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         Lesbian, Gay, And Bisexual Studies:     more books (100)
  1. Social Work with Lesbians, Gays, and Bisexuals: A Strengths Perspective by Katherine van Wormer, Joel Wells, et all 1999-06-21
  2. Substance Use Disorders in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Clients: Assessment and Treatment (Foundations of Social Work Knowledge Series) by Sandra C. Anderson PhD, 2009-07-02
  3. Counseling Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Substance Abusers: Dual Identities by Dana Finnegan, Emily Mcnally, 2002-06-12
  4. Hatred in the Hallways: Violence and Discrimination Against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Students in U.S.Schools by Human Rights Watch, 2001-05-15
  5. Lgbt-Related Films (Study Guide): List of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender-Related Films
  6. Lists of Lgbt-Related Films (Study Guide): List of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender-Related Films
  7. Everyday Activism: A Handbook for Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual People and their Allies by Michael R. Stevenson, Jeanine C. Cogan, 2003-04-30
  8. Black Like Us: A Century of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual African American Fiction
  9. The Bisexual Option, Second Edition (Haworth Gay and Lesbian Studies) by Fritz Klein, 1993-10-07
  10. Content-specific strategies to advocate for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth: an exploratory study.(Report): An article from: School Psychology Review by Emily C. Graybill, Kris Varjas, et all 2009-12-01
  11. Serving Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning Teens:A How-To-Do-It Manual for Librarians by Hillias J. Martin Jr., James R. Murdock, 2007-01-29
  12. Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Identities in Families: Psychological Perspectives
  13. Religion Is a Queer Thing: A Guide to the Christian Faith for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Persons by Elizabeth Stuart, Andy Braunston, et all 1998-09
  14. Love Makes a Family: Portraits of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Parents and Their Families

61. Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual And Transgendered Studies
Information Resources for Gay, Lesbian, and bisexual studies from UCSB; National andInternational Gay and Lesbian Organizations and Publications
Home Library Info Services Research Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Studies Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Studies is an interdisciplinary field, so the sources listed here represent only a sampling of the library's collection. You can begin locating books, and articles from magazines, journals and newspapers using some of the resources listed below. Background Information Journal Articles Core Journals Books ... Style Guides Taking a few minutes to read about your topic in a specialized database, encyclopedia, dictionary or handbook may be one of the most effective and time-saving research tips in this guide. These resources can help you define unfamiliar terms, locate quick biographical and bibliographical information, and verify dates and events. If you'd like to learn more about research and online resources stop by the Reference Desk, or take a class at the Library ( Bisexual Resource Guide Ref HQ74. B558 2000

62. Queer Theory -- LGBT Philosophy At Erratic Impact
designed to assist Lesbian, Gay, bisexual and Transgendered people involved in The Center for Lesbian and Gay studies (CLAGS) is the first and only
LGBT Studies Index
LGBT Books

LGBT Films


LGBT Magazines
LGBT Philosophy
Site Index
Texts: LGBT Studies Used Books: LGBT Studies Know of a Resource? This website features hundreds of annotated links to Queer Theory and LGBT resources, designed to assist Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered people involved in academic study and philosophy research. Erratic Impact also features hundreds of LGBT books, music and films.
Topics: Alternative Personals Queer Theory Journals Queer Studies ... aims to combine the best textual and visual resources with the best online resources in Critical Theory, Cultural Theory, Literary Theory, Feminist Theory, Post-Feminist Theory, Gender Theory, Music Theory, Queer Theory, Postmodernism, and related subjects. Gay and Lesbian Politics:WWW and Internet Resources Academic
A selective, annotated guide to the best and most authoritative resources on politics, law, and public policy. Designed for students, scholars, journalists, activists, and citizens, and maintained by Steve Sanders, Indiana University. The Antinous Press Eggeling's published poems since 1970 are now collected on the web. These poems were published in anthologies such as the historic "Male Muse", and in "Angels of the Lyre"; "Orgasms of Light"; "Gay Roots I. and II." "Queer Spirits"; and in such periodicals as "Gay Sunshine"; "Denver Quarterly"; and "James White Review".

63. Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual Studies
Databases relevant on Lesbian/Gay/bisexual materials /databases/default.asp?mode=gls Reader s guide to lesbian and gay studies, Ref HQ 75.15 .R42 2000
Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual Studies
A CSUS REFERENCE GUIDE You might want to refer to other CSUS Reference Guides for specific topics on race, ethnicity, gender, or sexualities for additional resources.
EUREKA CSU Sacramento Online Catalog EUREKA is the CSUS's local online library system. It includes materials that are found in the University Library. EUREKA allows you to locate books, periodicals, government publications, music scores, films and more. EUREKA also provides status information, e.g. if the material is checked out. It does not , however, index journal contents or include the full text of articles.
Databases relevant on Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual materials: /databases/default.asp?mode=gls Sociological Abstracts GenderWatch Social Sciences Abstract (1983-) Infotrac: Expanded Academic EBSCOhost: Academic Search MLA (literature) PsycInfo (psychology) Chicano Database Ethnic NewsWatch (1985-)
Guides to Research
Gay rights
Ref HQ 76.8 U5K73 2000

64. Report Of The Committee On Gay, Lesbian, And Bisexual Issues - Chapter1: Backgro
The University of Wisconsin s Lesbian, Gay, bisexual and Transgendered Student The Committee also obtained a gay and lesbian studies bibliography and
Chapter 1
Background and Introduction
Historical Background
Since 1979, official policies of the University of Wisconsin-Madison have prohibited discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. On May 7, 1979, the Faculty Senate resolved that "It is the sense of the Faculty Senate that our policies on nondiscrimination at UW-Madison should include sexual preference as the basis on which discrimination is prohibited." In 1982, Wisconsin Assembly Bill 70 amended the State of Wisconsin's non-discrimination laws to include sexual orientation as a basis for which discrimination is prohibited on the part of the state, state agencies (such as UW-Madison), or state contractors. On April 10, 1987, the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents, in its Resolution 3757, acknowledged its commitment to maintaining students' rights to be free from discrimination in an academic setting. In that resolution, the Regents also declared that "the citizens of the State of Wisconsin, through their Legislature, have stated that discrimination based on sexual preference is not to be tolerated or allowed in Wisconsin." On February 1, 1988, the UW-Madison Faculty Senate adopted a resolution stating that discrimination in the UW-Madison Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) programs "violates fundamental notions of equal opportunity and privacy, as well as violating University of Wisconsin-Madison policy and the intent of state law." On December 4, 1989, at an especially-called meeting, the UW-Madison faculty voted (386-248) to request the UW Board of Regents to terminate the university's contracts with the Army, Navy, and Air Force ROTC programs if those programs did not end discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation by May of 1993. In its meetings in 1990 the Board of Regents voted not to implement the faculty request. But the Board of Regents did vote to instruct UW officials to work through elected political representatives in Washington to change the anti-homosexual policies practiced in the United States armed forces, of which the campus ROTC units were a subordinate part.

65. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Issues Task Force Recommendations
studies in sexuality and gender, as well as lesbian, bisexual, and gay studiesare valuable and legitimate areas of research, teaching and scholarship.
The following recommendations are taken from the Report of the Task Force on Lesbian, gay, and Bisexual Issues dated May 20, 1993.
The President, Provost, and Vice President for Arts, Sciences and Technology should make a public statement of their commitment to achieving the goals of this report. This report should be disseminated throughout the Tufts community, including to the Trustees.
Based upon the work of the Task Force, these goals can be achieved through the implementation of the following recommendations:
  • A single anti-discrimination policy should be developed for all units of the University as soon as possible. The President, Provost, and Vice President for Arts, Sciences, and Technology should systematically inform and educate the community about this policy, the venues for redress of discrimination and harassment, and the generic forms of disciplinary action expected.
  • Education dealing with human sexual diversity and university policy should be provided to all staff, faculty, and students. In addition to orientation programs for new faculty, students, and staff, the University should provide on-going support for its members in handling issues of sexual-identity diversity.
  • Employment opportunities should explicitly invite lesbians, gay men, and bisexual people to apply for faculty and staff positions. In order to reach the largest possible audience, hiring and recruitment should be advertised in national and regional gay media and newsletters of appropriate professional caucuses in addition to mainstream publications.1
  • 66. Institute For Gay And Lesbian Strategic Studies
    IGLSS The think tank for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender policy research The Institute for Gay and Lesbian Strategic studies (IGLSS) is the
    HIGHLIGHTS Supporting Families, Saving Funds: A Fiscal Analysis of New Jersey's Domestic Partnership Act Subtle Stereotyping: The media, Homosexuality, and the Priest Sexual Abuse Scandal Equal Rights, Fiscal Responsibility: The Impact of AB 205 On California's Budget Missing Same-sex Couples in Census 2000 ... Angles 6-1: Going Beyond Gay-Straight Alliances to Make Schools Safe for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Students
    Counting on Couples
    Fiscal Savings From Allowing
    Same-Sex Couples to Marry
    in Connecticut
    Download Report (PDF: 600KB)
    or Press Release (7KB) Surviving and Thriving
    in the Midst of
    Anti-Gay Politics
    Download Report (PDF: 124KB)
    Will Providing Marriage Rights
    to Same-Sex Couples Undermine
    Heterosexual Marriage? Evidence from Scandinavia and the Netherlands Download Report Press Release New IGLSS/HRC Report Shows Little Impact on Business Costs if Same-Sex Couples Are Allowed to Marry Download Report Press Release Allowing Same-Sex Couples to Marry Would Save the Federal Government Nearly $1 Billion Per Year Press Release The Dangers of a Same-Sex Marriage Referendum for Community and Individual Well-Being:

    67. Untitled
    The Center for Lesbian and Gay studies (CLAGS) is the first and only issues ofvital concern to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered individuals.

    68. New York University | Bobst Library: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, And Transgender Stu
    Electronic Resources in Lesbian, Gay, bisexual, and Transgender studies changesubject Use the Arch to find lists of online resources available through

    library classes
    Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies

    69. LAMBDA Educational Research Foundation
    The LAMBDA Institute of Gay and Lesbian studies was formed as a branch society These areas are inclusive of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered,
    LAMBDA Institute of Gay and Lesbian Studies
    Funded by the
    LAMBDA Educational Research Foundation
    CONTENTS OF THIS SITE Recent Developments and Related Organization News The Lambda Organization
    A Historical Look

    Overview of the Organization

    Purpose - Mission of the Organization

    Philosophy of the Organization
    How to Contact the Organization
    Lambda Resources and Services
    Services of the Organization

    Library of Resources

    Discussion News Group

    Call for Resources
    Links to Community Resources and Supporting Organizations
    Recent Developments and Related Organization News
    Long-range Planning Task Group
    A volunteer Task Group is researching and mapping the constitution, organizational structure, and educational programming of the LAMBDA Educational Consortium, the parent body for the LAMBDA Educational Research Foundation, and the LAMBDA Institute of Gay and Lesbian Studies. A goal of Phase I of this project is to complete a feasibility study on the Institute entering into the virtual educational arena, i.e., the development, delivery, evaluation and web conferencing related to online courses. This event's time budget is 30 working days. The projected completion date is November 30, 1999. Thus, when phase one of this project is completed, we will respond by email to requests for membership with our organization.

    70. Library Users Guide Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, And Transgender
    Selected internet resources on gay, lesbian, and bisexual studies, includingdirectories of web pages and organizations and associations.
    Library User's Guide:
    Transgender Studies
    "Although they are / Only breath, words / which I command / are immortal."
    Sappho This guide outlines both print and electronic resources for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender studies to be found in the Rod Library. Finding Books
    Research Guides and Bibliographies


    Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, and Almanacs
    World Wide Web Resources
    FINDING BOOKS Use UNISTAR , the online library catalog, to identify and locate books and other resources about gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgendered persons. To ensure that you use appropriate subject terms when you search UNISTAR, consult the Library of Congress Subject Headings books located at the Reference Desk. A wide range of subject headings will lead to useful information about gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered persons. Useful subject searches include:
    • Bisexuality Bisexuals Coming Out (Sexual Orientation) Gay Men Gay Liberation Movement Gender Identity Homosexuality HomosexualityHistory Lesbianism Lesbians Transsexualism Transsexuals
    To search for key words or phrases that may not be subject headings, use a word search in

    71. University Catalog 2005 | University Of Colorado At Boulder
    The Lesbian, Gay, bisexual, and Transgender studies (LGBT) certificate programencourages students to think critically about the function of sexuality and

    72. World-Wide Web Resources - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, And Transgender Resources
    Gay, Lesbian, bisexual Transgender studies, annotated directory of internetresources from Academic Info. GayLesbian Themed Film and TV Projects

    Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Resources
  • Sexuality Audiovisual Materials , available through UK's Media Services
  • Amazon Online , resources for lesbians and bi women, especially in Northern California.
  • American Civil Liberties Union Freedom Network
  • Arenal , the Spanish Speaking Lesbigay Homepage.(Also available in English.)
  • Artemis Online Mall , Lesbian owned and oriented businesses.
  • Bisexual and Lesbian Resources , from the University of North Carolina.
  • The Blacklist , list of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered people of African Descent.
  • BLK , Black Gay and Lesbian Community Resources.
  • Books on the African American Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Experience
  • CAPS , Center for AIDS Prevention Study.
  • Common Ground at the University of Louisville , student organization for non-heterosexual students and their supporters.
  • Deaf Queer Resource Center
  • E-Directory of Lesbigay Scholars , sharing information about on-going manuscripts, conferences, and other scholarly projects.
  • Electronic Gay Community Magazine , established in 1988, an online publication for gay men, lesbian women and bisexuals.
  • Financial Aid for Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Students
  • 73. Oxford University Press: Lesbian, Gay, And Bisexual Identities In Families: Char
    to psychologists, scholars of gay/lesbian/bisexual studies, as well as layaudience. Groundbreaking study of gay and lesbian political agendas

    74. Oxford University Press: Lesbian, Gay, And Bisexual Identities In Families: Char
    scholars of gay/lesbian/bisexual studies, as well as lay audience. collection of recent studies on lesbian, gay male, and bisexual identity

    75. Lesbian Gay And Bisexual Studies
    Home Education and Science » Social Science » Lesbian Gay and bisexual studies.Directory Sponsors Search Engine Submission Advertise Here
    The Directory This Category Home Education and Science Social Science » Lesbian Gay and Bisexual Studies
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    76. Gay And Lesbian Studies
    Lesbian, Gay, bisexual, and Transgender studies Resources. Bobst Library, NewYork University a wellorganized collection of web links.
    Search the Library catalog Cross-Search the Library website for in Keyword anywhere Title keyword Author keyword Subject keyword ISBN for in General Science Law for
    Gay and Lesbian Studies
    Resources in the Library
    Subject Specialists in the Library Other Libraries and Archival Resources in Chicago Some Starting Points on the Web ... Academic Programs and Organizations at the University of Chicago
    Resources in the Library
    • GLBT Life (to access, click on "EBSCOhost Databases Available") provides access to the literature regarding Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender issues. Coverage includes traditional academic, cultural, lifestyle, and regional publications, as well as non-periodical content such as non-fiction books, bibliographies and dissertations. Disciplines covered by GLBT Life include civil liberties, culture, employment, family, history, politics, psychology, religion, sociology and more.
      Guide to Gay and Lesbian Resources in the University of Chicago Library
      • The Library is building a strong research collection of works by these authors.
      Also see the Women's Studies page.

    77. Lesbian Gay And Bisexual Studies Directory > Lesbian Gay And Bisexual Studies Si
    Lesbian Gay and bisexual studies Directory Science » Social Science » LesbianGay and bisexual studies. Directory Categories
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    Lesbian Gay and Bisexual Studies
    Science Social Science » Lesbian Gay and Bisexual Studies
    Directory Categories
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    78. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, And Transgender Sexuality And Related Issues
    Queer studies A Lesbian, Gay, bisexual, and Transgender Anthology** Brett Beemynand Mickey Eliason, Editors This anthology addresses the relationship
    Annotated Bibliography: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Sexuality and Related Issues
    Sexual orientation is an essential human quality. Individuals have the right to accept, acknowledge, and live in accordance with their sexual orientation, be they gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or heterosexual. The legal system should guarantee the civil rights and protection of all people, regardless of sexual orientation. Prejudice and discrimination based on sexual orientation is unconscionable. This annotated bibliography presents a cross section of available resources on gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender sexuality and related issues. Readers are encouraged to seek out additional resources in bookstores and libraries and by contacting the organizations listed at the end of this bibliography. While the books listed in this bibliography are not sold or distributed by SIECUS, they are available for use at the Mary S. Calderone Library. For those interested in purchasing any of the resources, the date, price (not including shipping and handling), ISBN (when assigned), and distributor is listed at the end of each annotation. More detailed ordering information is at the end of this bibliography. SIECUS sells and distributes only its own materials. This bibliography was compiled by Amy Levine, M.A., SIECUS librarian; Megan Anderson, SIECUS intern; and Darlene Torres, library assistant.

    79. CCSF Catalog Gay, Lesbian And Bisexual Studies
    Introduction to Lesbian, bisexual, Gay and Transgender studies (3) Lec3, fieldtrips .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. CR/NC avail.

    Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Studies
    Announcement of Courses
    • ANTH 20 . Anthropology of Homosexualities BCST 106 . Queer TV: Television and Lesbian and Gay Identity BIO 15 . The Biology of HIV ENGL 55 . Survey of Gay and Lesbian Literature ENGL 56A-C . Selected Topics in Gay and Lesbian Literature GLST 5 . Introduction to Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and Transgender Studies GLST 10 . Lesbian and Gay Culture and Society GLST 11. History of Homosexuality in Film GLST 12. Homosexuality in Recent Cinema GLST 20 . Lesbians and Gays in Modern American Culture: The Homosexualization of American Art GLST 21 . Issues in Lesbian Relationships GLST 24 . Gay Male Relationships GLST 25 . The Lesbian and Gay Avant-Garde of the Fifties: Hot Art and Cold War GLST 30 . Issues in the Lesbian Community GLST 40 . Lesbian and Gay Aging Issues GLST 50 . Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Communities of Color in the U.S. GLST 55. Global GLBT Art and Culture GLST 60. Psychology of Sexual Minorities GLST 70. AIDS in America GLST 75.

    80. Josh's Sanctum: Social Science : Lesbian Gay And Bisexual Studies
    Josh s Sanctum Social Science Lesbian Gay and bisexual studies Top SocialScience Lesbian Gay and bisexual studies
    Josh's Sanctum: Social Science : Lesbian Gay and Bisexual Studies
    Social Science : Lesbian Gay and Bisexual Studies
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    • Belles Bis Rondes (BBR) - Pour les bisexuelles bien en chair ainsi que leurs admiratices, canaux IRC et liste de diffusion (mailling list). (Added: 12-Nov-1998 Hits: 148)
    • Cross Dressing Transexuals in poetry - Cross Dressing and White Power Nazis in poetry (Added: 3-Jul-2000 Hits: 132)
    • – worldwide gay asian links - Thousands of gay asian websites from around the world. Easy to surf, easy to find, and easy on your eyes! If it is gay, asian and on the net, you will find it here. Webmasters-submit your reciprocal link required! (Added: 31-Jul-2001 Hits: 152)
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