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         Ethnic Studies:     more books (100)
  1. Teaching Strategies for Ethnic Studies (8th Edition) by James A. Banks, 2008-02-23
  2. Ethnic Studies: Issues and Approaches by Philip Q. Yang, 2000-04
  3. Introduction to Ethnic Studies by Philip Q. Yang, 2008-12-30
  5. Ethnic Realignment: A Comparative Study of Government Influences on Identity by Matthew Hoddie, 2006-03-02
  6. America's First Black General: Benjamin O. Davis, Sr. 1880-1970 (Modern War Studies) by Marvin E. Fletcher, 1999-03
  7. Color-Line to Borderlands: The Matrix of American Ethnic Studies (American Ethnic and Cultural Studies)
  8. Teaching Ethnic Studies: Concepts and Strategies, 43rd Yearbook
  9. Power Sharing and International Mediation in Ethnic Conflicts (Perspectives Series) by Timothy D. Sisk, 1996-09-01
  10. From Black Power to Black Studies: How a Radical Social Movement Became an Academic Discipline by Fabio Rojas, 2010-06-29
  11. Perspectives on the Yi of Southwest China (Studies on China, 26)
  12. Understanding Ethnic Violence: Fear, Hatred, and Resentment in Twentieth-Century Eastern Europe (Cambridge Studies in Comparative Politics) by Roger D. Petersen, 2002-09-02
  13. Native American Studies (Introducing Ethnic Studies) by Clara Sue Kidwell, Alan Velie, 2005-10-01
  14. Who Are We?: Building a Knowledge Base of the Different Ethnic, Racial and Cultural Groups in America (A Self-Study and Workshop Facilitator's Guide) by Forrest D. Toms, Avaneda D. Hobbs, 1997-09

A list for finding relevant educational resources on the World Wide Web.
The following list is to aid you in finding relevant educational resources on the World Wide Web on Ethnic Studies

RACE, ETHNICITY AND INEQUALITY. General Sites on Race and Inequality. Ethnic Minorities and Race Research Group. Ethnicity, Racism and the Media. Final...
Asian American Resources
This site contains extensive links to Asian American Resources on the net. Subjects include WWW Servers, Events, Magazine Info, Online Journals, Files and Individual Home Pages. Some of these links are the Filipino Club of Honolulu Community College, South...
Categories of Sites Diversity Ethnic Web Sites (General) Ethnic Groups (including women)..
Diversity Resources
Cultural Diversity Resources Developed by the Librarians Association of the ...
electronic resources for ethnic studies CD-ROM Titles in the University Library at USC Valuable for Ethnic Studies. MLA (Modern Language Association) on CD. Newsbank on CD-ROM. PsycLIT. Religion Database. Click here for access to VERONICA. WWW (World Wide Web). Diversity on the World Wide-Web by ...

2. Balch Institute For Ethnic Studies
The Balch Institute documents and interprets the ethnic and immigrant experience in the United States.
The Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies of The Historical Society of Pennsylvania The Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies
has merged into the Historical Society of Pennsylvania.
You will be automatically redirected to our new site.
At the new site, follow the "Education" link for Pennsylvania ethnic history and the contemporary immigrant experience. Please note that our new web site address is:

3. The Ethnic Studies Library, UC Berkeley
Specialized collections for Asian American, Chicano, and Native American ethnic studies.
... NEWS: The Ethnic Studies Library has received a grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission to process the Kem Lee Photograph Collection, a major Chinese American archive. For more information contact Wei Chi Poon at . . . HOME POLICY COLLECTIONS PUBLICATIONS ... ANNOUNCEMENTS
Library Hours, Fall Semester, 2005: Monday-Friday: Saturday: Sunday: Closed
Closed: September 3, 5; November 11, 12, 24, 25, 26; December 21 through January 16 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY


BERKELEY, CA 94720-2360
PHONE: (510) 643-1234
FAX: (510) 643-8433

4. The National Association For Ethnic Studies, Inc.
Provides an interdisciplinary forum for scholars and activists concerned with ethnicity. Offers information about the organization, contact details,


SAN FRANCISCO 2006 2006 International NAES Conference: ...
Bogazici University, Istanbul

Welcome to the
National Association for Ethnic Studies The National Association for Ethnic Studies was founded in 1972. It provides an interdisciplinary forum for scholars and activists concerned with the national and international dimensions of ethnicity. The Association welcomes scholars and teachers at all educational levels, students, libraries, civic and governmental organizations, and all persons interested in ethnicity, ethnic groups, intergroup relations, and the cultural life of ethnic minorities. As a non-profit corporation, NAES provides a vehicle for interested members and donors to promote responsible scholarship and advocacy in the diverse fields of enquiry which constitute ethnic studies.
  • Larry Estrada, President Ashton Welch, Vice President Harriet Joseph Ottenheimer, Past President Connie Jacobs, Secretary George H. Junne, Jr., Treasurer
National Office Nancy McLaughlin
Office Manager
National Association for Ethnic Studies (NAES)
Western Washington University
516 High Street/MS 9113
Bellingham, WA 98225

5. Ethnic Studies At USC
A virtual library of resources maintained by the Doheny Reference Center at the University of Southern California. Offers information on Internet and print
Created in 1995 by USC librarian Dennis Thomison , the Ethnic Studies web site was designed to provide access to research resources available through the Internet based on a global perspective of ethnicity and migration issues. After Dennis Thomison's death in 1996, the site was maintained by USC Libraries staff and librarians. Due to changes in assignment, staffing, and priorities, sadly the site can no longer be maintained. The pages are still available, but only as an archive, and users are warned that many links are now out of date. Content last updated July 31, 2000. Final note added June 30, 2004. For access to an archive of this site, please contact USC University Archives

6. Diversity And Ethnic Studies: Websites & Guides
A directory created by Susan A. Vega García of Iowa State University that provides links to African American, American Indian, Asian American, and US Latino

African American American Indian Asian American ...
Library Research Guides
This website began in August 1995 as a simple, personal list of diversity-related Internet resources. For those of us far from home, it is a means of keeping in touch with our communities. It is also a good place to begin learning about others, different than us. The primary focus of this Web site is to provide links to African American American Indian Asian American , and U.S. Latino resources. There's also a brief list of multicultural resources , meaning those that deal with more than one ethnic minority or cultural group. For help locating "real world" library reference materials to assist in research on U.S. racial, ethnic and cultural diversity studies, please consult the Library Research Guides This website is not intended to be an exhaustive list. Instead, it aims to provide useful and focused starting points for your own journeys. Throughout the sites you will find scholarly research materials, news and information of interest, electronic journals, newspapers, music, an occasional cookbook, and other joys. May this website be a comfortable place to visit, whoever you are. Comments:

7. Educate To Liberate!: Multiculturalism And The Struggle For Ethnic Studies | Col
Article describes the turbulent origins and history of ethnic studies. An essay written by Bob Wing and published in ColorLines Magazine summer 1999.
special section:
The State of Ethnic Studies

ColorLines - vol. 2, no. 2
"Educate to Liberate!":
Multiculturalism and the Struggle for Ethnic Studies
by Bob Wing Now that multiculturalism is in vogue, should Ethnic Studies declare victory? ColorLines editor Bob Wing looks at the struggles that have shaped thirty years of Ethnic Studies. T Despite almost constant attacks by hostile politicians, administrators, and academics over the last three decades, Ethnic Studies has endured. As one of the few spoils of student wars that has been institutionalized, Ethnic Studies today probably occupies a more prominent place in U.S. academic and intellectual life than at any time in history. How has Ethnic Studies survived? What remains of its original mission? What struggles shape Ethnic Studies today?
I was a wide-eyed seventeen-year-old freshman when I joined the Third World strike at U.C. Berkeley in January of 1969. There were few students of color on campus then, and whites exercised a virtual monopoly on the truth. W.E.B. Du Bois, Zora Neale Hurston, and James Baldwin had no place in the university pantheon. The theory that slavery had turned all blacks into Sambos was wildly popular in the history department. I was drawn to the activists of color, many fresh from civil rights and anti-Vietnam War battlegrounds. Inspired by groups like the Black Panthers, the American Indian Movement, and the Young Lords, students of color took the lead in critiquing universities as elitist institutions complicit with the system of white supremacy at home and abroad.

8. CEMES - Centre For European Migration And Ethnic Studies
Research, information and publishing on international migration, ethnic relations and related topics in Western, Central and Eastern Europe.
This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them. Visit or to upgrade your browser.

9. Home Page
Organization devoted to the study of ethnicity and cultural life of groups in Canada. Features membership information, board of directors, mission statement
English Français CES E-Bulletin The website contains more than 2700 pages and occupies 450MB. It is optimized for MS Internet Explorer,
and Mozilla. (our site is in the process of being translated. French pages
are posted as soon as they are ready). Please report any errors or broken links via the feedback hyperlink on the bottom of each page. If you are using a different browser and experience problems with the website, or if you have comments or suggestions for improvements, please notify us.

10. The National Association For Ethnic Studies, Inc.
The National Association for ethnic studies was founded in 1972. It provides an interdisciplinary forum for scholars and activists concerned with the

11. Diversity And Ethnic Studies Websites Guides
Diversity ethnic studies Recommended Websites Research Guides

12. Multicultural Web Sites: Diversity And Ethnic Studies: Virtual Community
National Association for ethnic studies Founded in 1972. Canadian ethnic studies (ISU only) Via Ethnic Newswatch, fulltext of this publication from
Multicultural Web Sites
African American American Indian Asian American ...
Library Research Guides
Multicultural Websites

These are websites that focus on more than one racial or ethnic group, or on diversity issues in general. See above links for websites relevant to African American, American Indian, Asian American, or US Latino studies. Bureau of the Census
Online U.S. census data can be searched by specific region, race or ethnicity, age, and more Center for Multilingual Multicultural Research
Full text articles, research, and websites on minorities and language issues, compiled by the Univ. of Southern California's Center for Multilingual Multicultural Research
Formerly known as the National Center for Research on Cultural Diversity and Second Language Learning. Includes reports and information on education initiatives relevant to multicultural diversity. From UC Santa Cruz. Diversity Database
Searchable database with definitions, resources, bibliographies, and more. F rom Univ. of Maryland.

13. The Sociology Of Race And Ethnicity
International Migrations Ethnic Relations Interracial Voice INSTITUTIONAL CASE STUDIES "History of Race in Science" (project of Evelynn

14. Resources In Area And Ethnic Studies
Links to Internet resources on ethnic studies and situations of specific ethnic groups worldwide.

15. Ethnic Studies At USC
Created in 1995 by USC librarian Dennis Thomison, the ethnic studies web site was designed to provide access to research resources available through

16. Race And Ethnic Studies Institute
Organization hosted by Texas A M University whose goal is to conduct research on US race and ethnicity. Features program overview, publications,

17. Ethnic Relations In Central And Eastern Europe And In The Countries Of The Forme
A database of ethnic studies reports on Central and Eastern Europe and the countries of the former Soviet Union.
LGI Ethnic
Ethnic relations
in Central and Eastern Europe
and countries of former Soviet Union
The database contains research papers, studies and articles on different aspects of ethnic relations in Central and Eastern Europe and in countries of the former Soviet Union. The database includes papers and a reference to the contact address of the author. Papers can be viewed by selecting the entry. Papers are available in English or in original language with an English language resume. The database includes papers written by authors who are not LGI grant recipients but who shared their publications with LGI generously. The opinions presented in the papers are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative. We encourage authors to submit already written papers to be published in this database. For more information about how to submit research papers, please, send an e-mail to: Petra Kovacs

18. CRER - Centre For Research In Ethnic Relations
The Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations (CRER) based at the University of Warwick is the CRER is now based in Social Studies, Ground floor

19. Welcome To The Department Of Ethnic Studies
Offers list of classes, events and contact details.
Asian American Studies Chicano Studies Ethnic Studies Ethnic Studies Graduate Group ...
Home Page
Department Information Announcements ... Ethnic Studies Library
The Ethnic Studies Library contains major research collections established in the late 1960s. It serves all students, faculty, staff, and scholars who seek primary or secondary materials in Asian American Studies, Chicano Studies, and Native American Studies. In 1997, the Ethnic Studies Library established the Comparative Ethnic Studies Collection to support the graduate curriculum of the Ethnic Studies Department. Contact us Staff Events
Department Chairperson Michael Omi Manager Rosa Johnson Administrative Specialist Brigid Tung Graduate Advisor Jose Saldivar
The main office will be able to answer questions regarding Asian American
Studies, Chicano Studies, Native American Studies and Ethnic Studies or
refer you to the appropriate number. Staff Directory Administrative Assistants Asian American Studies Janet Duong Chicano Studies Ethnic Studies Native American Studies Stella Moore Student Affairs Officers Asian American Studies
Student Affairs Officer Dewey St. Germaine

20. Rutgers University Press - Home Page
Publishes academic books especially cultural studies, gender studies, sociology, ethnic studies, and regional books.
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Search for books in a specific subject area:
Rutgers University Press is pleased to announce a new regional imprint - Rivergate Books TM
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