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         Social Work:     more books (100)
  1. The Social Work Dictionary by Robert L. Barker, 2003-06-01
  2. Social Work Treatment 4th Edition by Francis J. Turner, 1996-09-01
  3. Theories for Direct Social Work Practice by Joseph Walsh, 2009-02-23
  4. Direct Social Work Practice: Theory and Skills by Dean H. Hepworth, Ronald H. Rooney, et all 2009-03-03
  5. Days In The Lives Of Social Workers: 54 Professionals Tell "Real-life" Stories From Social Work Practice
  6. The Social Work Graduate School Applicant's Handbook: The Complete Guide to Selecting and Applying to MSW Programs by Jesus Reyes, 2005-04-01
  7. Social Work Values and Ethics (Foundations of Social Work Knowledge Series) by Frederic G. Reamer, 2006-02-24
  8. Social Workers' Desk Reference by Albert R. Roberts, 2008-11-21
  9. Ethical Decisions for Social Work Practice by Ralph Dolgoff, Frank M. Loewenberg, et all 2008-01-16
  10. Social Work Practicum. The: A Guide and Workbook for Students (5th Edition) (MySocialWorkLab Series) by Cynthia L. Garthwait, 2010-01-17
  11. 101 Careers in Social Work by Dr. Jessica Ritter PhD, Dr. Halaevalu F. Vakalahi PhD, et all 2008-12-08
  12. Mental Health in Social Work: A Casebook on Diagnosis and Strengths-Based Assessment by Jacqueline Corcoran, Joseph M. Walsh, 2008-02-14
  13. Social Work Macro Practice (4th Edition) by F. Ellen Netting, Peter M. Kettner, et all 2007-07-07
  14. From Charity to Social Work: Mary E. Richmond and the Creation of an American Profession by Elizabeth N. Agnew, 2003-12-05

181. Organización Social Y Riego
Investigaci³n sociol³gica, antropol³gica y econ³mica de la administraci³n autogestionada de sistemas de riego en M©xico. Estudios de caso y teor­a.
Organización social y riego Equipo de Investigación Jacinta Palerm Viqueira José Luis Pimentel Equihua, María Rivas, Carlos Chairez, Benito Rodríguez Haros, Irma Salcedo Baca, Cristina Martínez García, y otros más. partcipación en años anteriores Claudio Avalos Gutiérrez, Elvia López Pacheco, María de Lourdes Hernández Rodríguez, Rosario Contreras Rentería, Ricardo Osorio, Luz del Carmen Morán, Ma. Elena Serrano, Pablo Zaldívar, Laura Edith Sánchez Almaraz, Adoniram Sanches Peraci, y otros más En colaboración con los profesores: Tomás Martínez Saldaña, Hermilio Navarro, Francisco Escobedo, Herb Eling, Martín Sánchez Rodríguez I ensayos comparativos II . historia y legislación III . estudios de caso IV . tecnología hídrica bimbaletes ( shaduf O rganizaciones de R egantes y T écnicas h ídricas ( sitios web reseñas E ntarquinamiento en cajas de aguas y otras técnicas de manejo de aguas broncas E quipo de I nvestigación Martín Sánchez Rodríguez, Herb Eling, José Luis Pimentel Equihua, Elvia López Pacheco, Carlos Chairez, Tony Perdomo, y otros más I. ensayos comparativos

182. Arbeitsgruppe Raumklimatologie
Discusses the institute's background and current and past projects. Indoor air quality is a particular focus. Bilingual site has more extensive information in Deutsch than in English.
Arbeitsgruppe Raumklimatologie
Department Indoor Climatology
Deutsch English » Pressemitteilung 'ProKlimA' « Neu:
ProKlimA-Abschlussbericht im Fraunhofer IRB-Verlag veröffentlicht
ProKlimA report recently published at Fraunhofer IRB, Stuttgart

183. Contemporary Approaches To The Social Contract
By Fred D'Agostino.
version history

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
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Contemporary Approaches to the Social Contract
The idea of the social contract goes back, in a recognizably modern form, to Thomas Hobbes, but is most notably embodied, in our times, in the work of John Rawls. The basic idea is a simple one. What makes some particular system of collectively enforced social arrangements legitimate is that it is the object of an agreement for the people who are subject to it. (As in the case of public justification voluntaristic and rationalistic readings of the contract.) In its modern guises, contract approaches are not intended as accounts of the historical origins of current social arrangements, but, instead, as answers to, or frameworks for answering, questions about legitimacy and political obligation. Important issues associated with the social contract include the binding force of hypothetical agreements, the reduction (or not) of ethico-political to instrumental reasoning, and the compatibility of contract reasoning with fairness and liberty.

184. Teoría, Metodología Y Cambio Social
Departamento de Teor­a, Metodolog­a y Cambio social de la Universidad Nacional de Educaci³n a Distancia (UNED) en Espa±a. Contiene documentos, informaci³n, enlaces,
Departamento de Sociología I (Teoría, Metodología y Cambio Social) Facultad de Ciencias Políticas y Sociología UNED La Facultad Asignaturas Actividades Jornadas Cursos de Verano Seminarios Cursos de Doctorado ...
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Novedades Ya se inició el plazo de Presentación de Solicitudes de Admisión
Serán desde el 15 de junio hasta el 30 de julio de 2005 Nuevo plazo de matrícula Del 15 de Septiembre al 14 de Octubre de 2005. Desde esta página podrá acceder a WOK Ya contamos con un enlace directo al Portal de Acceso a la Web of Knowledge (WOK)
Facultad de Ciencias Políticas y Sociología, Biblioteca Central y jardines. UNED " Gleiche Freiheit für alle " . (Igual libertad para todos)
Inmanuel Kant
UNED - Facultad de Ciencias Políticas y Sociología -2005

185. BBSS - Gallup International
Source of information about public opinion in the Balkan countries.
Welcome to BBSS Gallup International Home EN BG Latest News ... BBSS Gallup International has just published its pre-election prognosis of the results of Bulgaria’s 2005 parliamentary elections... Quick poll Is “Ataka” Union dangerous for Bulgaria?
Yes (Äà) No (Íå) VOTE Results

186. Tecschange -- Technology For Social Change
Based in Boston's Roxbury neighborhood this non profit provides recycled computers, services of skilled volunteers, and computer training to nonprofit groups in Massachusetts and around the world.
Our Mission:
To provide technology to individuals and groups working for social change, locally and internationally. New "Computer Essentials" Class Series starts!
TecsChange is now offering a class series designed for non-techie organizers and activists working in small organization or individuals who need to keep their computers running happy and healthy. The classes will include both lectures and hands-on training. The series will consist of six self-contained lectures. For more details see here for or here for the current schedule What is TecsChange?
TecsChange is a volunteer-led nonprofit organization in Roxbury, Massachusetts. We offer computer courses to organizers and activists; provide computer equipment, training and technical support to grassroots groups here and abroad; offer our YouthTech program on technology and media to teens; and arrange and present speakers and forums on technology and social change.
Our History and How We're Organized

Calendar of Events
Where Our Funding Comes From
Contributions from individuals are our primary source of income, and are

Konsulentvirksomhed, der arbejder med psykosociale problemstillinger blandt unge og voksne, prim¦rt i det Nordsj¦llandske omr¥de. Tilbyder envidere tilbyder udviklingsarbejde p¥ personaleomr¥det.

188. National Association Of Science Writers
Need work? NASW offers job services for employers and association members. The prize, for a body of work published or broadcast within the last five
Find out about the NASW Science-in-Society and CASW/NASW Joint Meeting Need a science writer? Need work? NASW offers job services for employers and association members. Frequently Visited Pages Members Entrance
Register for Access
About Our Mailing Lists
Mailing List Archives
... NASW Science Bookstore About NASW NASW Brochure
Benefits of Membership

How to Join

Important Links Local NASW Affiliates
Members' Homepages

Other Organizations
Science In Society Journalism Awards
The EvertBClark/Seth Payne Award For Young Science Journalists Important Documents ScienceWriters
A Field Guide for Science Writers
Communicating Science News
Privacy on Mailing Lists Advice for Beginning Science Writers The End of Science Writing by Jon Franklin How to Keep Readers Interested Can you survive as a freelancer? Reporting Cancer Cures NASW Projects Mentoring Program Feb. 2005 workshops 2004 workshops 2003 workshops ... Tapes of 2001 workshops 2000 workshops 1999 workshops 1998 workshops 1997 workshops ... E-mail the cybrarian Contact NASW NASW P.O. Box 890

189. Max Planck Institute For Social Anthropology
An academic society that supports anthropological field research, complemented by historical analysis and a range of social science methods.
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190. Salon Entertainment | Viva "Buena Vista Social Club"
A feature on the movie and its Miami premiere.
Blue Glow

"Sports Night": Who's dating who?; "Felicity": Why is Noel so afraid of Hanna?
A singer named Elvis, Sleater-Kinney live
Paths to glory

By Michael Sragow
From "Lolita" to "2001," Stanley Kubrick embodied the director as hero Let entertain you find hot titles on film, TV and more
Search by:
Keyword Title Author
The Xerox Files By Joyce Millman Two new "X-Files" clones prove the original is still the best "Analyze This" Reviewed by Stephanie Zacharek Robert De Niro gets the lion's share of laughs in Harold Ramis' mob comedy "Cruel Intentions" Reviewed by Charles Taylor Retro morality makes for a pleasurably nasty update of "Les liaisons dangereuses" "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" Reviewed by Mary Elizabeth Williams A hit English crime caper arrives in America jetlagged Full "Steam" ahead By Dakota Smith Alessandro Gassman is poised to become the next European heartthrob to find an American audience BROWSE THE ENTERTAINMENT ARCHIVES FEATURES TELEVISION MOVIES MUSIC Viva "Buena Vista Social Club" In spite of volatile Cuban-American exile politics, Wim Wenders' music documentary wins over Miami.

191. Welcome To SPRC Online
University of New South Wales  Sydney.
Search SPRC
Search WWW
The Social Policy Research Centre is a research centre of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of New South Wales. The SPRC conducts research and fosters discussion on all aspects of social policy in Australia, as well as supporting PhD study in these areas.
Current News The SPRC is seeking candidates for a position of Research Associate
Australian Social Policy Conference
20-22 July,

Papers from the conference will be available from the Conference Website
Social Policy Research Centre Seminars
Session 2, 2005 New SPRC Report
Michael Fine, Kuru Pancharatnam and Cathy Thomson, Coordinated and Integrated Human Servce Delivery Models, SPRC Report 1/05 , report prepared for the New South Wales Cabinet Office, and Premier's Department. New SPRC Discussion Papers
Kate Norris and Roger Patulny

192. Untitled Document
Covering all aspects of personality and social psychology, with an emphasis upon empirical reports.

SIMSOC VI theoretical and empirical foundations of the agent architecture. Friday September 19 to Sunday September 21 2003, Groningen, The Netherlands.
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Official page. News, lyrics, audio/visual clips, tour information, discography, band history, and photos.
site last updated on:
09.16.05 events
Sex, Love and Rock'n'Roll
The first studio album in 8 years is ON SALE NOW! Mike Ness reveals a more optimistic side on this record, including the emotional journey of love, loss and acceptance on "Don't Take Me For Granted", written for the late Dennis Danell. But, don't let that fool you into thinking he's forgotten his punk rock edge. Ness' signature wrath can be felt throughout, especially on tracks like "Reach For The Sky" and "Nickels And Dimes.
click here for more news

Septetember 17 - Phoenix, AZ
September 20 - Milwaukee, WI
September 21 - Minneapolis, MN
September 23 - Chicago, IL
September 24 - Chicago, IL
September 25 - Chicago, IL September 27 - Detroit, MI September 28 - Cincinnati, OH September 30 - Atlantic City, NJ October 1 - New York City, NY October 2 - New York City, NY October 4 - New York City, NY October 5 - New York City, NY October 7 - Worcester, MA October 8 - Allentown, PA

Based in New South Wales, Australia. Includes general club information, history and aims.
LATEST NEWS MATCH PLAY DATES Playing d ates are confirmed for this year’s Championship. The stableford qualifying event is on Sunday, October 9th, with a tee time of 12 noon. The match play rounds, also starting at noon, are on Sundays 6th, 13th and 20th November. LATEST NEWS WORLD SERIES PLACINGS Java Haas is the 2005 World Series Champion. Finishing with a 3rd and 4th placings on the individual days, he came from the clouds to defeat another fast finisher, Peard Fulke, by 1 point. A further point back in 3rd spot was noted final day choker, Notah Kelly.
ABOUT US The golf and euchre fraternity traces its origins to the guilds and craftsmen who built golf courses in medieval Europe, where members devised secret methods of recognition, including the use of strange and occasionally amusing nicknames. Members believe the club provides a code for building character based on the application of spiritual, ethical and moral standards to the games of golf and euchre. Belief in a Supreme Being (Right Bower or Handicapper) is a prerequisite for membership, though all faiths are accepted. The Club was established in 1812 and still meets at the Earlwood Hotel Grand Lodge on Homer Street. Inside the public bar exists a hierarchical world of nicknames and secret handshakes, where raised glasses denote seniority, and where Worshipful Masters, Grand Wizards and King Poobahs administer Club business.

196. ICPSR Front Page
Provides access to an extensive collection of downloadable data. While some data is only available to individuals from member institutions, an extensive collection of criminal justice data, election data, and data from the General social Surveys is available to the public from this site.
MyData: Login/Account Info Data Cart Logout Contact Us ...
Special Topic Archives

Data Holdings
in all fields title study no. investigator subject terms Web Site
Data Holdings Advanced Search
Search Tips

197. Tempi Moderni: Buena Vista Social Club
Informazioni su cast artistico e tecnico, trama del film, giudizio critico e recensione a cura di Maurizio Imbriale.
Anno I - Numero 2 - Giugno 1999 Gli altri film del mese BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB CAST TECNICO ARTISTICO Regia : Wim Wenders
Fotografia : Jorg Widmer
Montaggio : Bryan Johnson
Prodotto da : Ulrich Felsberg, Deepack Nayar
(Germania, 1999)
Distribuzione cinematografica : Mikado film INTERPRETI Ry Cooder, Ibrahim Ferrer, Rubén Gonzales, Eliades Ochoa, Omara Portuondo, Compay Segundo Da tempo sosteniamo che il Wenders migliore non vada cercato nei lungometraggi di finzione ma nei suoi documentari. Per sua stessa ammissione Wenders ha dichiarato più volte (anche al sottoscritto) che la sceneggiatura non è importante in un film, contano gli umori, le sensazioni, i sentimenti. Una dichiarazione sconcertante per un cineasta e che non sembra alla prova dei fatti essere confortata dai risultati. Si pensi agli esiti disastrosi di film come Fino alla fine del mondo Così lontano, così vicino e Crimini invisibili , assolutamente sgangherati e ridicoli. Però, se spostiamo la nostra attenzione sui lavori documentaristici, dobbiamo ammettere che le "regole" wendersiane funzionano eccome. Sentimenti, calore umano, amore per la musica e tutto ciò che percepiamo in questo

198. Social Phobia Phunnies
A web site that sheds some humor on social phobia with cartoons and cartoon strips.
setAdGroup(''); var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded" Search: Lycos Angelfire Aeon Flux Share This Page Report Abuse Edit your Site ... Next Social Phobia Phunnies at:

This site is a member of WebRing. To browse visit here

199. Social Skills, People Skills, And Getting Along With Others - All Depend On One'
Short online test to evaluate your social skills.
Social Skills, People Skills, and Getting Along with others - all depend on one's Social Quotient Social Quotient (SQ) What is it? A measure of your social skills, as IQ measures your thinking skills SQ and IQ are both important to success . Both are reliable, hard numbers welcomed by employers and colleges. SQ measures half of Emotional Intelligence. And unlike IQ, you can improve your social skills (SQ) !! Like to know your Social Quotient? Click: Male or Female to take a short Social Skills test. SELF magazine 9/2000 printed a version of this test. SQ tests "newsworthy" says USA-Today advice column How SQ affects your life a one page summary SQ and IQ of recent US Presidents Get IQ information from the leading online source: IQ basics and IQ of Nations are popular pages. Or click these headings for the only valid state IQ info: STATE Avg. IQ New Hampshire Kerry Oregon Kerry Massachusetts Kerry Wisconsin Kerry Colorado Bush Connecticut Kerry Illinois Kerry Iowa Bush Kansas Bush Minnesota Kerry Montana Bush Nebraska Bush See the Site Outline for a description of all pages, such as current research on world's friendliest areas Information on site developer Sloan Comments to:

200. Social Enterprise Alliance
Focus devoted to providing support for nonprofit social entrepreneurs.
Welcome Guest
" What we are about is the business of changing the entire paradigm by which not-for-profits operate and generate the capital they need to carry out their mission a new paradigm based on sustainability and social entrepreneurship." founding Chairman
Social Enterprise Alliance is the membership organization leading the creation of a social enterprise movement. We mobilize communities of nonprofit organizations and funders to advance earned income strategi es. rise (n.) Any earned-income business or strategy undertaken by a nonprofit to generate revenue in support of its charitable mission. "Earned income" consists of payments received in direct exchange for a product, service or privilege.
Marketing partnership opens new sales channels for SEA members
SEA and

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