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         History:     more books (99)
  1. Ten Great Events In History by James Johonnot, 2010-05-23
  2. A Short History of Nearly Everything: Special Illustrated Edition by Bill Bryson, 2010-10-05
  3. A People's History of the United States (P.S.) by Howard Zinn, 2010-11-01
  4. The History of Love: A Novel by Nicole Krauss, 2006-05-17
  5. At Home: A Short History of Private Life by Bill Bryson, 2010-10-05
  6. Zero History by William Gibson, 2011-08-02
  7. A Renegade History of the United States by Thaddeus Russell, 2010-09-28
  8. A Short History of the United States by Edward Channing, 2010-07-12
  9. United States History: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination by John J. Newman, 2003-01
  10. The Beginner's American History by D. H. Montgomery, 2010-03-07
  11. A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking, 1998-09-01
  12. A Briefer History of Time by Stephen Hawking, Leonard Mlodinow, 2008-05-13
  13. History of France by Charlotte Mary Yonge, 2010-08-02
  14. The History of England, Volume I by David Hume, 2010-07-06

1. History Channel
Historical information ranging from Great Speeches (in audio) to facts about This Day in history. Show guide and scheduled air times, discussion boards,
History International
Military History Channel

The History Channel
around the world Modern Marvels
American Civil War


World War II
Band Of Brothers
Select century: Do you agree with NASA's plan to spend $100 billion to send four astronauts to the moon in 2018?
Yes No // alert('f_vars flash: '+f_vars); document.write(''); document.write(''); document.write(''); document.write(''); document.write(''); document.write(''); document.write(''); document.write(''); What Happened on Your Birthday? JAN. FEB. MAR. APR. MAY JUN. JUL. AUG. SEP. OCT. NOV. DEC. Automotive Civil War Cold War Crime Entertainment General Interest Literary Old West Vietnam War Wall St. World War II
Rome: Engineering An Empire DVD!

Featured Products
Failure Is Not An Option 2 DVD
September 11 - Looking Back

2. Free History
A search engine that indexes sites that deal with history.

Report a Website Add a website Search For:
Mobile Phone

German "Deutsch"
Korean "한국어"
Spanish "Español"
... Swedish "Svenskt"

3. History Channel
Historical information ranging from Great Speeches (in audio) to facts about This Day in history. Show guide and scheduled air times, discussion

4. This Day In History
Click here to watch this week s THIS DAY IN history clips in broadbandquality video. This Day In history General Interest SON OF SAM ARRESTED

Space Week
Enter for the chance to WIN a trip to Kennedy Space Center!
Past Master
Test your history I.Q. with this great new game!
History Greetings
Send your friends a This Day In History E-card! Valentine's Day
St. Patrick's Day

Save Our History

... Click here to watch this week's THIS DAY IN HISTORY clips in broadband-quality video. MORE GENERAL INTEREST
U.S. Constitution signed
Space Shuttle unveiled

Soviet Union invades Poland WHAT HAPPENED ON YOUR BIRTHDAY JAN. FEB. MAR. APR. MAY. JUN. JUL. AUG. SEP. OCT. NOV. DEC. Automotive Civil War Cold War Crime Entertainment General Interest Literary Old West Vietnam War Wall Street World War II CAMP DAVID ACCORDS SIGNED: September 17, 1978 At the White House in Washington, D.C., Egyptian President Anwar el-Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin sign the Camp David Accords, laying the groundwork for a permanent peace agreement between Egypt and Israel after three decades of hostilities. The accords were negotiated during 12 days of intensive talks at President Jimmy Carter's Camp David retreat in the Catoctin Mountains of Maryland. The final peace agreementthe first between Israel and one of its Arab neighborswas signed in March 1979. Sadat and Begin were jointly awarded the 1978 Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts. A state of war had existed between Egypt and the State of Israel since the establishment of Israel in 1948. In the first three Arab-Israeli wars, Israel decisively defeated Egypt. As a result of the 1967 war, Israel occupied Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, the 23,500-square-mile peninsula that links Africa with Asia. When Anwar el-Sadat became Egyptian president in 1970, he found himself leader of an economically troubled nation that could ill afford to continue its endless crusade against Israel. He wanted to make peace and thereby achieve stability and recovery of the Sinai, but after Israel's stunning victory in the 1967 war it was unlikely that Israel's peace terms would be favorable to Egypt. So Sadat conceived of a daring plan to attack Israel again, which, even if unsuccessful, might convince the Israelis that peace with Egypt was necessary.

A virtual museum containing historical information on computers and computer facilities in the USSR. Includes descriptions of computers, their characteristics, pictures, and personalities.
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6. World History HyperHistory
Hyperhistory Online navigates through 3 000 years of world history with timelines of civilizations (plus maps), people, and events.

7. World History : HyperHistory
Hyperhistory Online navigates through 3000 years of world history with timelines of civilizations (plus maps), people, and events.

8. Art History Resources For Students, Enthusiasts, And Educators
Online community and resource guide for the artists and art periods of the past.
zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Homework Help Art History Homework Help ... Help zau(256,140,140,'el','','');w(xb+xb+' ');zau(256,140,140,'von','','');w(xb+xb);
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Your Guide to Art History
FREE Newsletter. Sign Up Now! 65 Years Ago in Art History
Four teenaged boys, enticed by the prospect of hidden treasure, discovered a cave after a storm uprooted trees in the southwest of France. Oh, and didn't they find a treasure in the cavern, after all? It wasn't gold or gems their lanterns illuminated, but some 200 paintings of realistic animals - painted, as things turned out, by anonymous artists approximately 17,000 years ago in the Paleolithic era . None of these gents signed their work, as these paintings predated any sort of alphabet by many thousands of years, though they did leave us the outlines of their hands. This cultural treasure has been closed to the public since 1963, when it was discovered that the carbon dioxide emissions of breathing tourists were damaging the paintings. However, the brilliant French government has commissioned a replica of the Lascaux caves - which will tour! - that is slated to be completed by 2007.

9. The History Place
Informative website focussing on American history from the Colonial period to presentday. Many on-line exhibits include timelines, photographs and

10. The History Place
Informative website focussing on American history from the Colonial period to presentday. Many on-line exhibits include timelines, photographs and famous
Main Exhibits

11. Homosexuality In History
Article by Rev. Robert J. Buchanan, exploring the historical foundations of homoerotic expression, and its place in society.
htmlAdWH('93212816', '728', '90'); Main My First Home Page Homosexuality in History Reverend Robert J. Buchanan Durham, NC 27713 (919) 875-5250 minister at Grace Community
No one knows exactly how homosexuality entered into human history. I would imagine that the practices associated with the erotic attraction of people to one's own gender have been around since the dawn of humanity. The earliest accounts of homosexual behavior seem to be found in ancient pagan religious practices. At least, the pagans included homosexuality in the worship of various gods. Whether the inclusion in worship was because the practice was already a part of the society-at-large or if the pagan worship introduced the practice is impossible to determine, although some understandings of Paul's writings argue for the latter. Human beings began to worship many gods very early in human history. These early gods were most often associated with fertility, agriculture, and war. One of the early gods of the Assyrians, which later spread into the area known as Canaan, was the goddess Asherah. She was worshipped as the goddess of fertility. Often worship of this goddess included orgies and sexual practices. The

12. Medieval Sourcebook Introduction
Information on all aspects of medieval history and society.

13. TheHistoryNet: Where History Lives On The Web
Categorized history articles, features, thumbnailed picture gallery, discussion board, and special events and exhibits.
Home Subscribe Renew Shop ... Book Reviews Search tod('pod'); onClick="return true" onMouseOver="document.images.imageDaily3.src='/dailypicture_button.gif'" onMouseOut="document.images.imageDaily3.src='/dailypicture_button.gif'"> tod('tih'); onClick="return true" onMouseOver="document.images.imageDaily2.src='/dailytoday_button.gif'" onMouseOut="document.images.imageDaily2.src='/dailytoday_button.gif'"> In Our Magazines America's Civil War American History Aviation History British Heritage ... World War II
World War II
Civil War History History Books Washington Tours ... Military Antiques
Immigration Conflicts
With freedom and opportunity in their dreams, millions have flocked to American shores since the birth of the immigrant-built republic. In predictable cycles, anti-immigrant sentiment waxes and wanes, driven by a complex formula of ethnicity, prejudice and economics. In Texas in the 1840s the newcomers were German and, in our latest additions to TheHistoryNet, we recall the intense conflicts that resulted decades later. ~Roger L. Vance, TheHistoryNet Editor-in-Chief

14. Essays In Philosophy -- Fiala
Andrew Fiala's article in Essays in Philosophy about liberal responses to terrorism in terms of philosophy of history.
Essays in Philosophy
A Biannual Journal Vol. 3, Special Issue, April 2002 Terrorism and the Philosophy of History: Liberalism, Realism, and the Supreme Emergency Exemption Those who utilize terror techniques in attacks against liberal states are not constrained by liberal ideas about justice in war. Indeed, many terrorists are intent on attacking liberalism itself because they view it as a rival "comprehensive doctrine." One wonders then, whether liberalism should be constrained by its own principles in responding to such attacks. I will discuss this issue in relation to John Rawls’ ideas of justice in war, as found in his recent The Law of Peoples Political Philosophy and History Political philosophy is an ambiguous enterprise.
The idea of a philosophy of history is a notoriously slippery one, since it involves making teleological judgments about the future based upon past events. Kant discussed the problem of such teleological judgments in his third Critique in 1790, claiming that they were regulative ideals of reason. He applied this idea to history and politics in 1793 in his Religion book and in 1795 in Perpetual Peace . His interest in this venture in political philosophy and philosophy of history was to consider whether it is justified to hope for progress. He indicates that historical progress points toward the development of both liberal republican states and peace because liberal states do not go to war with one another, a claim that Rawls develops in

15. The Avalon Project At Yale Law School Documents In Law, History
Documents in law, history and diplomacy.

16. Best Of History Web Sites
A portal created for students, history educators, and general history enthusiasts. Sites are rated for usefulness and accuracy, that will help studies or
Best of History Web Sites is an award-winning portal created for history teachers, students, and general history enthusiasts. BOHWS contains annotated links to over 1000 history web sites as well links to hundreds of quality K-12 history lesson plans, history teacher guides, history activities, history games, history quizzes, and more throughout its pages. BOHWS has been recommended by The Chronicle of Higher Education, The National Council for the Social Studies, The British Library Net, The New York Public Library, the BBC, Princeton University, Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators and many others.
WWW Best of History Web Sites
The Center for Teaching History with Technology (THWT)
aims to help K-12 history and social studies teachers incorporate technology effectively into their courses. The Center provides a multitude of free online resources, including the Teaching History with Technology Newsletter , as well as workshops and consultation services. BOHWS New Addition September 2005:
The Middle East Crisis

17. David H. Citron's South Florida Radio History (Randi Rhodes Added December 2004)
A collection of articles about the history of radio broadcasting in South Florida from 1923 to present. Part of the South Florida Radio Pages.
Guest Deejay With Don Wright on WFUN The New News/Talk WKAT 1360 Randi Rhodes: Goddess of Gab "Because there's nothing on TV!" TM This web site is part of David H. Citron's
David H. Citron's South Florida Radio Pages present:
Radio History of South Florida
1923 to Present
(radiopages at beethoven dot com).
Updated December 2004 South Florida Radio Pages Alphabetical Listings: SEARCH the SOUTH FLORIDA RADIO PAGES
South Florida Radio Pages
South Florida Radio History Radio Bookstore
WQAM 1959
... Hurricane Info on South Florida Radio
WebRings: About South Florida Radio Contact us if you're interested in advertising or trading links on a relevant page "Talk radio is the most accurate bellwether
of American public opinion
in the mass media today."

... Michael Harrison, publisher of Talkers magazine
Following are links to some news items and commentary about local radio history. Several of them were newspaper and magazine articles that I wrote in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s.
1 9 2 s t o 1 9 6 s
WQAM Since 1923 Steven Geisler's unusual WQAM nostalgia site includes It Was America's Southernmost Broadcaster by Alice Brannigan.

18. ArtLex Art Dictionary
Reference material in art, art history, art criticism, aesthetics, and art education. Definitions of thousands of terms, illustrations, quotations

19. Institute Of Historical Research (IHR) Home Page
The home page of the Institute of Historical Research, University of London, a national resource for the study of history.
Institute of Historical Research (IHR)
The national centre for history skip main menu 'History news' links quick links site map ... site search The Institute of Historical Research (IHR) provides resources for historians. These resources include online articles, free event advertising, training courses, an open-access library and more. See who we are and what we offer
IHR news
Senate House, London,
home of the IHR
New IHR website goes live
The structure of this new design is similar to the old design, but the drop-down menus have been replaced by a side-menu on the left of the pages. For more details, see our redesign page
Any comments, or problems with the site? Please email us
IHR computer room update
The computer room will remain open until October/November 2005. See the IHR news page
Open days for history students
A chance to find out about history resources at the IHR and London Universities. See the Open Days section of the IHR news page.

20. Women's History At The International Institute Of Social History
A bibliography of women's history in historical and women's studies journals
International Institute of Social History
Women's History Go To

Women's History

Women's History
Whole site
More options
Help Email
Also on this server
Homosexuality in the Netherlands
Women's Work Research Project A Global History of Textile Workers, 1650-2000 La Novela Ideal and La Novela Libre ... The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Women's History
A guide to women's history on the Internet has moved to: Sources for Women's History at the IISH: Introduction Sources for Women's History at the IISH: International Guide Bronnen voor vrouwengeschiedenis op het IISG: Nederlandse gids ... ViVa: A Bibliography of Women's History Homepage of the online bibliography of women's history in historical and women's studies journals. ViVa Database More than 9000 bibliographic records describing articles published between 1975 and 2005. ViVa Women's History - List of Indexed Journals ViVa Women's History - List of Indexed Journals - Details About ViVa Women's History Discussion list for women's and gender history in the Low Countries. Homepage with subscription information in Dutch. Het Kenau-archief Kenau. De heldhaftige zakenvrouw uit Haarlem (1526-1588)

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