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         Demography And Population Studies:     more books (102)
  1. Demography: The Study of Human Population, Third Edition by David Yaukey, Douglas L. Anderton, et all 2007-01-04
  2. Demography and Population Studies by O. Srivastava, 1995-08-22
  3. Beginning Population Studies (Demography NCDS (National Centre of Development Studies))
  4. Beginning population studies (Demography teaching notes / Development Studies Centre)
  5. The Methods and Materials of Demography (Studies in Population)
  6. Multidimensional Mathematical Demography (Studies in Population) by Conference on Multidimensional Mathematical Demography University, Andrei Rogers, et all 1982-11
  7. Social Demography (Studies in population)
  8. Work and the Family: A Study in Special Demography (Studies in Population) by Valerie Oppenheimer, 1982-12
  9. Studies in American Historical Demography (Studies in population)
  10. AIDS And the Demography of Africa (Population Studies)
  11. Demography:the study of human population.1985.soft cover. by David, YAUKEY, 1985
  12. Demography and Population Studies by O.S. Shrivastava, 1996-02-29
  13. Fundamentals of demography: Population studies with special reference to India by Hans Raj, 1978
  14. Fundamentals of demography: Population studies with special reference to India by Hans Raj, 1978

1. W3C/ANU - Demography & Population Studies WWW VL
The Internet Guide to demography and population studies Associated Virtual Libraries Demography and Population Conferences Census and Data Servers
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The Internet Guide to Demography and Population Studies
E st. 7 Mar 1994. Last revised: 9th Dec 2004. This page is regularly updated. You are welcome to "anchor" to it from your own homepages. Requests for new links to be added to this register are welcome. This facility is provided by the Demography Program of the Australian National University to keep track of leading information facilities of value and/or significance to researchers in the field of Demography . This month's additions are marked
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T his WWW server is provided by the Demography Program RSSS IT Unit , and the Research Schools of Social Sciences Pacific and Asian Studies at the Australian National University Canberra M aintainer: Diana Crow . Please e-mail

2. W3C/ANU - Demography Population Studies WWW VL
Demography Population Studies The Internet Guide to demography and population studies Est.

3. W3C/ANU - Demography & Population Studies WWW VL
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4. Population Review - Is A Peer Reviewed Journal That Focuses On Population Proble
A journal of demography and population studies focusing on both the developing and developed world.

ABOUT POPULATION REVIEW Population Review , a peer-reviewed journal of demography and population studies published since 1957, welcomes original articles on all aspects of human population problems, solutions, issues, trends and events as they relate to the developing countries of the world in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Population Review also accepts articles that examine population topics in the developed world, particularly as they relate to the developing world. Population Review publishes original articles from distinguished, internationally recognized scholars. On occasion articles from relatively unknown, often younger contributors are given space in the journal. In addition to featured articles, editorials/opinions that focus on contemporary population-related issues and events worldwide are published along with brief research reports and announcements. Finally, space is given to book reviews. The publisher reserves the right to use any article appearing in Population Review in any monograph that may be published by Population Review Publications.

5. Census Bureau Home Page
Includes data for the 2000 Census of Population and Housing, the U.S. and World Population clocks.

6. Population Reference Bureau (PRB)
Information on population estimates and key indicators for all members of the UN and areas with populations of or greater than 150 000.

7. PRB
Searchable directory of populationrelated websites. Search by topic or keyword, by

8. Office Of Population Research, Princeton University
The Office of Population Research at Princeton University (OPR) is a has a distinguished history of contributions in formal demography and the

9. FASS - Site Move Page
Anthropology; demography and population studies; Health Development and Policy; Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management; Labour Studies

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10. Penn State Population Research Institute Home Page
Demography Links. For Students. More! The Population Research Institute (PRI) encourages, organizes, and supports innovative research and training

11. Population Studies Center At The University Of Michigan
University of Michigan's Population Studies Center and the Survey Research Center, helps spur new research on the economics and demography of

12. Population Studies Center, University Of Pennsylvania
Information about research projects, the graduate program in demography, population list servers, and related topics.

13. HCPDS : The Mortimer Spiegelman Fellowships In Demography And Population Studies
Mortimer Spiegelman Fellowships in demography and population studies. The Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies invites applications from
The deadline for receipt of all materials is May 12, 2005. Spiegelman Fellowship Application in PDF Descriptions of the Current Spiegelman Fellows
Mortimer Spiegelman Fellowships in Demography and Population Studies
The Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies invites applications from Harvard doctoral students from around the University for the Mortimer Spiegelman Fellowships for the academic year 2005-2006. The Mortimer Spiegelman Fellowships support doctoral level research that employs demographic methods to address innovative research in the field of population health studies. Preference will be given to applicants whose research in demography or related population studies coincides with the Center's ongoing programs in population and development, and who are likely to benefit from an association with the Center. Current research programs at the Center focus on the themes population and reproductive health policies, access to medicines, public health ethics, health and population aspects of human security, health equity, human development, and burden of disease. For 2005-2006 the Mortimer Spiegelman Fellowship Fund will support two fellowships of $5,500.00 each. The support can cover any costs related to doctoral work, including stipends and field research expenses.

14. CPC Home - UNC Carolina Population Center
Research on population issues, including family, fertility, and children and population diversity and inequality. Site includes descriptions of

15. Area Of Study Demography And Population Studies
The Internet System for Education and Employment Knowledge (ISEEK) is Minnesota s website for career exploration, education and training, employment and

16. Population Studies Training Center
The Population Studies and Training Center (PSTC) at Brown University, formally established in 1965, is an internationally respected demography

17. Alexa - Browse: Demography and Population Studies
Alexa web search a new kind of search engine. With traffic rankings, user reviews and other information about sites, Alexa is a web site discovery tool.

18. America's Best Colleges 2006: Majors: Demography And Population Stud
The following schools offer demography and population studies. Click on an institution s name to see a brief profile. To learn more about its academic
Schools by major: Demography and Population Studies
The following schools offer Demography and Population Studies . Click on an institution's name to see a brief profile. To learn more about its academic offerings and see a full profile of information, from admissions data to student body demographics, check out the Premium Online Edition
Please note: you can further narrow your list of schools by using our Majors Search to select institutions that offer a collection of majors.
Alfred University

Bennett College

CUNYHunter College

Campbell University
Western New Mexico University

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Sociological resources on demography and population studies. Editor Albert Benschop (University of Amsterdam).
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Demography - Population Studies
Demographic Resources Research Centers
Austria ... Children Demography is a broad social science discipline concerned with the study of human populations, primary with respect to their size, their structure and their development. Demographers deal with the collection, presentation and analysis of data relating to the basic life-cycle events and experiences of people: birth, marriage, divorce, household and family formation, employment, ageing, migration and death. The discipline emphasises empirical investigation of population processes, including the conceptualisation and measurement of these processes and the study of their determinants and consequences. The field of demography is also concerned with the broader nature of social and economic change, and with the impact of demographics change on the natural environment.
Demographic Resources
  • 6 billion Human Beings
  • Beyond Six Billion: Forecasting the World's Population - National Academy Press
    A study of the National Research Council's Panel on Population Projections on population projections. It assesses the assumptions behind the projectsion of various agencies (UN Popoulation Devision, World Bank, US Census Bureau), estimates their accuracy and uncertainty, evaluateis the implications of current demographic research, and recommends changes in protocol and new research theat might improve projections.

20. Demography And Population Studies Basics
All facets of demography and population (United States and global), including looks at how these areas are linked to social processes. Studies include rates
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Search Psychology Demography and Population Studies Basics
Guide picks A range of works in demography and population studies, including looks at how these areas are linked to social processes.
Population Pyramids

Population pyramids graphically depict important demographic information about human populations. Take a look at the "shape" populations are in today. Demography
An introductory look at demography, the demographic transition theory, and more as part of the Sociological Tour Through Cyberspace. Glossary of Population Terms
Find definitions of basic terms used in demography and population studies (English version). Also available in French and Spanish. How Many People Have Ever Lived on Earth?
This Population Reference Bureau article seeks to answer that perennial question. Malthus, Thomas

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