CB8 8LL
tel: 01638 667381 fax: 01638 669224

3. Injoy Lure Coursing - Welcome
Lure machines, pulleys, and accessories. Includes information on the sport and a photograph gallery.
Products What's New Classified Ads About Tom Guarantee Links Dogs Having Fun Home
Please Read Before Ordering - Update 12-16-07
Sailplane Winch Information
Lure coursing equipment is that which is used to create an artificial or mechanical lure (often referred to as "the bunny") which can travel at speeds in excess of 50 mph. The artificial lure is pursued by any animal or bird that possesses a strong prey instinct.
The modern day version of this type of equipment was conceived (in the US around 1971) and developed by various sighthound enthusiasts for the purpose of testing their dogs instinct and physical abilities in a competitive event. This equipment is now used by sighthound people in various competitive lure coursing field trials and racing events. The equipment is also used by other dog owners for various reasons such as physical conditioning and for just the sheer enjoyment of watching a dog have fun. Lure coursing is "funnnnn" for the dogs...they do it because they want to run fast and chase an artificial lure...they cannot be forced to chase a lure.
The equipment is now used by several zoos to exercise and condition Cheetahs and African Wild Dogs. Falconers utilize lure coursing equipment to both train and condition their short wing hawks (those raptors that hunt game on the ground) and to perform educational demonstrations of a hawks hunting techniques and flight abilities without sacrificing live game.

4. Course, Coursing, Courses, Coursed- WordWeb Dictionary Definition
if you persist in that course you will surely fail ; once a nation is embarked on a course of action it becomes extremely difficult for any retraction to
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Noun: course kors
  • Education imparted in a series of lessons or meetings
    "he took a course in basket weaving "
    course of study
    course of instruction class
  • A connected series of events or actions or developments
    "the government took a firm course"

  • General line of orientation "the river takes a southern course" trend
  • A mode of action "if you persist in that course you will surely fail "; " once a nation is embarked on a course of action it becomes extremely difficult for any retraction to take place " course of action
  • A line or route along which something travels or moves "the course of the river " path track
  • A body of students who are taught together class form ... grade
  • Part of a meal served at one time "she prepared a three course meal "
  • 5. American Kennel Club - Lure Coursing
    Lure coursing is an event for all Sighthounds. The AKC offers this program that the dogs and owners love so well, to test the dogs basic coursing instinct
    @import url(; @import url(; @import url(; @import url(; @import url(; Breeds Events Breeders Dog Owners ... Kids/Juniors

    6. Lure Coursing
    Lure coursing is a humane sport which attempts to imitate the coursing of the rabbit or hare by sighthounds but without the hare. The sighthounds chase an
    Lure Coursing
    Bonnie Dalzell Bonnie Dalzell is an all breed ASFA and AKC Lure Coursing Judge and a long time activist in Lure Coursing.
    Table of Contents
    About the Lure Coursing FAQ
    The first version of this FAQ, a 74 line (page and a half) document, originally prepared by Marcia Cavan with additional info from Carol Mount was posted as part of the AKC FAQ. Since its scope was broadened from AKC only details, it was moved out of the AKC FAQ into an independent FAQ. However, the document quickly ballooned to 2000+ lines, making it difficult to read as a single document. This version returns to its "roots" as a FAQ for those who know little about the Lurecoursing. The Lurecoursing Homepage, with extensive and detailed information on this sport, is available at Bonnie Dalzells site under
    What Is Lure Coursing?
    Lure Coursing is a humane sport which attempts to imitate the coursing of the rabbit or hare by sighthounds but without the hare. The sighthounds chase an artificial lure, usually a white kitchen garbage bag, sometimes tanned rabbit skins, or fake fur strips. To set up the "lure" coursing course a line composed of braided fishing line (usually 100 pound test 'trolling' line) is passed around a series of pulleys staked to the ground within a large field (at least 5 acres).

    7. Coursing - Definition From The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
    Definition of coursing from the MerriamWebster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games.
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    coursing course[2,verb]
    Main Entry:
     the pursuit of running game with dogs that follow by sight instead of by scent  the act of one that courses Learn more about "coursing" and related topics at See a map of "coursing" in the Visual Thesaurus Pronunciation Symbols

    8. Alaska Winds Coursing Club - Home
    Lure coursing Club Information, includes a FAQ s page for the beginner lure courser.
    Lure Coursing in Alaska
    The Christmas Party will be held at the Bella Vista in Chugiak at 6:00 p.m.
    coffee, etc., if they so choose.
    five (depending on how many folks attend)
    Bring a gift for the exchange; $10 is the suggested value.
    Party ho!
    Sue Ann
    We hope to see everyone there!!
    The point of this Challenge is personal contact between dog owners and legislators. Sure, they hear from us when we fax or email about a piece of legislation but we all know they rarely read those messages, they simply tally pros and cons. A card will be a personal, positive contact.
    Click Here Read The Challenge!
    We are probably done running this year due to the weather, but we will resume in the spring!
    Click Here To Come Chat With Us!
    If you would like to have an Alaska Winds Coursing Club email address (i.e. please send an email to me at
  • Contact Us
    Site Map

  • If you have any questions about this site please contact Webmistress KarmaKat

    9. Utah Sighthound Racing And Coursing Club
    Beginner s guide to coursing and a list of members.
    Events Contacts Links What is Lure Coursing? ... Home LABOR DAY TRIAL 2007 MORGAN, UTAH SEPTEMBER 1, 2, 3, 2007 DO YOU LIVE IN THE INTERMOUNTAIN WEST?

    10. Colorado Lure Coursing Association
    Lots of useful infomation about lure coursing events in the Denver/Colorado Springs area.
    CLCA Online Your guide to lure coursing events in the
    Denver/Colorado Springs area. Last updated 1/23/08.
    About Lure Coursing
    Lure Coursing is a performance event developed in the early 70's by Lyle Gillette and other California sighthound fanciers who hunted jackrabbits in the open field, which risked the harm caused by barbed wire fencing. They invented lure coursing as a safer, more controlled sport for sighthounds that would recreate the physical requirements of open field coursing, allowing them to continue testing the functional abilities of their sighthounds. The hounds chase plastic bags on a course laid out to simulate escaping game. The hounds will run the course twice, a preliminary run and a final run. Scores from both runs are added for a combined total score. Hounds are awarded placements and points based on where they finished and the number of hounds they competed against. The hounds are running not only for fun and to keep their natural abilities alive, but also for titles. Titles Equipment Trials

    11. Coursing Web - Home
    Discussion lists about the sport, especially in the UK and Ireland.
    Welcome Guest. Please Login or Register Jan 24, 2008, 9:24am
    Coursing Web
    :: Home News Forum Name Topics Posts Last Post General The Slips General Coursing-Related Chat Moderator: Orion Regional Ireland Discuss coursing and coursing events In Ireland Moderator: Orion United Kingdom Coursing in the United Kingdom Moderator: Orion USA Open Field Coursing Scene Moderator: Orion Rest Of The World Coursing around the globe Moderator: Orion Whippet Coursing Whippet Coursing Whippet Coursing discussion Moderator: Info Fixtures A guide to the fixtures in the coming weeks and months Moderator: Orion Results Coursing results across the country Moderator: Orion Miscellaneous Photo Album Upload your coursing pictures here Moderator: Orion Moderator: Orion For Sale Moderator: Orion Links Links to other related sites Moderator: Orion Off Topic The Lounge All non coursing banter here Moderator: Orion The Track Discussion about conventional greyhound racing Moderator: Orion Info Center Forum Statistics Total Topics: 78 - Total Posts: 225 Last Updated Topic: N/A View the 10 most recent posts of this forum.

    12. ALCA Home Page
    Alberta Lure coursing Association is a club for sighthound activities in and around Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
    Alberta Lure Coursing Association is a club for lure coursing folk and their sight hounds. Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, the club has been holding sanctioned lure coursing trials since 1980. At the present time we will be holding one weekend trial per year, usually in the fall. For more information on our trials, please e-mail us, ALCA The ten sight hounds that are officially recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club for lure coursing are:
    Afghan Hounds, Basenjis, Borzoi Hounds, Deerhounds (Scottish), Greyhounds, Ibizan Hounds, Irish Wolfhounds, Pharaoh Hounds, Salukis and Whippets.
    If you are interested in joining and enjoying the fun of sighthound dogs, give us a call: ALCA
    Information. Lure Coursing is an exciting athletic sport for your dog. However, as with anything in life, to perform at peak ability, the athlete must be in good condition. Poor conditioning can lead to accidents and we want to avoid that at all costs. Lure coursing is an exciting and strenous sport for your hound. There is risk of injury. You, the owner, has to decide what risks your hound may or may not take. The risk and responsibility for your hound is yours. The owners should educate themselves: after all, you are the trainer of a performance hound. You should know how to train your hound for a specific sport, safely and effectively. It takes time, effort, consistency and willingness on the owners’ part to get the hound into shape. Any hound will love every minute of the training because of the exercise and companionship he is getting from you.

    13. Meridies Hound Coursing Guild
    What that means is that it s my job to oversee and promote the medieval sport of coursing within our Kingdom and the SCA at large.
    Welcome to the Homepage of the Meridian Coursing Guild! I am THL Peryn Rose Whytehorse, the new Kingdom Houndmistress. What that means is that it's my job to oversee and promote the medieval sport of coursing within our Kingdom and the SCA at large. SCA coursing is non-competitive, and unless there is a restriction from the site where the event is held, all breeds are welcome to try coursing. For those unfamiliar with the SCA, it is a volunteer organization. Members who participate in coursing all try to lend a hand with setting up and taking down courses, with fund raising, and with promoting the program in any way possible according to their time, skills, and ability. We do not charge fees for coursing events or practices because the vast majority of SCA folks who course already give generously of their time and money to support the program. New initiatives: I am working on: 1) putting members in contact with a trainer for hound certification as canine good citizens, and 2) finding ways to include hounds more at events, particularly indoors. Iarlles Aeruin is working on putting together a junior and novice fewterer program to get youth involved in coursing.

    14. Lure Coursing Fanatics Homepage
    We are Lure coursing Fanatics! The FIRST All Breed Lure coursing Club in the US. That s all we do and we do it well! We have a completely fenced field (no

    Who Are We?

    What Is Lure Coursing?

    How to Sign Up

    Running Schedule
    Contact Us

    Who are We?
    We are Lure Coursing Fanatics! The FIRST All Breed Lure Coursing Club in the US. That's all we do - and we do it well! We have a completely fenced field (no worries of dogs running off or loose dogs interfering on the course), experience running dogs of almost every breed (including the super fast sighthounds) and guidance from those that have been in the coursing business for MANY years (special thanks to Pat and Jim, our mentors!). And we have helped other clubs get started! We want to bring the joy of coursing to ANY dog that wants to run!
    Happy New Year - Let's Start Coursing!!
    Updated Schedule for January '08!

    News flash - Lure Coursing Fanatics is in the October 2007 issue of Bark Magazine!! Julia Kamysz Lane first encountered Lure Coursing at Camp Dogwood then brought her dogs up to our place for some runs. Julia is the Activities editor for Bark Magazine and wrote this issue's piece on the fun of chasing that bunny!
    NEW - what's more fun than Lure Coursing Lure Coursing for LESS!!

    15. Coursing --  Britannica Online Encyclopedia
    Britannica online encyclopedia article on coursing the pursuit of game by hounds hunting by sight and not by scent. In modern, organized coursing
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    Page 1 of 1 the pursuit of game by hounds hunting by sight and not by scent. In modern, organized coursing competitions, two greyhounds at a time pursue one hare. The dogs coursing... (75 of 286 words) To read the full article, activate your FREE Trial Close Enable free complete viewings of Britannica premium articles when linked from your website or blog-post. Now readers of your website, blog-post, or any other web content can enjoy full access to this article on coursing , or any Britannica premium article for free, even those readers without a premium membership. Just copy the HTML code fragment provided below to create the link and then paste it within your web content. For more details about this feature, visit our Webmaster and Blogger Tools page Copy and paste this code into your page var dc_UnitID = 14; var dc_PublisherID = 15588; var dc_AdLinkColor = '009900'; var dc_adprod='ADL'; var dc_open_new_win = 'yes'; var dc_isBoldActive= 'no';

    16. This Is Coursing
    Information about the history of coursing plus the hares, hounds and course. 2.htm
    This is Coursing The Hares C oursing is one of the world's oldest field sports. Since the days of the Pharoahs "gazehounds", dogs which hunt exclusively by sight, have been tested in competition. Arrian, a Roman writing in AD 116, laid down: "The true sportsman does not take out his dogs to destroy the hares, but for the sake of the course and the contest between the dogs and the hares, and is glad if the hare escapes." His words are just as relevant today. A 11 coursing under National Coursing Club Rules takes place in open country. The wild brown hares are at liberty on their own territory and the fields are not enclosed in any way which would prevent the hares I escape. Beaters, in the same way as for game shooting, drive the hares' one by one on to the running ground. A lternatively, as in rough shooting, the hares are put up by the company walking across the fields to be coursed over. T he hares are not released from boxes, nor are they caught up afterwards. G ame Conservancy research has shown that on estates where coursing takes place, hare numbers are increasing against the national trend. Habitat is carefully preserved, the farming regime is sympathetically modified, and there is no shooting of hares, the most significant factor in the encouragement of hare numbers.

    17. Southeastern Greyhound Club And Southeastern Greyhound Adoption - Atlanta, Georg
    SEGC. Featured Greyhound Donate Greymates 2008 Calendar 30 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Greyhound Annual Field Trip


    Join Us
    the Breed
    The page you requested is not available on this site. To be redirected to SEGC's/SEGA's homepage, click on the grey "Home" button above and to the left. Contact Us Calendar of Events Site Map

    18. Rec.pets.dogs: Canine Activities: Lure Coursing FAQ
    Table of Contents * Table of Contents * About the Lure coursing FAQ * What Is Lure coursing? * Organizations in North America * Attending a Lure coursing
    Usenet FAQs Search Web FAQs Documents ... RFC Index
    rec.pets.dogs: Canine Activities: Lure Coursing FAQ Rate this FAQ N/A Worst Weak OK Good Great Related questions and answers
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    Send corrections/additions to the FAQ Maintainer:
    Last Update May 13 2007 @ 00:22 AM

    19. National Coursing Association
    NSW Australia s premier greyhound racing club. Racing at Wentworth Park and Singleton.

    20. Rules Of Renaissance Coursing
    Is a retired greyhound right for you, Renaissance coursing Rules.
    Rules of Renaissance Coursing
    The following rules are transcribed from Country Contentment's, published in 1638 by Gervase Markham. Subheads have been added to each rule for easier reference and have modernized and standardized the spelling of words. Otherwise, the text under "rule" is verbatim from the eighth edition of Markham's book. The "interpretation" is a translation of what the rule means.
    The Laws of the Leash or coursing, as they were commanded, allowed, and subscribed by Thomas late Duke of Norfolk, in the reign of Queen Elizabeth.
    1. The Fewterer Rule:
    First therefore it was ordered, that he which was chosen Fewterer, or letter-loose of the Greyhounds, should receive the Greyhounds match to run together into his Leash, as soon as he came into the field, and to follow next to the Hare-finder till he came unto the former and no horsemen nor Footman, on pain of disgrace, to go before them, or on either side, but directly behind, the space of forty yards or thereabouts.
    The Fewterer is given a pair of greyhounds to take by the leash and follows at a distance the person who finds and roots out the hare. Anyone on horseback or foot who doesn't stay about 40 yards behind the dogs will be publicly disgraced.

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