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         Cardio Kickboxing:     more detail
  1. Cardio Kickboxing Elite: For Sport, For Fitness, For Self-Defense by Frank Thiboutot, 2001-01-25
  2. Curso Completo de Cardio-Kickboxing (Spanish Edition) by Seabourne Tom, 2000-11
  3. Cardio kickboxing: an effective way to spice up your winter workout.(BODY TALK): An article from: Ebony by Lynette Holloway, 2007-12-01
  4. Dead Or Alive: The Choice Is Yours: The Definitive Self-Protection Handbook by Geoff Thompson, 1997-01-01
  5. All Enemies Foreign and Domestic by Kit Cessna, 2009-11-01

1. Cardio Kickboxing |
What is cardio kickboxing? • What are the benefits? • How can I find a good class? • What should I expect in my first class? • What should I wear?
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What is cardio kickboxing?

What are the benefits?

How can I find a good class?

What should I expect in my first class?
How can I get the most out of kickboxing?

What is cardio kickboxing? All the rage at fitness centers around the country, this workout borrows moves from the Thai sport of kickboxing to make participants work up a sweat. A typical hour-long class will take place in the center's aerobics studio. With everyone facing the mirror, a teacher leads the group through specific punches and kicks, usually to the beat of dance-club music. The moves are worked into swiftly executed combinations (for example: jab, cross punch, hook, uppercut, front kick). Some teachers mix in a few minutes of jumping rope (often as a warm-up) and conditioning drills reminiscent of high-school gym class (jumping jacks, sideways scooting steps). What are the benefits?

2. Cardio Kickboxing - Class Workout Routine Video Dvd Aerobic
cardio kickboxing is a fun, fitness, and self defense all in one. cardio kickboxing is an awesome high energy workout which will help you lose weight, is headquarters for cardio kickboxing info and news!
Cardio kickboxing
Cardio kickboxing
Are you bored with your aerobics class? and are looking for a high-intensity workout that will increase your strength and flexibility while burning fat? Then cardio-kickboxing may be for you. Cardio Kickboxing is high energy, explosive, exciting and motivating. It's the non-contact kickboxing workout that blends elements of boxing, martial arts and traditional aerobics into a 30-to 60-minute exercise routine. Why Cardio kickboxing?
  • Get the results you alwasy wanted Become lean and strong from head to toe Easy enough for everyone
What Benifits Can I Expect to See?
Cardio Kickboxing will give you the results you've always wanted, while also learning to defend yourself in any situation. From shoulders to calves, you will become lean and strong. It's a complete body workout that will make you lean and tone while building a positive self-image, increasing your self-confidence and reducing your stress level.
Cardio Kickboxing is for Everyone!

3. Cardio Kickboxing Home Page
Features cardio kickboxing fitness workout video, book, and training program. Based in Cumberland Foreside, Maine.
Cardio Kickboxing
Home of The Original Sport Specific Workout with a Kick Since 1992
Cardio Kickboxing Home What is Cardio Kickboxing? Cardio Kickboxing Music Mixes on CDs Cardio Kickboxing Workouts on DVDs ...
Science Association
This program has been endorsed by the International Kickboxing Federation Cardio Kickboxing® is a registered trademark, Reg. No. 1,890,451, 1995.
Use of the name without permission is prohibited.

4. Cardio Kickboxing Safety Tips
Are you planning to kick and punch your way to fitness with one of the hot, new cardio kickboxing programs? Currently, millions of exercisers are trying
Cardio Kickboxing Safety Tips
Reproduced with permission of IDEA, The Health and Fitness Source, (800) 999-IDEA.
Are you planning to kick and punch your way to fitness with one of the hot, new cardio kickboxing programs? Currently, millions of exercisers are trying today's most popular trend in physical activity - fitness programs (such as TaeBo ) that provide the heart-healthy benefits of cardio exercise, while offering the gains in agility, strength, balance and coordination that can be achieved through martial arts training. Although the range of benefits is impressive, cardio kickboxing also poses considerable risk of injury, particularly for new exercisers or participants who don't know how to protect themselves from the potential dangers. Even very fit exercisers can be challenged by their first class. Cardio kickboxing is a complicated form of exercise because the range and planes of motion differ from what most people are used to, says Los Angeles, California, instructor Keli Roberts, who recently choreographed Kathy Smith's kickboxing video. Roberts notes that traditional martial arts training builds progressively; students learn each new move gradually, giving their bodies time to develop the ability to perform all moves safely and correctly. Moves are not done repetitively to fast music, as they generally are in cardio kickboxing classes. In your first cardio kickboxing class, you could find yourself performing advanced moves, such as fan and hook kicks, even though you wouldn't do these in a martial arts class until you had progressed through several belt colors, says Roberts. Kicks like these produce explosive forces on the lower back and other joints. The punches and jabs taught in these classes can cause problems for the elbows, neck and shoulders. Unless you progressively develop the necessary strength and stability to perform these moves with good form, you will be at risk for injury.

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John Harker is a cardio kickboxing teacher in Santa Cruz, California. He teaches at Westside Aerobics and Martial Arts. More information on cardio

6. Kickboxing
Unlike other types of kickboxing, cardio kickboxing does not involve physical cardio kickboxing classes are usually comprised of 10 to 15 minutes of
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Teens Exercise
Are you looking for a total body workout that totally kicks butt? How about a way to increase your stamina, flexibility, and strength while listening to your favorite dance mixes? If this sounds good to you, keep reading to find out what you need to know before you take the kickboxing challenge.
What Is Kickboxing?
Although the true roots of kickboxing date back to Asia 2,000 years ago, modern competitive kickboxing actually started in the 1970s, when American karate experts arranged competitions that allowed full-contact kicks and punches that had been banned in karate. Because of health and safety concerns, padding and protective clothing and safety rules were introduced into the sport over the years, which led to the various forms of competitive kickboxing practiced in the United States today. The forms differ in the techniques used and the amount of physical contact that is allowed between the competitors. Currently, one popular form of kickboxing is known as

7. Cardio Kickboxing
cardio kickboxing a combination of aerobics, boxing, and martial arts is one of the most popular fitness trends to hit gymnasiums in recent years.
Cardio Kickboxing Cardio kickboxing a combination of aerobics, boxing, and martial arts is one of the most popular fitness trends to hit gymnasiums in recent years. These workouts, which are inspired by martial arts, have motivated many people to start a fitness program. This intense, total-body workout can improve strength, aerobic fitness, flexibility, coordination, and balance. The American Council on Exercise (ACE), which evaluates exercise products and programs, notes that, during a one-hour kickboxing workout, you can burn from 500 to 800 calories, which is up to twice the calories you burn during a one-hour step-aerobics class. Kickboxing classes can be a great alternative for people who have become bored with weight-room cardiovascular activities, such as brisk walking or jogging on a treadmill. They also provide an option for people who enjoy the "semi-dance" movements found in aerobics or step classes.However, kickboxing-style fitness programs are not necessarily geared toward the beginner. The beginning cardio kickboxer must have above-average endurance, strength, and flexibility. ACE advises exercisers to keep the following things in mind when participating in this aerobic activity
  • Before beginning a class, ensure that the instructor is properly certified to lead a safe and effective class. This certification should come from an accredited fitness organization, such as ACE, American College of Sports Medicine, or Aerobic Fitness Association of America.
  • 8. Aerobic Cardio Kickboxing Of Dallas
    A workout that combines aerobics, cardiovascular and body toning while learning selfdefense tactics. Based in Dallas, Texas.
    A workout that combines aerobics, cardiovascular and body toning while learning self-defense tactics.
    Improve strength, muscle tone, endurance. Reduce body fat and stress levels. Far more interesting than a "step" or "aerobics" class. GET FIT WITHOUT GETTING HIT. Improved cardio-vascular fitness. Excellent self-defense
    training. Stress reduction and control. Improved strength and muscle tone. ENTER HERE

    9. Cardio Kickboxing - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    cardio kickboxing is a sport specific equipment based fitness program created by Frank Thiboutot at The Bay Club in Portland, Maine in 1992.
    Cardio Kickboxing
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Jump to: navigation search Cardio Kickboxing is a sport specific equipment based fitness program created by Frank Thiboutot at The Bay Club in Portland, Maine in . Having trained in boxing, Karate and Tae Kwon Do since the mid-sixties, Thiboutot switched to Full-Contact Karate, now known as kickboxing , in the late seventies. He trained, managed and promoted amateur and professional boxers and kickboxers throughout the eighties and nineties in affiliation with the major sanctioning bodies for the sport, i.e. the PKA WKA ISKA and IKF. In order to create interest in the sport and enlarge the fan base as a promoter throughout New England, he developed Cardio Kickboxing to mainstream kickboxing workouts to the general public. The original circuit training format was developed to promote the sport of kickboxing through kickboxing for fitness . The techniques used during the one-hour classes using conventional heavy bags and training pads are based on authentic kickboxing techniques which provide both resistance and cardio vascular benefits to its participants. The original program is NOT to be confused with the flood of copycat fitness kickboxing programs with instructors being certified by aerobic organizations many of whom have watered-down and diluted the authentic techniques and intent of the original Cardio Kickboxing program. Although Mr. Thiboutot is a fan of the sport of

    10. Cardio Kickboxing Exercises & Tips | Expert Village Videos
    cardio kickboxing Exercises Tips Learn tips and techniques for cardio kickboxing in this free video series about easy workout routines.
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    Expert: Chemin Alldredge is 24, and she has a 2nd degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. She is a certified instructor, and she owns her own Martial Arts Studio. She has been teaching for over 5 years, and specializes in Kick Boxing. Series Summary : A generic term for the martial art sport, “kickboxing” is practiced for fitness and as a full-contact sport. There are many different types of kick boxing, varying from country to country. Each kind involves different types of strikes, but all are based on the kicking style. Some styles involve strikes with the arms, knees and elbows. While most styles do not allow shoes to be worn by the kickboxer, the French style of kickboxing, Savate, does allow the use of shoes. The Japanese style of kickboxing (called shoot-boxing) allows throwing and submission of the opponents. Adithada, the Indian style, allows knee, elbow and forehead strikes. In this free video series, you can learn how to combine this sport with a great cardio workout. Our expert, Chemin Alldredge, teaches you how to do cardio kickboxing. Learn how to select the right gloves and bags for kickboxing. Chemin also shows you how to stretch and warm up. Learn how to do various kicks and punches as well. So, if you are thinking of starting an exercise routine that is both fun and effective, take some time and learn about cardio kickboxing today!

    11. AFPA Cardio Kickboxing Certification, Kickboxing Instructor Certification
    AFPA Kickboxing Certification, Become A Kickboxing Instructor, Kickbox Training, Kickbox Fitness, Cardio Kickbox.
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    12. Everson's Karate & Cardio Kickboxing
    Martial Arts and cardio kickboxing Classes in Robbinsville/Washington/Hamilton, New Jersey. The Premiere School For Martial Arts in New Jersey.
    "To develop Life Skills to Enhance Confidence, Fitness, Respect,
    Self-Discipline and Goal Setting"
    Through the discipline of earning your Black Belt, Everson's Karate teaches... Commitment Fitness Confidence Focus Self-discipline Tolerance Goal-setting Patience Respect Friendships Leadership Skills that will Last a Lifetime
    For information about our CHILDREN'S programs

    For information about our
    ADULT'S programs

    For information about our
    Cardio- Kickboxing program CLICK HERE To access the Student's Area please CLICK HERE Here's what a couple of our students' parents have to say about Eversons We've come to learn that karate offers so much more than that. It also develops their confidence and discipline We wanted to take the time to write and let you know how much our two children like their karate classes. Our son, Tommy, started out two years ago as a Tiny Tiger. He is currently in the Junior Program. In that time, we have seen him gain confidence in himself at karate class and at school. He takes great pride in his karate and is eager to continue to learn more. The Instructors at Everson's Karate Institute know how to keep him interested in karate by varying what is taught at each class. This makes it fun for him.

    13. Power Kick Cardio Kickboxing And Martial Arts Academy
    cardio kickboxing and martial arts academy. Includes an overview of classes and schedule.
    Cardio Kickboxing Kids Karate Martial Arts Yoga Founded by Paul Hoch in 1989, the Power Kick, at 1732 Clark Avenue in Long Beach, CA has a reputation for creating a friendly environment to help you achieve your fitness goals. The studio has two spacious, fully equipped air-conditioned workout rooms. Paul and the other Power Kick teachers lead kickboxing workouts and offer the highest quality instruction in several martial arts systems. Private and group classes are available.
    We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
    Call for more info or to sign up. The popular cardio kickboxing classes are one hour each and set to motivational workout music. The classes offer a blend of calisthenics, kicks and punches. No sparring is required. An extremely popular feature of Power Kick is the children and teens classes where instructors teach self-defense skills that build confidence and increase fitness. Special camps, events and belt tests are offered frequently. Several martial arts systems are taught in group or private lessons by our male and female instructors. Practical self-defense skills are stressed and sparring sessions are held at the end of classes.

    14. Cardio Kickboxing Set For $39.95
    Buy cardio kickboxing Set at Karate Depot. $2.95 shipping!
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    Remove this Message. Holiday Shipping Restrictions Order by 2PM Eastern on Dec 17th via Super Saver $2.95 shipping for delivery by Dec 24th.

    15. Cardio Kickboxing Programs At Great Neck Martial Arts Center
    cardio kickboxing. Customized training programs specifically designed to help you achieve Basic Cardio Kickboxing combined with resistance training,
    Back to Homepage History Lineage Classes ... More Information CARDIO KICKBOXING Customized training programs specifically designed to help you achieve your fitness goals: Program Session Length Description Benefits Fitness Kickboxing 30 minute sessions Basic Fundamentals of Kickboxing Basic Stretching specifically designed for burning calories quickly and safely. Motivating Personal Trainer Xtreme KickBox 60 minute sessions To Enroll Please Call (757) 313-6737 and one of our friendly staff members will be glad to assist you !
      Great Neck Martial Arts Center ~
      Virginia Beach, VA 23451

    16. Cardio Kickboxing Classes - NO LIM ITS MMA
    cardio kickboxing program from NO LIMITS gyms. cardio kickboxing is a great workout. cardio kickboxing classes taught by mixed martial arts trainers for
    Home Programs Trainers Class Schedules ... Testimonials Programs Cardio Kickboxing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Mixed Martial Arts Muay Thai ... Sambo/Sombo Gym Location - Location - Irvine Lead Source - Select a Source - TV Commercial Cable Business Card Referral Friend No Limits Bus Drive By Word of Mouth Flyer Door Hanger Google Yahoo MSN Ask Other First Name Last Name Phone Email Address Comments Inner Page - Left Bottom: Text Goes Here Home Programs
    Cardio Kickboxing Programs
    Our Cardio Kickboxing classes for men and women are a great workout!
    You are gong to sweat a lot and have the workout of your life. With Cardio Kickboxing, you’ll also burn more calories than in most other routines that don't deliver half the intensity. And the word "cardio" isn’t just ad copy come-on: the complete kickboxing routine is an all around cardiovascular workout, including rope jumping, calisthenics, jogging - even pushups and wall sits before, during and after kicking and punching the bag.
    At NO LIMITS gyms your
    experts Coach makes sure you learn the kickboxing techniques and moves and develop real boxing and kicking skills without running the risk of injury to yourself or to others. For one thing, your hands are professionally wrapped before you are allowed to put on the gloves. During kickboxing class you focus on hitting the bag, not another NO LIMITS member. This way you increase strength and accuracy, without your concentration diluted by dodging someone else’s kicks and punches.
    See the schedule of Cardio Kickboxing
    classes offered at the Orange County at

    17. Instructional Kick Boxing Videos
    Box and Burn Workout with Lynn Hahn cardio kickboxing Just for Women Video A perfect mix of kickboxing, bootcamp, and aerobic cardio drills that will
    Secure on-line shopping! A quality selection of Kick Box Videos
    Ordering Info Affiliates Contact Us ... About Us Kick Boxing Exercise Videos Join our email list and we'll notify you about new videos and specials as well as present interesting articles by experts from selected categories! Send Page To a Friend Ultimate Kickboxing: K-BOX II Video
    DVD Only - $19.99
    DVD-All-Region. Kickbox Yoga Fusion Video
    DVD Only - $14.98
    DVD-Region 1. B illy Blanks: Ultimate Tae Bo Video
    DVD Only - $14.98
    DVD-Region 1. B illy Blanks: Tae Bo AMPED Rockin' Video 2-Pk
    DVD Only - $29.98
    Three brand new full-length workouts on 2 DVDs: TAE BO Amped Rockin’ Abs will target your abs, trim your waistline, and strengthen your core with a unique routine spherically designed to work upper abs, lower abs, obliques and back. (42 mins.) TAE BO Amped Rockin’ Buns isolates muscles in the lower body to both strengthen and tone inner and outer thighs, hips, calves and buns. (44 mins.) TAE BO Amped Sculpt Express is a total body workout designed to give rapid results. Billy uses precise movements that concentrate on form and isolate muscle groups. (45 mins.) 131 mins. total. (2007) DVD-Region 1.

    18. Fordham University Intramurals & Fitness - Cardio Kickboxing
    She is going into her third and final year instructing CardioKickboxing. I loved taking the class, she says, an am excited to be teaching at Fordham.
    Quicklinks Academic Calendar Admissions Office Adults/Evenings/Weekends Alumni Blackboard Book Store Campus Ministry Confirmare Directories Email (Student) Financial Aid Information Technology Gifts to Fordham Graduate Schools OASIS Research Student Government Student Life Student Services Student Technology Services Undergraduate Schools University Home Page W F U V

    Enrollment Services

    Back to Recreation and Fitness

    Cardio Kickboxing
    Fordham University Athletics
    Recreation and Lifetime Sports
    Kristina Amerigo is a native of Long Island, New York. A senior in the College of Business Administration, she is studying marketing. While swimming competitively in high school, Kristina began taking kickboxing classes and continued as a freshman at Fordham. She is going into her third and final year instructing Cardio-Kickboxing. "I loved taking the class," she says, "an am excited to be teaching at Fordham."
    Kristina received her Group Exercise Instructor certification from the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, and holds a CPR certification from the American Red Cross. Email Kristina
    Class Times:
    Mondays and Wednesdays 7-8p Rose Hill Gym
    Rates: $3 per class, and $35 for a semester pass.

    19. Guru Fitness: Cardio & Contact Kickboxing
    IDEA surveys show cardio kickboxing Classes are still going strong at most fitness facilities. Most program directors polled felt the success (or failure)
    What is Cardio Kickboxing? An awesome workout that blends boxing, martial arts-based kicking and
    sports conditioning drills into one workout. Taught in a group fitness setting
    with motivating music, participants are taught proper form in easy-to-learn,
    fun combinations. NOT intended as a self-defense class, this class IS a
    sweat-soaked, jam-packed fun cardio workout. What is Contact Kickboxing? Contact kickboxing utilizes special equipment such as sparring mannequins,
    heavy bags, focus mitts, forearm shields and kicking pads as well as additional
    sports equipment for speed, agility and performance drills. Taught in
    small-group fitness or one-on-one in a personal training setting, Linda will
    coach you in proper technique for hitting targets as well as increasing your
    hand-eye coordination, reaction time, strength, speed and agility.
    Get ready to work!

    20. How To Sign Up For A Cardio Kickboxing Class |
    How to Sign up for a cardio kickboxing Class. cardio kickboxing is an exciting way to get a great workout, and to learn useful martial arts techniques
    How To Do Just About Everything
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      How to Sign up for a Cardio Kickboxing Class
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      Cardio kickboxing is an exciting way to get a great workout, and to learn useful martial arts techniques without having to engage in actual combat with others. With cardio kickboxing's growing popularity, it's easier than ever to sign up for a cardio kickboxing class that fits your needs perfectly.
      Difficulty: Easy
      Things You'll Need
      • Proper workout attire Enrollment fee
      Step One
      Find a cardio kickboxing facility near you by logging onto a fitness resource such as (see Resources below). This Web site specializes in finding the right training facility for its visitors' needs.

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