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         Bocce:     more books (16)
  1. The Joy of Bocce - 2nd Edition by Mario Pagnoni, 2004-11-18
  2. The Joy of Bocce: 3rd Edition by Mario Pagnoni, 2010-07-27
  3. Bocce: A Sport for Everyone by Rico C. Daniele, 2000-08-20
  4. Insight.(marketing of bocce ball courts to wineries)(Column): An article from: Wines & Vines by Larry Walker, 1999-09-01
  5. Beach Bocce Champion by Doug Ross, 2009-09-20
  6. Bocce. (Demonstration Sports) (The 1991 ISSOG: Special Olympics International): An article from: Palaestra by Michael Paciorek, 1992-01-01
  7. What's Cooking at the Bocce Courts? by St. Louis Bocce Club Ladies Auxiliary, 1977
  8. Holiday Jan 1968 BOCCE/HAMBURG/NOEL COWARD/CARTAGENA by Al Hine, 1968
  9. Bowls: Pétanque, Bocce, Basque Bowls, New Zealand Indoor Bowls, 2010 Welsh International Open, Short Mat Bowls, Boccia, Bowling Green
  10. Cento Anni Di Storia Delle Bocce Nel Lodigiano by Giuseppe Pacchiarini, 2001-01
  11. The Big Book of Rules: Board Games, Kids' Games, Card Games, from Backgammon and Bocce to Tiddlywinks and Stickball by Stephanie Spadaccini, 2008-05-29
  12. Bocce: A mini history of the sport in Chisholm by Lawrence Belluzzo, 1989
  13. What's Cooking At the Bocce Courts
  14. Bocce and the economics of collusion by James L Doti, 1986

1. Bocce - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
bocce is played on soil, oyster shell or asphalt courts approximately 20 to 27 metres in length and 2.5 to 4 metres wide, sometimes with wooden boards of
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search Bocce players scoring Bocce (or Bocci , or Boccie , is a precision sport closely related to bowls and p©tanque with a common ancestry from ancient games played in the Roman Empire . Developed into its present form in Italy , it is played around Europe and also in overseas countries that have received Italian migrants, including Australia North America and South America (where it is known as bochas ), initially amongst the migrants themselves but slowly becoming more popular with their descendants and the wider community. The game is also well-known in former Yugoslavia ( boćanje
edit Rules and play
Bocce is played on soil, oyster shell or asphalt courts approximately 20 to 27 metres in length and 2.5 to 4 metres wide, sometimes with wooden boards of approximately 15 centimetres in height surrounding the court. Bocce balls can be made of bronze or various kinds of plastic . Unlike lawn bowls, bocce balls are spherical and have no inbuilt bias. Red scores 2 points A game can be contested between two players, or two teams of two, three, or four. A match is started by a randomly chosen side being given the opportunity to throw a smaller ball, the

2. United States Bocce Federation
Contains the history of bocce, tournament listings, rules, required skills and training.
About USBF 2007 National Championship Pictures 2007 National Championship Results
Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. About Bocce Tournaments Rules World Wide Organizations ... Contact

3. How To Play Bocce Ball |
How to Play bocce Ball. This ancient game, whose modern adaptation most closely resembles bowling, requires skill, strategy and just a little luck.
How To Do Just About Everything
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    How to Play Bocce Ball
    Get out in the sun and play some bocce ball BROWSE HOW TOs
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    This ancient game, whose modern adaptation most closely resembles bowling, requires skill, strategy and just a little luck. Bocce ball is a great game to play outside on a beautiful day. It is highly popular among seniors, but youths are sure to enjoy this accuracy game.
    Difficulty: Easy
    Step One
    Find a flat, level playing surface (packed dirt, gravel or grass are ideal). A regulation bocce court is 76 feet long and 10 feet wide.

4. - Let The Good Times Roll!
Provides rules, tournament resources, events, photos, shopping and instructions on making a court in your yard. Also includes a listing of facility
Banner won't open? Press your 'Ctrl' key and click again! Navigation Bar: Home Bocce FAQs Bocce Links Bocce Rules Bocce Courts ...
- Portable Bocce Court
Non-Bocce Product
Bocce Locations Bocce Events Bocce Pictures ... Bocce Bums In association with has been selected as one of the best educational resources on the Web by StudySphere. Your Bocce Resource on the Internet
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Let's make 2008 Great!
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Backyard Bocce is here!
Put a bocce court in the backyard, to the park or camping. Setup on any flat surface and play! Check out the 'iBocce Court'
I built my own bocce court!
Here is a pictorial diary of my progress. The guidelines are available for purchase. Now everyone can build their own bocce court! Advertise on!
2007 had our biggest total of visitors and hits to date! Click here to see the stat totals. There is also information on using as an advertising tool to reach the 'bocce' public! Keep spreading the word about bocce! on

5. Bocce On The Net
Basic layout and rules for the game of bocce.
Bocce on the Net
Since I can't find any other bocce resources on the Net, I'll just have to put up what I know about the game and what I can glean from the rule book. So, all you folks who've e-mailed me over the last couple of months, here ya go! Bocce has been around since the Roman Empire and conjures visions of old Italian men wiling away warm Mediterranean afternoons discussing politics and drinking red wine. I'm neither old nor Italian, but I have wiled away many an afternoon with friends discussing politics and drinking beer while playing bocce ;-) Bocce is closely related to lawn bowling. To the best of my knowledge, the biggest difference is that bocce is played on a hard-surface court with a backstop at each end, while lawn bowling is played on grass with a relatively free-form "court". By this definition many folks are lawn bowling since very few constructed bocce courts exist in the U.S. The following set of rules are condensed from the official guide published by the International Bocce Association. Many variations exist, and I play a very relaxed set of rules in keeping with tradition. For tournament play, consult the official guide (see end of document). The Courts For lawn bowling, you don't really use a court. Just choose any space of lawn that's large and reasonably level. Then step off about 20 adult paces and use that as a good playing distance. For bocce:

6. Welcome To Bocce Bowls. The Official Site Of The BFA.: Home
Welcome to the Australian Federation site. bocce Bowls is played as a social game or as a competitive sport. Our site contains News, Events, Contacts,

, What is it?
A wonderful bowl sport you can play socially anywhere, or play in competition.
Our organisation is volunteer managed, but it would give us a buzz if you found the information on this site interesting. We would certainly like to hear comments about it on email: [top]

7. Collegium Cosmicum Ad Buxeas - The Bocce Site
The COLLEGIUM COSMICUM AD BUXEAS is the preeminent international organization for bocce. Shop for all your needs for bocce.
W elcome to the C OLLEGIUM C OSMICUM AD B UXEAS the preeminent international organization for the sport of bocce.
Court Design History Rules ...
Shop for Bocce Apparel and Accessories

Bocce, The Next Olympic Sport
Support the Cause
T-Shirts in four bright colors

8. Joy Of Bocce, Bocce, Book, Instructional Book | Striker | Massachusetts
bocce website featuring instructional book (Joy of bocce) including information on how to play bocce, locate bocce equipment, and build a bocce court.


Subscribe to The Joy of Bocce Weekly ezine. It's FREE and it helps you understand the game, rules, variations of play, etc. It provides tips to improve play, keeps you up-to-date on new equipment and events, and entertains you with humorous bocce anecdotes from around the world.
Subscribe! Enter your email to join The Joy of Bocce Weekly today!
Check out our site and feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you might have. We're promoting the sport we love, and savoring the joy of bocce.
Our instructional book on bocce, The Joy of Bocce (sometimes spelled bocci or even boccie), has information on where to purchase bocce balls and related equipment, how to play, bocce rules, strategy, how to build a bocce court (sometimes called a bocce alley), and bocce tournaments.
To order The Joy of Bocce 2nd Edition - ($19.45) click here:
Receive the FREE Joy of Bocce Weekly Ezine

About Us
About the Book ... This Week's Photos

9. WORLD BOCCE: Bocce Ball Rules, Official Bocce Rules
Welcome to the world of bocce.Learn how to play bocce ball,
First Video Of Its Kind! How to Play Bocce My Way by Phil Ferrari, Former United States Singles Champion Home Products About Bocce New Video ... Play Bocce Online WBL Collectibles Guestbook View Cart Buy your official bocce ball rules online. Complete bocce rule rule book with how to play bocce ball and the rules of bocce. Purchase items such as bocce shirts, hats, cups, mugs, key chains, Measuring Device, video tapes and other bocce memorabilia. Rule Book
Bocce Ball Rules - Official Bocce Rules
WBL has compiled a comprehensive set of Open Rules that are officially sanctioned throughout the U.S. $7.50 Set of Bocce Balls
(8 balls and 1 pallino with bag)
Bocce Ball Sets - Patriot Set
This beautiful Bocce set, which includes four deep red balls,
four blue balls and a white pallino fits into the smart carrying case depicted above and is sure to make people think you're a pro, even if you're a newcomer to the game! Hats (embroidered) Available in sand with a red Bocce ball and brown pallino, white with the official World Bocce League logo and sand with the World Bocce League logo.

10. Bocce
bocce is a game of skill and strategy. The object is for one team to get as many of their balls (boccia) closer to the pallina (the smallest ball) than the Olympics Public Website/English/Compete/S
document.write(' '); English Compete Sports Offered Print this page
Bocce is a game of skill and strategy. The object is for one team to get as many of their balls (boccia) closer to the pallina (the smallest ball) than the opposing team's closest ball. Mario Palminteri, Special Olympics Italy, competes at the bocce singles event at the 2003 Special Olympics World Summer Games. [Photo by Gerry McGuinness, IRELAND OUT] There may be anywhere from two to four to eight players on a team. Each player is given two balls. Each player must then take turns rolling (lagging) the ball toward the pallina ball (also known as the jack, cue, beebee etc.), which has already been thrown onto the field. The players are given points for the balls rolled closest to the pallina ball. Players may also throw on the fly (volo), striking the ball to move the point ball. Balls, including the pallina, may also be displaced by the balls of other players. Special Olympics athletes can also participate in Unified Sports® bocce competition. Special Olympics Unified Sports is a program that combines Special Olympics athletes and athletes without intellectual disabilities (partners) on sports teams for training and competition.

11. Campo Di Bocce, Fine Italian Cuisine
Highlights bocce court rules and fees, along with league and tournament schedules. Also provides Italian restaurant menus and wine list.

12. Welcome To
Provides portable bocce courts and ball sets. Also includes history of the sport and court specifications.
Backyard Bocce is the only manufacturer of portable Bocce courts in the world. We are a supplier of courts to Bocce enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels, including: families, clubs and leagues, schools, park and recreation departments, senior centers and retirement facilities, campgrounds and RV parks, children's camps, restaurants and resorts, corporations, and organizations serving persons with disabilities.
Our mission is to promote the international sport of Bocce around the world by bringing it to everyone's "backyard" through portable Bocce courts. The courts are a cost effective alternative to professionally landscaped courts that can cost several thousand dollars to build and are a more practical solution than makeshift courts made of heavy wood or PVC or crudely constructed court boundaries made of rope, string, chalk, or paint. A court consists of a vinyl template that provides the layout of a court and can be setup on grass, dirt, clay, or sand surfaces, with grass being the ideal surface. Courts are lightweight, portable, and designed for easy set-up and take down.
We hope you enjoy our products. Since we are committed to promoting Bocce and enhancing your enjoyment of the game, please provide us with any feedback you may have that would help us improve our products.

13. - Bocce - Waterloo, CA - Techno / Crunk / Ghettotech - Www.myspace.c
MySpace music profile for bocce with tour dates, songs, videos, pictures, blogs, band information, downloads and more.
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Techno / Crunk / Ghettotech
waterloo, ontario
Profile Views: 15468
Last Login: 1/23/2008
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Contacting bocce
MySpace URL:
bocce: General Info Member Since Band Website Band Members nik must, ben ong, mike bond, tony salomone Influences ohbijou, torngat, doseone Record Label unsigned Type of Label Indie Upcoming Shows view all Feb 2 2008 Hillside Inside @ Sleeman Centre Guelph, Ontario Feb 15 2008 Wavelength 400 @ Gladstone Toronto, Ontario Mar 1 2008 Starlight Waterloo, Ontario Mar 8 2008 CMW @ Drake Underground Toronto, Ontario bocce's Latest Blog Entry Subscribe to this Blog View All Blog Entries About bocce bocce's Friend Space bocce has friends. one heart many hands light rail coyote Knock Knock Ginger ohbijou ... New bocce's Friends Comments Displaying of comments ( View All Add Comment Kritical Kontact Jan 16 2008 6:56 AM For Accepting Our Add Request Hows life?

14. Bocce USA - Official Home Page
bocce USA is a not for profit indoor bocce playing and training facility located in the Factory Stores of America Shopping Center in West Frankfort,
The move to our new bocce facility has been completed. We are located in the Community Center" (The former Frankfort Elementary School)
Turn north at the Dairy Queen on east main street or any of the two streets before. Any of these three streets will take you directly to the old school complex. Once there, turn in the driveway that runs along the east side of the building where there is ample parking. Enter the double doors on the buildings northeast corner . Bocce USA the first door on the left
We are now in full operation with " free "community play every Tuesday evening beginning at 6:00 PM.
Bocce USA is a not for profit indoor Bocce playing and training facility located in the The New Beginnings Community Center in West Frankfort, Illinois BOCCE USA is a place where residents of Southern Illinois have the opportunity to play and enjoy the 7000 year old sport of bocce BOCCE USA is home to the only indoor organized weekly bocce league in Illinois south of Chicago. There is NO charge for organized "community play" held

15. Bocce Sets : Shop Bocce Balls & Equipment At
bocce Ball Set is the premier retailer of bocce ball sets and bocce ball equipment. We offer the largest bocce set selection which you
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16. Bocce Cafe
Walk through the trellis covered entryway of bocce Café and you will find yourself in a historical monument that was once the old Spaghetti Factory.
Bocce Cafe
restaurant and bar

17. - History - Bocce
This document contains a history of bocce, the Italian version of lawn bowling, with an account of how the game is played. It is a page in the History
Sports History
Alpha Index Index by Sport History Bits Forum ... Search
Table of Contents
Bocce is the Italian version of lawn bowling. The earliest known form of the sport was a game played in the Italian Alps, early in the Christian Era, in which stones were tossed at a target stonenot necessarily to hit it, but to land as close as possible to it. This was a major amusement for Roman soldiers, who spread it through the empire. Balls were eventually substituted for the stones and they were usually rolled rather than tossed. Three distinct types of lawn bowling developed through the centuries. In France, the game was known as boules , from the Classical Latin word for ball. A different form of the sport became known in England as "lawn bowls". Bocce, also known as boccia, derived its name from the Vulgar Latin word for ball, bottia Italian immigrants brought bocce to the United States. Its original centers of popularity were New York City and San Francisco because of their large Italian-American populations. But, as newer generations grew away from the sport, bocce declined and seemed in danger of extinction in this country. The sport experienced a small resurgence, mainly in California, during the 1970s and it's grown rapidly during the last decade. The center of the sport in the U. S. is Martinez, California, which has more than a thousand competitors in league play and many more who simply play for fun.

18. Bocce Club Pizza
Dino s bocce Club Pizza has been a tradition in Buffalo, NY for over 50 years.
document.write(""); Since 1946, when Dino Pacciotti and his brother-in-law Michael Sacco purchased a bar on Hickory Street called " Bocce Club ," and began serving pizza snacks, Bocce's has been known for serving the best pizza in Buffalo.
Always innovators, Bocce Club was one of the first to offer take-out pizza. By the mid-1970s, Bocce Club had introduced the first half-baked pizza for those who wanted fresh-cooked pies on their own timetables. And Bocce's always uses the freshest, most natural ingredients, from 100% whole milk mozzarella cheese to dough that is made from scratch daily!
Today, Bocce's partially baked pizzas are shipped FedEx overnight all over the United States.
Order a Bocce Pizza today!!!!

The Talking Phone Book
Buffalo Talks

19. Palazzo Di Bocce: Play Bocce, Enjoy Fine Italian Dining At America's Best Bocce
Americas first palace of bocce ball.
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20. Bocce Ball Rules | Bocce Rules - Bocce Rules
Your 1 bocce Ball resource. Information on bocce ball rules, bocce courts, bocce ball sets, and more!, Your 1 bocce Ball resource. Information on bocce
Bocce Rules Welcome bocce lover! There is a good chance you reached this site by searching for "bocce ball rules" or some variation thereof. If this is the case, we would like to first clear up a common misconception about the name of the game. In fact, the word "ball" is unnecessary when referring to the game of bocce. Playing a game of "bocce ball" is grammatically similar to playing a round of "golf ball." This site was purposely given its incorrect name as an experiment, and to help to educate bocce fans all over the world! Bocce is without a doubt one of the most exciting and enjoyable sports. You may be interested in playing bocce ball competitively, or you might just want to play a friendly game in your back yard. No matter your level of competition, the rules of bocce are relatively basic, and allow you to start playing and enjoying this wonderful game within minutes.
Open Bocce
Bocce Ball Set Open Bocce is the most popular form of bocce by casual players. The great thing about open bocce is that it can be played almost anywhere there is open space. This includes grassy surfaces such as a front lawn or back yard, dirt surfaces, sandy surfaces such as the beach, and even paved surfaces like parking lots. The places that you can play bocce are only limited to your imagination. Try playing bocce on a surface with hills or slopes to add a new element of strategy to your game.

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