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         Climbing:     more books (100)
  1. Rock Climbing: Mastering Basic Skills (Mountaineers Outdoor Expert) by Craig Luebben, 2004-05-12
  2. Climbing Self Rescue: Improvising Solutions for Serious Situations (Mountaineers Outdoor Expert) by Andy Tyson, Molly Loomis, 2006-05-01
  3. Rock Climbing Anchors: A Comprehensive Guide (The Mountaineers Outdoor Experts Series) by Craig Luebben, 2006-02-28
  4. Training for Climbing, 2nd: The Definitive Guide to Improving Your Performance (How To Climb Series) by Eric J. Horst, 2008-09-16
  5. Climbing Mount Improbable by Richard Dawkins, 1997-09-17
  6. Climbing Jacob's Ladder: One Man's Journey to Rediscover a Jewish Spiritual Tradition by Alan Morinis, 2007-05-08
  7. Climbing Anchors, 2nd (How To Climb Series) by John Long, Bob Gaines, 2006-09-01
  8. No Shortcuts to the Top: Climbing the World's 14 Highest Peaks by Ed Viesturs, David Roberts, 2007-11-27
  9. Climbing: Training for Peak Performance (Mountaineers Outdoor Experts Series) by Clyde Soles, 2008-09-30
  10. Climbing the Stairs by Padma Venkatraman, 2010-02-04
  11. Mount Rainier: A Climbing Guide (A Climbing Guide) 2nd Edition by Mike Gauthier, 2005-04-30
  12. Performance Rock Climbing by Dale Goddard, Udo Neumann, 1994-02
  13. Alpine Climbing: Techniques to Take You Higher (Mountaineers Outdoor Expert) by Mark Houston, Kathy Cosley, 2004-11
  14. Maximum Climbing: Mental Training for Peak Performance and Optimal Experience (How To Climb Series) by Eric J. Horst, 2010-04-23

1. Climbing Magazine - Since 1970
climbing Magazine’s mission is to inspire people to rock climb, to seek new challenges, and to learn about the great diversity of our sport.
var clickURL=""; /*********************************************** * Chrome CSS Drop Down Menu- © Dynamic Drive DHTML code library ( * This notice MUST stay intact for legal use * Visit Dynamic Drive at for full source code ********/ FORUMS ACCESS ... EMAIL NEWSLETTER cssdropdown.startchrome("chromemenu"); IN THIS ISSUE: Los Humildes pa Casa (5.14b) feels the crush groove of Dave Graham, Oliana, Spain; 2007 Sport Golden Piton winner Ethan Pringle works an open project at Clark Mountain, California; Daniel Woods gets it done on the scary upper crux of Midnight Express (V14), Boulder Canyon, Colorado; Lisa Rands makes the mondo lockoff on Golden Shower (V10), a Buttermllks, California.
2000 Pixel - High Rez Images

Photos by Tim Kemple, Michael Clark, Jay Beyer, Corey Rich, Frederic Moix, John Burcham, John Dickey, Shawn Reeder, Joe Irons, Jim Thornburg, Keith Ladzinski, Hermann Erber, Jozef Kopold, Andrew Burr, Cody Blair, Jim Thornburg, Des Rubens, Bobby Model, Reinhard Fichtinger ...
February 2008 - 264
2007 GOLDEN PITON AWARDS - The best of Alpine, Traditional, Sport, Bouldering, Solo, Rookie of the Year, and Humanitarian of the Year; THE SPAIN DIARIES - Three young Yankees cut loose in Iberia's new-school sport heaven; ASSUME NOTHING - Chile's Valle Cochamo - the Yosemite of South America; GET LOST! - Fremont Canyon, a granite craggers' paradise; TROUT CREEK - Slammer hands, sickly tips, mini-roofs, and velvet corners in Oregon

2. Hot Flashes News
climbing news from around the world by Dougald MacDonald and the climbing staff. Hot Flashes climbing News reports the world s most upto-date vertical news
var clickURL=""; /*********************************************** * Chrome CSS Drop Down Menu- © Dynamic Drive DHTML code library ( * This notice MUST stay intact for legal use * Visit Dynamic Drive at for full source code ********/ FORUMS ACCESS ... EMAIL NEWSLETTER cssdropdown.startchrome("chromemenu"); By Dougald MacDonald and the Climbing Magazine Team Hot Flashes reports the world's most up-to-date climbing news. From alpine big walls to local bouldering comps Hot Flashes gives you the the most accurate report first. HOT FLASHES Climbing News RSS Feed
By using Really Simple Syndication (RSS), can serve a feed to your news reader, blog, website, or personalized home page, automatically providing direct links to the very latest video, photos and news.
New Route on Fitz Roy's North Pillar

Lisa Rands Boulders Mandala (V12)

1/21/08 - Lisa Rands has climbed The Mandala (V12) in the Buttermilks near her home in Bishop, California. Rands first started trying the overhanging granite prow last season.

Forums, Articles, Photos. User maintained route database for areas around the world. Contribute Now.
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Lapin ou cannard
Getting Started
If you're new to rock climbing or just want to find out what it's about, start here:
Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Bouldering

Part 3 - Toproping

Guide to gym climbing
... Difficulty grades
Best of
Top: Photos Videos Gear
Event Coverage - Outdoor Retailer Winter 2008
The bi-annual Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City, Utah (USA) is a leading industry trade event for outdoor gear and equipment manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Climbing is a strong theme at the event, which takes place from January 23 - 26. is there, as usual, to find out what's new and exciting, and bring the scoop directly to you! Follow the daily coverage from our agent in the field, vegastradguy, right here:

4. Climbing - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
climbing is the activity of using one s hands or feet to ascend a steep object. It is done both for recreation (to reach an inaccessible place,
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search For other uses, see Climbing (disambiguation) Rock climbers on Valkyrie at The Roaches in Staffordshire, England. A competitor in a rope climbing event, at Lyon 's Part-Dieu shopping centre. Climbing is the activity of using one's hands or feet to ascend a steep object. It is done both for recreation (to reach an inaccessible place, or for its own enjoyment) and professionally, as part of activities such as maintenance of a structure, or military operations. Climbing activities include:
  • Mountain climbing (Mountaineering): Ascending mountains for sport or recreation. It often involves rock and/or ice climbing. Rock climbing : Ascending rock formations, often using climbing shoes and a chalk bag . Equipment such as ropes, bolts, nuts, hexes and camming devices are normally employed, either as a safeguard or for artificial aid. Ice climbing : Ascending ice or hard snow formations using special equipment designed for the purpose, usually ice axes and crampons . Protective equipment is similar to rock climbing, although protective devices are different (ice screws, snow wedges).

5. Climbing - Mountain And Rock Climbing Including Gear| GORP
GORP Your one-stop climbing page features guides, trip reports, photos, and gear advice…
var tcdacmd="dt"; Search: from
Related Guides

6. Grog's Climbing Knots Index
Essential knots with animated examples for climbing.
Climbing Index
Climbing Uses

Figure 8

Fig 8 Bend (Join)
... Purchase
Grog's Climbing Knots Index
These animated knots are for climbers, rescue workers, arborists, tower-climbers, and others who use rope in man-carrying applications. The knots can be selected from the index on the left, by their pictures above, or from a page which describes their various uses . This selection is based on a thorough review of resources on the internet combined with consultation with, and feedback from, experienced climbers.
Climbing, caving, etc., are challenging and potentially dangerous. Do not regard this website as a substitute for thorough instruction and expert supervision.
Climbing Ropes:
A climbing rope is typically about 60 meters, or 200 feet, long. However, longer ropes are available, up to and in excess of 85 meters. Climbing ropes have changed greatly with the introduction of newer materials. Today's ropes are stronger, lighter, and thinner and come with different characteristics:
  • Static ropes are more durable, more resistant to abrasion, and lack elasticity. They should only be employed where shock loading never occurs: rapelling (abseiling), spelunking, or canyoning. They can be used to belay a climber. However, a

7. | Climbing
All things climbing or climb related! climbing stories, photos, articles, and more!
Check Out - Climbing
Featured Videos Rock Climbing Ratings All Climbing Videos All Climbing Videos Gathering Information Before You Climb ... All Climbing Videos Featured Mountain Peak
South Peak
Denali County, Alaska
South Peak is a mountain summit in Denali County in the state of Alaska (AK). South Peak climbs to 20,161 feet... View South Peak Details Related Items Gear Reviews SCARPA Mago Rock Shoe
Ibex Woolies Crew

View all reviews
Featured Articles Do a Lie Back While Rock Climbing Toss a Climbing Rope for a Rappel How to Become a Mountain Climbing Guide
All Climbing Articles
Podcast Interview: Red Rock Rendezvous

LarryB hits up the photo clinic that includes Chris Sharma, John Evans and Devaki Murch. Great pointers from great climbers
Staying Alive

With 17 ascents of Denali and 242 ascents of Mount Rainier, Dave Hahn is one of the most successful climbing guides of his generation. We find out how he keeps himself and his clients alive.
More interviews

Eric Horst: Getting a Boost from Pilates
Cross-training is a good way to stay sharp. But what about being able to strrrretch to grab the next hold? A simple Pilates workout can get you going especially when it's demonstrated by certified Pilhotties.

8. Mountain, Rock And Ice Climbing
Do you want to get started rock climbing, mountain climbing or ice climbing? If you’re interested in mountain climbing gear or want to climb a mountain,
zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') You are here: About Sports Climbing Climbing ... Help From Apply Now
Your Guide to Climbing
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The Black Diamond Viper Ice Tool Review
The Viper is my choice of ice climbing tools due to its balanced weight, curved shaft and smaller grip. The Viper excels at steep water ice and technical mixed rock and ice routes. The tool is fully modular, meaning it can be use with any Black diamond leash, converted to an hammer or an adze, and can be modified to be used leashless. Check out the full review on About. permalink comments (0)
Avalanche Education
Every year, many skiers and climbers sustain serious injuries or die in backcountry avalanches. Avalanches happen in every mountain range, in the backcountry and within the boundries of ski areas. The best way to avoid becoming a statistic is to educate yourself with an Avalanche Level 1 class. Check out this informative article on Avalanche Awareness before you head out on your next trip. permalink comments (0)
Ice Climbing
Climbing frozen waterfalls is just one of the many sports that comprises Mountain Climbing.

9. Climbing Merit Badge
BADGE climbing. Information about this merit badge has been moved to the following page. http//
Boy Scout Merit Badge Requirements
Information about this merit badge has been moved to the following page:

10. Indoor Rock Climbing (
Worldwide indoor rock climbing walls and gyms list, rock climbing wall construction, rock climbing training plans, rock climbing competitions,
Cyberclimber Climbing Wall Listing Build a Climbing Wall Climbing Training ... Send to a friend
Cyberclimber Game
Climbing Training Build a Climbing Wall Climbing Knots Climbing Resources Competitions Discount Gear Web
Indoor Rock Climbing
  • Check out the Cyberclimber , indoor rock climbing simulation. Plan your climber`s route to the top by clicking on holds and maneuvering the climber`s body position. Improve and progress through increasing levels of climbing difficulty. An excellent score will qualify you to be a cyberclimber routesetter, allowing you to design your own cyberclimber routes for your friends and the world to try! Browse the most comprehensive, up-to-date listing of artificial indoor

11. Tradgirl - Climbing FAQ
Frequently asked questions about rock climbing, including sections on beginner questions, buying rock climbing gear, caring for your rock climbing gear,
Tradgirl Climbing FAQ
Climbing Areas
Climbing FAQ For Beginners Buying Gear Gear Reviews Gear Maintenance ...
About Tradgirl
Table of Contents DYNO
For Beginners Buying Gear Gear Maintenance Locations/Partners ... Miscellaneous
Trusting your life to something you read on the internet is just plain stupid. Get corroboration from a more reliable source, use your common sense, don't get yourself killed, and don't come crying to us if you do. For non-climbers or beginners
I just read Into Thin Air . What should I read next? ...
What is slacklining and how do I do it?
Most of the information in this FAQ was originally posted on rec.climbing. If you would prefer to have something attributed to you removed from this FAQ, please contact us. Home Contact Webmaster Donate
This document last modified 2004-February-14

12. Climbing Videos
climbing Videos (Family Filter OnOff). 367 Videos Found See for yourself how to turn your local wall climbing gym in to your own hardcore.
var omnitureEnv = 'metacafeprod'; Metacafe Site Video Search And Family Filter Settings On Off Video Search All Categories Comedy Cool Commercials Entertainment How To Sports Video Games 18+ Only More Options Metacafe generally shows videos for basic English speakers, with adjustments for select countries. If you'd like more videos based on your cultural preferences, just set them below. Show videos that are relevant for: Show videos in the following languages: I prefer to view the items' descriptions in the following language:
climbing Videos On Off
383 Videos Found
Subscribe to climbing Videos Category All Categories Comedy Cool Commercials Entertainment How To Sports Video Games 18+ Only

13. Rock Climbing Info, News, Pictures, Forum, Shop, Travel And Community @ ABC-of-R
Worlds largest Rock climbing portal including information articles, newsdesk, gear shop, travel services, pictures, forum and community.

14. Mount Rainier National Park - Climbing (U.S. National Park Service)
Use this website to gather information on weather, route conditions, avalanche information, climbing Permits Fees, Regulations, guide services,
var gMenuControlID=0; var menus_included = 0; var jsPageAuthorMode = 0; var jsSessionPreviewON = 1; var jsDlgLoader = '/mora/planyourvisit/loader.cfm'; var jsSiteID = 1; var jsSubSiteID = 650; var kurrentPageID = 149839; document.CS_StaticURL = ""; document.CS_DynamicURL = ""; Search this park Search var isStandard = 0; var hasChildren = 1; Skip Navigation PARK HOME PLAN YOUR VISIT Directions ... Contact Us text size: printer friendly Mount Rainier National Park
Climbing climbing includes: Things to Know Before You Climb
Mountaineering Guide Services

Climbing Pass FAQs

Climbing Reservation FAQs
Search and Rescue Reports

Mount Rainier, the most heavily glaciated peak in the contiguous United States, offers an exciting challenge to the mountaineer. Each year thousands of people successfully climb this 14,410 foot active volcano. Use this website to gather information on weather route conditions avalanche information Regulations ... guide services , and other things you need to know before you climb . If you would like more information, contact Mount Rainier climbing rangers at (360) 569-6009. Reaching the summit requires a vertical elevation gain of more than 9,000 feet over a distance of eight or more miles. Climbers must be in good physical condition and well prepared. Proper physical conditioning can offset the effects of fatigue that lead to mistakes and injuries.

15. Find Climbing Beta -
Crag listing by state with beta, directions, photos, and links. Gym listing by state.
USA Local Beta USA Local Beta Wyoming Find Climbing Beta Main Menu USA Local Beta Alabama Alaska Arizona ... Add Local Beta Climbing Beta Welcome to Help us to build the most complete climbing resource on the Net by adding beta/information by clicking the mountain below. More rock climbing information

16. Climbing Mount Fuji
climbing Mount Fuji (3776 meters), Japan s highest and most prominent mountain, can make for lifelong memories. The mountain itself may look more attractive
Travel Living Japan A-Z Forum ... Sign in for a personalized experience. Don't have an account yet? Sign up now Search this site Hotel Reservations Mount Fuji Beppu Fukuoka Hakodate Hakone Hiroshima Hokkaido Izu Peninsula Kanazawa Kansai Airport Kobe Kochi Kurashiki Kyoto Mount Fuji Nagano Nagasaki Nagoya Nara Narita Airport Nikko Okinawa Osaka Sapporo Shima Peninsula Takayama Tokyo Yokohama 1 night 2 nights 3 nights 4 nights 5 nights 6 nights 7 nights
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec (check-in) Hostel World
Online Hostel Bookings

Hostels and inexpensive ryokan from $10 per night! Experience Japan Tours
Kimono Workshop - Take home your yukata! Related Pages Travel

Mount Fuji

Fuji Five Lakes
Survey If you could visit only one region on your first trip to Japan, which would it be?

Hokkaido Tohoku Kanto (Tokyo) Chubu Kansai (Kyoto, Osaka) Chugoku (Hiroshima) Shikoku Kyushu Okinawa see results Other Surveys:
Have you recently entered Japan? newsletter Keeping you up to date on Japan travel and living related issues and site updates. Click here to subscribe!

17. Climbing Expeditions, Pictures And Stories
climbing adventures and pictures from Alaska, Antarctica, Ecuador, Peru, New Zealand, Tasmania, Yosemite, the Alps and central Italy.
  • Antarctica Climbing Photography ... Counters
    Climbing Section:
    Text and pictures
    Last updated on 2007/12/21 "A climber's day always starts at the crux: getting out of bed." On this page:
    Y ou only want to see my best climbing pictures ? I have grouped the best horizontal ones for use as a background for your cluttered, overworked desktop. Along with some Antarctic pictures, they are on 8 special pages for free. The picture on the right is selected at random out of those. They are available in 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 and also in
    Before you look any further, you have to read the . You know the boring thing that says that climbing is dangerous and just reading this website will get you both maimed and killed before lawyers rip apart what's left and such... Start from the beginning then choose a route from the list , pick up some gear and follow us...
    Trip reports
    I spent 8 months in Alaska , working at the Geophysical Institute of Fairbanks and doing some hiking, biking and climbing. Summer '95.

18. The American Safe Climbing Association
News. List of rebolted routes. Articles on bolting. (group replaces unsafe bolts)
Make a tax-deductible donation with your Visa, Mastercard, or PayPal account: Renob Climbing donates bolts Tom K. Michael, DDS, PS donation Petzl donates 100 hangers BlueWater donates more ropes The ASCA returns classic climbing routes to their original danger level by replacing deteriorating old fixed anchors, usually bolts, with modern camouflaged gear. We do not add bolts to make climbs "safer." Climbing is inherently extremely dangerous. For more information click here The ASCA has replaced over 4000 old bolts to date in Yosemite and many other areas throughout the U.S., mostly in the western states. For detailed information on the routes click here The ASCA has a wide selection of information on bolts, other fixed anchors, and climbing safety. For more information click here Help to preserve the cliffs and parks where climbers love to explore the vertical environment. To find out more about how to help, click here American Alpine Club
Black Diamond
BlueWater Ropes
Climb for Yosemite
Fixe Hardware

19. Posts From The Climbing Category At Gadling
climbing Ecuador s Mt. Cotopaxi the world s tallest active volcano. by Aaron Hotfelder Dec 28th 2007 @ 100PM. Justin, Carlos, Aaron
Peek inside the world of Sundance
Posts with category: climbing
Yay! It's snowing on Mt. Kilimanjaro
by Jerry Guo Jan 22nd 2008 @ 3:30PM The simple fact there was snow during the high season (which is this month and next) for climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro was enough to warrant a front-page feature in this week's travel section of the New York Times. Seeing the white-capped summitthe highest in Africais just part of a growing trend of "see it while it's still there" tourism, which Aaron wrote about a few weeks ago.
Anyways, it turns out there was "several weeks of heavy rain and snow" right before the writer showed up. By the way, this was during last January, so perhaps our readers can update us on whether there's any snow left this January. One of the Tanzanian guides on the trip had this to say about global warming at Mt. Kilimanjaro, "When I first started climbing, we had big snow, big glaciers. The glaciers were bigger and taller than now. And also, the weather changed. We had heavier rain than we have now."
But here's the trouble about climbing the summit to appreciate the mythic glaciers and snow-caps. On the writer's trip, there were 11 American climbers, 3 Tanzanian guides, and 38 porters and cooks. That's a rather big carbon footprint, dont'cha think?

20. Westcomb, Montbell, Outdoor Research, Black Diamond, K2, Skiin
Find a great selection of Montbell, Westcomb, Black Diamond, K2, Scarpa, Garmont skiing, climbing, and backpacking gear at
Advanced Search
Aid/Big Wall
Bolting Gear Books ... Women's Clothing
Select Ace Acme Climbing Asolo Atomic Backcountry Access Beal Bibler Big Agnes Black Diamond BlueWater Ropes Camp Cassin Chrome Transport Cold Cold World Crux Designs Cypher Deuter DMM Dynafit Edelrid Edelweiss Evolv Sports Exped Faders Falcon Books Five Ten Fixe Climbing Frank Endo Franklin Climbing Garmont Golite Granite Gear Gravity Skateboards Grivel Integrity 7 Productions Ipath Julbo K2 Sports Kavu Kayland Klimb Landyachtz Lapis Lasportiva Liberty Mountain Sports Life-Link Lowa Boots Lowe Alpine Mad Rock Mammut Masters Metolius Montbell Montrail Moonstone Mountaineers Books Movement MSR Naxo Omega Pacific Ortovox Outdoor Research Petzl Pieps Pocket Pistols Prana Randal Rawl Manufacturing Revenge Trucks Revolution Climbing Rock Empire Rossignol Rottefella Salomon Scarpa Sickle Climbing Sierra Designs Singing Rock Slackjaw Films Smith Optics Stonewear Designs Stubai Survival On Snow Trango Various Vaude Vertigo Ind Westcomb Wild Country Wild Things Wren industries Yates
Rock Shoe Buying Guide
Rock Shoe Sizing Tips Rope Buying Guide Shipping Information ... Log In
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BCA Stash Pack List Price $89.00

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