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         Candlepin Bowling:     more detail
  1. The game of candlepin bowling by Florence E Greenleaf, 1981
  2. Bowling: Skittles, Ten-Pin Bowling, Pba Tour, Candlepin Bowling, Pinsetter, Five-Pin Bowling, Bowling Ball, American Machine and Foundry
  3. Candlepin bowling: The light side by Jim Fairhurst, 1985
  4. Candlepin bowling for physical education, recreation and camping programs by James J McLaughlin, 1964
  5. Candlepin Handbook for Better Bowling by Inc. Bowl Mor Co., 1960
  6. Candlepin bowl-o-mania by Carl E Greene, 1986

1. Candlepin Bowling - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
candlepin bowling is a variation of bowling that is played primarily in several New England states, and in the Canadian Maritime provinces of New Brunswick,
Candlepin bowling
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search Candlepin Bowling lanes at a bowling alley in Massachusetts Candlepin bowling is a variation of bowling that is played primarily in several New England states, and in the Canadian Maritime provinces of New Brunswick Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia
edit History and Differences
It was developed in 1880 in Worcester, Massachusetts by a local bowling alley owner, Justin White, some years before either the standardization of the tenpin sport in 1895, and the invention of duckpin bowling . As in other forms of bowling, the players roll balls down a wooden pathway (known as a lane ) to knock down as many pins as possible. The main differences between candlepin bowling and the predominant ten-pin bowling style are that each player uses three balls per frame (see below), the balls are much smaller (4.5" diameter) and do not have holes, the fallen pins (known as 'wood') are not cleared away between balls during a player's turn, and the pins are thinner, and thus harder to knock down. Because of these differences, scoring points is considerably more difficult than in ten-pin bowling, and the highest officially sanctioned score ever recorded is 245 out of a possible 300 points Candlepin bowling balls are 4.5 inches in diameter.

2. International Candlepin Bowling Association Home Page
Information concerning the game of candlepin bowling, official rules, history, records, and locations.

3. Candlepin Bowling
candlepin bowling is a unique game found mostly in New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts and Eastern Canada. What makes this game different from other forms

4. Index
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Bowling Program
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5. Candlepin Bowling
Boston bowling; involves tiny little pins and tiny little balls (the pins are so hard to hit, you get three tries a frame). RIP Candlepin
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    Candlepin bowling
    Boston bowling; involves tiny little pins and tiny little balls (the pins are so hard to hit, you get three tries a frame). R.I.P "Candlepin Bowling" on Saturday mornings. Candlepin lanes in Massachusetts Comments There's no way to explain this to people outside of Mass. I have tried and people think your wicked weird. leo bendinelli on February 10, 2004 10:50 PM I have great memories of watching Candlepin Bowling every Saturday with my Gram. Remember Don Gillis? Shari on February 22, 2004 06:55 AM I thought Candlepin Bowling was invented in Whistah, not Boston cyndi on March 1, 2004 02:10 PM The first time I happened into a Candlepin bowling alley I thought there was something really wrong with the bowling alley. The bowling alley manager explained it to me, and I could not believe how much harder Candlepin bowling was than ten-pin bowling. I have since really gotten to like it. Oh, and yes, Candlepin was invented in Worcester by Justin White, try for a great history of Candlepin. Amanda on March 13, 2004 08:20 PM

6. Massachusetts Bowling Association
Promotes and coordinates the recreation of candlepin bowling. Features news, events, links, graphics, the sport s history, and contact details for local
Massachusetts Bowling Association Home Mass Senior Games 2007 MBA Houses And Associate Members 2007 State Tournaments ... Invitations - Welcome To The Sport Of Candlepin Bowling -
Vice-President - Al Gangi
President: Al Gangi Woburn Bowladrome 32 Montvale Ave Woburn, MA Vice-President: Joe Sparks Fairway Sports World 721 Worcester St Natick, MA Treasurer: Ed Gangi Recording Secretary: Linda Cluff The objectives of the organization are:
a) To promote, encourage, preserve, stabilize, strengthen, enlarge, unify and coordinate the recreation of candlepin bowling;
b) To foster good will, harmonious action, mutual respect and fair dealing among members, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and others engaged in the business of supplying equipment and services to bowling lane proprietors;
c) To foster, promote, standardize and perpetuate the sport of candlepin bowling and all its pattern as a wholesome recreation for all ages and to achieve and maintain candlepin bowling at its highest possible level;
d) To elevate to the highest standards the sportsmanship of all involved, impressing that one should bowl for fun and recreation and for sport's sake alone;

7. Nova Scotia Candlepin Bowling
Basic information on candlepin bowling, equipment used, and current record scores.
Nova Scotia, Canada
The Game

Record Scores

Email Me

Welcome to the Nova Scotia Candlepin Bowling page. If you are looking for great information on this form of bowling you are in the right place. If you already know a lot about candlepin please feel free to browse some of the league scores and super links.
Feb. 11/00 - The Lighter Side of Candlepin Bowling II book by James Fairhurst is in. If you are in Canada you will be able to get it from me. Click on the picture to see a larger pic of the cover and the foreword. At the bottom of that page you can click to see the Table of Contents. You can email me for more details.
I encourage everyone to sign and view my guest book. This is a great place to learn about some other candlepinners and exchange high score information.
Enjoy your stay and I hope this is as informative as it is enjoyable to maintain. Feel free to drop me a line and tell me your thoughts on this challenging form of the game.
This Candlepin Bowling site is owned by Brian Cogswell . It is part of the Candleping Bowling Web Ring. Previous 5 Sites Skip Previous Previous Next ... List Sites Since August 30, 1997

8. Western New England Candlepin Association
It is the mission of the Western New England Candlepin Association (WNECA) to provide the public with the best in candlepin bowling Centers, to promote the

9. Teaching Tommy: Candlepin Bowling
New England has a unique tradition called candlepin bowling. Unlike traditional bowling, it involves the use of a small, light ball and candleshaped pins.
Teaching Tommy
In this blog, I explore the process of homeschooling my son, Tommy. Tommy was diagnosed with autism at age three; for years we have complained bitterly about the quality of "special ed" in the public schools. Now, it's time to put our hearts, minds and money where our mouths are! Join us on the journey.
Saturday, October 27, 2007
Candlepin Bowling
New England has a unique tradition called Candlepin Bowling. Unlike traditional bowling, it involves the use of a small, light ball and candle-shaped pins. The bowler gets three tries at knocking the pins down, and can use the fallen pins to whack those pins that are still standing.
We first discovered the fun of candlepin bowling on vacation in Maine - and it was one of the first times that Tommy actually PLAYED a game without melting down or walking away. When we started vacationing on Cape Cod, we always made time for the game.
So... this fall, with some trepidation, we signed Tommy up for the junior league at a friendly local bowling alley. This is one of those situations in which we felt that Tom really OUGHT to be involved in a sport (just like everyone else). In part, I'm sure, this is a matter of peer pressure (pressure from OUR peers, not Tom's). But I'd tried Tom in team sports like soccer and baseball, and even when it was a "special" program, he found it very anxiety-producing. The need to track other players, follow their actions, and then jump in accordingly was, quite simply, too much.

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11. Monday Night Bowling League Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgendered Bowling Boston
candlepin bowling league.
There will be Bowling tonight and that the Pizza Party is still on for this evening as well.
Quick Links:

  • Week 17 Standings
  • 2007-2008 Newsletters
  • 2007-2008 FULL Calendar
  • Please join us on Monday, September 10, 2007, as we begin our 2007 - 2008 Season of candlepin bowling at Boston Bowl, 820 Morrissey Boulevard, Boston, MA. Registration starts at 6:45 PM for new bowlers. Practice starts at 7:20 PM. Bowling begins promptly at 7:30 PM. We will be able to accommodate 84 bowlers (6 bowlers per team) on 14 dedicated lanes. We do have some substitute bowler positions (subs) available for anyone who cannot bowl for 30 weeks but wishes to bowl on a casual basis.
  • 12. Maine Candlepin Bowling
    candlepin bowling in Maine. Maine candlepin bowling. Fun for all ages . Pins. For comments or corrections to this site, email Jim
    This document requires a browser that can view frames.

    List of candlepin bowling centers throughout United States and Canada. Also provides an updated list of lanes, directions, and website links.
    Where to bowl CANDLEPINS! …has been moved! Andrew Little was kind enough to take over this site, since I currently run the Needham Bowlaway, and no longer have time to update this website. Thanks, Andrew for volunteering your time and energy, and thanks to all of you for bowling CANDLEPINS! Scott Moore
    Owner, Needham Bowlaway, Needham Massachusetts The new address is:

    14. Maine Candlepin Bowling
    The M.S.C.B.A. is dedicated to maintaining the sport of candlepin bowling’s integrity and popularity. It provides quality programs and leadership to enhance
    Home Bowling Tips How to Score Contact Us M.S.C.B.A. Bowling Centers
    TOURNAMENTS Schedule Results Tournament
    CHAMPIONS 2007 Champion 2006 Champion 2005 Champions 2001 Champions The M.S.C.B.A. The M.S.C.B.A. works with its member centers and bowlers to promote bowling and encourage increased participation in the sport of within the State of Maine. Every effort will be made to continually put information that bowlers would like to see on the Web site. To accomplish this goal, we need and value your feedback. Please use this E-Mail link or one of those listed on the contact us page to let us know how we can serve you better.

    15. Milky Way Lounge & Lanes - Jamaica Plain, MA: Bowling
    candlepin bowling is a New England tradition. Our alley features seven The great thing about candlepin bowling is that anyone can play and have fun! Special Invites, Gift Certificates Candlepin bowling is a New England tradition. Our alley features seven lanes with original 1950s wooden ball returns, hunter green bowling benches and peach scoring tables. The fun continues with 2 pool tables, and a classic Ms. Pac Man / Galaga upright. And if the Sox are playing, you know we'll have the game on at the bar!
    The Milky Way "takes you back to those grade-school birthday parties when it was cool to listen to Shawn Cassidy and drink Strawberry Quick" -
    Right around the corner, you will be wowed by our full bar, offering everything from PBR to single malt scotch to our famous Apple Martinis. Plus, Bella Luna's extensive and delicious menu is served nightly.
    "In short, the Milky Way is a great combination of all you need in life-food, beer, entertainment, friends and candlepins" . - Secret Boston Basics Bowling Fees Bowling Availability Bowling Reservations ... Candlepin History Basics The great thing about candlepin bowling is that anyone can play and have fun! Our orange and green balls are only 4 inches in diameter, and weigh less than 4 pounds. The pins are always in play even after they fall down, and the bowler gets three chances to clear the deck as opposed to only two in ten-pin bowling. We use "traditional scoring", which means you get a pencil and a scoring sheet and keep track of the scores yourself - a great chance to brush up on your arithmetic skills! Bowling Fees To simplify things, we charge a flat rate of $25 per hour per lane.You can have up to 6 people bowling on one lane. If six people bowl for one hour, it only costs $4.20 each!

    16. Brian "Krow" Aker's Idle Thoughts - Candlepin Bowling?
    When I am rich and can afford to waste money on bad business ventures I will build a candlepin bowling alley out here. Unfortunatly the pin setters are not
    Brian "Krow" Aker's Idle Thoughts - Candlepin Bowling?
    Page Summary
    Candlepin Bowling?
    One of the neat things I did this week was I went Candlepin bowling.
    Sheeri had first mentioned this to me at a conference last year and
    since then I have been interested in seeing what it was.
    You can read more details about it on Wikipedia but in short it is
    bowling played with a very small ball that you roll down the lane to
    hit pins with are more narrow and tapered at the top and the bottom.
    The ball fits in the palm of your hand and weighs a bit more then two
    pounds. The first game I did quite poorly but by the second game I
    got my score up to 92. The throw is entirely different and it takes a
    faster pitch to really knock down the pins.
    Since the pins are not swept after each throw you have to spend some time before rolling the ball to determine where the best spot to hit the pins is. Having pins left in the lane means you can consider ricochet in your strategy.

    17. Candlepin Bowling - Synonyms From The Merriam-Webster Online Thesaurus
    Synonyms of candlepin bowling from the MerriamWebster Online Thesaurus with antonyms, definitions, Word of the Day, and word games. bowling

    18. Bloomingdale's: Candlepin Bowling -
    Did you mean candle bowling? Sorry, we did not find any results for candlepin bowling. Search Again. Please try again using an alternate spelling or keyword bowling

    19. Timber Lanes - 460 Bedford St (Route 18) - Abington, MA. 02351 - (781)878-0219 -
    Abington. Offers candlepin bowling to the South Shore and features information on leagues, cosmic bowling, and party packages.
    This Website Has Had Over 3,257,482 Hits Since 11/97! ... Site Last Update 01/22/2008
    To Reserve Lanes On Friday or Saturday Nights!

    Some Leagues Still Have Openings!!

    Timber Lanes - 460 Bedford St (Route 18) - Abington, MA. 02351 - (781)878-0219 - Email Us!

    Thanks Mish!
    candlepin candlepin bowling candlepin bowling Candle pin Bowling Abington abington abington Massachusetts Cosmic cosmic cosmic Fun Recreation recreation Rockland rockland rockland whitman whitman Whitman Brockton brockton brockton holdbrook holbrook Holbrook Weymouth weymouth weymouth hanson hanson Hanson Braintree braintree braintree History Leagues Corporate Outings Company Outings Meetings Meetings "Class Reunions" "Family Reunions"

    20. Candlepin Bowling - Amidst A Tangled Web
    I had a paper route when I was 10 and I delivered the newspaper to a candlepin bowling alley. I had no idea there was another type of bowling and in
    Amidst a tangled web Thursday Jan 24, 2008 - 06:14 PST home site map contact
    candlepin bowling I had a paper route when I was 10 and I delivered the newspaper to a candlepin bowling alley. I had no idea there was another type of bowling and in addition to playing many video games I bowled there quite often. I would usually score in the 80's to 90's and would sometimes break 100. I don't remember what my highest score was, but I think it was around 121. I liked how you had to learn how to score your own card, instead of having it automated because it forced me to understand the game. I enjoyed watching the State Bowling Tournaments on TV to see if I could glean any pointers from how they bowled. It wasn't until I went to Utah for college that I discovered that no one in the Western United States knew what candlepin bowling was. After doing further research I found that while the New England area had both candlepin bowling and ten-pin (or duck-pin) bowling, no one else did. The International Candlepin Bowling Association web site has more details about how the game is played as well as a very complete list of rules and records.

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