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         Bicycle Polo:     more detail
  1. SADDLED UP TO ROLL.(City/Region)(Bicycle polo enthusiasts gather in a Eugene Park to knock-it-around): An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR) by Gale Reference Team, 2008-09-20
  2. Official bicycle polo instructor's manual and clinic outline by Lou Gonzalez, 1990
  3. Bicycle Polo: Technique and Fundamentals, by Robert Bennet Forbes, 1942
  4. On The Trail of Marco Polo: Along the Silk Road By Bicycle by Brady Fotheringham, 2002-09-25
  5. Straw Hats and Bicycles by Brian Lawrenson, 2010-07-01

1. Bicycle Polo - U.S. Bicycle Polo Association, Inc.
Ride into the fastest growing sport on the edges of the mountain biking world bike polo! Check out rules, strategies, history, photos, video,
Welcome to the exciting sport of Bicycle Polo!
It's an old game that's been revitalized and growing in popularity throughout the USA and the world.
Learn more about Bike Polo
View a QuickTime Movie (2,456K download)
How to get started in Bike Polo
The Rules of Bike Polo
Strategies, Hints and Tips
Official USBPA Gear
About See A Game Getting Started ... Basic Strategies
This is a Enhanced Website.

2. American Bicycle Polo Association Of America
Polo is thought to be the oldest team sport known to man, dating from the days when Persian warriors first rode horses into battle. bicycle polo evolved a
Equipment Players Tournaments ...
Unionville Takes 2007 Wendland Memorial
Unionville, winners of the 2007 Jan E. Wendland Memorial: Eric Zandotti, Kevin Thompson, Crosby Wood, Norris Wright, Jr., and Robert Scott
Welcome to the American Bicycle Polo Association of America
What do you get when you combine the low-impact aerobic workout of cycling, the challenge of a racket sport, and the camaraderie of a team sport? Bicycle Polo!
Polo is thought to be the oldest team sport known to man, dating from the days when Persian warriors first rode horses into battle. Bicycle polo evolved a bit later, having had to wait for some clever chap to invent the modern bicycle. Polo has long been known as "the king of games," but the money and skills required have greatly limited its popularity. Bicycle polo has a much broader appeal, since almost anyone can ride a bike, not to mention afford one. Anyone, male or female, aged nine to ninety, can play bicycle polo!
A Unique Combination: Cycling, Racket Sport, and Team Sport

3. Boxwood Bicycle Polo Company
The Boxwood bicycle polo Company has everything for the bike polo player, some of which is available only from us. In particular, we have our unique bike
The Boxwood Bicycle Polo Company
The only source on the web owned by a three-time winner of the World Championship
, and
The Boxwood Bicycle Polo Company has everything for the bike polo player, some of which is available only from us. In particular, we have our unique bike polo handlebar, which will give you a great advantage over players with standard mountain bike bars.
Bicycle Polo Balls Bicycle Polo Handlebars Bike Polo Bikes Bike Polo Brake Parts ... Bike Polo Videos
Boxwood Bicycle Polo Company: 305 Magnolia Lake Ct. Aiken, SC 29803
e-mail address: Tel/fax #: (803)648-4993
BPAA Links

4. World Bicycle Polo
Welcome to the Official Website of the International bicycle polo Federation ( Formed in 1996 ). These pages contain extensive information on the Rules of
Introduction Member Countries Committees Results of World Championships ... Membership Form Welcome to the Official Website of the International Bicycle Polo Federation ( Formed in 1996 ). These pages contain extensive information on the Rules of the Sport, List of Member Countries, Details of the Executive and Technical Committees, Results of Past Championships and other updated information and news on this sport.
Richard J. Mecredy
Founder of Cycle Polo IN MEMORIAM
Farewell to thee , thou king of games !
Connected were you, with princely names !
You were the game that kings did play.
Gone is now your haicyon day.
You were to us, a source of pride
You taught us hard and straight to ride
On your grounds we learnt to play
and on battle field we won the day.

5. American Bicycle Polo Association - Homepage
Based in Washington State, and member of the International Cycle Polo Association, we use the International rules, based on equestrian polo with three taps

6. Cycle Polo - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Cycle Polo or Bike Polo or bicycle polo is an outdoor game similar to Polo, except that bicycles are used instead of horses. The sport originated in Ireland
Cycle polo
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
(Redirected from Cycle Polo Jump to: navigation search Cycle Polo or Bike Polo or Bicycle polo is an outdoor game similar to Polo , except that bicycles are used instead of horses. The sport originated in Ireland and was formally invented by Richard J. Mecredy in 1891. The game is currently played mainly in USA France India Ireland and Canada
edit The game
Cycle polo is played in a rectangular field 150 meters by 100 meters. Nevertheless, these dimensions can vary between 120 and 150 meters in length on 80 to 100 meters in width. The French rules however allow for smaller grounds usually 100 by 80 meters. The ball used is of circumference 12-15 inches and the mallet is of length 1 meter. There are 6 members (7 in France) in a team of which 4 (5 in France) are on field at a time. The other two are used as substitutes. International matches are played for a duration of 30 minutes divided into periods of 7.5 minutes each called as a chukkar . Extra time can be used to determine the winner in case the scores are tied at normal time. The goal posts are usually widened for extra time. If a deliberate foul is permitted at the vicinity of the goal, the team that is fouled is automatically given a goal. There are no penalty strokes. Less severe fouls are awarded 15 metre and 25 metre free hits. In the event of deliberate fouls or dangerous fouls, the umpire can issue the Yellow card (warning) and in case of repeated or severe fouls the Red card (ejection). The ejected player can be replaced by a substitute after the end of the current

7. Scbp
Recreational group of bicycle polo players from Minnesota.
Welcome to the St. Cloud Bike Polo page. We play a modified version of bike polo as a way to relax on Sunday evenings before the work week. You can find us at Madison Elementary School in St. Cloud almost every Sunday. (Well, when we aren't running marathons, competing in Mountain Bike events, Skiing, or whatever else we do to keep in shape! Rules We don't follow too many of the "Official Rules" because it makes the game slow and boring. We really only have three.
1. Don't hurt other players.
2. Your feet may not be touching the ground when you hit the ball.
3. Only the polo mallet can advance the ball. Links:
Game Photos




Team Members
Nate - Crash
Jeff - Gucci Jon - Cheesehead Mark - Mud Puppy Bruce - Moon Dog Marty - Lone Wolf Chris - Rookie Chip - King Biscuit Dan - Bonehead Other Polo Sites: U.S. Bike Polo Association Bike Polo Association of America News Article Police?

8. Their Kingdom For A Bike: It’s Polo On Two Wheels - New York Times
On asphalt courts and empty parking lots throughout the country, cycling enthusiasts and others are gathering to play bicycle polo.
@import url(; var google_hints = "Bicycles+and+Bicycling,Athletics+and+Sports,New+York+State,Manhattan+(NYC)"; var google_ad_channel = "ar_sports"; Skip to article
Other Sports
Their Kingdom for a Bike: It’s Polo on Two Wheels
Andrew Gombert for The New York Times A bike polo game last month in New York. The East Side Polo Invite tournament will be held this week in Lower Manhattan.
By KATE TORGOVNICK Published: April 27, 2007 You do not have to be a king to play polo. You do not need a 300-yard grass field, a long-handled mallet or a helmet. In fact, you do not even need a horse. Skip to next paragraph
Video Feature
Polo on Two Wheels
On asphalt courts and parking lots in cities throughout the country, bike messengers, bike-shop employees and assorted cycling enthusiasts are playing bicycle polo. The game dates to the 1800s, but it is being transformed from its prim beginnings to a rough-and-tumble sport as it mixes with bike-messenger culture. Urban players ride fixed-gear bikes, the kind messengers often use to zip through traffic and dodge pedestrians. They set up orange cones in lieu of goal posts and knock around street-hockey balls. Because wooden mallets often break when hit against concrete, players make their own mallets, attaching a handle from an old ski pole or golf club to a piece of industrial-strength piping.

9. Irish Bicycle Polo
Ireland bicycle polo Irish. Welcome to the bicycle polo Association of Ireland. Ireland s most exciting sport on Two Wheels
Welcome to the Bicycle Polo Association of Ireland Ireland's most exciting sport on Two Wheels Home Rules Equipment Join us ... Links LOOKING FOR A NEW FUN SPORT TO PLAY!!!!!!!! WELL, YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE. WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF BICYCE POLO Email:

10. Bike-O Polo (
According to the official rules of the International bicycle polo Federation, a game is played with a maximum of four players per side and lasts for 30
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Bike-O Polo
By Caroline Kettlewell Friday, April 15, 2005; Page WE31 From a distance, you might think you're watching some kind of two-wheeled synchronized drill team with a serious synchronization problem. On a scrubby elementary school playing field, eight bicycles dodge and weave among one another, stop short, wheel abruptly and charge off at full tilt, first one way then another. Occasionally a rider stalls and stumbles sideways in an awkward one-footed hop. Amid the fray, a massive, mangling pileup of bicycles and bodies seems at any moment inevitable. Yet somehow, repeatedly, that outcome is only just avoided. Draw closer, and you notice that all the riders wield long-handled wooden mallets swung and whirled deftly within the knot of bicycles. A mallet sweeps in a swift downward arc; a softball-size ball shoots across the field, and the riders tear off in wheel-churning pursuit.
Mount Washington bike polo players Dave Holland, left, Doug McCoach, Aaron Meisner and Michael Nicholson pedal after the ball during a game in Baltimore.

11. Helmets For Bike Polo
bicycle polo was reportedly invented in 1891 by Richard J. Mecredy, an Irishman. The sport is also known as bike polo, cycle polo, and even bicycle hockey.
Home Helmets Children Promotions ... Translate
Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute
Helmets for Bicycle Polo
Summary: We recommend multi-impact bicycle helmets for bike polo. See our page on dual-certified helmets for a list.
Bicycle polo was reportedly invented in 1891 by Richard J. Mecredy, an Irishman. The sport is also known as bike polo, cycle polo, and even bicycle hockey. Since bicycle polo is characterized by quite a few spills as the riders race after the ball, a helmet for the sport should be multi-impact. The typical single-crash bike helmet made with crushable EPS foam must be replaced after every hard hit, so it would not last long in a cycle polo environment. You can use a bike helmet and it will protect you, but you may have to discard it after one or a few games. When helmets sell for $7.14 at Wal-Mart or Target that may not bother you at all. If you go that way, be sure to look at our page on when to replace your helmet When cycle polo is played on grass, the surface is considerably more resilient than pavement. Pavement does not giveeven the slightest fraction of an inchand the energy spike to the brain generated by an impact is very very intense. On a graph it looks like a spike. On grass the spike becomes more of a bell curve, with a much less intense peak. For that reason cycle polo might be played in a skateboard helmet. But riding to and from the field, usually in the same helmet, the rider is on pavement. And some bicycle polo is played on hard surfaces, a type known as bicycle hockey in the bike messenger subculture. It is rougher than normal bicycle polo. So a skateboard helmet would not have the energy management capabilities needed.

12. Bicycle Polo's Links
The first French web site on bicycle polo. bicycle polo Association of Great Britain (B.P.A.G.B.) United Kingdom
Bicycle polo links
version française Sites are from: Australia Canada United States of America France ... international sites France Fédération Française de Cyclisme (F.F.C.) - France Association Sportive et Culturelle de Pessac Alouette (A.S.C.P.A.) - France Claude Beja - France Comité d'Aquitaine de la F.F.C. - France Comité d'Île-de-France de la F.F.C. - France - France Their blog : Laurent Pupunat - France Vélo-Club de Frileuse et de Sanvic (V.C.F.S.) - France Australia Bicycle Tasmania - Australia Camberra Bicycle Museum - Australia Melbourne Bike Polo Club (M.B.P.C.) - Australia Canada Canadian Coalition of Cycle Polo (C.C.C.P.) - Canada

13. Welcome To Scottish Polo - Polo In Scotland - Bicycle Polo Page
SCOTTISH POLO Clubs,bicycle polo,Ponyclub Polo in Scotland England and Wales.
Scottish Polo Website
Polo In Scotland for All NEWS Home Page LINKS Whats On ... CHAT PAGE The Scottish Bicycle Polo Association
Presents Bicycle Polo in Scotland.
Have you played, Know what your missing?
Then just read on!!!.
Its new its fun. If you can ride a bike then come try and play!!
    - Scottish Bike polo team play Championship in France -
  • Report by - Kenny MacDonald, 19:08:16 09/30/04 Thu Well done to you all - hey you guys out there it's a great game with lots of fun to be had
! 2004 Johnstone Wheelers Cycling Club Get Players Playing Bike Polo !
Andy Mcghee stands down from Paisly Scottish Polo. His place is taken by Kenny MacDonald, President of Johnstone Wheelers Cycling Club
! 2003 Get to Play Bike Polo !
A great game that can be played any where, and by anyone. Mountain bikes male good play bikes and in that way two good uses for one piece of kit ! 2002 Shotts get to know Bike Polo !
Hey we had great fun with two wannabes at Shotts today. If you can get some others togther and let us know by E-mail or give Mark a bell, then we shall return, and lets have a match.
! 2002 World Championships !
Once again another year has seen a great Bike polo Exhibition More words and photos later folks The Scottish Bicycle polo Association wishes to announce the following Competitions
February 23rd-24th 2002
St Andrews University v Newcastle University
Game to be held on West Sands StAndews Kindly hosted by Henry Cheepe of Strathgrum

14. - Dallas Bicycle Polo - 98 - Female - DALLAS, Texas -
MySpace profile for Dallas bicycle polo with pictures, videos, personal blog, interests, information about me and more.
User Shortcuts: Send Message Forward to Friend Add to Friends Add to Favorites Block User Add to Group Rank User Instant Message People MySpace Web Music Video Home Browse Search Invite ... Classifieds Dallas Bicycle Polo
98 years old
United States
Last Login: 1/10/2008
View My: Pics Videos
Contacting Dallas Bicycle Polo
MySpace URL:
siteURL = "" Dallas Bicycle Polo's Interests General WINTER TOURNAMENT INFORMATION: Supply your equipment; Bike. Mallet. Beer. -Teams of 3 on 3. -Foot down = ring bell at Center Court, north fence. -Each match is played until a team reaches 3 or 5 points, depending on how hardcore it is. -Ample beer chugging breaks, between matches. -Right and Left Handed play allowed. -Round Robin Tournament = will depend on number of teams present. -$10.00 per person. -Winning team = the money. For press inquiries, questions regarding rules, or what it feels like to win, please contact Polo Leader, and Reigning Champion, Owen.

15. Bicycle Polo Sessions In The South East
Riders were fortunate to have the expertise of Peter Wall in attendance, who was the General Secretary of the bicycle polo Association of Great Britain and
 Search  Username    Password  Home Advertise on This Site Membership My Membership ... GETTING STARTED How to use the British Cycling website
Go-Ride Polo! On 28 th October, eleven participants from Victory CC, VC Jubilee and Sutton CC wielded their mallets for a day of fun at Herne Hill Stadium, learning the sport of Bicycle Polo. It was a great chance to do something different now that most of the cycling disciplines are resting for the winter. Riders were fortunate to have the expertise of Peter Wall in attendance, who was the General Secretary of the Bicycle Polo Association of Great Britain and has been involved with the sport for around 53 years! Skills such as dribbling, passing and trapping the ball were learnt and the skills were put to the test with some very entertaining games! Peter reminisces over a sport that was once included in the Olympics but is now almost forgotten in the world of cycling. ‘With many versions of polo played throughout the world today, it is hard to believe the fact that bicycle polo was first played at the Scalp in Ireland in 1891 by cyclists wanting to keep fit through the winter. Four years later it had spread like an epidemic to England as the upper classes took it up. It was never meant to be a rough game, but the newspapers of the day commented that such was the competitiveness between players that most “ended up on their opponents bike”. Ten years later the adoption of rudimentary rules meant the game was to become more skilful and cycling clubs in England became involved. The first landmark was in 1901 when Ireland beat England 10 – 5 at Crystal Palace. In 1908 Ireland beat Germany 3 – 1 in an Olympic Games match at Shepherds Bush.

16. PIMP MY MALLET- Oxford Bicycle Polo And Bike Culture
Pimp My Mallet Oxford Bike Polo! Welcome to Pimp My Mallet. Oxford Bike Polo and Culture.
Welcome to Pimp My Mallet
Oxford Bike Polo and Culture

17. Torontoist: Weekend Field Trip: Bicycle Polo With The Royal Society Of Adventuro
Weekend Field Trip bicycle polo with the Royal Society of Adventurology. bicyclepolo.jpg We d seen the posters around town for the Royal Society of
more all Austin Boston Chicago ... Washington DC document.getElementById(base + curr).style.display= ""; News Culture Events Photos ... RSS Summary View change this Tip Us Off Advertisements About Torontoist Torontoist is a website about Toronto and everything that happens in it. More about us Editor-in-Chief: DAVID TOPPING Publisher: GOTHAMIST Year-End Lists are so 2007. Get a Job! (And we're looking for someone to sell ads , too.) What's On Vegan Chili Cook-Off (88 Nassau Street) National Non-Smoking Week (Everywhere) Push It (Whippersnapper Gallery) Polaris Music Prize Special (MuchMusic, MuchLOUD) Ramin Jahanbegloo Lecture (Isabel Bader Theatre) Bunch's Family Dance Party (CiRCA) The Spice Girls Concert (ACC) Winterlicious (Everywhere) Wild Mouth (Tarragon) Ontario Power Generation (Maybe) Concert (The Reverb) Academy Awards (Hollywood, and Everywhere) Necessary Angel's one day: three plays (Capitol Event Theatre) Photos from Featured on OneStop (TTC Stations) WEEKLY LISTINGS Literature Dance Film Music ... TV LEGEND Art Dance Environment Fashion ... Torontoist Everything Misc.

18. There Will Be Bike Polo! « Hot Splice
What is bicycle polo? Well obviously it’s kinda like horse polo except you don’t have to own a horse. The rules differ from city to city,
Hot Splice
a blog about cinema Two new articles worth a read
There will be bike polo!
This just in from Seattle Bike Polo representatives: Absolute confirmation Seattle Bike-In at Cal Anderson Park on Capitol Hill. From the Seattle Bike Polo website: YouTube clip This entry was posted on August 27, 2007 at 5:47 pm and is filed under Uncategorized . You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site.
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19. International Police Mountain Bike Association - Newsletter
bicycle polo is very similar to pony polo without the horse and a few rule changes. Each player must respect the other s right of way.
Home Newsletter : Summer 1999 IPMBA's Annual Police on Bikes Conference LINK TO IPMBA Use this logo to link your Web page to the official home of the International Police Mountain Bike Association. Bicycle Polo
By Officer Barry Bazan,
Pima Community College Police
Bicycle polo is very similar to pony polo without the horse and a few rule changes. Each player must respect the other's "right of way." This means that to engage the ball one must have positioned his or her bicycle parallel to the sidelines for at least three bike lengths. This maintains a high level of safety for the players and keeps the game moving at a brisk pace. If a rider foot dabs they must exit the field first before engaging the ball.
Each chukkar begins with a "joust" where one member of each team sprints from his goal to the ball placed in the center of the field.
I began playing this game with a few friends from a bicycle shop in Tucson. A group of us would get together and play at the city parks or schools. The USBPA official field size is 100 x 60 yards but any grass area any will suffice. Each game consists of four chukkars with a ten-minute halftime break. Recommended team size is four.
Last year I managed to borrow a set of mallets from a friend who suggested that I try this game at one of my next "Police Cyclist" classes. On day three of the class I broke out the mallets and a wiffle ball and told the class that we were going to play bike polo and discussed some of the rules (which at the time were few) because we didn't even know their were

20. Modern Roost: Bicycle Polo Dallas
I ve seen the topic of bicycle polo in several blogs this week. Apparently it s the edgey urban At the US bicycle polo Assoc. We don t horse around!
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Tuesday, October 02, 2007
Bicycle Polo Dallas
I've seen the topic of bicycle polo in several blogs this week. Apparently it's the edgey urban sport du jour.
After seeing this clip of a Dallas game that was featured on You Tube , I have to admit it looks kind of cool. I get a laugh every time I see the guy doing a wheelie.
Posted by Sarah at 1:16 PM Labels: Off Topic
JK said...
I'm glad you like what you saw and and you can play on grass too. US Bicycle Polo Assoc. WE DON"T HORSE AROUND! 6:56 PM
JK said...
I'm glad you liked what you saw and you should know that you can play on grass too. At the US Bicycle Polo Assoc. "We don't horse around!" 6:58 PM
MyStarbucks said...
I have never seen anything like that. Is this considered like an extreme sport? Very cool. 7:16 PM
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