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61. Eco-touristic Park Tatasirire Waterfalls
At the Ecotourist Park you will be able to combine rest with extreme adventure canopying in centennial forests, above precipices, brooks,
“A LO PURO NATURAL” English Site Normas Caracterización Componentes ... Contáctenos
Bienvenidos al Parque Ecoturistico CASCADAS DE TATASIRIRE..... Jalapa, Jalapa, Guatemala, Centroamérica Inicio Mapa del Sitio Rutas y Croquis Diseños y Senderos ...
en Jalapa

Eco-touristic Park Tatasirire Waterfalls
The Eco-tourist Park, Tatasirire Waterfalls reunites components which facilitate the entertainment, the relaxation, the recreation, the tourism of low impact, the sustainable extreme adventure, the ecology (sanctuary and refuge of wild life: flora and fauna), the preservation of the scenic beauty and the natural conservation of the biodiversity, resources and the cultures of the region, in order to guarantee their existence for the present as for the future generations; as much to enjoy such as the fixation of carbon dioxide, water absorption and its provision in benefit of the surrounding communities, generating, also, direct and indirect employment for their habitants
Tatasirire Waterfalls is a different private productive project, with social sense, designed under the principles of ecotourism and the sustainable development, which contributes to the rural development. This model can be replicated, in spite of its uniqueness in its attractions and singular in its nature, using the principles that gave origin to it, thus creating more innovating projects. It also allows education and learning by direct bonding with nature and the native cultures such as the Mayan (Pocomán) and the Xinka; they coexist with the no indigenous culture (Ladino). All these are called ECOTOURISM.

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Category:Outdoors - Canopying
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63. Canopying, Recreation Directory And Resource, Recreation Information is the best web directory with plenty of online recreations offering recreation information with sports, theme parks,

64. Bulls Eye: Canopying
canopying found on Bulls Eye Sports Search. Offer climbing, rappelling, and canopying. Rugged to beginner.
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Standard Results: Amazon Explorama Lodges
Located in Inquitos, Peru. Offers five lodges in a privately protected primary Amazon rainforest reserves. Find information on rates, bird watching, amenities, and contacts. In English and Spanish.
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Serendipity Adventures

Offer climbing, rappelling, and canopying. Rugged to beginner.
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Modify Your Link Report Broken Link The Original Canopy Tour Offers tours in Costa Rica's rainforest with a mixture of ecology and adventure tourism. Includes photos, packages, rates, and related links. Make Link Premium Modify Your Link Report Broken Link Vert-Tige Explore new sensations, move from tree to tree, using different traverses, with supervision by a team of professionals. Includes details of trails, the area, prices and contact information. Located in Vallon Pont d'Arc, Ardeche, France. [English and French]

65. Chuckle Bear's Amazing Adventure: Glaciers Galore... Well One...
canopying is like a giant ropes course, kind of like a flying fox, but for 2.5km. I totally agree; every day IS a canopying day, I think we could all
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Chuckle Bear's Amazing Adventure
Wednesday, December 6, 2006
Glaciers galore... well one...
Hey y¡ll
That brings me bout up to date. Getting prepared for another epic bus ride to Bariloche, where we are going canopying, and eating chocolate.
Hope you are all having just as awesome a time at home!
Hahahahahahahaha.... feel free to send money over...
Luv Dylan, xo
Posted by Dylan at 3:54 PM
brit said...
ha ha ha! what's canopying? December 6, 2006 10:27:00 PM PST
Emma said...
OO OOO OOOOOO....i want some chocolate...and touche brit...what IS canopying is that where you ing in the canopy? i dunno do stuff in trees maybe December 7, 2006 6:11:00 AM PST
Dylan said...
Canopying is like a giant ropes course, kind of like a flying fox, but for 2.5km. You do it through the tops of a forest and monkeys throw things at you when you pass by. Sounds awesome! December 7, 2006 7:55:00 AM PST
leblogmac said...
Fools, you don't know what canopying is? This is my favourite t-shirt December 7, 2006 4:06:00 PM PST
brit said...
Oh man, that's cool. Ta for the explanation - between the blurb there and the t-shirt I'm all clued up now. Hey, don't die or anything.

66. Canopy Dictionary Translation Canopy Sözlük çevirisi Canopy Definition Of Can
canopycanopy definition in seslisozluk canopied definition in seslisozluk canopies definition in seslisozluk canopying.
Register Sign in seslisozluk
English-Turkish-German dictionary
Online English Turkish German Dictionary 1,500,000 words and idioms AC_Create('word', data); Turkish Mobile Forum Tools new About ... Contribute Your recent searches »delete« canopy Recent dictionary translations hide kontrol eye catching premise suply ... canopying Turkish Translation Please sign in to listen pronunciation. Register now if you do not have an account. güneþlik, güneþ kýrýcý, saçak, gölgelik. i.
sayvan; karyola sayvaný; baldaken; markiz.
gök kubbe. gölgelik, tente; örtü; kanopi, kapak. gölgelik,tente. tente. i.
gök kubbe. açýk kabin, siper. gölgelik. kubbe, örtü, paraþüt, saçak, tente, gölgelik,. örtmek, kaplamak, gölgelemek. pilot yeri kapaðý.
kaplamak, gölgelik/örtü, ustunü örtmek; kubbe, sayeban, i, sayvan, f gölgelik; gök kubbe; f gölgelemek.
gölgelik. tente. örtü.
gölgelik. sayeban. sayvan. kubbe. gök kubbe. revak. saçak.
tente, gölgelik.
(paraþüt)kanopi, paraþütün kubbe/görünen kýsmý, .
Gölgelik, sundurma, tente .
Örtü. English Translation Please sign in to listen pronunciation.

67. Message Boards And Trip Reports At Frommer's Travel Talk
I would also like to do some canopy, (a safe one of course) and more adventures YOu can do canopying, swim in the hot springs, and many other activities

68. Vacation Activities
A Canopy tour consists of suspension cables on which you will travel from Guides are professionals in the area of canopying and most have years of
Costa Rica Vacation Activities Home Location Maps FAQS Vacation Activities ... Testimonials
Golfing Hacienda Pinilla Playa Conchal
Arenal Volcano Arenal Volcano The Arenal Observatory Lodge, just a short drive from our Villa, is set within viewing distance of one of the world's most active volcanoes! The lodge has thirty spacious rooms with volcano views. The lodge is located just 1.8 kilometers from the active crater of Arenal Volcano, and is separated from it by a deep river valley. The location was specifically chosen by scientists from the Smithsonian Institute, who needed a close but safe vantage point from which to study the volcano.
A short drive to Lake Arenal is also a must for all. Shop at the road side gallery's and gift shops. Visit the rain forest. Lake Arenal, a beautiful 22 mile long lake is great for freshwater fishing. It's home to the hard-hitting rainbow bass, or quapote: five to six pounders are common. Take your swim suits to bathe in the pools of naturally warm thermal waters amid tropical gardens at Arenal volcano National Park. Arenal volcano is well known for its exploding lava shows.
For the sports enthusiast you can windsurf one of the premier windsurfing destinations in the world. Due to the area's irregular topography the wind is constant, providing excellent windsurfing conditions, especially in the dry season between December and April.

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dye dying die easied easy easies easy easying easy eaten eat eating eat eats eat eavesdropped eavesdrop eavesdropping eavesdrop eavesdrops eavesdrop echoed echo echoes echo echoing echo eddied eddy eddies eddy eddying eddy edified edify edifies edify edifying edify ego-tripped ego-trip ego-tripping ego-trip ego-trips ego-trip electrified electrify electrifies electrify electrifying electrify embargoed embargo embargoes embargo embargoing embargo embedded embed embedding embed embeds embed embodied embody embodies embody embodying embody embrued embrue embrues embrue embruing embrue embused embus embuses embus embusing embus embussed embus embusses embus embussing embus emceed emcee emceeing emcee emcees emcee emits emit emitted emit emitting emit empaneled empanel empaneling empanel empanelled empanel empanelling empanel empanels empanel emptied empty empties empty emptying empty emulsified emulsify emulsifies emulsify emulsifying emulsify enameled enamel enameling enamel enamelled enamel enamelling enamel enamels enamel endued endue endues endue enduing endue engluts englut englutted englut englutting englut enrolled enrol enroll enrolling enrol enroll enrolls enroll enrols enrol ensued ensue ensues ensue ensuing ensue enthralled enthral enthrall enthralling enthral enthrall enthralls enthrall enthrals enthral entrammelled entrammel entrammelling entrammel entrammels entrammel entrapped entrap entrapping entrap entraps entrap envied envy envies envy envying envy enwinding enwind enwinds enwind enwound enwind enwrapped enwrap enwrapping enwrap enwraps enwrap equaled equal equaling equal equalled equal equalling equal equals equal equipped equip equipping equip equips equip espied espy espies espy espying espy esterified esterify esterifies esterify esterifying esterify estopped estop estopping estop estops estop etherified etherify etherifies etherify etherifying etherify excelled excel excelling excel excels excel exemplified exemplify exemplifies exemplify exemplifying exemplify expelled expel expelling expel expels expel extolled extol extoll extolling extol extoll extolls extoll extols extol eyed eye eyeing eye eyes eye eying eye faceted facet faceting facet facets facet facetted facet facetting facet facsimiled facsimile facsimileing facsimile facsimiles facsimile fagged fag fagging fag fags fag fallen fall falling fall falls fall falsified falsify falsifies falsify falsifying falsify fancied fancy fancies fancy fancying fancy fanned fan fanning fan fans fan fantasied fantasy fantasies fantasy fantasying fantasy fatigued fatigue fatigues fatigue fatiguing fatigue fats fat fatted fat fatting fat featherbedded featherbed featherbedding featherbed featherbeds featherbed fed feed feed feed fee feeding feed feeds feed feeing fee feeling feel feels feel fees fee fell fall felt feel felt felted felt felting felt felts felt ferried ferry ferries ferry ferrying ferry fibbed fib fibbing fib fibs fib figged fig figging fig fighting fight fights fight filagreed filagree filagreeing filagree filagrees filagree filigreed filigree filigreeing filigree filigrees filigree fillagreed fillagree fillagreeing fillagree fillagrees fillagree filled_up fill_up finding find finds find fine-drawing fine-draw fine-drawn fine-draw fine-draws fine-draw fine-drew fine-draw finned fin finning fin fins fin fits fit fitted fit fitting fit flagged flag flagging flag flags flag flammed flam flamming flam flams flam flanneled flannel flanneling flannel flannelled flannel flannelling flannel flannels flannel flapped flap flapping flap flaps flap flats flat flatted flat flatting flat fled flee fleeing flee flees flee flew fly flies fly flimflammed flimflam flimflamming flimflam flimflams flimflam flinging fling flings fling flip-flopped flip-flop flip-flopping flip-flop flip-flops flip-flop flipped flip flipping flip flips flip flits flit flitted flit flitting flit flogged flog flogging flog flogs flog floodlighting floodlight floodlights floodlight floodlit floodlight flopped flop flopping flop flops flop flown fly flubbed flub flubbing flub flung fling flurried flurry flurries flurry flurrying flurry flyblew flyblow flyblowing flyblow flyblown flyblow flyblows flyblow flying fly fobbed fob fobbing fob fobs fob focused focus focuses focus focusing focus fogged fog fogging fog fogs fog folioed folio folioing folio folios folio footslogged footslog footslogging footslog footslogs footslog forbad forbid forbade forbid forbearing forbear forbears forbear forbidden forbid forbidding forbid forbids forbid forbore forbear forborne forbear force-fed force-feed force-feeding force-feed force-feeds force-feed fordid fordo fordoes fordo fordoing fordo fordone fordo forecasted forecast forecasting forecast forecasts forecast foredid foredo foredoes foredo foredoing foredo foredone foredo foregoes forego foregoing forego foregone forego foreknew foreknow foreknowing foreknow foreknown foreknow foreknows foreknow foreran forerun forerunning forerun foreruns forerun foresaw foresee foreseeing foresee foreseen foresee foresees foresee foreshowed foreshow foreshowing foreshow foreshown foreshow foreshows foreshow forespeaking forespeak forespeaks forespeak forespoke forespeak forespoken forespeak foretelling foretell foretells foretell foretold foretell forewent forego forgave forgive forgets forget forgetting forget forgiven forgive forgives forgive forgiving forgive forgoes forgo forgoing forgo forgone forgo forgot forget forgotten forget formats format formatted format formatting format forsaken forsake forsakes forsake forsaking forsake forsook forsake forspeaking forspeak forspeaks forspeak forspoke forspeak forspoken forspeak forswearing forswear forswears forswear forswore forswear forsworn forswear fortified fortify fortifies fortify fortifying fortify forwent forgo fought fight found find foxtrots foxtrot foxtrotted foxtrot foxtrotting foxtrot frapped frap frapping frap fraps frap freed free freeing free frees free freeze-dried freeze-dry freeze-dries freeze-dry freeze-drying freeze-dry freezes freeze freezing freeze frenchified frenchify frenchifies frenchify frenchifying frenchify frenzied frenzy frenzies frenzy frenzying frenzy frets fret fretted fret fretting fret fricasseed fricassee fricasseeing fricassee fricassees fricassee fried fry fries fry frigged frig frigging frig frigs frig frits frit fritted frit fritt fritting frit fritt fritts fritt frivoled frivol frivoling frivol frivolled frivol frivolling frivol frivols frivol frogged frog frogging frog frogs frog frolicked frolic frolicking frolic frolics frolic froze freeze frozen freeze fructified fructify fructifies fructify fructifying fructify frying fry fueled fuel fueling fuel fuelled fuel fuelling fuel fuels fuel fulfilled fulfil fulfill fulfilling fulfil fulfill fulfills fulfill fulfils fulfil funned fun funneled funnel funneling funnel funnelled funnel funnelling funnel funnels funnel funning fun funs fun furred fur furring fur furs fur gadded gad gadding gad gads gad gagged gag gagging gag gags gag gainsaid gainsay gainsaying gainsay gainsays gainsay gamboled gambol gamboling gambol gambolled gambol gambolling gambol gambols gambol gammed gam gamming gam gams gam gan gin ganned gan ganning gan gans gan gapped gap gapping gap gaps gap garnisheed garnishee garnisheeing garnishee garnishees garnishee gases gas gasified gasify gasifies gasify gasifying gasify gassed gas gasses gas gassing gas gave give geed gee geeing gee gees gee gelded geld gelding geld gelds geld gelled gel gelling gel gels gel gelt geld gemmed gem gemming gem gems gem genned-up gen-up genning-up gen-up gens-up gen-up gets get gets_lost get_lost gets_started get_started getting get getting_lost get_lost getting_started get_started ghostwrites ghostwrite ghostwriting ghostwrite ghostwritten ghostwrite ghostwrote ghostwrite gibbed gib gibbing gib gibs gib giddied giddy giddies giddy giddying giddy giftwrapped giftwrap giftwrapping giftwrap giftwraps giftwrap gigged gig gigging gig gigs gig gilded gild gilding gild gilds gild gilt gild ginned gin ginning gin gins gin gipped gip gipping gip gips gip girded gird girding gird girds gird girt gird given give gives give giving give glaceed glace glaceing glace glaces glace glommed glom glomming glom gloried glory glories glory glorified glorify glorifies glorify glorifying glorify glorying glory glued glue glues glue gluing glue gluts glut glutted glut glutting glut gnawed gnaw gnawing gnaw gnawn gnaw gnaws gnaw goes go goes_deep go_deep going go going_deep go_deep gollied golly gollies golly gollying golly gone go gone_deep go_deep goose-stepped goose-step goose-stepping goose-step goose-steps goose-step got get got_lost get_lost got_started get_started gotten get gotten_lost get_lost grabbed grab grabbing grab grabs grab gratified gratify gratifies gratify gratifying gratify graved grave graveled gravel graveling gravel gravelled gravel gravelling gravel gravels gravel graven grave graves grave graving grave greed gree greeing gree grees gree grew grow grinding grind grinds grind grinned grin grinning grin grins grin gripped grip gripping grip grips grip gript grip grits grit gritted grit gritting grit ground grind groveled grovel groveling grovel grovelled grovel grovelling grovel grovels grovel growing grow grown grow grows grow grubbed grub grubbing grub grubs grub guaranteed guarantee guaranteeing guarantee guarantees guarantee guarantied guaranty guaranties guaranty guarantying guaranty gullied gully gullies gully gullying gully gummed gum gumming gum gums gum gumshoed gumshoe gumshoeing gumshoe gumshoes gumshoe gunned gun gunning gun guns gun gypped gyp gypping gyp gyps gyp hacksawed hacksaw hacksawing hacksaw hacksawn hacksaw hacksaws hacksaw had have had_a_feeling have_a_feeling had_left have_left had_the_feeling have_the_feeling halloaed halloa halloaing halloa halloas halloa halloed hallo halloing hallo hallooed halloo hallooing halloo halloos halloo hallos hallo haloed halo haloes halo haloing halo halos halo hammed ham hamming ham hams ham hamstringing hamstring hamstrings hamstring hamstrung hamstring hand-knits hand-knit hand-knitted hand-knit hand-knitting hand-knit handfed handfeed handfeeding handfeed handfeeds handfeed handicapped handicap handicapping handicap handicaps handicap handselled handsel handselling handsel handsels handsel hanging hang hangs hang hanseled hansel hanseling hansel hansels hansel harried harry harries harry harrying harry has have has_a_feeling have_a_feeling has_left have_left has_the_feeling have_the_feeling hatcheled hatchel hatcheling hatchel hatchelled hatchel hatchelling hatchel hatchels hatchel hats hat hatted hat hatting hat having have having_a_feeling have_a_feeling having_left have_left having_the_feeling have_the_feeling heard hear hearing hear hears hear heaved heave heaves heave heaving heave hedgehopped hedgehop hedgehopping hedgehop hedgehops hedgehop held hold hemmed hem hemming hem hems hem hewed hew hewing hew hewn hew hews hew hiccuped hiccup hiccuping hiccup hiccupped hiccup hiccupping hiccup hiccups hiccup hid hide hidden hide hides hide hiding hide high-hats high-hat high-hatted high-hat high-hatting high-hat hinnied hinny hinnies hinny hinnying hinny hits hit hitting hit hobbed hob hobbing hob hobnobbed hobnob hobnobbing hobnob hobnobs hobnob hobs hob hocus-pocused hocus-pocus hocus-pocuses hocus-pocus hocus-pocusing hocus-pocus hocus-pocussed hocus-pocus hocus-pocussing hocus-pocus hocused hocus hocuses hocus hocusing hocus hocussed hocus hocussing hocus hoed hoe hoeing hoe hoes hoe hogged hog hogging hog hogs hog hogtied hogtie hogties hogtie hogtying hogtie holding hold holds hold honeyed honey honeying honey honeys honey honied honey hoodooed hoodoo hoodooing hoodoo hoodoos hoodoo hopped hop hopping hop hops hop horrified horrify horrifies horrify horrifying horrify horseshoed horseshoe horseshoeing horseshoe horseshoes horseshoe horsewhipped horsewhip horsewhipping horsewhip horsewhips horsewhip houseled housel houseling housel houselled housel houselling housel housels housel hove heave hoveled hovel hoveling hovel hovelled hovel hovelling hovel hovels hovel hugged hug hugging hug hugs hug humbugged humbug humbugging humbug humbugs humbug humidified humidify humidifies humidify humidifying humidify hummed hum humming hum hums hum hung hang hurried hurry hurries hurry hurrying hurry hurting hurt hurts hurt hypertrophied hypertrophy hypertrophies hypertrophy hypertrophying hypertrophy identified identify identifies identify identifying identify imbedded imbed imbedding imbed imbeds imbed imbrued imbrue imbrues imbrue imbruing imbrue imbued imbue imbues imbue imbuing imbue impaneled impanel impaneling impanel impanelled impanel impanelling impanel impanells impanel impanels impanel impelled impel impelling impel impels impel implied imply implies imply implying imply inbred inbreed inbreeding inbreed inbreeds inbreed incurred incur incurring incur incurs incur indemnified indemnify indemnifies indemnify indemnifying indemnify indued indue indues indue induing indue indwelling indwell indwells indwell indwelt indwell inferred infer inferring infer infers infer initialed initial initialing initial initialled initial initialling initial initials initial inlaid inlay inlaying inlay inlays inlay inlets inlet insets inset insetting inset inspanned inspan inspanning inspan inspans inspan installed instal install installing instal install installs install instals instal intensified intensify intensifies intensify intensifying intensify interbred interbreed interbreeding interbreed interbreeds interbreed intercropped intercrop intercropping intercrop intercrops intercrop intercuts intercut intercutting intercut interlaid interlay interlapped interlap interlapping interlap interlaps interlap interlaying interlay interlays interlay intermarried intermarry intermarries intermarry intermarrying intermarry intermits intermit intermitted intermit intermitting intermit interpleaded interplead interpleading interplead interpleads interplead interpled interplead interred inter interring inter inters inter interstratified interstratify interstratifies interstratify interstratifying interstratify interweaved interweave interweaves interweave interweaving interweave interwove interweave interwoven interweave intrigued intrigue intrigues intrigue intriguing intrigue intromits intromit intromitted intromit intromitting intromit inweaved inweave inweaves inweave inweaving inweave inwove inweave inwoven inweave inwrapped inwrap inwrapping inwrap inwraps inwrap is be issued issue issues issue issuing issue jabbed jab jabbing jab jabs jab jagged jag jagging jag jags jag jammed jam jamming jam jams jam japanned japan japanning japan japans japan jarred jar jarring jar jars jar jelled jell jellied jelly jellies jelly jellified jellify jellifies jellify jellifying jellify jelling jell jells jell jellying jelly jemmied jemmy jemmies jemmy jemmying jemmy jerry-building jerry-build jerry-builds jerry-build jerry-built jerry-build jets jet jetted jet jetting jet jeweled jewel jeweling jewel jewelled jewel jewelling jewel jewels jewel jibbed jib jibbing jib jibs jib jigged jig jigging jig jigs jig jimmied jimmy jimmies jimmy jimmying jimmy jitterbugged jitterbug jitterbugging jitterbug jitterbugs jitterbug jobbed job jobbing job jobs job jog-trots jog-trot jog-trotted jog-trot jog-trotting jog-trot jogged jog jogging jog jogs jog joined_battle join_battle joined_forces join_forces joining_battle join_battle joining_forces join_forces joins_battle join_battle joins_forces join_forces jollied jolly jollies jolly jollified jollify jollifies jollify jollifying jollify jollying jolly jots jot jotted jot jotting jot joy-ridden joy-ride joy-rides joy-ride joy-riding joy-ride joy-rode joy-ride joypopped joypop joypopping joypop joypops joypop jugged jug jugging jug jugs jug jumped_off jump_off jumping_off jump_off jumps_off jump_off justified justify justifies justify justifying justify juts jut jutted jut jutting jut keeping keep keeps keep kenned ken kenneled kennel kenneling kennel kennelled kennel kennelling kennel kennels kennel kenning ken kens ken kent ken kept keep kerneled kernel kerneling kernel kernelled kernel kernelling kernel kernels kernel kidded kid kidding kid kidnaped kidnap kidnaping kidnap kidnapped kidnap kidnapping kidnap kidnaps kidnap kids kid kipped kip kipping kip kips kip knapped knap knapping knap knaps knap kneecapped kneecap kneecapping kneecap kneecaps kneecap kneed knee kneeing knee kneeled kneel kneeling kneel kneels kneel knees knee knelt kneel knew know knits knit knitted knit knitting knit knobbed knob knobbing knob knobs knob knots knot knotted knot knotting knot knowing know known know knows know ko'd ko ko'ing ko ko's ko labeled label labeling label labelled label labelling label labels label laded lade laden lade lades lade lading lade ladyfied ladify ladyfies ladify ladyfying ladify lagged lag lagging lag lags lag laicized laicize laicizes laicize laicizing laicize laid lay lain lie lallygagged lallygag lallygagging lallygag lallygags lallygag lammed lam lamming lam lams lam lapidified lapidify lapidifies lapidify lapidifying lapidify lapped lap lapping lap laps lap lassoed lasso lassoes lasso lassoing lasso lassos lasso laureled laurel laureling laurel laurelled laurel laurelling laurel laurels laurel lay lie layed_for lie_for laying lay laying_for lie_for lays lay lays_for lie_for leading lead leads lead leagued league leagues league leaguing league leaned lean leaning lean leans lean leant lean leaped leap leapfrogged leapfrog leapfrogging leapfrog leapfrogs leapfrog leaping leap leaps leap leapt leap learned learn learning learn learns learn learnt learn leaves leave leaves_undone leave_undone leaving leave leaving_undone leave_undone led lead left leave left_undone leave_undone legitimized legitimize legitimizes legitimize legitimizing legitimize lending lend lends lend lent lend lets let letting let leveled level leveling level levelled level levelling level levels level levied levy levies levy levying levy libeled libel libeling libel libelled libel libelling libel libels libel lied lie lies lie lighted light lighting light lights light lignified lignify lignifies lignify lignifying lignify lip-reading lip-read lip-reads lip-read lipped lip lipping lip lips lip liquefied liquefy liquefies liquefy liquefying liquefy liquified liquify liquifies liquify liquifying liquify lit light lobbed lob lobbied lobby lobbies lobby lobbing lob lobbying lobby lobs lob logged log logging log logs log looked_towards look_towards looking_towards look_towards looks_towards look_towards lopped lop lopping lop lops lop loses lose losing lose lost lose lots lot lotted lot lotting lot lugged lug lugging lug lugs lug lullabied lullaby lullabies lullaby lullabying lullaby lying lie machine-gunned machine-gun machine-gunning machine-gun machine-guns machine-gun madded mad madding mad made make mads mad magnified magnify magnifies magnify magnifying magnify makes make making make manned man manning man mans man manumits manumit manumitted manumit manumitting manumit mapped map mapping map maps map marcelled marcel marcelling marcel marcels marcel marred mar married marry marries marry marring mar marrying marry mars mar marshaled marshal marshaling marshal marshalled marshal marshalling marshal marshals marshal marveled marvel marveling marvel marvelled marvel marvelling marvel marvels marvel mats mat matted mat matting mat meaning mean means mean meant mean medaled medal medaling medal medalled medal medalling medal medals medal meeting meet meets meet melted melt melting melt melts melt met meet metaled metal metaling metal metalled metal metalling metal metals metal metrified metrify metrifies metrify metrifying metrify might may militated_against militate_against militates_against militate_against militating_against militate_against mimicked mimic mimicking mimic mimics mimic minified minify minifies minify minifying minify misapplied misapply misapplies misapply misapplying misapply misbecame misbecome misbecomes misbecome misbecoming misbecome miscarried miscarry miscarries miscarry miscarrying miscarry miscasting miscast miscasts miscast misconstrued misconstrue misconstrues misconstrue misconstruing misconstrue misdealing misdeal misdeals misdeal misdealt misdeal misfits misfit misfitted misfit misfitting misfit misgave misgive misgiven misgive misgives misgive misgiving misgive misheard mishear mishearing mishear mishears mishear mishits mishit mishitting mishit mislaid mislay mislaying mislay mislays mislay misleading mislead misleads mislead misled mislead mispleaded misplead mispleading misplead mispleads misplead mispled misplead misreading misread misreads misread misspelled misspell misspelling misspell misspells misspell misspelt misspell misspending misspend misspends misspend misspent misspend mistaken mistake mistakes mistake mistaking mistake mistook mistake misunderstanding misunderstand misunderstands misunderstand misunderstood misunderstand mobbed mob mobbing mob mobs mob modeled model modeling model modelled model modelling model models model modified modify modifies modify modifying modify mollified mollify mollifies mollify mollifying mollify molten melt moonlighted moonlight moonlighting moonlight moonlights moonlight mopped mop mopping mop mops mop mortified mortify mortifies mortify mortifying mortify mowed mow mowing mow mown mow mows mow mudded mud muddied muddy muddies muddy mudding mud muddying muddy muds mud mugged mug mugging mug mugs mug multiplied multiply multiplies multiply multiplying multiply mummed mum mummified mummify mummifies mummify mummifying mummify mumming mum mums mum mutinied mutiny mutinies mutiny mutinying mutiny mystified mystify mystifies mystify mystifying mystify nabbed nab nabbing nab nabs nab nagged nag nagging nag nags nag napped nap napping nap naps nap nets net netted net netting net nibbed nib nibbing nib nibs nib nickeled nickel nickeling nickel nickelled nickel nickelling nickel nickels nickel nid-nodded nid-nod nid-nodding nid-nod nid-nods nid-nod nidified nidify nidifies nidify nidifying nidify nielloed niello nielloing niello niellos niello nigrified nigrify nigrifies nigrify nigrifying nigrify nipped nip nipping nip nips nip nitrified nitrify nitrifies nitrify nitrifying nitrify nodded nod nodding nod nods nod non-prossed non-pros non-prosses non-pros non-prossing non-pros nonplused nonplus nonpluses nonplus nonplusing nonplus nonplussed nonplus nonplusses nonplus nonplussing nonplus notified notify notifies notify notifying notify nullified nullify nullifies nullify nullifying nullify nuts nut nutted nut nutting nut objectified objectify objectifies objectify objectifying objectify occupied occupy occupies occupy occupying occupy occurred occur occurring occur occurs occur offsets offset offsetting offset omits omit omitted omit omitting omit opaqued opaque opaques opaque opaquing opaque opsonized opsonize opsonizes opsonize opsonizing opsonize ossified ossify ossifies ossify ossifying ossify outbidden outbid outbidding outbid outbids outbid outbred outbreed outbreeding outbreed outbreeds outbreed outcried outcry outcries outcry outcropped outcrop outcropping outcrop outcrops outcrop outcrying outcry outdid outdo outdoes outdo outdoing outdo outdone outdo outdrawing outdraw outdrawn outdraw outdraws outdraw outdrew outdraw outfits outfit outfitted outfit outfitting outfit outfought outfight outgassed outgas outgasses outgas outgassing outgas outgeneraled outgeneral outgeneraling outgeneral outgeneralled outgeneral outgeneralling outgeneral outgenerals outgeneral outgoes outgo outgoing outgo outgone outgo outgrew outgrow outgrowing outgrow outgrown outgrow outgrows outgrow outlaid outlay outlaying outlay outlays outlay outmanned outman outmanning outman outmans outman outputted output outputting output outran outrun outridden outride outrides outride outriding outride outrode outride outrunning outrun outruns outrun outselling outsell outsells outsell outshines outshine outshining outshine outshone outshine outshooting outshoot outshoots outshoot outshot outshoot outsold outsell outspanned outspan outspanning outspan outspans outspan outspreading outspread outspreads outspread outstanding outstand outstands outstand outstood outstand outstripped outstrip outstripping outstrip outstrips outstrip outthinking outthink outthinks outthink outthought outthink outwearing outwear outwears outwear outwent outgo outwits outwit outwitted outwit outwitting outwit outwore outwear outworn outwear overbearing overbear overbears overbear overbidden overbid overbidding overbid overbids overbid overblew overblow overblowing overblow overblown overblow overblows overblow overbore overbear overborne overbear overbuilding overbuild overbuilds overbuild overbuilt overbuild overcame overcome overcomes overcome overcoming overcome overcropped overcrop overcropping overcrop overcrops overcrop overdid overdo overdoes overdo overdoing overdo overdone overdo overdrawing overdraw overdrawn overdraw overdraws overdraw overdrew overdraw overdriven overdrive overdrives overdrive overdriving overdrive overdrove overdrive overflew overfly overflies overfly overflowed overflow overflowing overflow overflown overflow overfly overflows overflow overflying overfly overgrew overgrow overgrowing overgrow overgrown overgrow overgrows overgrow overhanging overhang overhangs overhang overheard overhear overhearing overhear overhears overhear overhung overhang overissued overissue overissues overissue overissuing overissue overlaid overlay overlain overlie overlapped overlap overlapping overlap overlaps overlap overlay overlie overlaying overlay overlays overlay overlies overlie overlying overlie overmanned overman overmanning overman overmans overman overpaid overpay overpassed overpass overpasses overpass overpassing overpass overpast overpass overpaying overpay overpays overpay overran overrun overridden override overrides override overriding override overrode override overrunning overrun overruns overrun oversaw oversee overseeing oversee overseen oversee oversees oversee overselling oversell oversells oversell oversets overset oversetting overset oversewed oversew oversewing oversew oversewn oversew oversews oversew overshooting overshoot overshoots overshoot overshot overshoot oversimplified oversimplify oversimplifies oversimplify oversimplifying oversimplify oversleeping oversleep oversleeps oversleep overslept oversleep oversold oversell overspending overspend overspends overspend overspent overspend overspilled overspill overspilling overspill overspills overspill overspilt overspill overstepped overstep overstepping overstep oversteps overstep overtaken overtake overtakes overtake overtaking overtake overthrew overthrow overthrowing overthrow overthrown overthrow overthrows overthrow overtook overtake overtopped overtop overtopping overtop overtops overtop overwinding overwind overwinds overwind overwound overwind overwrites overwrite overwriting overwrite overwritten overwrite overwrote overwrite pacified pacify pacifies pacify pacifying pacify padded pad padding pad pads pad paid pay palled pal palling pal pals pal palsied palsy palsies palsy palsying palsy pandied pandy pandies pandy pandying pandy paneled panel paneling panel panelled panel panelling panel panels panel panicked panic panicking panic panics panic panned pan panning pan pans pan paralleled parallel paralleling parallel parallelled parallel parallelling parallel parallels parallel parceled parcel parceling parcel parcelled parcel parcelling parcel parcels parcel parenthesized parenthesize parenthesizes parenthesize parenthesizing parenthesize parodied parody parodies parody parodying parody parried parry parries parry parrying parry partaken partake partakes partake partaking partake partook partake pasquil pasquinade pasquilled pasquinade pasquilling pasquinade pasquils pasquinade pasquinaded pasquinade pasquinades pasquinade pasquinading pasquinade patrolled patrol patrolling patrol patrols patrol pats pat patted pat patting pat payed pay paying pay pays pay pedaled pedal pedaling pedal pedalled pedal pedalling pedal pedals pedal peed pee peeing pee pees pee pegged peg pegging peg pegs peg penciled pencil penciling pencil pencilled pencil pencilling pencil pencils pencil penned pen penning pen pens pen pent pen pepped pep pepping pep peps pep permits permit permitted permit permitting permit personified personify personifies personify personifying personify petrified petrify petrifies petrify petrifying petrify pets pet petted pet pettifogged pettifog pettifogging pettifog pettifogs pettifog petting pet phantasied phantasy phantasies phantasy phantasying phantasy photocopied photocopy photocopies photocopy photocopying photocopy photomapped photomap photomapping photomap photomaps photomap photosets photoset photosetting photoset physicked physic physicking physic physics physic picnicked picnic picnicking picnic picnics picnic pied pie pieing pie pies pie pigged pig pigging pig pigs pig piing pie pilloried pillory pillories pillory pillorying pillory pinch-hits pinch-hit pinch-hitting pinch-hit pinned pin pinning pin pins pin pipped pip pipping pip pips pip piqued pique piques pique piquing pique pistol-whipped pistol-whip pistol-whipping pistol-whip pistol-whips pistol-whip pistoled pistol pistoling pistol pistolled pistol pistolling pistol pistols pistol pitapats pitapat pitapatted pitapat pitapatting pitapat pitied pity pities pity pits pit pitted pit pitting pit pitying pity plagued plague plagues plague plaguing plague planned plan planning plan plans plan plats plat platted plat platting plat played_a_part play_a_part playing_a_part play_a_part plays_a_part play_a_part pleaded plead pleading plead pleads plead pled plead plied ply plies ply plodded plod plodding plod plods plod plopped plop plopping plop plops plop plots plot plotted plot plotting plot plugged plug plugging plug plugs plug plying ply podded pod podding pod pods pod polkaed polka polkaing polka polkas polka pommeled pommel pommeling pommel pommelled pommel pommelling pommel pommels pommel popped pop popping pop pops pop pots pot potted pot potting pot preachified preachify preachifies preachify preachifying preachify precanceled precancel precanceling precancel precancelled precancel precancelling precancel precancels precancel precasting precast precasts precast preferred prefer preferring prefer prefers prefer preoccupied preoccupy preoccupies preoccupy preoccupying preoccupy prepaid prepay prepaying prepay prepays prepay presignified presignify presignifies presignify presignifying presignify pretermits pretermit pretermitted pretermit pretermitting pretermit prettied pretty pretties pretty prettified prettify prettifies prettify prettifying prettify prettying pretty pried pry pries pry prigged prig prigging prig prigs prig primmed prim primming prim prims prim prodded prod prodding prod prods prod programmed program programmes program programming program programs program prologed prologue prologing prologue prologs prologue prologued prologue prologues prologue prologuing prologue proofreading proofread proofreads proofread propelled propel propelling propel propels propel prophesied prophesy prophesies prophesy prophesying prophesy propped prop propping prop props prop proved prove proven prove proves prove proving prove prying pry pubbed pub pubbing pub pubs pub pugged pug pugging pug pugs pug pummeled pummel pummeling pummel pummelled pummel pummelling pummel pummels pummel punned pun punning pun puns pun pupped pup pupping pup pups pup pureed puree pureeing puree purees puree purified purify purifies purify purifying purify pursued pursue pursues pursue pursuing pursue put-puts put-put put-putted put-put put-putting put-put putrefied putrefy putrefies putrefy putrefying putrefy puts put puttied putty putties putty putting put puttying putty qualified qualify qualifies qualify qualifying qualify quantified quantify quantifies quantify quantifying quantify quarreled quarrel quarreling quarrel quarrelled quarrel quarrelling quarrel quarrels quarrel quarried quarry quarries quarry quarrying quarry quartersawed quartersaw quartersawing quartersaw quartersawn quartersaw quartersaws quartersaw queried query queries query querying query queued queue queues queue queuing queue quick-freezes quick-freeze quick-freezing quick-freeze quick-froze quick-freeze quick-frozen quick-freeze quickstepped quickstep quickstepping quickstep quicksteps quickstep quipped quip quipping quip quips quip quits quit quitted quit quitting quit quizzed quiz quizzes quiz quizzing quiz radioed radio radioing radio radios radio ragged rag ragging rag ragouted ragout ragouting ragout ragouts ragout rags rag rallied rally rallies rally rallying rally ramified ramify ramifies ramify ramifying ramify rammed ram ramming ram rams ram ran run rang ring rapped rap rappelled rappel rappelling rappel rappels rappel rapping rap raps rap rarfied rarefy rarfies rarefy rarfying rarefy ratified ratify ratifies ratify ratifying ratify rats rat ratted rat ratting rat raveled ravel raveling ravel ravelled ravel ravelling ravel ravels ravel raz-cuts raz-cut raz-cutting raz-cut razeed razee razeeing razee razees razee re-treading re-tread re-treads re-tread re-trod re-tread re-trodden re-tread reading read reads read reaved reave reaves reave reaving reave rebelled rebel rebelling rebel rebels rebel rebuilt rebuild rebuts rebut rebutted rebut rebutting rebut recapped recap recapping recap recaps recap recced recce recceed recce recceing recce recces recce reclassified reclassify reclassifies reclassify reclassifying reclassify recommits recommit recommitted recommit recommitting recommit recopied recopy recopies recopy recopying recopy rectified rectify rectifies rectify rectifying rectify recurred recur recurring recur recurs recur red red red-pencilled red-pencil red-pencilling red-pencil red-pencils red-pencil redded red redd redding red redd redds redd redid redo redoes redo redoing redo redone redo reds red reeved reeve reeves reeve reeving reeve refereed referee refereeing referee referees referee referred refer referring refer refers refer refits refit refitted refit refitting refit reft reave refueled refuel refueling refuel refuelled refuel refuelling refuel refuels refuel regrets regret regretted regret regretting regret reheard rehear rehearing rehear rehears rehear reified reify reifies reify reifying reify relied rely relies rely relying rely remade remake remakes remake remaking remake remarried remarry remarries remarry remarrying remarry remits remit remitted remit remitting remit rending rend rends rend rent rend repaid repay repaying repay repays repay repelled repel repelling repel repels repel replevied replevy replevies replevy replevying replevy replied reply replies reply replying reply repots repot repotted repot repotting repot reran rerun rerunning rerun reruns rerun resat resit rescued rescue rescues rescue rescuing rescue resets reset resetting reset resits resit resitting resit retaken retake retakes retake retaking retake retelling retell retells retell rethinking rethink rethinks rethink rethought rethink retold retell retook retake retransmits retransmit retransmitted retransmit retransmitting retransmit retreaded retread retreading retread retreads retread retried retry retries retry retrofits retrofit retrofitted retrofit retrofitting retrofit retrying retry rets ret retted ret retting ret reunified reunify reunifies reunify reunifying reunify revalorized revalorize revalorizes revalorize revalorizing revalorize reveled revel reveling revel revelled revel revelling revel revels revel revets revet revetted revet revetting revet revivified revivify revivifies revivify revivifying revivify revs rev revved rev revving rev rewinding rewind rewinds rewind rewound rewind rewrites rewrite rewriting rewrite rewritten rewrite rewrote rewrite ribbed rib ribbing rib ribs rib ricocheted ricochet ricocheting ricochet ricochets ricochet ricochetted ricochet ricochetting ricochet ridded rid ridden ride ridding rid rides ride riding ride rids rid rigged rig rigging rig rigidified rigidify rigidifies rigidify rigidifying rigidify rigs rig rimmed rim rimming rim rims rim ringed ring ringing ring rings ring ripped rip ripping rip rips rip risen rise rises rise rising rise rivaled rival rivaling rival rivalled rival rivalling rival rivals rival rived rive riven rive rives rive riving rive robbed rob robbing rob robs rob rode ride roqueted roquet roqueting roquet roquets roquet rose rise rots rot rotted rot rotting rot rough-dried rough-dry rough-dries rough-dry rough-drying rough-dry rough-hewed rough-hew rough-hewing rough-hew rough-hewn rough-hew rough-hews rough-hew roughcasting roughcast roughcasts roughcast rove reeve roweled rowel roweling rowel rowelled rowel rowelling rowel rowels rowel rubbed rub rubbing rub rubs rub rued rue rues rue ruggedized ruggedize ruggedizes ruggedize ruggedizing ruggedize ruing rue rung ring running run runs run ruts rut rutted rut rutting rut saccharified saccharify saccharifies saccharify saccharifying saccharify sagged sag sagging sag sags sag said say salaried salary salaries salary salarying salary salified salify salifies salify salifying salify sallied sally sallies sally sallying sally sambaed samba sambaing samba sambas samba sanctified sanctify sanctifies sanctify sanctifying sanctify sand-casting sand-cast sand-casts sand-cast sandbagged sandbag sandbagging sandbag sandbags sandbag sang sing sank sink saponified saponify saponifies saponify saponifying saponify sapped sap sapping sap saps sap sat sit satisfied satisfy satisfies satisfy satisfying satisfy sauteed saute sauteing saute sautes saute savvied savvy savvies savvy savvying savvy saw see sawed saw sawing saw sawn saw saws saw saying say says say scagged scag scagging scag scags scag scanned scan scanning scan scans scan scarified scarify scarifies scarify scarifying scarify scarred scar scarring scar scars scar scats scat scatted scat scatting scat scended scend scending scend scends scend scorified scorify scorifies scorify scorifying scorify scragged scrag scragging scrag scrags scrag scrammed scram scramming scram scrams scram scrapped scrap scrapping scrap scraps scrap scried scry scries scry scrubbed scrub scrubbing scrub scrubs scrub scrummed scrum scrumming scrum scrums scrum scrying scry scudded scud scudding scud scuds scud scummed scum scumming scum scums scum scurried scurry scurries scurry scurrying scurry seed seed seeing see seeking seek seeks seek seen see sees see selling sell sells sell sending send sends send sent send sets set setting set sewed sew sewing sew sewn sew sews sew shagged shag shagging shag shags shag shaken shake shaken_hands shake_hands shakes shake shakes_hands shake_hands shaking shake shaking_hands shake_hands shammed sham shamming sham shampooed shampoo shampooing shampoo shampoos shampoo shams sham shanghaied shanghai shanghaiing shanghai shanghais shanghai sharecropped sharecrop sharecropping sharecrop sharecrops sharecrop shaved shave shaven shave shaves shave shaving shave sheared shear shearing shear shears shear shed shed shedding shed sheds shed shellacked shellac shellacking shellac shellacs shellac shending shend shends shend shent shend shewed shew shewing shew shewn shew shews shew shied shy shies shy shikarred shikar shikarring shikar shikars shikar shillyshallied shillyshally shillyshallies shillyshally shillyshallying shillyshally shimmed shim shimmied shimmy shimmies shimmy shimming shim shimmying shimmy shims shim shines shine shining shine shinned shin shinning shin shins shin shipped ship shipping ship ships ship shits shit shitted shit shitting shit shod shoe shoeing shoe shoes shoe shone shine shooed shoo shooing shoo shook shake shook_hands shake_hands shoos shoo shooting shoot shoots shoot shopped shop shopping shop shops shop shot shoot shotgunned shotgun shotgunning shotgun shotguns shotgun shots shot shotted shot shotting shot shoveled shovel shoveling shovel shovelled shovel shovelling shovel shovels shovel showed show showing show shown show shows show shrank shrink shredded shred shredding shred shrink-wrapped shrink-wrap shrink-wrapping shrink-wrap shrink-wraps shrink-wrap shrinking shrink shrinks shrink shrived shrive shriveled shrivel shriveling shrivel shrivelled shrivel shrivelling shrivel shrivels shrivel shriven shrive shrives shrive shriving shrive shrove shrive shrugged shrug shrugging shrug shrugs shrug shrunk shrink shrunken shrink shunned shun shunning shun shuns shun shuts shut shutting shut shying shy sicked sic sicking sic sics sic sideslipped sideslip sideslipping sideslip sideslips sideslip sidestepped sidestep sidestepping sidestep sidesteps sidestep sight-reading sight-read sight-reads sight-read sightsaw sightsee sightseeing sightsee sightseen sightsee sightsees sightsee signaled signal signaling signal signalled signal signalling signal signals signal signified signify signifies signify signifying signify silicified silicify silicifies silicify silicifying silicify simplified simplify simplifies simplify simplifying simplify singing sing singe single-stepped single-step single-stepping single-step single-steps single-step sings sing sinking sink sinks sink sinned sin sinning sin sipped sip sipping sip sips sip sits sit sitting sit skellied skelly skellies skelly skellying skelly skenned sken skenning sken skens sken skets sket sketted sket sketting sket ski'd ski skidded skid skidding skid skids skid skied ski skies sky skiing ski skimmed skim skimming skim skims skim skin-popped skin-pop skin-popping skin-pop skin-pops skin-pop skinned skin skinning skin skinny-dipped skinny-dip skinny-dipping skinny-dip skinny-dips skinny-dip skins skin skipped skip skipping skip skips skip skis ski skivvied skivvy skivvies skivvy skivvying skivvy skydived skydive skydives skydive skydiving skydive skydove skydive skying sky slabbed slab slabbing slab slabs slab slagged slag slagging slag slags slag slain slay slammed slam slamming slam slams slam slapped slap slapping slap slaps slap slats slat slatted slat slatting slat slaying slay slays slay sleeping sleep sleeps sleep slept sleep slew slay slid slide slidden slide slides slide sliding slide slinging sling slings sling slinking slink slinks slink slipped slip slipping slip slips slip slits slit slitting slit slogged slog slogging slog slogs slog slopped slop slopping slop slops slop slots slot slotted slot slotting slot slugged slug slugging slug slugs slug slummed slum slumming slum slums slum slung sling slunk slink slurred slur slurring slur slurs slur smelled smell smelling smell smells smell smelt smell smit smite smites smite smiting smite smitten smite smote smite smuts smut smutted smut smutting smut snafued snafu snafues snafu snafuing snafu snagged snag snagging snag snags snag snapped snap snapping snap snaps snap snedded sned snedding sned sneds sned snipped snip snipping snip snips snip sniveled snivel sniveling snivel snivelled snivel snivelling snivel snivels snivel snogged snog snogging snog snogs snog snowshoed snowshoe snowshoeing snowshoe snowshoes snowshoe snubbed snub snubbing snub snubs snub snugged snug snugging snug snugs snug sobbed sob sobbing sob sobs sob socialized socialize socializes socialize socializing socialize sodded sod sodding sod sods sod soft-pedaled soft-pedal soft-pedaling soft-pedal soft-pedalled soft-pedal soft-pedalling soft-pedal soft-pedals soft-pedal sol-faed sol-fa sol-faing sol-fa sol-fas sol-fa sold sell solemnified solemnify solemnifies solemnify solemnifying solemnify solidified solidify solidifies solidify solidifying solidify soothsaid soothsay soothsaying soothsay soothsays soothsay sopped sop sopping sop sops sop sortied sortie sortieing sortie sorties sortie sought seek sowed sow sowing sow sown sow sows sow spagged spag spagging spag spags spag spanceled spancel spanceling spancel spancelled spancel spancelling spancel spancels spancel spanned span spanning span spans span sparred spar sparring spar spars spar spat spit spats spat spatted spat spatting spat speaking speak speaks speak specified specify specifies specify specifying specify sped speed speechified speechify speechifies speechify speechifying speechify speeded speed speeding speed speeds speed spellbinding spellbind spellbinds spellbind spellbound spellbind spelled spell spelling spell spells spell spelt spell spending spend spends spend spent spend spied spy spies spy spilled spill spilling spill spills spill spilt spill spin-dried spin-dry spin-dries spin-dry spin-drying spin-dry spinning spin spins spin spiraled spiral spiraling spiral spiralled spiral spiralling spiral spirals spiral spits spit spitted spit spitting spit splits split splitting split spoiled spoil spoiling spoil spoils spoil spoilt spoil spoke speak spoken speak spoon-fed spoon-feed spoon-feeding spoon-feed spoon-feeds spoon-feed spotlighted spotlight spotlighting spotlight spotlights spotlight spotlit spotlight spots spot spotted spot spotting spot sprang spring spreading spread spreads spread sprigged sprig sprigging sprig sprigs sprig springing spring springs spring sprung spring spudded spud spudding spud spuds spud spued spue spues spue spuing spue spun spin spurred spur spurring spur spurs spur spying spy squats squat squatted squat squatting squat squeegeed squeegee squeegeeing squeegee squeegees squeegee squibbed squib squibbing squib squibs squib squidded squid squidding squid squids squid squilgee squeegee stabbed stab stabbing stab stabs stab stall-fed stall-feed stall-feeding stall-feed stall-feeds stall-feed standing stand stands stand stank stink starred star starring star stars star staved stave staves stave staving stave steadied steady steadies steady steadying steady stealing steal steals steal stellified stellify stellifies stellify stellifying stellify stemmed stem stemming stem stems stem stems_from stem_from stenciled stencil stenciling stencil stencilled stencil stencilling stencil stencils stencil stepped step stepping step steps step stets stet stetted stet stetting stet sticked stick sticking stick sticks stick stied sty sties sty stilettoed stiletto stilettoeing stiletto stilettoes stiletto stinging sting stings sting stinking stink stinks stink stirred stir stirring stir stirs stir stole steal stolen steal stood stand stopped stop stopping stop stops stop storied story stories story storying story stots stot stotted stot stotting stot stove stave strapped strap strapping strap straps strap stratified stratify stratifies stratify stratifying stratify strewed strew strewing strew strewn strew strews strew stridden stride strikes strike striking strike stringing string strings string stripped strip stripping strip strips strip striven strive strives strive striving strive strode stride stropped strop stropping strop strops strop strove strive strowed strow strowing strow strown strow strows strow struck strike strummed strum strumming strum strums strum strung string struts strut strutted strut strutting strut stubbed stub stubbing stub stubs stub stuccoed stucco stuccoes stucco stuccoing stucco stuccos stucco stuck stick studded stud studding stud studied study studies study studs stud studying study stultified stultify stultifies stultify stultifying stultify stummed stum stumming stum stums stum stung sting stunk stink stunned stun stunning stun stuns stun stupefied stupefy stupefies stupefy stupefying stupefy stying sty stymied stymie stymieing stymie stymies stymie stymying stymie subbed sub subbing sub subdued subdue subdues subdue subduing subdue subjectified subjectify subjectifies subjectify subjectifying subjectify sublets sublet subletting sublet submits submit submitted submit submitting submit subpoenaed subpoena subpoenaing subpoena subpoenas subpoena subs sub subtotaled subtotal subtotaling subtotal subtotalled subtotal subtotalling subtotal subtotals subtotal sued sue sues sue suing sue sullied sully sullies sully sullying sully sulphureted sulphuret sulphureting sulphuret sulphurets sulphuret sulphuretted sulphuret sulphuretting sulphuret summed sum summing sum sums sum sung sing sunk sink sunken sink sunned sun sunning sun suns sun supped sup supping sup supplied supply supplies supply supplying supply sups sup swabbed swab swabbing swab swabs swab swagged swag swagging swag swags swag swam swim swapped swap swapping swap swaps swap swats swat swatted swat swatting swat swearing swear swears swear sweated sweat sweating sweat sweats sweat sweeping sweep sweeps sweep swelled swell swelling swell swells swell swept sweep swigged swig swigging swig swigs swig swimming swim swims swim swinging swing swings swing swiveled swivel swiveling swivel swivelled swivel swivelling swivel swivels swivel swollen swell swopped swap swopping swap swops swap swore swear sworn swear swots swot swotted swot swotting swot swum swim swung swing syllabicated syllabicate syllabicates syllabicate syllabicating syllabicate syllabified syllabify syllabifies syllabify syllabifying syllabify symboled symbol symboling symbol symbolled symbol symbolling symbol symbols symbol tabbed tab tabbing tab tabs tab tagged tag tagging tag tags tag taken take taken_a_side take_a_side taken_pains take_pains taken_steps take_steps takes take takes_a_side take_a_side takes_pains take_pains takes_steps take_steps taking take taking_a_side take_a_side taking_pains take_pains taking_steps take_steps talced talc talcing talc talcked talc talcking talc talcs talc tallied tally tallies tally tally-ho'd tally-ho tally-hoed tally-ho tally-hoing tally-ho tally-hos tally-ho tallying tally tammied tammy tammies tammy tammying tammy tangoed tango tangoes tango tangoing tango tanned tan tanning tan tans tan tapped tap tapping tap taps tap tarred tar tarried tarry tarries tarry tarring tar tarrying tarry tars tar tasseled tassel tasseling tassel tasselled tassel tasselling tassel tassels tassel tats tat tatted tat tatting tat tattooed tattoo tattooing tattoo tattoos tattoo taught teach taxied taxi taxies taxi taxiing taxi taxying taxi te-heed te-hee te-heeing te-hee te-hees te-hee teaches teach teaching teach tearing tear tears tear teaselled teasel teaselling teasel teasels teasel tedded ted tedding ted teds ted teed tee teeing tee tees tee telecasted telecast telecasting telecast telecasts telecast telling tell tells tell tepefied tepefy tepefies tepefy tepefying tepefy terrified terrify terrifies terrify terrifying terrify testified testify testifies testify testifying testify thinking think thinking_the_world_of think_the_world_of thinks think thinks_the_world_of think_the_world_of thinned thin thinning thin thins thin thought think thought_the_world_of think_the_world_of threw throw threw_out throw_out thrived thrive thriven thrive thrives thrive thriving thrive throbbed throb throbbing throb throbs throb throve thrive throwing throw throwing_out throw_out thrown throw thrown_out throw_out throws throw throws_out throw_out thrummed thrum thrumming thrum thrums thrum thudded thud thudding thud thuds thud tidied tidy tidies tidy tidying tidy tied tie ties tie tinged tinge tingeing tinge tinges tinge tinging tinge tinned tin tinning tin tins tin tinseled tinsel tinseling tinsel tinselled tinsel tinselling tinsel tinsels tinsel tipped tip tipping tip tips tip tiptoed tiptoe tiptoeing tiptoe tiptoes tiptoe tittuped tittup tittuping tittup tittupped tittup tittupping tittup tittups tittup toadied toady toadies toady toadying toady toed toe toeing toe toes toe togged tog togging tog togs tog told tell tongued tongue tongues tongue tonguing tongue took take took_a_side take_a_side took_pains take_pains took_steps take_steps topped top topping top tops top tore tear torn tear torrefied torrefy torrefies torrefy torrefying torrefy torrify torrefy totaled total totaling total totalled total totalling total totals total tots tot totted tot totting tot toweled towel toweling towel towelled towel towelling towel towels towel trafficked traffic trafficking traffic traffics traffic traipsed traipse traipses traipse traipsing traipse trameled trammel trameling trammel tramelled trammel tramelling trammel tramels trammel trammed tram tramming tram trams tram tranquillized tranquillize tranquillizes tranquillize tranquillizing tranquillize transferred transfer transferring transfer transfers transfer transfixed transfix transfixes transfix transfixing transfix transfixt transfix tranship transship transhipped tranship transhipping tranship tranships tranship transmits transmit transmitted transmit transmitting transmit transmogrified transmogrify transmogrifies transmogrify transmogrifying transmogrify transshipped transship transshipping transship transships transship transvalued transvalue transvalues transvalue transvaluing transvalue trapanned trapan trapanning trapan trapans trapan trapped trap trapping trap traps trap traumatized traumatize traumatizes traumatize traumatizing traumatize traveled travel traveling travel travelled travel travelling travel travels travel travestied travesty travesties travesty travestying travesty treading tread treads tread trekked trek trekking trek treks trek trepanned trepan trepanning trepan trepans trepan tried try tries try trigged trig trigging trig trigs trig trimmed trim trimming trim trims trim tripped trip tripping trip trips trip trod tread trodden tread trogged trog trogging trog trogs trog trots trot trotted trot trotting trot troweled trowel troweling trowel trowelled trowel trowelling trowel trowels trowel trued true trues true truing true trying try tugged tug tugging tug tugs tug tumefied tumefy tumefies tumefy tumefying tumefy tunned tun tunneled tunnel tunneling tunnel tunnelled tunnel tunnelling tunnel tunnels tunnel tunning tun tuns tun tupped tup tupping tup tups tup tut-tuts tut-tut tut-tutted tut-tut tut-tutting tut-tut twigged twig twigging twig twigs twig twinned twin twinning twin twins twin twits twit twitted twit twitting twit tying tie typecasting typecast typecasts typecast typesets typeset typesetting typeset typewrites typewrite typewriting typewrite typewritten typewrite typewrote typewrite typified typify typifies typify typifying typify uglified uglify uglifies uglify uglifying uglify unbarred unbar unbarring unbar unbars unbar unbending unbend unbends unbend unbent unbend unbinding unbind unbinds unbind unbound unbind uncapped uncap uncapping uncap uncaps uncap unclad unclothe unclogged unclog unclogging unclog unclogs unclog unclothed unclothe unclothes unclothe unclothing unclothe underbidding underbid underbids underbid underbought underbuy underbuying underbuy underbuys underbuy undercuts undercut undercutting undercut underfed underfeed underfeeding underfeed underfeeds underfeed undergirded undergird undergirding undergird undergirds undergird undergirt undergird undergoes undergo undergoing undergo undergone undergo underlaid underlay underlain underlie underlay underlie underlaying underlay underlays underlay underlets underlet underletting underlet underlies underlie underlying underlie underpaid underpay underpaying underpay underpays underpay underpinned underpin underpinning underpin underpins underpin underpropped underprop underpropping underprop underprops underprop underselling undersell undersells undersell undersets underset undersetting underset undershooting undershoot undershoots undershoot undershot undershoot undersold undersell understanding understand understands understand understood understand understudied understudy understudies understudy understudying understudy undertaken undertake undertakes undertake undertaking undertake undertook undertake undervalued undervalue undervalues undervalue undervaluing undervalue underwent undergo underwrites underwrite underwriting underwrite underwritten underwrite underwrote underwrite undid undo undoes undo undoing undo undone undo unfits unfit unfitted unfit unfitting unfit unfreezes unfreeze unfreezing unfreeze unfroze unfreeze unfrozen unfreeze unified unify unifies unify unifying unify unkenneled unkennel unkenneling unkennel unkennelled unkennel unkennelling unkennel unkennels unkennel unknits unknit unknitted unknit unknitting unknit unlaid unlay unlaying unlay unlays unlay unlearned unlearn unlearning unlearn unlearns unlearn unlearnt unlearn unmade unmake unmakes unmake unmaking unmake unmanned unman unmanning unman unmans unman unpegged unpeg unpegging unpeg unpegs unpeg unpinned unpin unpinning unpin unpins unpin unplugged unplug unplugging unplug unplugs unplug unraveled unravel unraveling unravel unravelled unravel unravelling unravel unravels unravel unreeved unreeve unreeves unreeve unreeving unreeve unrigged unrig unrigging unrig unrigs unrig unripped unrip unripping unrip unrips unrip unrove unreeve unsaid unsay unsaying unsay unsays unsay unshipped unship unshipping unship unships unship unslinging unsling unslings unsling unslung unsling unsnapped unsnap unsnapping unsnap unsnaps unsnap unspeaking unspeak unspeaks unspeak unspoke unspeak unspoken unspeak unsteadied unsteady unsteadies unsteady unsteadying unsteady unstepped unstep unstepping unstep unsteps unstep unsticking unstick unsticks unstick unstopped unstop unstopping unstop unstops unstop unstringing unstring unstrings unstring unstrung unstring unstuck unstick unswearing unswear unswears unswear unswore unswear unsworn unswear untaught unteach 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70. -
Experience the natural beauty of the rainforest canopy on a SkyWay Exciting tours such as canopying, rafting and jungle cruises are all close by.
9 Day Costa Rican Traditions
Tour San Jose and the varied regions of Central America’s greatest destination.
Escorted Package Includes Inclusions
  • Round trip flights Miami-San Jose.
    Other departure cities available. Click on date of departure for selection and prices 2 nights at the Alta Hotel in San Jose 2 nights at the in Arenal 2 nights at the El Establo Hotel in Monteverde 2 nights at the in Manuel Antonio 8 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 4 dinners, 1 reception Tour Director throughout
  • Small Groups Visit La Paz Waterfalls Gardens Explore the National Parks of Arenal and Manuel Antonio Learn to paint your own handicrafts with local artisans Cross Lake Arenal to Monteverde Attend a Costa Rican cooking class Participate in a sunset yoga session on the beach Visit the Gold Museum and Costa Rica's National Theater
A cooking class, yoga on the beach, and a painting lesson in the artists' community of CASEM are just a few things you'll experience on this 9-day tour of Costa Rica. As Central America's most popular destination, the varied regions of Costa Rica make traveling there beyond ordinary.

71. Welcome To The Official Site Of The World Cup Of Flag Football!
The team returned to there host hotel in San Jose and then the following day they went White water rafting and canopying. On Saturday the Girls participated
World Cup 2006 WORLD CUP
San Jose,Costa Rica
Jan 6th,2008-Sat Only ROSTER LIMIT-
8/7 Man- 16 People
4Man- 6 People
Official Flag-
Flag A Tag- Sonic Flags-(min 15 inches)
Only Flags to be worn
$7 each at the Field
Mandatory Captains Meeting - Fri Jan 5th , 2007- 9Pm- TBA GAME TIMES 4Man Games- 8am to 4pm 7/8 Man Games- 8am- 4pm Site- Santo Domingo, Heredia-San Jose,Costa Rica Host Hotel- ALL TEAMS MUST Reserve with Official Travel Agency-Magical Mike's Tours HOST HOTEL MANDATORY Teams not booking through Magical Mikes Tours will not be allowed to participate in World Cup Event. Packages to include-Transfers to the Fields daily, Awards Banquet, Onsite Staff, Referees, Nightly Parties, Bikini Contest, Farwell Party and To Support the WORLD CUP TOURNAMENT. Costa Rican Flag Football Challenge Sat Only-Jan 5th-2008- PLAYERS WANTED Cost-$349 4 Days-All Inclusive- Transportation,Hotel,Food, Registration-

72. Costa Rica Canopy Tours, Eco Turism, Adventure Tours - Colinas Del Poás
The canopy is an activity which does not require special skills to perform it, yet it requires the ability to follow rules and instructions provided by the
Download flashplayer here Reservations One Day Tour
The Poas Canopy Tour is the most popular adventure tour in the mountain. It follows a set of rigid quality standards and safety rules, according to international standards.
With 24 platforms in the major trees, an extraordinary trail has been designed above the canopy forest.
The tour, of approximately two hours, is an experience filled with excitement and joy, in which the visitor performs a journey through the treetops on fourteen cables suspended high above the jungle trails, with the help and under the supervision of highly qualified and professional personnel. This exciting adventure ends when you glide down on an impressive 1980-feet length cable. Our company has indeed the technical support of professionals and technicians, who permanently control the quality and perfect conditions and operation of the equipment, platform and cable installations.
CANOPY SCHEDULE 3 Daily canopy tours 9 am
11 am
2 pm Open 7 days a week
Restaurant From 9 to 4 PM, Sundays: From 11 AM to 5 PM with special buffet.

73. Canopy
As one of the major players in this issue with my first article Can the Canopy Hold Water? it is time to lay out the results of this research in an
The Pathway Papers are here
The Demise and Fall of the Water Vapor Canopy: A Fallen Creationist Idea
by Glenn R. Morton
This may be copied freely so long as no alterations are made to the text and no monies are charged to the reader.
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Introduction Young-earth creationists have long advocated that the earth before the flood had a water vapor layer above the present atmosphere which condensed and caused the flood. Most young-earth creationists do not know the history of the concept (how recent it is in Christian thought) nor how much mathematical research has gone into it with the constant conclusion (since 1979) that it would lead to an earth with surface temperatures too high for life. As one of the major players in this issue with my first article Can the Canopy Hold Water? it is time to lay out the results of this research in an available place for easy access. This paper will begin with the history of the concept. The History of the Vapor Canopy In 1874, Isaac Newton Vail, published a pamphlet in which he argued that the world had once been covered by a water vapor canopy (Vail, 1912, p. v). Few canopy advocates have ever read this rather bizarre work and thus do not know the source of their intellectual idea. Prior to this time, the Christian world had never entertained the idea of a water vapor canopy. Vail was not a young-earth creationist. He believed that the earth was very old and began in a molten state. The water and atmosphere, thus heated extended 100,000 miles away from the planet (Vail 1912, p. 21) The water vapor in this extended atmosphere then condensed to a sequence of icy rings. He says (1912, p. 25):

There can be several layers of canopy, each layer being a microhabitat for differing species of canopy dwellers such as birds, insects, epiphytes,

75. CJO - Abstract - Teaching Techniques For Mycology: 22. Disclosure Of
Your browser may not have a PDF reader available. Google recommends visiting our text version of this document.

76. Costa Rica Canopy Tours - San Jose - Zip Through The Trees In The Canopy In Cost
A guide to Costa Rica Canopy Tours San Jose where you can find thousands of listings with descriptions and photos.

An umbrella as defined in claim 2 wherein the collapsible canopy is curved . The luminous umbrella 20 includes a shaft 22 and a collapsible canopy 24.
Login or Create Free Account Search Go to Advanced Search Home Search Patents Data Services ... Help Title: ***WITHDRAWN PATENT AS PER THE LATEST USPTO WITHDRAWN LIST***
Luminous umbrella
Document Type and Number: United States Patent 5865202 Link to this page: Abstract: The luminous umbrella of the present invention uses a high proportion of the light generated by mounting the light bulb high on the shaft such that most of the light from the light bulb is projected on the undersurface of the umbrella canopy The undersurface has a high luminous reflectance and is curved, consequently focusing the light from the light bulb down to illuminate a space immediately around the user. This luminous space widens towards the bottom, thereby providing the widest illumination at the ground where it is most needed. As a result of the light being efficiently focussed, the required luminosity of the light bulb is reduced, enabling the umbrella to be powered using an incandescent light bulb and a few 1.5 volt batteries. Alternatively, if it is desired to provide extremely bright illumination, the conventional incandescent bulb may be replaced with a halogen bulb. The batteries still suffice to provide bright illumination by the halogen bulb. Inventors: Murphy, Sean (33 Wilkes Creek Dr., Port Moody, B.C., CA)

78. Define Canopy - Source: '!' | Multi-Dictionary | Definition Of Canopy
Define Canopy. Search multiple spelling dictionaries online. Get definition to words. Over 100+ dictionaries. Define, Spell Check, Research, Bible names,
Home Articles Shopping News ... Help! reddit_url='' Define Canopy using "exact" search strategy. Enter a word, phrase, city, state or zip to define:
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Search All Databases First Match Found (1 DB) The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 WordNet (r) 2.0 Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 Elements database 20001107 Virtual Entity of Relevant Acronyms (Version 1.9, June 2002) Jargon File (4.3.1, 29 Jun 2001) The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (27 SEP 03) Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary (late 1800's) Bouvier's Law Dictionary, Revised 6th Ed (1856) THE DEVIL'S DICTIONARY ((C)1911 Released April 15 1993) CIA World Factbook 2002 U.S. Gazetteer (1990) U.S. Gazetteer Counties (2000) U.S. Gazetteer Places (2000) U.S. Gazetteer Zip Code Tabulation Areas (2000) Africaan-German Freedict dictionary Africaan-English Freedict Dictionary English-Arabic Freedict Dictionary Croatian-English Freedict Dictionary Czech-English Freedict dictionary Danish-English Freedict dictionary German-English Freedict dictionary German-French Freedict dictionary German-Italian Freedict dictionary German-Nederland Freedict dictionary German-Portugese Freedict dictionary English-Africaan Freedict Dictionary English-Arabic FreeDict Dictionary English-Croatian Freedict Dictionary English-Czech fdicts/FreeDict Dictionary English-German Freedict dictionary English-French Freedict Dictionary

79. Definition Of Canopy From
Free online English dictionary. We define canopy as NCanopy \Can o*py\ (ka^n o*py^), n.; pl. {Canopies}(-pi^z). OE. canapie, F. canap e
What does canopy mean? we found 2 entries for the meaning of canopy
(-p[i^]z). [OE. canapie, F. canap['e] sofa, OF. conop['e]e, conopeu, conopieu, canopy, vail, pavilion (cf. It. canop[`e] canopy, sofa), LL. conopeum a bed with mosquito curtains, fr. Gr. kwnwpei^on, fr. kw`nwps gnat, kw`nos cone + 'w`ps face. See Cone , and Optic
1. A covering fixed over a bed, dais, or the like, or carried on poles over an exalted personage or a sacred object, etc. chiefly as a mark of honor. ``Golden canopies and beds of state.'' Dryden. 2. (Arch.)
(a) An ornamental projection, over a door, window, niche, etc.
(b) Also, a rooflike covering, supported on pillars over an altar, a statue, a fountain, etc. Source : Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
To cover with, or as with, a canopy. ``A bank with ivy canopied.'' Milton. Source : Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
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80., The Free English And Translator Dictionary
To cover with, or as with, a canopy. A bank with ivy canopied. , Above us was a canopy of thick green leaves of the old tree., the free English and translator dictionary
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